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  1. "Alright, this is your captain speaking. You have all volunteered for the Zeus mission, so I better hear no "wanna go home" talk. Under your seats there should be a backpack containing a rifle, a plasma gun, ammo, a Neowatch, which is a portable comunicator and an encyclopedia, and few rations of food. Remember, Tartar is not going to be nice. Three ships were sent there, and all went missing. We are unsure what is there, but your neowatches should scan it before it gets to murder you. Now sit back and enjoy the flight. It might be your last." The captain spoke in a tone which gave you shivers even if he wasn't talking about aliens murdering you. The spaceship was of a medium size, the interior being metal with leather seats, which there was around sixty. On the seats you could see many races of aliens. There were also humans and even a few androids. There was also a huge window, from which you could see several planets, a blue gas giant, Archimedes, a tiny red moon, Eros, a green planet, Athena, and a purple planet with rings, Yorr. Tartar was yet nowhere to be seen, but they were going to approach it in an hour. There were also a metal door and a window near them, so everyone could see the captain and one of ten soldiers he brought with him on the mission. You could hear them speak about the three previous missions, and if you'd listen closely, you'd find out that the first two missions all consisted of outlaws, who didn't have anything to lose, as "they were supposed to die anyway" and you'd also hear that a weak transmission was recieved from this planet, but all you could hear were screams and roars, clearly unhuman. Then the captain said " Alright, you all get to know yourselves, we don't want you to die there because no one was there to save you. Make some teams, that way your survival chance raises to an amazing 3%."
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  2. Eve Raven looked around, curious about her other travelers. A lot of warriors, at lof of aliens. She knew she didn't look tough, so that making a team thing would be difficult. Still, she would try. She liked working in teams, and knew the benefits of it. She needed to check out the bag they'd given her and decide if she was going to keep using her own. Her bag was a simple white canvas bag, but it wasn't going to rip or anything as it was pixie made. After going through the items, she decided to continue using her white backpack and put the items and bag in there, welcoming them to join her spare clothes, small bottle of water, and first aid kit.

    She looked around herself, after overhearing the Captain and his fellow trained personnel speak, she wouldn't surprised if a lot of the people here were also outlaws. That did not bug her, one mans terrorist is another's hero. Too many conflicts were in the universe, so she tended to stay out of it and judge people on something other than their political beliefs. Directly around her were two Recarians(@Shadicmaster), or so she assumed. The female was beautiful to her, someone worth admiring. Coming from a planet like her own and having seen so many people, to impress Eve was, well, impressive. The male, or so she assumed from the manly like suit, was impossible to read. Wearing his (or her) suit like that was detrimental to her knowing anything about him from first glance,

    "Hey!" She said with a smile to the pink haired purple girl close to her. "My name is Eve, I'm a doctor, what about you?" Her smile was bright and welcoming, her big eyes sparkling lightly. She was wearing one of her favorite outfits, a simple white skirt with a blue long sleeved top, thigh high white socks, and black boots. She liked it, she was comfortable in it.
  3. The initial ride from the space station had been rough, twelve long hours hauled up in a little fighter and racing craft, sitting in absolute scilence. It was further hardened due to the scilence itself, it enhancing aprehension and keeping the young Recarian from sleeping along the ride. Warp nine was easily sustained for the entire journey, but it took a tole on the piolet, the always suited and silent Celeron, as well as the warp coils and fuel drives. As soon as they docked with their carrier ship, they would have to have it totally reworked. That in itself would take time, as Celeron let no one touch this ship or make any repair without his being there in person, or him doing it himself, the latter being preferred. A sudden beep and static caused Lylia to jump, having fallen into a wandering thought path, causing her to look at the control panels that she was in charge of, though werent all that nessisary.

