Lost in the woods

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  1. The snow falls softly on your face as you wait peer up through the barren tree branches to the sky. You can't remember how you got there, only that you have to survive. Dressed in a light jacket, jeans, and hiking boots you must find your way out of the woods and possibly bonk into others (who are just as lost and confused as you)

    Your backpack contains some matches, enough food for two days (for three "meals", you choose what is is and how to ration it), an emergency blanket, some twine, and a pocket knife

    ~Two or more sentences per reply with decent enough grammar that I know what you're saying
    ~Each roleplayer will receive their own special item
    ~In this game I am 'nature' I will decide what disasters strike, what food, wood, and shelter, is able to be found and which players run into who.

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  2. Grey eyes fluttered open as Rhys regained consciousness. It was cold, colder than he remembered it being when he went to sleep. It took him a moment to realize he was outside in laying in the snow. He hadn't gone outside had he? Rhys really couldn't remember much of anything and he sure as hell didn't know where he was.
    He stood up from the ground, brushing the snow from his clothing. He noticed a backpack set up against a tree.
    He sank to his knees in the snow to explore the contents of the pack. There was food and some other things including a knife, matches and a blanket. It was like a survival pack... But who put it here? Rhys was pretty sure he'd never know the answer to that question. For now he needed to figure out where he was. The whys and how's could wait till later.
    Rhys slung the backpack over one shoulder and began to walk. It was snowing so he couldn't tell the time of day or even what direction he was headed in but walking was better then nothing. Rhys hoped he was in a civilized area and not the wilderness. Eventually he would happen upon a house or a ski lodge or anything.
  3. (Rhys's extra item is a switch blade- can cut more than with a pocket knife)

    Despite the snow it became evident that it was getting darker and he would have to soon find a place to sleep. He needed to be warm that night, he could die if he got too cold. Freezing to death is a terrible way to go.
  4. Ouch. Fuck. My head fucking hurts. Those were the first thoughts that crossed April's head as she woke up. She was freezing. Where the hell was she anyway? She started to look around, only to find out that she was in the middle of nothing. Wait, what? Realizing what that meant, the red head started to panic. What the hell am I doing here?

    "Hello? Somebody here?" Her only reply was the wind. Sighing, she got up, slapping her clothes to get rid of the snow on it. With the tail of her green eyes, she saw a black slump against a tree. A backpack.

    "What the... That's not mine." Walking towards it, she could have a better look at it. A simple black backpack, apparently, it seemed to have something inside it.

    "Huh... Matches... Food... Blanket... Twines... Pocket knife... That's it." She kept staring at the bag, looking lost in thoughts. "A survival pack? Why... Why would I need it?" And then, everything seemed to fall into place, the wood, the backpack, the unconsciousness... Shit. April rose from the ground, her mind trying to make sense of what was happening. She swallowed the lump in her throat and breathed slowly and calmly. In and out. In and out. Finally, her muscles began to work and her feet to move. She walked without a route, at least for now. She just hoped she wasn't out of the country or some shit like that. That would suck.

  5. Michelle couldn't even feel her feet anymore, whether they were numb from the snow or she was too exhausted to realize they were still attached to her legs.

    She had no idea what she was doing here or how she got here. All she knew was that she had to get out--to find a way out of this forest. And quickly. All she had with her was a backpack she had found a while back. She hadn't bothered to check much of it once she noticed it had food. She quickly devoured a protein bar she had found in the front pocket, but was now trying to save the rest of the food, if there was any food at all she didn't bother to check, for when she actually needed it.

