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    ( Yay my graphic design is better than I thought! )

    In a regular low risk escort mission a Imperial Frigate, Infallible, was guiding a diplomat to the Symbiote Rebellion to propose a ceasefire to the war that has lasted over seventy years. ( The Symbiote Rebellion ceded from the Empire claiming that the current Emperor, Seraphim, had no right to rule and that the new Emperor, Nero, should be the leader of the Imperium. )

    However, something went wrong. Some believe it was a mis-calculation others sabotage. But no one knows for sure. Infallible's warp manipulators caused a irregular shaping of space and went the ship tried to fly through it split the ship in half, sent it soaring across space and killed the diplomat's ship along the way.

    Infallible was lost in deep unchartered space. They had no idea if the war had stopped or if it was still raging on. They had no idea if they would be able to get home.

    So deep space, high drama, filled with tropes, science fiction RP. I am thinking we all play character that we choose whether they are fighter pilots, officers, janitors or aliens aboard the ship. I am thinking no Aliens have been found yet.

    Space combat is more focused on either boarding and fight pilots or big cannons mounted on each ship shooting the hell out of one another. Personally I like the first option but it could go either way, post below on your thoughts.

    So other than that, if you think you should post something, post it, have an idea? Post it. This is mostly brainstorming and getting peoples intrest and ideas.
  2. I read the title in the Interest Check and you drew me in. I personally love movies like this! I've never Role Played it before! I'd totally be interested to Role Play this idea!

    On the alien part, I bet after an alien is found, whenever that time slot/part would be, someone could join/make an alien!
    On the fighting aspect, I'd say that if the enemy boards one ship and have combat/gun battles! (Unless that's what you totally meant and I derped and missed that... e__e|| )
  3. Yes I liked the boarding other ships idea as well. The other options are having big ships decked out with guns or fighters and gun boats.

    The Alien part is mostly a little event or maybe a main event but it won't happen nearly soon. Most of the plot is that they are lost in uncharted space so they have no idea what will be there. Most likely no one, pirates, aliens and possibly lots of drama.

    This is highly based off of The Lost Fleet, Battle Star Galactica, Hartio Hornblower and many other things.