Lost In The Nightmare Of Eternal Sleep!

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  1. Please be Literate. Well you're welcome even if you are not, but at least try to use your best spellings and grammar. And you can RP with your own OC
    I haven't decided the genre of this RP yet. I will make a simple starter including bio of my character; Of course I will make the starter which will be familiar with the title "Lost In The Nightmare Of Eternal Sleep!". And yeah one more thing, I'm planning to put some magical/super powers. Maybe we can make this RP, a fighting area, tag team or something like Demon Vs Angels - Vs Fighting?​


    The grass was exactly in the shape he had seen it the last time he was here. The journey up to the highest valley looking atop the small island was always a painful ordeal for him. But this time it was slight less. But then again every step was a sword plunged right through his heart, the memories came crashing back in tsunamis with his every breath. The wind swept through him and nostalgia reminder him of the exhilaration he felt on that journey with his lost buddies.

    He was standing all alone looking down on the forest which beard so much memories. It was a rather cloudy day. The air around the forest was fresh and smelt of nature, and animals. Surprisingly, there wasn't a single bird who chirped - and there wasn't a single bug who made a noise. The sun was out illuminating the skies and below it lay a thick and wide forest, filled with various kinds of wildlife that would wander about in the environment, creating harmony in the ecosystem. The lush green scenery was pleasant to the eyes, but what hid deeper inside that beautiful scene would be survival of the fittest.

    His brown hair smiled as the golden sunset softly kissed it. He had the same height as he did 10 years back, but his face no longer shown of the mirth, glee and adventurous spirit he once possessed. And he was wearing the same old dress he wore 10 years ago.​

    He was a tall, massive, and highly muscular man with tan skin and thick brown hair that looks like long, dark, leathery strips of confetti jutting out in all directions. He has brown eyes and long sideburns, joining his hair to his prominent goatee, which takes the form of several triangles pointing downwards and extending upwards on his chin. He also has a straight dark streak running over his left eye, which extends up to the top of his forehead and down to his mid cheek. Each of his ears is adorned by a large earring shaped like a round crescent moon pointing down. He was wearing an outfit decorated by tribal-like motifs, complete with what looks like leather armor covering his upper body. The chest piece is simple, with the central section highlighting his prominent abdominals and pectorals underneath it being light green, separated by the dark green parts on his sides by a pair of thin white lines framing it on both edges. The V-shaped part around the neck is instead black. With the chest piece comes a pair of large, dark-colored shoulder pads, complete with lighter-colored edges and massive straps hanging from them, each decorated by similarly large hollow studs. His left arm is adorned with a thin scar stretching entirely around the limb where the bicep meets the shoulder and, from that mark all the way down to the wrist, is nearly covered with a complex tattoo. . Around the man's waist is a simple, plain belt distinguished by the dark motifs on it; below it, the leather armor continues in a waistguard composed of four large, semicircular flaps, each decorated by studs identical to the one on his shoulder pads, and retaining the color scheme of his chest piece. His arms are covered by loose, light green sleeves, with a darker green band circling each of them, closed by a stud identical to those adorning the rest of his attire, and darker-colored stripes framing the areas where the sleeves open laterally to reveal part of his forearms. His pants, while orange in color, retain the same structure of the sleeves, with the lower parts being slashed on the front, where they are framed by green stripes and overlooked by studded bands. The sides of such pants, in addition, are adorned by a series of dark motifs running down their entire length. Visible from the slashes in them are his white boots.

    He has the appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty and confident with his thick brown hair that looks like long, dark, leathery strips of confetti jutting out in all directions - Appearance of a born leader. But in same time he seemed deeply sad and is envious of humans, for they are blessed with the gift of death and moving on to the next life, while he himself is unable to die and must walk the Earth for eternity until the last day. He clearly regrets his decision to become an immortal monster, and has great respect for humans who have the willpower to endure old age and death. He regrets that his old nakama died but he was still alive. He missed them from deep inside his heart.

    The immortal man stood on the cliff as he was "Lost In The Nightmare Of Eternal Sleep!"
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