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    Flora was a simple girl, had never believed in rituals, but was always intrigued by them and even experimented with them sometimes. Today she was doing a rather strange ritual that had to do with an elevator. The building she was in was tall, all the windows were glass. She hit the 4, 2, 6, 2, 10, after she stopped on each previous floor. When she got to the 10th floor, she taps the 5th floor button, on the fifth floor a strange woman joined her, she had a very uncomfortable feeling when the woman joined her and so Flora said nothing and pressed the 1st floor button. This whole time nobody had joined her on the elevator; that was how it had to be for this to work. Flora looks up at the counter and in a mild shock she watches as the elevator takes her up again, how far she couldn't seem to remember but the elevator stops once again on the 10th floor.

    Having chills running through her entire body she peers out of the elevator and walks out into a black and white hall, there were no windows here, "This isn't the same place..." She says quietly to herself and starts walking down the hall towards a red rose that stands out heavily in the black and white space, but strange noises surrounded her, not particularly loud but she paid it no mind. She wouldn't forget how to get back. As she walks she notices black doors along the path and hears strange noises coming from inside but when she opens the doors nothing is there. Flora was feeling rather confused now but finally arrived at the pretty rose in the vase, she smiles at the flower and sniffs it before turning around and noticing that the elevator was no longer behind her. The sounds grow louder and she shudders feeling rather terrified, That silly thing couldn't have worked! She looks around though utterly lost and with a gulp she goes about the black and white zone looking for anyone else, occasionally she would call, "Is anyone there?"


    How did you end up here? Have you been here for awhile? Did you just do the same silly ritual, thinking it wouldn't work? How did you end up here? This place is creepy, it seems endless, the sounds are horrible growing louder, and slowly, so slowly, you can begin to see things. Shadow figures, women in pale dresses, children playing with a blood red ball. This is a terrifying place, why did you preform that stupid ritual? As you think about these things you can actually hear something over the endless noise, another person calling, "Is anyone there?" You can't hear much though and it's really hard to orient yourself in this strange place that's only black and white, with splashes of color here and there on odd objects that don't make sense, and occasionally clothes of perhaps another person? Everytime you look though, the other person you think you see is not there. Can you find each other in this strange, strange world, possibly escape before going insane or being taken by whatever darkness is here? This place is simply called The Zone and it's a universe that is a mirror image of the original Earth, this world is far larger than the halls that you are currently trapped in and around every corner something else will try to take you.
  2. Enkou was walking in the void as he called it. He generally comes here to relax. Its also a general good battle space. He's teleported many here to destroy. He was simply walking when he heard someone speak out "Is anyone there?" He quickly turned every which way. He never knew anyone could access this space. His magik was powerful although there were many forces more powerful than he. So he calmly was walking opening up doors into dimensions peaking inside and closing them as he walked around looking for that voice. "Is anyone around? Helllooo?" He spoke as he was walking around hoping his time here he hasn't became too crazy.

