Lost in a New World (winterwingsXsilverjae)

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  1. Violet looked up and down the streets, her hood from her black jacket pulled far over her head to hide her tear streamed face. She was shaking from fear and the cold. Her black jeans were a little ripped, but her navy backpack was in fine shape. She ran up the sidewalk, her head down. I'm lost..I really am..where the heck am I? I get to go somewhere by myself and I end up on the wrong plane... She took a deep breath, trying to gain control, but it was useless. She was utterly terrified.
  2. Neo was hungry, he was on his way to get some food. He was an average student at the age of 20, living in a pretty small apartment. He liked the way his life was, though - he liked the simplicity in everything. In most things, at least.

    Walking down the street, he was wearing a red hoodie that was a bit too big for him, shoes and a pair of jeans. His hair was brown and cut in a boyish haircut. After thinking some, he decided to go for sushi, and so he headed in the direction for a sushi bar.
  3. Violet stumbled a little and slammed into someone, rolling across the sidewalk into a lightpost. "I-I..Oh..I..Sorry!" She stuttered, pulling herself to her knees but wincing slightly from her scraped knees. "I..I am..Sorry...See..I didn't..I...Are...okay?.." She let out an exasperated sigh. "I AM SO SORRY!" She burst out, jumping to feet. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I didn't pay attention..I..I.." She felt tears well up again and she backed up a step. She buried her face in her hands and ended up backing into the light post again, sliding down to a seated position. "S-so s-s-sorry.." she mumbled.
  4. Seeing the young woman apologizing over and over again, seeming pretty confused, Neo did nothing but stand there for a few moments, looking at her. When she had sat down and mumbled her last sorry, Neo crouched down in front of her.

    "It's okay, you didn't hurt me", he said in a calm voice, going that It would help the girl to feel a bit calm herself. He carefully reached his hand out towards her, leaving it for her to grab if she wanted to. "Is there any way I can help you?", he asked, looking at her with a worried look on his face. "Look, I was on my way to get some food. If you like, you could also have something. I'll pay. If not, that's... fine", he said, as he felt unsure about what to do.
  5. Violet didn't know what to think. "Y-y-you're okay?" She had to process this a moment. She looked up into Neo's eyes and searched, still shaking a little. "I..I'm lost.." She said quietly. She figured if he was being truthful, he might help her. "I..I am..s-so lost.." She repeated, her voice cracking with fear a little.
  6. Neo looked into her eyes, noticing how scared she looked. He nodded slowly as she spoke, and once she was done, he smiled at her. "It's okay. You can come home to my place if you want to, to get some rest", he said and stood up, offering his hand to her. "It wouldn't feel right to leave you here, but it's your choice, of course", he said.
  7. Violet took forever to respond it seemed. "I..okay..I-I trust you.." She said quietly, taking his hand and shakily standing up. She kept her head down and pulled the hood back over her head, wiping her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. He can help me home..calm down..you can get home.. She thought silently to herself, crossing her arms tightly. "O-okay." she repeated.
  8. Neo smiled reassuringly at her, it was understandable that she was nervous, she seemed pretty confused and nervous overall actually, and he wanted to change that. That she had agreed to come with him made him feel a bit relieved as he wouldn't like to leave her all alone out there.

    He began to walk towards where his apartment was, thoughtfully, glancing at her once in a while just to see that she was still there. He knew that he had some food at home, so he'd have to eat that and go eat outside some other day. "We're here", he said after they had walked for a couple of minutes, standing in front of a door that he unlocked and opened, stepping inside.
  9. Violet staggered along behind Neo, trying to hide the fact she was shaking. By now she was beginning to feel the results of her panic and she just wanted to sit down somewhere. When he opened the door, she stopped. "Th-thank you f-for your kindness.." She said quietly, stepping in gingerly behind him.
  10. "You're welcome", he said when she had stepped inside, and he gently closed he door behind him. He took off his shoes and looked at her. "Come in", he said, walking to the kitchen.
  11. Violet looked around, but followed him like a small puppy. "Y-you have a nice house." She said quietly. She kept herself as small and hidden as possible even still, but she wasn't shaking anymore as she followed Neo around.
  12. Neo showed her around in his apartment, although it was quite small. He had a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom. After showing her around, he sat down in the kitchen. "Would you like something to eat?" he asked.
  13. Violet nodded slightly. "Y-y-yes please.." She said quietly, sitting by the small table. She took off her backpack, setting it gently on the floor. She pulled out her cell phone. It was still in a -no service- zone and was almost dead. She slid it into her pocket and watched Neo.
  14. Neo nodded slightly and went to the refrigerator, looking in it to see if he could find anything. "I've got noodles", he said, getting them out on the counter. He put on water on the stove to boil, so that he could make the noodles. "Are noodles okay, by the way?" he asked, looking at her.
  15. Violet nodded again. "Th-that's fine." She said softly. She pulled her hood back gently, letting it fall on her shoulders. One of her cheeks was cut up a little, but other than that she looked fairly okay. Her crystal blue eyes were focused on the table in front of her and her short black hair was tucked behind her ears. "Thank-k you." she said.
  16. Neo nodded and glanced at her, walking to the table and sitting down on one of the chairs. He looked at her and noticed her cheek, but looked away and didn't say anything about it, as he didn't want to be rude. Soon the noodles were done, and he gave her a bowl with noodles and took one himself.
  17. Violet stared at the noodles for a moment before taking a bite. When she swallowed, she spoke. "They're very good." She said, giving a shy smile. She felt a lot calmer than she had a while before. There was someone willing to help her, she wasn't in immediate danger, and she wasn't alone now. She took another bite, now starting to eat instead of taste.
  18. Neo smiled a little as she spoke. He was happy that she liked them, he had been a bit worried that she didn't actually like them - he didn't think he was that good at making noodles, or any food at all, actually - and that she wouldn't tell him if she thought so. He watched her as she began to eat, and he ate some, too, remembering that he was pretty hungry.

    After some time, he was finished, and he went with his bowl to the counter to wash it off. He glanced at the girl just to see how she was doing, and then began to wash his bowl.
  19. Violet finished the noodles a little after Neo. She looked up. "Thank you." She said quietly, standing up with the bowl. "Y-you're really nice."
  20. Neo smiled at her words. "Thank you. You're nice, too", he said, although he couldn't tell if she was or not as he didn't know anything about her, but up until now things had been okay, at least. He went with the dishes if hers to the counter. "I can wash it if you want to. Feel free to walk around my home", he said.
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