Lost in Paradise

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    The cruise was fantastic, people with gifts, people without...families, singles, couples, a celebration of acceptance of these people who were a bit different. it was fun, everyone was having a good time till that storm hit. the guests were asked to stay in their rooms till the storm passed. Unfortunately the ship was steered off course, and met with some rocks, tearing open the hull. life boats were deployed, however the hull filled fast enough for those on the bottom levels to fill with water before some of the passengers could escape. some people got away in the life boats, some of the gifted were able to use their abilities to escape, others were not so lucky. Now is the where we start, what will become of those carried by the waves to an abandoned island only 4 miles from the wreck?


    Faith moaned, her teal sundress from the day before completely soaked with saltwater. the vines that were wrapped so tightly around her and her son started to reseed as her amber eyes fluttered open. she slowly sat up, her little 45 pound boy wrapped in her arms, trembling, but still asleep. she looked around, the sand of the empty beach shifting beneath her. her son whimpered, his eyes opening slowly. "Mama, what happened?" a few tears slipped from his eyes. Faith gave a quiet 'shhh' as she kissed him on the forehead. "its ok... mama is here, we will be ok i promise." she reached into her bag. the lollipop she had been saving for him was still sealed and clean despite how soaked her bag had become. she unwrapped it and looked at the little blonde boy in her arms. "say ahh Jonah" she smiled. Jonah smeared away his tears and opened his mouth. Faith set the sucker on his tongue and he closed his mouth, wrapping his tiny pale fingers around the stick. he didnt smile, but his sniffling stopped. Faith stood up, holding him in her arms as she looked around.

    Serenity had been wandering in the jungle shortly after she had awoken on the beach. as soon as she had figured out her situation, she had made her way straight off the beach to the dense foliage of the jungle to search for food. after some time she had found a tree with ripe mangoes and climbed up, sitting on a branch. she pulled the water-tight bag with her favorite sci-fi novel out of her soaked messenger bag. she had been walking on the deck of the cruise ship when some kids ran by with water squirters and soaked one of the other books she had packed right through the messenger bag, so every other book she brought with she put in a water tight freezer bag. at the time of the accident she had only been carrying one, which happened to be a 45 year old copy of War of the Worlds that she received from her grandmother on her 16th birthday. she sat up in the tree, taking a bite into a juicy mango and flipping open her book. most people would've thought her crazy not to go and search for survival supplies right away, but Serenity was smart. she was taking a few minutes to read so that she knew she was fully conscious and mentally aware before running around. it would ensure her prepared for whatever she met.

    Thane groaned as he awoke on some rocks. he was lying near the bottom of an island cliff, on a semi flat stretch of rocks that sloped down towards the beach. he felt pain creeping up through every part of his body. the red headed 15 year old slowly reached a scraped up hand and touched his throbbing head. when he removed his hand and saw it smeared red he realized he was in danger. he was panting slightly, realizing the ocean had not been merciful. he must've been carried by the waves and slammed against the rocks, causing him to hit his head. the rest of him, from what he could see from where he was laying, was covered in cuts and bruises, tinges of purple and blue, and smears of red. he felt himself grow dizzy and in a few moments he blacked out once again.
  2. Ryu woke with a start, springing to his feet despite a heavy concussion, he had cuts and bruises but nothing major. Then he realised, his sister wasn't any where to be seen, he had jumped in to save her, he had swam for hours before passing out. Ryu hoped that Kiyra held on to her guitar case, he started walking along the shore line; up to his ankles in the cool water. It was jugging by the sun, just after noon and too damn hot for a Brit.

