Lost in the Shadows

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  1. Sydney Jones opened her eyes slowly and groggy as she sat up on the soft, thin bed that she had been lain down on. She looked around confused as to where she was. All she had remembered was coming back from the grocery store and her bags being grabbed from her hands. She felt a sharp pain run through her left shoulder and she flinched away violently as she noticed a tall, chubby lady poking a needle in her arm."What are you doing?"she screamed confused. As she jumped away from the lady and off of the soft cot, she turned and saw her younger brother and sister, Connor and Jaycee, smiling and playing with a small dog.

    Sydney turned back to the woman with the needle immediately as her breathing began to calm down."Where the hell am I?"she asked sternly. As strange as it might sound to the people around her, she did not appreciate being kidnapped and dragged somewhere that looked like a camp of some sort. They weren't even in a building, just outside with a tent built up around them. It was big enough for a lot of patients beds and doctors equipment though, so she figured that whatever this thing was this was the hospital part of it.

    "This is the infirmary,"the lady said chuckling, confirming Sydney's thoughts. Sydney sighed slightly as she spoke again,"I mean where am i?"she repeated."I know I'm in the hospital thing or whatever,"she said holding her head, hoping her headache would leave her alone,"but where am I at? Who kidnapped me and why did they bring me here?"

    "Well I can't explain that... but I will get you someone who can. You and your brother and sister should follow this young lady, she will take you to go see... the person that will help you,"she said softly. She handed Sydney a couple pills to help with her headache before a girl, a few years younger than Sydney was led them to a huge building in the middle of the camp she was in.

    As she looked around she saw many different tents of different shapes and sizes, and many strange looking people staring at her like she has food in her teeth. Sydney brushed it off and continued looking around. She saw a lake to one side of the camp, and woods near the opposite side. The last glance of sunlight she saw before she walked through the thick doors was a glance of someone swimming in the lake who she could of swore had a fish tail.
  2. The sun shined brightly that day but it was still like any other for Allistair . Go to his classes and his training and when that was all done report to his father. He was starting to hear the whispers around the camp and opened his eyes and stood up from where he was lying down . Looking at the sky hoping it would rain soon he did not much care for these sunny day's they always had this negative effect on him. He always felt like the sun was slowly eating away at him draining him of all that he was.

    He walked around for a bit seeing all kind's of students before him some choosing to hide their beastly side and some could care less . He stopped as he saw a group of students huddles around each other whispering to each other talking about the new arrivals . He slowly walked towards them hearing their conversations. The leader of the group the Alpha of the wolf pack looked like he was in a trance he was obviously hungry for the new unfortunate students. He decided to walk up to the group.

    "Planning something sinister are we " he said in a chilling voice as the group turned around and looked at him . The alpha suddenly changed his whole expression . "You know I never liked you guys so I will only say this once lay off the new kids ."he said with his eyes turned red showing this group that he was serious this time. The Alpha finally backed down and walked away with his group. He looked at one of the newcomers . She carried herself the exact sae way that woman did . She even smelled the same. This made Allistair frown a little bit he was certainly going to keep his eyes on her .
  3. Sydney followed the girl through the huge building they had just entered and looked around amazed. From the outside, the building looked just ordinary, only big enough to hold a hundred, if that. When you went into the Hall, it was a completely different story. Just the main room was big enough to hold five hundred, and the paintings on the wall were far from ordinary. Everything looked so perfect and magical. There wasn't a spot of dust on any of the pictures or flower vases, but she did notice a door that as unlike all the others. It didn't have the round shape near the top, nor the big, thick white handle to open the door. In fact, there was no place to open the door.

    As they made their way up the long, spiral stare case that led to the second floor, Sydney stepped on the plush, velvety colored carpet and looked at the designs. By the time she looked back up, the girl had stopped in front of two, thick, white doubled doors. Sydney walked up to the girl, and behind her trailed her siblings."Why are we stopping?"she asks confused. She looked around but didn't see anyone to talk to besides the pictures on the walls.

    "I cannot go in with you. You have to go alone. Your siblings can wait out here with me,"the girl said. Before Sydney could even say no, the doors flung open and a gust of wind somehow pulled Sydney in the room. She heard the doors latch shut again and turned to see a guy, probably only a couple years older than her shut the door and walk back to a desk where two people were standing.

