Lost In The Island

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  1. Meet Amber, a sweet young woman who is ready for adventure with her six best friends! Unfortunately though...as they were upon the most glorious vacation of the teens young lives, they crash landed on an island filled with mystery and adventure as well as angry islanders! How will they survive? Where are they? When these friends were all at a fun club called "Let The Good Times Roll" a random stranger suggested that these teens go to a private island that very few people know about! With all of the friends stoked about this island, Amber offered to pay the stranger for a weeks worth of fun! However when they skydived into the island they were automatically ambushed and taken hostage!

    -No killing any other character unless I (or the person that created the character) says so

    -No one liners

    -This is a group survival roleplay, please make it as realistic as possible

    -If you wish to join then please give the following information BEFORE you start writing

    -NO MAGIC this needs to be as real as possible! That means real reactions and detail!

    -These characters need to be real life looking characters no anime!

    If you wish to join please give the following information below and post it on thread, if you wish to add more detail then please message me your character profile sheet!

    Age (must be between 18 and 25):
    Character picture/gif (no description):
    What role will you be applying for?:

    WARNING: This role play will have some sexual content so please do not sign up unless you are 18 years or older

    There are specific types of characters that I will need for this story:

    Friend #1:
    Friend #2:
    Friend #3:
    Friend #4:
    Friend #5:
    Friend #6:

    (These are all of Ambers friends as well as friends with each other, these were the teens that are stranded with an island full of mysterious people)
    Leader of the Hadeki Tribe: This character is pretty much a good person who believes that the island is a living, breathing creature who's soul purpose is to provide for it's children (the islanders)

    Vice Leader: They are the three that help protect the tribe, the strongest men/women in this specific tribe...

    Vice Leader 1:
    Vice leader 2:
    Vice Leader 3:
    Leader of the Palmi Tribe: This person has gone completely insane and is evil, he speaks gibberish and loves watching people struggle and beg for help as they die unless you join him of course.

    Vice Leader: They are the three that help protect the tribe, the strongest men/women in this specific tribe...

    Leader of the Hedeki:
    Vice Leader 1:
    Vice leader 2:
    Vice Leader 3:


    Hashani Leader:
    Gaurd #1:
    Gaurd #2:
    Gaurd #3:

    Hashani Leader: This person is the leader of a very powerful clan, the best of the best! However, this leader is neither part of the Hadeki or the Palmi tribe, this person looks after their people...hidden away under Masawi...a huge volcano that has been inactive for many years. People would either go him/her if they want to join the clan or beg for advice. If it's to become part of the clan they will be put through some of the toughest challenges for initiation, if it's advice...pray they dont kill or kick you out.

    Guard: You guessed it, the guards are the strongest men/women in the tribe!


    My Character:

    Name: Amber Burnhart
    Age: 21
    Character pic/gif: View attachment 88738
    Bio: Being a daughter of a rich billionaire, this girl gets to travel and do amazing things that other people wouldn't usually get to do! She has been rock climbing, skydiving, skiing, skating, taking martial arts classes you name it! Having fun and partying isnt as much fun without friends though!
  2. Do you need BIOS? I'd like to sign up
  3. Hello, I would like to sign up, but I need to know what's allowed and what isn't. (Anime, sexual content, cursing, relationsips, magic, etc.)
  4. I'm interested in knowing the expected post length for this roleplay? It was never specified in the rules or overview.
  5. What I need for Bios are in the rules section dont worry it isn't hard

    Everything you need to know is in the rules and that is a very good point that I will be adding to my rules very soon NO MAGIC

    I will defenately put more detail in the rules and the overview, thank you for all your questions and concerns if you wish to sign up for the roleplay then just reply the information I asked of you below

    Age (needs to e between 18 and 25):
    What they look like (pic or gif only please):
    What role would you like to apply for:

    Forgive me guys this was very last minute, I posted updates so read over everything again and if you have any questions please let me know!
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  6. I'd like to join, but I'm a little confused with the "roles."
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