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  1. It's the year 3050. The human race made contact with many of alien species. A group of volunteers go on a mission to a planet that has not yet been discovered. They are shot by whatever lives there and crash-land on the planet, named by many "Tartar". What attacked them? Will they get out alive? What the hell is a B-type Neoparasite?
    This and more in this roleplay.

    Character sheet:

    Looks: (Would prefer pics, but I'm fine with a description)
    Past events in life: (Just so I know the backstory of him/her/ it?)
    Homeplanet: (It can be a colony of humans on any other planet than Earth if you have a human character)
  2. Name: Azakath 'AZ' Metryioni
    Race/Species: Droar (dragon-people)
    Gender: Male
    G4Y2HWS! (open)

    Personality:Blunt, Outgoing, and non-cautious, Azakath is one who does not care if he is fighting the biggest, most powerful thing in the galaxy, if it can die, he will try to kill it, no questions asked! he holds charm in his words, and the thing that brings joy to him is seing something completly. blown. up.

    Past events in life: AZ's life has been pretty boring, spending it on blowing up structures for money, to buy on stuff that explodes it even better. He has had no remorse or has ever cared really about anyone, not his family, whom loved him very much, or the pretty girls, who adore his, well, appearence, or even his fans, who admire his help in some sort of 'revolution' whatever that means, he never had any friends, and he plans to never will. Thing is, he liked death stalking him at every turn, and that was that.

    So when a mystery contractor offers him a chance to leave this war-barraged rock to go to another planet and possibly blow stuff up there, why not?

    And to be on that ship and get shot down into one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy? Even better.

    Homeplanet: Wzcaelish (wuz-KAY-Lish), a hunk of magma and rock is all this piece of junk is, but the Droar Empire had other things in mind, they turned it into their industrial center, and the home to the Basilisks, the rebellion and single opposing force to the Imperial government. Now, since the uprising (that Azakath virtually started), it has turned into what it once was- a hunk of magma and rock. Now just with people shooting guns and grenades on top of it.
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  3. Accepted. I really apreciate that you actually gave a pic of him.
  4. Name:
    Celeron Moordra
    Not revieled to others but for CS purposes, he is Half Recarian (ray-car-ian) and half human

    him under his suit
    suit he always wears
    Very quiet. He has never spoken to anyone according to rumor, though there are a fair few that he has spoken to. Even so, those people never say a word as to what he had said, or even that he had spoken to them at all. He is serious when it comes to work, and does his job well. Deep down, however, he is a very caring person. He just feels that if he is assigned a job, it is his duty to fulfil it and not let anything else get in the way.
    Past events in life:
    Not ever having known either of his parents, Celeron was raised in an orphanage on Cormerous 30 until he was of age to care for himself. It was at that time that he had enrolled into an advanced school on bioengineering and mechanics, though just before he had his first day, civil war broke out on the planet in all its severity. The planet was reduced to shambles within a year, but during that year, the two more sensible tribes of the planet had evacuated their people to another planet in their same solar system. Upon having settled down on Cormerous 32, Celeron was given his position in the newly built school, he graduating top of his class with multiple degrees in bioengineering biomechanics biochemistry, mechanics, and engineering. Due to having such high qualifications, he was recruited into a human organization that was exploring space, they allowing him to keep his credentials to himself and his suit that he had recently made for himself on. Upon leaving Cormerous 32, Celeron's records were destroyed, the only real records on the planet of his existence being his enrollment in the school. Ever since, he has lived in space with Lylia, a girl whom had been recruited with him. During his time with the humans he learned quickly how to fly space ships, expanding on his own knowledge of engineering, it being a simple task. He now flies his own small ship that he had built for himself, though it mainly stays ported in a larger ship, whichever one he currently travels on.
    his ship

    [​IMG]this ship with the front end electric/plasma conductor/blaster of
    this ship

    Cormerous 32 (home planet of the Villibris race)

    Lylia Vermeros
    Recarian (swamp adaptive gene)
    Sweet and kind at heart, but cloaked in a protective covering of cold, harsh treatment, she has a tendency to put people off, and has been such a person ever since the civil war on her planet. She seems to be the only one to understand Celeron, even in silence, as if they could speak to eachother's minds, even though such is an impossibility
    Past events in life:
    Having been birthed the third croon of four in her family, and the runt of that croon to match, Lylia was often the one left out or forgotten about. In a world where you live either in a rolling plains, everlasting swamp, or mystical forest, there was plenty for the young child to do while she was being ignored or pushed aside. Her large family lived in the forest, allowing her opportunities to gather fruits from the treetops and gather flowers in open clearings. She befriended many animals, and for quite a while, she considered them to be her family. It got to such a point that she would stay away from home for days or even weeks on end just to be with them. One day, though, with an infuriated father trampling through the forest to find a seven year old Lylia, the child ran away, finding her way into the swamps to hide, having befriended a couple who couldnt bear children, thus leaving them ostracized and cast out of the main hub of society. Choosing to be the child they never would be able to have, Lylia lived happily for another eleven years until the two died in the horrid and unexpected civil war.

