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    Bending down, as sweat dripped from down to the floor. Slowly leaning up, a smile on her face. Sayomi looked her opponent in the eyes, smiling. She had decided to come to the gym, and practice her boxing. There was a championship coming up soon, and she wanted to win it. She wiped the blood from her lip, still staring at him. She never backed down from a fight, which was usually her issue in life anymore. She was too angry at the world to care what it though. She had lost her mother to an unknown illness, and her father had never really been around too often. He was a military man, and was always away on 'business'.

    Just as she was about to start the battle again, she was grabbed from behind, and lifted into the air. She let out a scream, as the person laughed. "Come on now Sayomi. May be a boxer on the outside, but still a women on the inside." He said laughing to her. "But, you told me to come get you when you needed to go, so time to go little lady." He said in a mocking tone to her. She sighed, and looked at him. She knew she couldn't hit him, so she just went over and grabbed her things, leaving.

    She walked out to her bike. It was a Kawasaki Ninja. It was still fairly new, and none of it was stock. Her father new that she wanted a motorcycle, and so got her the best one that he thought Sayomi would enjoy. She pulled her keys out of herbag, and got on the bike. She needed to go meet up with her friend.​
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    Tom's eyes burst open, Damn, I hate mornings, he thought to himself wearily, managing to pull himself up into a sitting position on his bed. A yawn escaped from his mouth as he stretched his arms outwards. He flung his reluctant body off of his bed, eyes fluttering open and closed as he turned on his bedside radio, listening as he pulled open the blind to his bedroom. He made his way down-stairs and made himself a bowl of cornflakes, also turning the radio on down here, paying attention to the broadcasts as he ate them.
    "What a beautiful day here right, Steve?" One of the broadcasters started
    "Indeed, 10 o'clock and only a few clouds in the sky Rickie - " There was and advert interval, Tom finished his breakfast and made his way back upstairs before it finished.
    ".... Aaaaand now time for local news, every ten minutes. It seems to be another slow day here like usual, though there have apparently been crazy people reporting attacks outside of the Church in town." Both presents let out a chuckle, as Tom washed.
    "Well, some people will do anything to get their name in the spotlight, right Rickie" One retorted, smiling Tom switched the radio off, looking out of the window as an ambulance sped by, screeching around the corner. He threw his favourite pair of jeans on, pulled a shirt out of his closet and put a jacket on over the top, he pulled his wrist up, checking the time.

    "Shit, I'm late" He said out loud, pulling his keys from the end of his bed he quickly pulled some trainers on and left his house, looking down the cobblestone street as another ambulance sped past him, others doing the same, it could've been the same one from earlier, he didn't know, or care. His pace hurried to a jog as he made his way to where he needed to go.
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    Starting the bike with a loud rev, Sayomi smiled. She loved the sound of it, the feel of it. She loved the color most of all. Bright green, and black. At night it had a purple underglow. She made sure her back pack was on tight, then started moving.

    She swerved in and out of traffic, surprised at how many sirens she heard. They seemed to be everywhere. She wondered if some official person was in town. Why else would there be so many sirens, and traffic so bad. Her face crunched under her expressions. She didn't like traffic. Without having to pause to think she swirved to the shoulder, and then sped forward about 500 yards to the nearest turn.
    She squinted her eyes as the bright sun hit the green of eyes. Having such piercing eyes ment that the sun hurt her eyes worse then most. She kept them half closed for most of the time she was flying down the back roads. She was going to be cutting her arrival closer then she liked. Sayomi was usually very punctual.

    She arrived at her house, and didn't even stop the bike. She put the kick stand down, and then ran inside. She took her long hair our of the braids, Giving the look of natural curls. She ran to her room undressing. She threw them everywhich way, and then picked a white summer dress and put it on quickly. She had everything else in her bag.

    Running out of the house, and back to the bike. She picked her bag up, and then got on the bike starting it, and sped off quickly. She needed to hurry. She was afraid that he was going to be angry about her being late if she was. She didn't want to anger him. Sayomi closed her eyes for a moment. and she took slow breaths.

