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  1. I had this idea for a Halo rp that kind of goes along with the books, well, mostly just Ghosts of Onyx haha. It's a couple years after the events of Halo 3 and it takes the POV of a fireteam of spartans that were kept in reserve during the war to protect Earth itself. This fireteam is assigned the important task of tracking down and finding Halsey and her spartans that were trapped in the forerunner safe-haven, an elite ship master their guide into the structure. However they are all betrayed by a power hungry elite general (the ship master's second in command) that traps them inside the structure as well. They all have to work together to fight their way out of the ancient structure, though there are some things that lurk in the unexplored dark below...

    Please include you're spartan's appearance, loadout, specialty and a little bit of background! Thanks!
    (There is no leader as of yet so please say if you're interested!!) (also need a shipmaster!)

    Name: Ryker Young
    Age: 29
    Psychical Description: An auburn/russet/brown mix colored hair, short cropped and brownish blue eyes. He stands at 6'4 and as any other spartan weighs hmm we'll just go with a lot. Ryker is American, Cherokee and French. Like most other Spartans he also sports many scars from augmentations and firefights, bearing a great scar along his back from an energy sword years ago. (You can put a picture instead of a description.)
    Background: Ryker was born in Illionois and into a very wealthy family, pushing him to always be the best in anything and everything, a key reason Halsey picked him to be a Spartan. He showed great promise to be a leader, and though he hated being in command he was the leader of Cold-bullet, a fireteam that met it's demise when the covenant ambushed them on a routine scouting mission. Ryker was the only one that lived the tragic event. Since the slaughter of his team, he refuses to be in charge and sticks to what he's comfortable with: stealth and infiltration.
    Loadout: /Primary\ .30 caliber light machine gun /Secondary\ M6G PDWS /Grenades\ Frags or occasionally mines

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.