    She decided to take a break and rest by a nearby tree. She sat down, the snow melting on her pants as they made contact. She shivered and brought her knees up to her chest, clutching the backpack for dear life. Her eyelids started to drop as she lowered her head onto her backpack, using it as a pillow. A few minutes of rest wouldn't hurt. Maybe she'd freeze to death while she was asleep, something she was almost hoping for by now. That way she'd no longer be freezing, starving, and exhausted.
  6. (April's special item is a pack of fire starers- 5 small half circles of condensed paper that light up very easily)

    (Michelle's special item is an extra pair of socks- these will help in a later disaster)

    To both of you- Its getting dark and the snow seems to be picking up. To avoid freezing to death it may be wise to start a fire and/or find shelter.
  7. Rhys had been walking for some time now and they only things he found were snow and more snow. It was visibly geting darker though which told Rhys it was likely sometime after 4 or 5pm. He didn't know the area very well but he knew it got dark very quickly during the winter. He'd have to find some place to hole up for the night and get some sleep. But he would need to be warm.
    "Well shit." Rhys muttered, stopping to lean against a tree and think. He had no survival skills whatsoever. The most he knew was from watching those survival shows on television. But those guys were followed by camera crews who wouldn't just let them die. Rhys was out here on his own. And he was scared shitless. "Alright Rhys, calm down and think." He slowed his breathing, careful not to let a panic attack set in. That would surely be the end if he did. Instead he opted to look around and see what he could use for fire wood. He had no fucking clue what went into making a fire other then wood but at least it was something.
    Rhys began to move about, gathering up little brances he thought were dry enough to burn. Maybe he could use the knife to scrap some dry bark from a tree to help the fire.
  8. Rhys- Lucky for you, its been so cold the snow has been reasonably dry and so is the wood. With the bark from the tree, the found wood, and the matches the fire will start easily. Perhaps seeking shelter would do you some good.
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  9. It's official. God hates her. That had to be the reason of why her life was so screwed up. But this. It was too much. Lost in the woods? Snowing? Alone? This had to be the top of 10 Reasons of Why Her Life Sucks, 10 R.W.H.L.S for short.

    April had her arms wrapped around her body, trying to hopelessly keep her warm. Heck, whoever did this to her could have at least given her a warmer jacket, not this sorry excuse of a jacket. She frowned when snow started to wet her clothes, it seemed like the snow was starting to pick up.

    "Aw, shit." It was getting dark. She hadn't noticed, not until she looked up to see the sky darker than before. Fire. She needed a fire. She started to search for a place without much wind, and by the time she found it, it was even darker. "Damn it, I gotta be quick. Otherwise we might have April Popsicle as dessert!" She said to no one specifically. Fortunately, the search for wood wasn't that hard, and since she had those 5 condensed papers that she had missed on the first search of the backpack, it would be slightly easy to make fire.

    When the night came, April was already sitting in front of the fire with a protein bar in hand. She didn't like having to use a condensed paper, but she didn't have time to prepare her "Survival Plan", so she had to improvise. After finishing the bar, she lay on the blanket, the idea of directly laying down on the snow wasn't appealing to her, and tried to sleep. Well, tried.
  10. Michelle sat still for what seemed like hours, floating in and out of consciousness, just waiting for death to come and take her. Her patience did her no good, for when she opened her eyes again she was still breathing, still freezing, still alive.

    She threw her backpack down in frustration then quickly picked it back up, mumbling an apology to the inanimate object. This pack didn't even belong to her. She assumed another unfortunate hiker had left it at a nearby tree while the weather was still tolerable and meant to come back for it later. Oh well, their loss. Michelle unzipped the bag slowly, as if any sudden movements might zap away what remaining body heat she had. She rumaged through its contents, this being her first time she actually examined what was inside. She hoped she hadn't broken anything when she rudely tossed the bag. Luckily, none of it seemed to be damaged. It all appeared to be regular hiking gear--a knife, a blanket, some rope, a few matches, and rope. Michelle made a note to keep the food for when she desperately needed it rather than scarfing it down at the first stomach rumble like she did with the protein bar. The supplies weren't anything special, but if she was crafty enough, they'd be able to help her get out of here. She unzipped a side pocket that was in the bag and pulled out a pair of socks. How curious, she thought. They looked warm, warmer than the regular socks she was wearing at the moment. But she was too tired to take off her boots just to switch socks, so she put them back in the little pocket for later use, if she ever remembered they were in there.

    She zipped the pocket and then closed the whole bag when the wind carried over a distinct scent. Was that smoke? Could that smoke come from a fire? Would that fire be warm? Would there be more people by the warmth? Michelle got up, groaning as she pushed herself up onto her feet, and then pushing on her knees to stand up straight. She decided to follow the smoke, mostly sniffing the air to find out where it was coming from.