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    Tom's pace slowed to a steady walk as he grew out of breath, he didn't want to be out of breath or sweaty when he got there, checking his watch it was 10:50, they were supposed to be meeting at 11:00, so he would probably just make it, though knowing Sayomi, she was already there waiting for him. Tom let out a sigh, he was rarely on time for anything, she on the other hand was pretty much always on time, she would give him that disapproving look as she saw him, god he hated that. He didn't know why she put up with him. He was snapped out of his trail of thought as he turned a corner and a few bright sun-rays hit his eyes, he squinted down blinking wildly, a tear appearing in one of his Blue eyes, which was probably the only memorable thing about him, he had deep, intelligent looking eyes. Well that's what he liked to think of them anyway. He contemplated texting her, then decided against it assuming she was already there.

    The roads seemed to be more congested than usual, he had to weave in and out of cars all way the across the road, rather than dodging the odd one or two, though he didn't pay attention to it, his main priority was getting to the Café on time. It was called Lé Jardin Des Cygnes, which meant "The Garden of swans" in French, it was a very nice building, ornately decorated. Tom's coat whipped around his sides as a police car sped past, he watched it as it sped down the road, in bewilderment. They had been meeting up in the Café for a long time now, since they had first met there as kids, and became good friends. Tom was always more of the silent type, not expressing himself much. He had always admired Sayomi since they had met, she was the first person he could speak to at his age who was clever, and beautiful too. He had always shied away from her though, when she had the odd boyfriend growing up, he never really had the confidence to speak to girls, ever. Especially when surrounded by other Males who were generally just more attractive than himself.

    His train of though stopped as he nearly walked straight past the Café, he opened the wooden door with a creak and the familiar smell of Tea and Coffee filled his nose and the sound of conversation filled his ears. He looked around, he had beaten her here. He walked over to the bartender and ordered two cups of Tea, then took a seat in a for-two table at the back of the room, looking up at the clock it was 11:06, he thought to himself

    Where is she?
  5. Sayomi gasped as she had to slam on her brakes. As She rounded a corner, there was nothing but congested traffic. It was not even moving at this point in time. There was nothing but frantic people standing outside of their cars. 'So many impatient people'. She thought to herself. It looked like it was road blocked by the police, which made her think more that people of importance were in town. Why else would they keep roads blocked. There would be no need to while everyone was trying to get to work. She sat down fully on the bike, and let her legs keep the bike still and steady. She Reached back and awkwardly pulled out her phone. She needed to let her friend know that she was not dead. She couldn't remember when she had been late, even when they were just children.

    When the two first met at the tea house, part of the reason why she had been early was not always because of her father drilling it into her to never be late, but more of the fact that she wanted as much time with him before she was forced to be home. Sayomi hair was a deep natural red, but after one Halloween and putting red coloring in it that was suppose to wash out, both her and her mother fell in love with it. The brighter red looked amazing with her skin tone, and striking green eyes. She had been told before, that when she was watching her opponents that her eyes were cold and could easily give people shivers. They looked so unnatural that most of the time she wondered if someone would ever be able to look at them, and call them beautiful.

    She shook her head looking about to see if traffic was moving. It was still looking as if traffic would not be moving for some time. She only needed to be a couple blocks up. She looked down at the phone. No messages or missed calls. She was hopeful that maybe he just wasn't there. She put the phone between her legs, which as been the destruction of many phones. She pulled her legs off of the ground, and then started slowly. She didn't want to wait anymore, and she knew that she wouldn't hurt anybody. She started slowly, watching everywhere. Everyone was not happy at the fact that would be getting to leave the stand still. Slowly she got to the side street that she needed and the picked up on the speed. She was able to pull into the back of the cafe at about 11:10.

