Lost In The Wildreness

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  1. It's the year 3000, and the world has been turned into a mass of violence. What was once known as the beautiful Russia is now a worldwide powerhouse that controls all of Europe. North and South America have been ravaged bare by mercenaries and soldiers, and now serve as vast empty territory that has yet to be claimed. Islands have been taken over by those who are rich and powerful, entire countries now devastated by war. Only a few select countries still remain. Japan is one of those countries. Having been turned into a floating island, Japan spends it's days moving slowly away from Europe. But, even Japan is not safe. War has corrupted the country so fully that all is left are orphans: children with nothing to do but fight to survive.
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  2. Name: Yukari Hyozawa, known as Blood Bird
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Tall, 6 feet, Short fluffy black hair, Green eyes, Tanned skin, Freckles, Skinny & slender build
    Personality: She is viewed as merciless killer, but in reality he is very kind and will do almost anything to get her way without killing. She does not hesitate to attack and brutally injure, and she is very protective of herself.
    Family: Priest and Priestess Hyozawa ((Deceased))
    Pets: Soumei, her German Shepherd ((Male))
    Home: None, she travels continually to avoid being caught by the Government
    Status: Fugitive of the Government, "Murderer", coincidentally Japan's heir
    Background: Her parents were the rulers of Japan, but when she was 5 they were murdered by assassins when Russia came into power. She then was put into a prison in Europe because the ruler of Russia didn't want her to become in charge of the only country that wasn't under Russia's control. She escaped, murdering the assassins that were to take over Japan and earning the name Blood Bird, then ran away and has been a fugitive of the Russian Government ever since. She now roams Europe trying to stay away from the Government while gathering secret followers to rebel against the Russian Government.
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