    Sydney raised an eyebrow and looked at the tall, dark haired man who was staring at her. His stare wasn't really intimidating though, it was more like he was trying to read her, or figure her out. Sydney turned her eyes away from his as she tried to think of who the third person behind the desk was. She didn't know what to expect, especially at this place. She sighed and figured that if she didn't speak then no one would."Where am I? Why am here? Who brought us here? Why can't we go home?"she asked. She had only meant to ask the first, but as soon as she opened her mouth all of the questions in her head exploded. She instantly snapped her mouth shut and waited for a reply. At first she didn't get one, but as she stared at them determined, the person in the chair stood up and turned around, reviewing their identity.
  4. Allistair followed the new arrivals until they went through the hall. He simply sighed and waited a few moments for them to get further in. As soon as he entered the huge building he got a small headache he never got use to the difference between the outside and inside and he probably never would. He looked at the paintings as he walked throughout all of them giving him a small shiver down his spine, and the rest of the building also gave him the creeps. It somehow felt alive as if it was watching every move you make.

    As he made it further into the building tracing the steps of the new arrivals he made it to the staircase . He decided that he would have to be extra careful going further. He decided to use his necromancy magic and summon a very small familiar, he hid behind the stair case itself as he transferred his conciousness into the familiar.

    As he finally arrived at his destination in the body of his little familiar he looked around and saw the two younger siblings and the girl that led them there. He paid no further attention to them and decided to go towards the door. He found a small opening and crawled through it and found his way into the room as he saw three other people besides the girl there was the headmaster and two of the senior mentors. He hid his little familiar behind the bookcase to avoid detection .
  5. Sydney almost let out a gasp of surprise as she saw the woman standing before her. All the question that she had had about the camp--or whatever this was-- and the kidnapping and everything else vanished and she only focused on the woman. The questions that had left her thoughts fluttered about in the back of her mind as new and fresh ones arose. I know this woman. I've known that familiar face since the day that I was born. How could she.... It can't really be her... right?Sydney's breath caught in her throat as she tried to speak, and the only thing that escaped her lisp was a small breath.

    She was shocked, yet confused. The woman that stood in front of her was the woman that had been by her side for thirteen years. The woman who drug her from ever place she had ever lived, and left her the responsibility of her younger siblings and abuse stepfather after she had died. That was the one part that didn't make sense. This woman was her mother. Her mother who had died in a plane accident when Sydney was only thirteen. There was no way that this woman that looked exactly like her, had the same smell as her, and even held herself up the same was her mother. It couldn't have been. She had even add enter her funeral, sure there was no body, but her mother was dead... right?

    Sydney suddenly composed herself, standing up straight and staring into the woman's bright green eyes."Who are you?"she asked simply enough. She swallowed the lump in her throat and hoped more than anything that there would be someone just bust through the door and save her. Take her away like her superman, and never let her come back here. But she had learned long before that there was no superhero in this world of evil.

    The woman smiled gently, almost as if amused by the simple question Sydney had asked."You don't recognize me? It's me, your mother,"she said softly. She had said it the way that someone would say 'have a nice day' or 'it's time for lunch'. She didn't say it like there had been four year between the time she had last seen her, she just said it like she did it everyday. Sydney shook her head vigorously and looked back at the woman with a hard gaze."My mother's dead,"she said simply. The woman smiled gently and looked at the two males and before Sydney could blink twice, the two were gone and it was just left Sydney and her mother in the room.
  6. Allistair's little familiar moved around the room to get a better view of the two. Once he had a better spot he hid his familiar behind a book that had a small open crack inside of it. He let his familiar look through the small hole . He smiled as soon as he found out that this girl was the headmaster's daughter this means they could have a potential weapon to use against this place once the war starts. After a while seeing the two interact he snapped his fingers and the familiar disappeared.

    He opened his eyes again and he was underneath the stairwell again so he decided that this would be the opportune time to let his father know about this new predicament . As soon as he managed to leave the huge building he looked up at the sky . It was getting darker and it would soon be curfew for all the students . So he decided to make haste to his tent in the far corner of this place. As soon as he was inside he put a magical barrier up so that no one outside could hear him or smell the blood that he was going to use for this magical incantations.

    As soon as Alistairr was sure he was safe and alone he took out a golden cup with red rubies all around it and put it in the middle of his tent he took out a knife from his backpack and cut his own hand . As soon as the blood filled the golden cup he said a few words the blood started boiling and it smoke started to appear from where the blood was. Allistair looked up and saw a figure in the smoke . It was his father.
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