    Sayomi got off the bike quickly. She took off her backpack, and opened up her seat. She took the shoes out, and put the bag in. She dropped the heels to the ground, and slid out of her work out shoes. She took her socks off quickly, shoving it all into her 'trunk'. She closed the seat, and slid into the high heels she brought. Lately, she had been feeling a need to dress up. She just never had time to do anything with her hair. She was always so busy with meeting up with her friends, or more often, friend. Lately people just annoyed her, which could have something to do with her mother dying and everything that her father was doing. She flipped her head down for a moment, then flung it up. Giving her hair more body, and the look of just being brushed.

    Quickly she ran to the front of the building, slowing only inches from the door to make sure that her heart wasn't racing. She opened the door, and her face cringed once she had seen that Tom was there already. She wondered how much razzing she was going to get from him. She looked at the clock. It was 11:17. making her more then 15 minutes late. She yelled at her self mentally for being late.
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    Tom sat at the the table, watching idly out of the window as cars sped by, including the occasional Ambulance or Police car. the aroma of the tea pulled his senses back into focus as a slim woman brought the Tea he ordered over. "Here's the Tea you ordered Tom" She smiled to him. Tom smiled back, taking the tray from her hands "Thanks Hannah" replied, placing the two China cups on the table in front of him, letting her quickly pull the tray back into her own hands. "Sayomi coming?" She enquired "It's not like you to be here before her" she chuckled, shooting him a friendly yet quizzical glance as she walked away. He glanced down at the table, she was right, Say was never late, but it was fine. It just meant he could give her a rambling when she came through that wooden entrance.

    God, when will she get here, and as if God was mocking him, as he looked up, there she was standing by the doorway. "Hi say, over here" He waved.
  7. Sayomi's face lit up when she saw him wave to her "Tom!" She said as her smile grew and she quickly went over to him. She practically sat in his lap as she wrapped her arms around him. Hugging him, she could feel the heat from his body. It was something that she always loved about hugging him, that and his smell. She could never figure out if he was wearing some sort of body spray or if it was his natural smell.

    She always felt a need to smell herself after hugging him. Straightening herself and not so much sitting on him, she swing her arms up, trying to fan her scent up her way. She still smelt like lavendar, and her hair smelt like honey.

    "Hun, I'm so sorry I'm late. Traffic was so bad. They have roads blocked by police everywhere. And more cars backed up then I knew was in town." Now that Sayomi was late, she wasn't going to sit down until he told her to.

    Her piercing green eyes looked down at him, her rosey lips held in a smile. Something about Tom, that helped his be more special, was the fact that he had always seemed to make her smile.

    As she stood there, she realized that she just wanted to sit in his lap, hugging him still. She didn't know why. Everything was just so weird that day, she just wanted some reasurence that everything was still alright.
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    Tom smiled stupidly as Sayomi squeezed him tightly, and he squeezed her back. "Hey, hey, you're going to strangle me!" He laughed, as she pulled of he wished she would've held on longer, he loved the intimate moments they had together, even if he thought she didn't. It meant a great deal to him to have someone he was close with. As she pulled away the the sweet aroma which accompanied her lingered in the air between them for a few seconds before disappearing, he savoured it while it was there.

    He stood from his chair and made his way round to the other side of the table, pulling her chair open for her "Sit Mi'lady" he said, mocking an mid 18th century accent, before returning to his own seat, burning his tongue on the Tea which he had ordered 10 minutes ago, "Ouch, still hot" he turned his head as a few more police cars sped past, more than he had seen at any one time.
  9. Sayomi giggled softly as he pulled the chair out for her. She sat down, her hand grazing across his arm as she sat in the chair. She looked up at him, and followed him with her head as he went to sit. "Well thank you kind sir." She watched him, nearly fascinated by his movements. When he jumped being burnt by the tea, she couldn't help by cover her mouth and try not to laugh. It wasn't completely successful. A few laughs came from her mouth as she looked at him. She didn't mean to laugh at him, but she found it funny. She took the cup that was now to be her's, and just held it in her hands. It was perfect to warm up her hands.

