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  1. Hello There.

    About me:
    I am DJae, 16 year old USA Female. I love to write and though my schedule can be quite crazy, I do try to be on at least once a day, though sometimes I manage more. I play males and females equally, and though I prefer MxM relationships (if romance is part of the plot), I will do FxM if I may please be the Female~

    On to the plots, shall we?

    1. Happenings: It's that time a year again- The camping trip! Every year you look forwards to this trip, and this year, you decided you would finally beat that rock trail. When you get there, you're warned about the rain that had been pouring down lately, and that the trail is dangerous. Despite this, you go anyway. Halfway up you fall, ending up stranded and injured on a small ledge. You fall unconscious to the sound of a quiet voice. Waking up, you find yourself in a cave, a small fire beside you. You're wounds have been bandaged and as you look around, you see someone in the back of the cave...who is this stranger?
    ((Link to my character, the stranger: This is a Character Link))

    2. Hiking Storm Mishap: (Character 1) and (Character 2) go on a hiking trip to a cabin in the woods. Two days in, (Character 1) goes off to find wood. While they're gone, a really bad storm passes over. (Character 1) doesn't return home for a few hours and (Character 2) begins to worry. They head out, finding (Character 1) has fallen and been hurt badly. (Character 2) makes their way to the injured person, having been prepared and bringing their backpack along, set up a temporary camp in a nearby cave. Will they both survive?

    3. Scary Thoughts: Two friends are hiking when they stumble across an old graveyard. They think nothing about it, continuing on past the graveyard. They walk about a mile when the same graveyard crosses their path yet again...believing they just got turned around, this time they used their compass. Heading North, they walked for a mile. Once more, the graveyard was ahead of them. Feeling a bit spooked now, the two friends now must find out what's going on...and if they'll survive.

    4. New Explorations: A Space exploration team has gotten lost in space, running low on fuel and rations. They end up having to make an emergence landing on an uncharted island. Only the captain and one other crew member (cook, medic, security personnel, etc) survive. Together, they have to find a way to survive in the jungle-like atmosphere and find a way to repair their ship or contact home. Will they make it?

    These are all my plots for now!
    I'm willing to accept any forest-based plots you have as well!

    Each Plot has 3 openings.
    Here, I will keep up with open spots:

    Happenings (2/3)
    Hiking Storm Mishap (1/3)
    Scary Thoughts (3/3)
    New Explorations (3/3)
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  2. Totally interested in the dark woods plot.
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  3. I would definitely enjoy number 1 and number 3. If still interested feel free to PM me.
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  4. I'm pretty interested in Stranger in the Woods!
  5. I'll pm you~
  6. I would love to do the dark woods plot
  7. I know we have another rp going but, I would like to do the dark woods plot as well, if you would like
  8. It looks like the Hiking Storm Mishap plot is still open, and I'm imterested in roleplaying it with you if you'd like.
  9. This is still open, thanks for all the responses so far! I've changed the plots up a little, added a few new ones, keep eyes open!
  10. Interested in the first one if it's still open! (:
  11. Alright~I'll pm you!
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  12. If available he Hiking Mishap sounds interesting, lots of chances for story development :P :)
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