    Ryu had been walking for about thirty minutes when he caught sight of rock, jagged and foreboding. It wasn't the rocks themselves that got Ryu into a sprint, more what was on them. "Kiyra... HEY... SIS...." She was liying awkwardly on one of the rocks, Ryu checked her pulse; alive...
  3. Faith wandered the beach a bit, Jonah now walking beside her. he jammed the sticky sucker stick into his pocket, his clean hand gripping his mothers pointer finger. "mama how are we going to get home with no boat?" he asked with a naively curious expression. "i dont know Jonah, but i promise we will figure things out." Faith gave him a reassuring smile even though she was uncertain of their future. as they walked along the beach Faith noticed the beach flattening out into a rocky area. Faith picked up Jonah and quickened her pace when she saw someone lying on the rocks. there was a teen boy, probably early high school age lying unconscious, dark red staining the rocks near his head. Faith set her son down, "Jonah, you stay right here with me, he needs help so dont you run off." she said calmly. She lifted the boys head, somewhat glad that his hair was died a bright red instead of being brown or black. she could clearly see a long but shallow scratch crimson with blood against his matted brighter red hair. she placed her hand directly on the unconscious boys wound, a warm white light enveloping the long cut till the bleeding stopped and it was partially closed. Faith stopped, panting as her son watched, trembling.f

    Serenity closed her book after a few pages, feeling fully alert and mentally prepared to tackle the challenge before her. her first order of business was to go back to the beach and look for other survivors. there is strength in numbers after all. she walked out onto the beach again, seeing no one and headed to a more jagged rocky area. she spotted someone crouching near what appeared to be another person and made a slow and careful route to them. "excuse me, are you a survivor from the wreck?" seh asked carefully, seeing that the two looked similar. the unconscious one was female, but appeared to be breathing. "is there anything i can do to help?"
  4. Skylah groaned loudly as she sat up, she seemed to have been pushed onto the beach by the violent waves, but she couldn't help but wish she had her camera . . . the waves were so pretty. Mankind always had a knack for liking things that aren't good for them, and Skylah was no exception. Clutching her head as she stood, a wave of dizziness hit her hard and she stumbled for a minute before standing upright and looking around, at first she saw nothing . . . but then as she re scanned the beach and saw some others, and she slowly made her way to them, clutching her head, upon reaching them she dropped herself on the sand, her head not fully recovered from being tossed and turned as if on a ride in a carnival and blinked rapidly "Wow."
  5. Kiyra was a mess, blood soaked her clothes and face, she had obviously been thrown against the rock with some force. Ryu examined the that had wrapped around the girls neck, restricting her breathing, thankfully he still had his knife. It took twenty minutes to cut her free, at that moment she gave a loud cough, dribbled down her chin. "Kiyra? can you hear me?" He strocked the girls hair soothingly, "don't say anything, just nod, anything... c'mon baby..." He the girl on his trench coat checking her injuries.

    "ow ow ow ow..." Kiyra yelped as her brother removed a nail, stuck through her side.

    Ryu heard something behind him, another survivor... "hey... are you ok? easy... take it slow."
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    Faith had taken the time to heal the hurt young man(Thane) and had managed to get him onto the beach where he would be more comfortable.Faith looked over to see a young girl approaching, however she fell to her knees in the sand. She hurried over, her son holding her hand as they went to check it out.once she reached the girl, Jonah hid behind her nervously. she kneeled next to the girl. "young lady, are you ok? did you hit your head?" she put a hand gently on her shoulder. she didnt want to spook her, so she waited calmly for a reply.

    Serenity kneeled next to the boy and the unconscious girl, "is there anything i can do to help?" she glanced at the injured girl. looking at the two, she assumed they were siblings. her behavior was calm, completely collected as she analyzed the situation. she didnt want to cause the guy to become protective, so she chose her word carefully.
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  9. Nothing but darkness and the sound of waves crashing against something was near Lusterless Nova as he woke up. The feeling of cold pain was all over him.
    With the strength he could bring up, he pulled his body along something that felt like rocks, to get at least out of the water.
    As he reaches a spot that feels like there is no water anymore he turns on his back to take some breath.
    Wha- Where is this place... Am i dead?
    He slaps his own face a few times with his right hand. Luckily, even though he felt cold, he felt some pain from it.
    Ha. Not dead huh?

    He spoke with himself, not knowing why. But at least it kept him as sane as possible. His left hand starts to glow as he channels power of chaos through it. The dark blue glow not only heals his body slowly from the small injuries he has, it also illuminates the place.

    It is a small cave, probably at the same level as the ocean at it's high tide. It must be at it's low tide height right now since the cave has a high ceiling. The waves created this cave over decades.
    Interesting? Probably. But it was dangerous as well. A quick though passed through his mind as he analyzed his situation.
    (If i don't get out quick i will probably drown in this place.)

