Lost In Time {Jazz x FangirlingSinceBirth}

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  1. My character:

    Macy Ross




    Macy is very self kept, but she has a big heart. She would not hurt a fly, unless that fly was rabid and was trying to kill her. She is a bit rebellious though.

    Macy has dark hair, and vivid green eyes. She has freckles taking over the spots below her eyes. She is rather tall at a height of 6' 2", and she has a curvy body figure. She commonly wears simple clothing with dark colors, and glasses.

    To be revealed

  2. Chris Mansfield
    21 years old
    Human Male Heterosexual

    Chris is a very loyal man that prides himself with his luck. He is a very heart warming man with gentle manners. He isn't rude and doesn't purposely push people to their limit
    Chris loves cherishing every moment he his living.

    Chris comes from an ordinary middle class family. Both parents adore Macy and often ask them to come over. Though, Chris usually postpone this night out to see his family since he loves staying home and cuddle in a sofa watching movies. He works in construction and lives on his own in a small 5 and half.

    Chris measures 6'3 and has broad shoulders. He has piercing blue eyes and his hair go from sandy blonde in winter to very blonde in summer.
  3. Chris Mansfield, a bright guy that works in multiple jobs. For instance, he is the coach of his little brother's baseball team, studying to become a gym teacher in high school and working night shifts as a bartender. It wasn't that he was lacking any money. He simply loved staying busy. He hated wasting time doing nothing without any profits. Though, he couldn't deny that recently, he's been feeling quite overwhelmed by his job and so just recently quit at the tavern he worked without leaving a bad impression. Plus, he had to get rid of that night shift since he got his official diploma today. He just had to get hired in local High school and his life could finally begin

    Therefore, he could pass more time with his girlfriend, Macy. She was indeed younger than him, but it didn't matter to his eyes. They went in the same high school despite him being a junior and her a fresh man, they both would hate how much they loved each other and how sometimes, the other gets annoying. But it was just them. Always bugging each other and loving their affection afterwards.

    Chris walked down the streets of his neighborhood with both hands shoved in his pocket, anticipating his little date with Macy. Go grab a Diner at a near by restaurant and hitting the movies later. He had no idea which movie and will most probably leave Macy to choose.
  4. Most people seeing Macy would find her as a weak, little soul, not a threat to a single person. But sometimes she was completely different than that. A part time waitress by a diner close to the university, and a student, Macy was always rather busy. When she was not busy with waiting tables or taking courses at college, she would spend time with Chris; even known Chris may have been older, it didn't really matter. It was a 2 year difference, not an age difference of 22 years. Sometimes she would go into the bar just to visit him, saying that she was 21, because she could easily fool anyone. Being 19, she looked as if she was 21 or even 22.

    But that was way after they meant each other. They got together in High School, and when Chris graduated she was not sure what was going to happen, putting stress on her causing her grades to down. A lot. Even known they were different , they still loved each other in a odd way; but it was love that didn't seem like it. It was confusing, really.

    Macy and Chris were going on a date at the diner she worked in on her day off. The reason they chose to eat there was because she got a 50% off coupon. She had black leggings and a button up white shirt on, not being the girly fancy type. She sat down at a small table near the window, waiting for Chris.