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  3. Upon hearing someone answer her call Flora keeps calling out, "Hello, can you hear me?" Looking around she tries to locate some distinguishable feature in this place, her eyes only ever landing on the bright red rose that had led her away from the elevator that had brought her here, a deep breath later and trying not to stare at any of the things she was beginning to see; she calls out. "If you can see a bright red rose, meet me there! Please, I don't want to be stuck alone in this place!" Hopefully they had heard that, quickly Flora makes her way to the rose covering her ears as she hears banging and scratching on one of the doors right next to her she mutters to herself with ears covered. "It's not real, it's not real, It can't get me..." She remains like this, ears covered hoping that person had heard her call, the panic was starting to rise from the surrounding silence of everything but her own voice though.
  4. He bewilderedly looked around thinking to himself "Red rose? WHAT!?" He scratched his temple angrily and kinda of annoyed. "Do you know how big this place is?" He mistakingly spoke out loud. As he opened up another door it shut on him. But he knew its someone who needed help. Someone needed him. He kept looking for this red rose. He was getting tired of looking but looked in one last door and saw a floating red rose. And walked forward and the door closed behind him. "Hello? Anyone here?" He looked around with a hard look on his face.
  5. Flora's ears were covered with headphones that were playing a loud music that could be heard rather plainly in the empty space. She didn't dare look up for fear of seeing something terrible. The young woman's eyes were closed tight as she kept the headphones pressed to her ears tightly. When she does dare to look up she lets out a sigh of relief upon seeing another person. Flora actually kind of stood out beside the red rose because she was dressed in a light purple sweater dress her hair dyed a bright violet and short, the only thing that wasn't purple were the brigh green headphones she had on her head. "Oh thank goodness...I-I'm not the only one here...this place...it's horrible...Um...how long have you been here? Oh I-I'm Flora..." She says politely keeping her head down and not looking at the door right next to her which was still rattling and banging.
  6. He looked at her. "What do you mean how long have I been here? This is a dimension connected to my void. What's wrong?" He looked at her puzzled he just didn't know how to handle her presence. No one has ever contacted him to help before.
  7. At hearing this was a place that the person before her had laid claims to Flora backs up slowly. "Um...I'm not sure...what's wrong exactly I followed the rose I saw and lost my way. I did something stupid and preformed a silly ritual...that brought me here. I didn't think it would actually work!" She cries this out looking down as tears filled her eyes a bit and she started thinking of her home. "I just wanna go home...d-do you think you could help me find a way out?"
  8. He looked down at the poor girl. "Um...what kind of ritual. Could you describe it to me?" Hopefully this could help him figure it out. A red rose and a ritual that narrows it down to arcanus magik. He just needed to get her to her dimension. And then the order of events wouldn't be too shaken.
  9. "Um...it just...it had to do with an elevator..." She searched in her head trying to find more than that but her mind had been completely wiped by coming into this space, at least of the ritual and when she tried to think on some of her newer memories she realized they were fading away. "This is bad...I-I can't seem to remember how I got here...is it because of the woman who joined me in the elevator?" She couldn't remember what happened for the life of her and the fact that it seemed her memories were fading was not helping her keep calm at all.
  10. He looked at her hard now. "What did the woman look like?" He tone was harsh. Not meaning to but because he was scared of who it might be. He never liked mot knowing who he was against especially if that person could kill him.
  11. Flora yelps at the harsh tone and grips her headphones. "she had long black hair...was Asian obviously...but otherwise she was just mostly plain..." Flora wasn't comfortable with talking to this guy but she didn't have much of a choice by this point but as she sat there the door near her was starting to break down and a vicious wolf looking creature snarls and snaps at Flora who screams and runs straight at the stranger who had found her. "H-Help!!"
  12. "Listen kid. We could be dealing with some pretty big stuff. Things that would go over yours and my own head. And I don't like to be unprepared." He put his hand on his face to think for a bit. "Ok. Stand back kiddo. I'm going to take you to my void we are getting out of here." He took off his jacket on the floor and rolled up his sleeves his forearms covered in tribal looking markings he clapped his hands and and closed his eyes and his markings glowed a deep purple and a door just summoned. He unclasped his hands and rolled down his sleeves but back on his jacket. "Ready to go?" As he opened the door to a pure white room.
  13. Flora doesn't hesitate to follow the man who made her uncomfortable, it was better to deal with him than that wolf thing! She pushes him forward through the door and making sure not to take her hand off of him just in case it messed up whatever the guy had just done. Once inside she full out starts crying. "W-Why did this work? I don't wanna be here! I don't wanna be in this place at all, I just want to go home! This is terrible, why did I have to do that? I didn't...I didn't think it would work, they never worked before!" Her crying gets worse as she sniffles and covers her eyes to hide the tears as best she can.
  14. He sighed. "It worked because I am kind of powerful. And don't worry. It could of worked that when the woman walked in it added as a multiplier. Especially if she's kind of decent." He walked through the door as he spoke to her. And closed the door. "Don't worry your safe here. Very little of things could actually open these doors you would need to be more powerful than me. And that's kind of hard." He stood there with his arms crossed and his eyes closed and sighed. This was a pain. To him more of an annoyance and just hoped he could take anything that would break down those doors.
  15. Flora sniffles still not yet calm but she stopped crying full out now that she could easily tell the guy was getting annoyed. She herself was actually quite annoyed, she didn't like 'god complex' people. She didn't know anything about this universe though, maybe he was actually powerful. She curls up in a corner of the pure white room feeling like more of an annoyance than like she was actually being helped. Flora wasn't be helped, she knew that somewhere in the back of her head but refused to give up. In silence her thoughts take over.

    After a long time Flora looks up. "Despite the fact you're 'powerful' as you say...You can't help me get out can you? I didn't even mean to wander into this mess..."
  16. He looked at her with a long face look. "Well you see powerful is a grey term in magik. You can be the best in one area or be mediocre in many. I choose the latter. That doesn't mean someone who specializes in spacial magik can't break in here. But that does mean all they can do is use spacial magik. I use elemental, spacial and summoning. There are thousands of types but those are my area's. Tracking isn't a area I'm very well versed in. I'm sorry but as long as you can give me the ritual I can use that to track you back to your dimension. It's different when you can't. Harder you need a much bigger skill level than mine in tracking. And due to recent events not many mages like me." He looked at with a sincere look in his eyes but with a hard and truthful tone. "I will get you back. I promise." He uncrossed his arms and sat next to her looking at her. "It's ok. I'll get you home. My name is Enkou. A mage willingly giving you there name is a big deal. You can control them is you use name magik. What is yours?"
  17. "Enkou...?" She says it experimentally and sighs a little looking down a bit not sure if she could trust this 'mage', she was not inclined to give him her real name, just in case the reverse was also true but she gave it anyway. "I'm Flora, Flora Kenju...I keep forgetting things though..." Her eyes go down as she rubs her head and she feels more memories escape her. "Is there a magic that can steal memories slowly?"
  18. He looked at her very confused. "Ummm. I have no clue.....possibly? I mean again there are thousands of different types. It depends on the type of person you are. Hence why I use only three types of magik strongly. I mean you would need a grimore to know. And those aren't just lying around at all." He looked at her concered.
  19. Flora stares at the white wall muttering. "This isn't good is it? My memories have been slowly slipping away in this place. I'm gonna be lucky if I can remember your name in a few hours probably because it's going backwards taking all my more recent memories first...Or maybe it's just taking the memories of the world outside...?" She was kind of talking to herself at this point but didn't really expect Enkou to know anything, although Flora notes the concern in his face and smiles at him sweetly. "Don't look so worried Enkou, you only just met me so it's not really going to affect you if I go psycho crazy bonkers."
  20. "No but I vowed I'd get you back. That makes me responsible. Especially your memory. Here face me I'm going to use some barrier magik. It'll delay this process whatever it is. It may even help you. It could be that they are making you forget your memories not that they are stealing them. But just a guess." He put his hands up near her face. "Are you OK with this?" He looked concerned to her.
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