    He takes a look around and manages to find the entrance of the cave.
    maybe i can swim... No
    Not only that nova is a bad swimmer, the high tide is about to come. The stream will just push him back and cost him a lot stamina.
    I guess i have to make a new exit
    Judging by the stream, this cave will be flooded in a few hours. He has some time for his plan.

    Nova stands up and the dark blue glow fades away. His first steps were unbalanced because he is weakened, but he regains his balance quick.
    Let's see. I need a light spell. What was it? Lumen? ... Illumen? ... Oh right. Illumina!
    His left hand starts to glow violet and a small sphere forms at his palm. It's a magic torch. The torchlight hovers above him and illuminates the nearby area.
    He approaches a wall and starts to use the chaos force again, which makes his hand glow dark blue.
    If i blast with all of my remaining power, the cave will surely collapse. I guess i have to hold back
    The chaos force is concentrated to a single thin beam that comes from the tip of his index finger. With this beam, nova cuts out rocks and boulders of a wall, which slowly creates a way out without causing too strong vibrations. It will take a while though.

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  10. Skylah felt a hand I her shoulder and two soft voices spoke to her, she opened her eyes and said "I'm F-fine there are probably others that need your help. I'm just dizzy" she told them, smiling slightly at the little boy and who se assumed was his mother she sat back and lay down, trying to make things seem clearer... It wasn't working well but she was patient
    (Yes, Faith and Jonah ^.^, and that was awesome!!! (Nova))
  11. It took it's time but nova is about to reach his exit. Small rocks and even huge boulders lye in the way.
    As his beam pierces a part of a wall some sunlight comes into the tunnel. The light enters and he stops his beam to take a look outside. He doesn't see anyone around but he hears some voices.
    It was about time.
    He outs his hands around the small hole and shouts through it.
    Hey! If anyone is around, take cover!

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    Nova puts his hands on the wall and starts to channel chaos through his hands.
  12. Ryu looked at the stranger, "no, it's fine, I've cleaned and bandaged the worst of it, she just needs to sleep now." Ryu smiles to his sister, then puts a hand on her head, his voice becomes dead and emotionless, "she's got a fever, what... what the hell am I going to do, in the middle of fucking nowhere." Ryu looks up the other survivor, "what's your name?"
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    Faith smiled, "well as long as you are not hurt, but it seems you would do well with some rest." she said as the girl laid down. "mind if i get your name? it seems we might be stuck here awhile. I'm Faith, and this is my 4 year old son Jonah." She motioned to the young boy who was now clinging to her arm as she sat in the sand.
    "my name is Thane, and thanks for the help." a voice came from behind them.

    Thane had awoken not long ago, and although his strength hadnt yet returned, he managed to get up and sit with the two girls and the little boy. "so what are the odds that our ship would be the second coming of the Titanic?" he gave a puzzled look, "well... sorta, if you count the iceberg out of it...." he shrugged.

    Serenity kneeled next to him, examining the girl. "Serenity Cyria." she answered his question. "just a second." she torn away and one of her shirt sleeves and made her way towards the water, carefully placing her feet on the slick and jagged rocks. she dipped the ripped cloth into the chilly ocean waves and rung it out. she made her way back and set the cold wet cloth on the girls warm forehead. "this should help...now where was that..." she muttered as she dug in her messenger bag, looking through all the stuff she had collected during her short trek through the jungle. "Mango?" she asked as she pulled the ripe oblong fruit from her bag.
  14. having some time to prepare his attack, his hands both glow.
    He draws them back and crosses them in front of his chest. His energy forms a shield around him.
    (I hope this works)
    Chaos Blast!

    A blast of dark blue force comes from a wall and tears the wall to shreds.

    Dust comes from a stone wall and prevents to see what exactly happened there and some small pebbles land in the nearby area.
    Nova walks out slowly. That attack took it's toll and drained a lot stamina from him.
    Hello? Is anyone here?
    He doesn't notice that the dust sticks to his wet clothes and paints him rock gray.