    With a soft smile still on her lips, she looked at him. She always felt like there was something that he wanted to tell her, or maybe it was more something that she wanted to to tell him. She watched for a moment as the police cars flew by outside of the window. She couldn't believe that there were that many police cars in the town. It was not a big place, but was not small either. There was really anything you would want to do, just not the large populations of the city. "What do you think is going on? It is so odd that they have road blocked off, and that there are still emergency vehicles of all sorts flying through town.." She looked him right into his deep, blue eyes. She hoped that he knew something.
  10. Tom smiled as he saw she held back a smile, even if it meant being a fool, he loved to make her smile. It gave him the best feeling in the world when he managed to successfully too. God, I must have the most awkward expression on my face right now, he thought to himself, and it was true, whenever he was with Say, he had to try to not smile constantly like an idiot, and embarrass himself. He regained focus though when she asked him what he thought about the sudden increase of Police an Ambulances in town, and as much as he wanted to reassure her everything was al-right. He simply couldn't, because simply, he had no idea what was going on.

    He looked back at her, "Honestly Say, I think something strange is going on, I mean, I see no reason for any kind of official to even come through our town, or visit it, it's strange" He stopped there, as some sort of commotion had started at the entrance to the shop. A man walked in, who Tom had assumed was homeless, or drug addicted, was being being escorted out of the shop, though as he left he turned amazingly fast, and made a mad dash for where they were sitting, Say with her back to him was helpless. He shouted "Shay watch out" as he launched himself from his chair, making it screech across the floor, grabbing the slobbering man by his shirt and throwing him to the ground before he could reach her.
  11. Sayomi couldn't help but look down at her cup when she saw a small smile on his face. She couldn't help nearly blush any time he smiled at her, or some of the looks that he gave her. Sometimes she could have joshed her self into thinking that he had liked her beyond just being friends. But she knew better. Why would be the point of being with someone who you already knew everything about, and being with someone that you already saw nearly every day. There would be no change. When the two were in middle school, everyone tried to tell her that Tom did like her, but she wouldn't believe them. Why should she believe them. He had never said anything about it, and never really said anything leaning towards it. He just treated her like a good friend. Because that was what she was. She had slight anger issues, and she knew she wasn't that pretty.

    As he spoke , Sayomi could feel her face drop. Even he didn't believe that there was some politic in town. But what else could there have been going on to have the cops flying every which way, and blocking people into the town. Was it just at a certain area that everything was going on, or was it effecting the entire town? She was about to ask him what he thought about that too, but before she was able to actually saw anything, he had yelled at her, and was up. She jumped up out of the chair. She had never seen Tom do anything like that. He had never really shown any signs of violence in front of her. She ran up behind him, and grabbed onto his arm. "Tom.. What.. What is wrong with him?" She asked him softly, practically whispering in his ear. She just looked down at the man, holding onto Tom's arm.
  12. Tom placed his arm around Say's shoulders to try and show her some security, though he doubted it helped, it made him feel better to know she was close. He then turned his head to the crazed man on the floor. The man was writhing around lividly, eyes turning back in his head, as if something was possessing him, a few of the employee's ruggedly picked the man up by his arms, and dragged him out of the shop. The man must've been about 40, and despite his age, he was showing extraordinary strengh resisting the two strongly built men, who had no closed the door to the Cafe as the man outside hammered on it, the two employees had their backs against it, holding it shut. "Honestly Say, I have no idea what's going on, but I think we need to get out of here" He replied to her.

    There were worried looks on the faces of everyone inside of the building, even the security guard, who had made no attempt to restrain the crazed man, and had obviously not dealt with anything like this before. Everyone's eyes turned to the outside, as a few police-men had attempted to arrest the man, he had fallen against the window. People recoiled in panic as the crazed man grabbed one of the officers, blood spurting up the window as he was bitten in the arm. The policeman hung still for a moment. Before re-animating, drooling by the mouth, proceeding to bang crazily on the windows to the building too, everyone inside panicked and started to run anywhere they could, finding somewhere to hide, the glass was starting to crack. Tom took one last look outside "Shit, what the hell." he murmured as the other officer ran off.
    He grabbed Say by the wrist "C'mon Say, there's a bathroom out back right? We can get out of one of the windows, I don't think staying here is a good idea to be honest."
  13. Sayomi held onto Tom even tighter as she watched the man's reaction to everyone. It was not normal. She couldn't think of any disease that would cause anything like what the man was doing. As the man looked like he was having a spazzum of some sort, she hid her face in Tom's chest. She didn't want to watch whatever was happening to the man. It reminded her so much of her mother. Between how he was acting, and the uncertainty of what was going on, it was just too much for her. She heard the shuffle of feet as people seemed to be moving him. Slowly, she opened her green eyes were now more of a deep, emerald green. They mixed with how she was feeling, lost, confused, and most of all, scared. When he said that they needed to go all she could do was nod.