    Many died, and the child herself even fought, but there was no way to prevent the leaders of the plains tribes from raiding villages of other tribes, even with aide from other species and planets, leading to the abandonment of the once beautiful planet. Upon the new planet, Lylia took up classes in Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine, not finding any use in machines as she was effective enough in primal methods of killing from her time spent in the war and her survival even before that. When she graduated from the academy, a mere month after the now nearly legendary Celeron, she joined with him in leaving the planet, most of her records being destroyed, though some were still left over.

    Cormerous 32
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  5. Tell me if anything needs to be changed ^^
  6. nope, it's great.
    of course accepted.

    hm... that got a lot less feedback than my previous rp...
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  7. Seems like there is not much interest in the RP. There are a few things we can do:
    A. Adversite this RP untill people Come
    B. We could invite somebody
    C. If nonę of the above, I close the RP because of low interest.
    Up to you.
  8. I'm honestly fine with just having us three be the people who do the roleplay. But even so, some advertizing cant hurt. We could start the roleplay right now and keep the sign ups open so that other people could join, perhaps also having been stranded on the planet. Maybe we were all scattered in the crash? Maybe there were other space craft that had been crashed there before? All of that could add extra depth to the plot. If all else fails, I am perfectly willing to resort to just playing this out in a 1x1 setting
  9. Yeah, you're right. We're starting it nów but the signups will be open.
  10. Might I suggest a slightly more in depth intro..? Something just a touch longer with more motivation? I honestly dont care, as long as the point gets across, but I dont want to look like I'm being a show off when I post a 3+ paragraph start, especially for such an open universe plot.
  11. Of course, I'm open to sugestions
  12. You guys still open? This sounds cool, and I'm thinking of a medic character.
  13. Yeah, sure, join. We didn't really start yet.
  14. IM alive
    i just dont know how to respond...
  15. @Shadicmaster was supposed to suggest a more inepth introduction, but he didn't post, so...
  16. OH, I was supposed to dictate it to you? ^~^' I was just suggesting that you have a more in depth intro. But lets see.... I would say tack on a bit of descriptions on the end. Tell us about the ship, the sector of space we're in at the moment, and what your compartment looks like. You dont have to have it be in dialogue, just have it be a general description so that we have something to work off of in our posts. Another thing I would suggest is giving this 'captain' of ours a bit of life. Tell us what he's doing, what he's thinking about all of this. There's always more ways to liven up a post ^^
  17. Alrigh, I'll have it fixed tomorrow.
  18. [​IMG]
    : Eve Raven
    Race/Species: Pixie (That is what it is in English, they speak a very high pitched language natively that is generally painful to hear.)
    Gender: Female
    Looks: (LINK FOR PICTURE) Eve is only 3'11", tall for her species. She has a tiny frame and body, weighing (if you feel generous) 60 pounds. She has very pale skin, and eyes that seem to have lightning in them. She always wears skirts and long socks or tights with a shirt, sometimes a dress instead. Her thick blue hair usually is up and with her bangs very few ever see that it is in fact very long.
    Personality: Eve has a bubbly personality, and is always happy. She's not a scary person, not anymore, and has an air of cute around her.
    Past Events in Life: Eve was raised on her species' home plant, far out in the galaxy. She was raised in harsh world and her actions matched, for years and years she fought. Born on a planet at war, Eve was a strong warrior battling against many. It was a battle that could not be won, the power to control lightning was hers alone, but it didn't matter that she had that or great sword wielding skill. She was not the most powerful by any stretch of the imagination, and in the end the world was destroyed and what few pixies remained kept fighting, but Eve did not. She had learned from her years in battle and left to one of many space stations that refugees and travelers from about the galaxy lived. She met many people and changed almost everything about her, learning and observing. She got her degree as a doctor and decided to continue traveling.
    Home Planet: Pleon, the planet of pixies, currently in a post-apocalyptic phase of war that does not communicate with any other planets.
  19. Accepted
    And I fixed the intro (yay!)
    So, @Shadicmaster ,is it better?
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