Lost in Meadows

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  1. Welcome to the lost meadows, what brings you here?
  2. Raven was wondering in the lost meadows. was waering a black cloak and underneath she had her black dress. she was not the kinds and the most postive person in the world. she hade nothing to do with the world. but there was a something she hidds the world from it is that she has dark powers. she could summen demons, ghost, and anything dark. she could control the earth and fire. she wanted nothing to do with world.
  3. "Ah...we have a visitor. Welcome to Lost Meadows" A tall dark man said as she approached the meadow. He had black hair down to his shoulders, wearing butlers attire. He bowed courteously. "What brings you here?" he said, now awaiting her response
  4. "life and nothing more." she said with wonder. what is this place any how. she looked around again. she looked at him. stuided him. how is this guy? and what is the lost miadows.
  5. "A wise answer, come, since life has brought you here, surely you have a purpose." He gestures towards an isolated tree in the middle of the meadow and starts to walk towards it. "Follow Me" he said
  6. "Thank you." She followed him. then turned around to see something move behind her. danm it shadows again. she away so every thing looked normale. she wish they could just leave her alone. she sighed heavly.
  7. "What is the matter, my dear, something wrong?" he said looking back at her, while the wind blew the grass making a ruffling noise
  8. "no nothing." she said with a smile. she looked back and saw it was going. she never wanted anythingto happen to herself. she didn't care about the guy but she need to be safe from harms way.
  9. "Alright" he said in acceptance of her answer. He turned around and continued to walk to the tree. When they got there he stood beside it. "Here we are" he said.
  10. she looked around "where is here?" she didn't see anything just a big tree. and then there was he the one who keeps on following her. she was shocked. "what is he doing here." she looked away and then looks back to see hes gone
  11. "This tree" He suddenly slits the tree down the middle of the trunk, he opens it up to reveal a slightly lit room with a purple tint. In the middle of the room there was a small coffee table with 2 red chairs on the side. He sat in the chair to the left and waved his hand for her to come sit in the other.
  12. she walked in and sat down. she looked around. "not bad. I could have not tell this was a home."
  13. "Yes, we get that a lot" He said with a smile, but it soon turned into a devious grin "Raven" he started "I know what you are and what you can do, there is no need to hide it anymore..."