lost in a world of dreams.

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  1. take me with you, im starting to miss you

    you promised me you'd be around forever

    i took your words, and believed in everything you said to me.

    i knew better, still you said forever.

    i won't forget you. what happened.
  2. i wish i never missed you,

    or told you

    i ever loved you.
  3. sometimes things turn out the wrong way
    you gotta stay


    you gotta


  4. this is your life
    today is all you've got now

    are you who you want to be?
  5. &&
    she sees the world a different way​
  6. im going to smile, because i


    to. ​
  7. Wow. Those are surprisingly really good, despite what I said in the IM. I love your usage of size and the different fonts, italics, and boldness. That's some creative writing there.
  8. cɑusє you know just how fɑr the єɑst is from the wєst, from onє scɑrrєd hɑnd to thє othєr. .†.
  9. everybody needs an inspiration.
    everybody needs a song.
    a beautiful melody when the nights so far
    cause there's no guarantee that this life is easy.
    when my world falls apart
    when there's no light to break up the dark,
    that's when i, i look at you.
  10. turn right into my arms
    turn right, you won't be alone.
    you might...
    fall off this track sometime,
    hope to see you on the
    finish line.