    She eventually found the source of the smoke. It was coming from a small fire. Another girl was laying down on a blanket behind the fire Michelle assumed she had made. From here, Michelle couldn't tell whether the girl was breathing or not. Should she move her, to see if she was alive? Or had she been out here longer than Michelle had, and froze to death? Michelle figured the fire must have been made recently enough for it to have survived in the bitter cold. She could wait no longer, she had to get some warmth.

    Michelle sat down opposite of the sleeping--perhaps dead--woman and got her own blanket out of her backpack. She draped the blanket around her shoulders and put her hands up to the fire, sighing in relief as it slowly brought back some feeling to her numb hands.
  11. When April was finally falling asleep, she heard the sound of snow being crushed under the weight of something. An animal, she thought at first, but the pattern of the steps didn't match the ones of a wolf, or a bear. It was something with two legs. A human, perhaps. She couldn't decide if that was luck, or bad luck. If it was someone sane, then thumbs up! But what if it was one of those people who went crazy after staying in a place like this for too much? Well, then she was screwed.

    The person didn't seem to take interest on her body, probably, they might think that she's just a frozen corpse. Well, not that that was too far away from the truth. Even with the fire and the blanket between her and the snow, she was freezing. April slightly opened her eyes, trying to find the person. From where she was lying she couldn't see a face, however, definitely, there was someone behind the fire. Silently as she could, she reached for the pocket knife inside her backpack, that was being used as a pillow, and hid it inside the back pocket of her jeans. She peered the figure once again, before putting her head on her hand, her elbow supporting the weight.

    "You know, using the fire of others without their consent is just plain rude. Even if you think they're dead, actually, that makes it even ruder. Pay some respect for the dead, geez." April had a smirk on her face, even if the flames of the fire made it harder to see.
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  12. April- Your fire blazes and is very warm. You will survive that night without a shelter however it may be wise to seek it in the future for snowier nights and protection from...other things.

    Michelle- It's not wise to mooch off of others...Karma may be getting you back for this sometime soon.
  13. Michelle let her eyelids shut and her head droop. The fire was warm, very relaxing, and she wouldn't mind sitting here for quite some time. She kept her hands in front of the fire, but they dropped to her legs as she began to fall asleep sitting up.

    When she heard the body speak, her head shot up and she fell over backwards. She grabbed at the snow, as if she were going to somehow use it as protection, figuring she would throw it at the person on the other side of the fire if they were going to attack her. But snow wasn't going to do anything, just be mildly uncomfortable as it melted on the person's clothes.

    "I'm--I'm sorry!" she shouted, her teeth chattering together both from fright and from it being so cold. "I just, I was cold, and I--I smelt the smoke, I figured there'd be warmth." She slowly stood up, groaning as her knees bent. She grabbed her backpack and put her arms through the straps. "I was tired, and I fell asleep. But that's all I did. I shouldn't have came, I know, it's your fire. I'll leave, and again, I'm sorry." She put her hands up, showing she meant no harm, and cautiously took a step backward, then another one, and then another. She kept her eyes on the girl, unaware if she was going to do anything.
  14. April lifted her eyebrow, eyeing the girl. She chuckled loudly, shaking her head.

    "Relax, gurl. I might be an asshole but I'm not cruel. Sit." April pointed to where Michelle had sat before almost having a heart attack. April knew she was being risky right now, inviting the other girl to stay there and share the fire. But she was lonely and someone to talk to seemed like a plausible idea. Maybe she would regret later, but she already was in the shit, what difference could it make by adding more shit in the pile of shits? The result would be just more shit. She was used to handling them. "Just don't try anything funny."

    Said that, April lay on the blanket again, putting her head on the backpack, and turned her back to the girl, perhaps to show that she wasn't a threat. "And don't worry, I'm not going to eat you while you sleep, I'm not coward like that. So just, I don't know, rest I guess. I know I'm going to. Night."

    After 5 minutes, April started snoring in her sleep. Her shoulder moving smoothly up and down.
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