Lost in the Ice

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    Within a small valley surrounded by mountains, the towns pass around the legend of a girl who was lost in the winter's ice, disappearing the second her parents looked away. It's said she was swept up by the wind and taken for reasons that vary depending on the tale. This child that was swept away, however, was taken deep within a cave by beings from beyond reality, frozen in a special case of ice to be preserved. She would be the first of their many creations, and thus she was to be taken care of with the utmost care.

    She aged slowly in the ice, passing through centuries without ever seeing them. She would only awaken when the world had become one that discovered magic and integrated it into society. She was to be a goddess of magic, a goddess of the moon, hidden within the crowds of society. She was awoken by the celestial beings when the time came, given the information she would need to survive and control her manipulation of ice and darkness. With this, she was set out into the world, meant to travel from city to city until she found where she belonged.

    Of course, where there is a moon, there must be a sun.
    Okay, so the idea of this is to essentially have you, whoever you may be, be the sun-based deity so that there is a clash of powers and therefore a conflict until a balance can be achieved between the two. Feel free to either reply in messaging or right here on the thread. If you want to do this sort of thing, but have a change to my simple plot, just ask/tell me about it.​
  2. I'm willing to give this a try with you
  3. Well, then, was there any input you had in mind?
  4. Not really but I'm thinking of maybe a slight addition to the plot to maybe make it better. Though can you pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.