    As she watched the man outside, she gave a soft sigh when she saw the police show up. They were going to do something. But her small amount of relief fell as she let out a soft scream as the officer was grabbed and then bit. Blood spraying on the window. All she could do was look at the window, now covered in blood. Both from the man who had just been in there, and the police's fresh blood. Her eyes slowly went and watch the police office just hung there. He didn't react to the bite besides for the moment of impact of teeth in skin. He just froze after, almost looking like his mind had completely shut down. Then slowly at first his eyes seemed to change. They became milky, and cloudy. Then, he started to bang on the glass with the first man. She grew pale as she just watched.

    When was told what to do, she nodded again and looked up at him. "My Bike is out in the back. Do you remember how to drive it? Or should I?" She asked looking at him. She was more thinking about that fact that she did have a gun. It was an old Glock. It only had maybe two or three rounds in it. Her dad had always made her carry it. Because she was a 'beautiful' women. Or at least that is what he called her.
  14. Tom looked Say in the eyes "I know how to drive it, but where are we going to go, what the hell happened to those men?" He asked frantically as he grabbed her hand and pulled her through the the staff only door, as they entered the kitchen he stopped and looked around, searching through the various half-cooked dishes, grabbing a rather large Chef's knife and using his belt as a temporary sheath as he grabbed Shay's hand again. They continued through the building, screams erupting as the glass smashed to the floor in the room they had just left, two crazed men jumping in through the window. They arrived at the back entrance, Tom kicked the door open still in full stride.

    The back alley they had arrived in connected to a main road, from what Tom could see there were other crazed people out there, and many, many more confused people, running back and forth, screaming. There were less sirens now, as if the police had simply given up trying to confine what was happening, or perhaps the fell officers who worked in the town were part of the running masses, or even, the others. They turned left into the back car-park Tom going first, checking for any signs of danger before running over to her bike. "I think you should drive" He said, jumping onto the back.
  15. Sayomi looked back into Tom's eyes, worry was written all over her face. "I don't know what happened to them! We just ne-..." She was cut off as she was pulled through the kitchen. When he paused to get a rather large knife, ahe grabbed a smaller steak knife. She grasped it on her hand tightly. If she needed to fight, then she could, and could easily move about with the knife, and use it mid swing if she needed to.when she heard the door break, and people scream, she wanted to go back and help them. She didn't want to leave them to the mercy of two crazed men.

    When they got out to the alley, she couldn't help but gasp as she saw the amount of the crazed people. They were chasing after others, who had a look of complete fear. She knew they were missing a piece somewhere, but didn't know where. There was something that they didn't seem to know about what was going on. She felt even more confused then before. She followed after him, getting her keys from the pocket of her dress. She got on the bike, wondering how well it work in heels. She started the bike, and the moment the engine turned on, the crazed people seemed to turn all their attention on her. "Shit. Let's go!" She put the kickstand up, and then went as fast as she could out of the parking lot. "My dad always said if something was wrong, to sit in front of the television at home, and wait. So, that's what we will so... For now." She said as she started up the hill, weaving in and out of cars and people. She knew that it was a lame idea, but her father was a military man. What he did, she didn't know, only that he was important. She grew up knowing to her trust her father. That, and there was enough weapons to probably get a small army going on her house. Or at least, that was how she remembered it from the last time that she had been in her fathers closet.