    "We're nearly there. You should drop out of warp...." She said tiredly before leaning back into the ridged chair she sat in. Celeron looked over to her slowly, his visor blocking any view of emotion or even acknowledgement, before he looked back out the viewscrean of the ship, holding warp still. He sustained for another mminute before coming out of warp, right in front of the access port of the ship for docking. A warning sounded and the airlock to the docking station opened, Celeron guiding his ship in with just his aft thrusters, setting the beauty of a ship down gently and shutting down all key systems. The duo then waited for the shuttle bay to be repressurized and safe for entry. They seemed to be one of the first people here on the carrier ship, allowing them time to head into the main hall where there were many leather seats and beltings. All was moddled after a rather old style human aircraft instead of one of the more high end interstellar space craft that was sported these days, but at least it was something comfortable to travel in. The two took a seat, Lylia able to rest for an hour before she was woken by the loud announcment made over the PA. She groaned slightly, shifting and sitting more upright before looking around. Her eyes hadn't fully adjusted after having had her much desired sleep, but she heard a rather high pitched and frankly aggrivating 'hey'. She turned to see a Pixie, a rather bubbly type of person by the sound of her, though they all really sounded the same in the girl's experience.

    "Same in essence I guess.... I was trained in medical care, biology and chemestry. The name is Lylia, if you were expecting a name...." The girl yawned, covering her mouth, Celeron 'looking' over to her. "Sorry about that, I haven't had much sleep on the ride over here. Anyways, what brings you on this mission?" she asked with a slight smile, tucking some of her stray hair behind one long pointed ear. Celeron stayed silent, looking only ahead of him, as was usual for such a situation, until he finally just got up and left to go and work on his ship.
  4. The girl was clearly tired, and Eve regretted momentarily talking to her and preventing her from returning to sleep. She looked like the type to tell her if she needed sleep so she didn't say anything. The girl looked down on her physically, but she was engaging in conversation politely so Eve assumed it was because of her own short height, just shy of 4 foot was a lot shorter than most people.

    Intrigued to hear that she knew about medical care, Eve decided that she'd made a good decision talking to the woman. With a smile and continued twinkly voice, she replied. "Adventure!" She said with a smile, "I've been to a lot of places, and my nomadic tendencies brought me here." She shrugged, "So far it's fun so I'm not apt to complain. What about you?"
  5. Azakath sat on his chair, listening to the highly optimistic words of the captain. He sat with one hand holding his head up, the other holding the rifle, checking the equipment. Frankly, he didn't know anyone who was sitting here. Nor did he want to know, but when a very enthusiastic man calls for them to all get into teams? Well, he'd better start looking.

    As a matter of fact, he didn't know much of the outside galaxy beyond the war-ravaged piece of crap they call Wzcaelish. But from what he did hear about Tartar, it seemed like no friendly place to be either. Monsters around every corner. It was perfect! As long as he had his lovely explosives (which he does), There was no reason to pout and moan about going to this place...but it made him wonder a bit about the subject, What's the point of sending a bunch of people to what seems like an inhabitable planet? Resources? Colonization? More dead people? I dunno but this captain guy sure ain't good at briefing us on the stuff.

    Azakath got up and looked around for some good people to be in a group with, He's had missions done with teammates, and he has no problem working with any, as long as they do their part, no reason to complain, right? The only thing is that they don't ask him anything personal. When the mission ends, we all go our separate ways anyways, Why bother being all smudgy with a person you're not going to meet for long anyways?

    He wandered around looking for the perfect team, ones who were not scared, but determined. Eventually, he bumped into a peculiar fellow, whom the Droar asked, mainly since at first glance she seemed like she could handle herself just fine.

    "Sorry to pry in, but do you mind if I join your group for this mission?"
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  6. "This one thinks it is not wise to mess with the sleeping dogs." Guru would say, frowning as he tossed the backpack on his shoulder. He was decidedly against colonizing new planets, if mostly because of all the new highly illegal drugs and animals found on these planets. There was no meaningful reason, except for the fact they where obviously being lied too. There was something they wished to have found on this planet, it just hadn't been placed yet. Why else would they send ship after ship into a deathzone?

    Perhaps he was being overly paranoid, but the thought lingered in his mind.
  7. While everyone was getting to know each other, two of the soldiers who were with captain, ran to the storageroom, in the back of the ship. One of the volunteers for the mission went after them. The volunteer didn't look like a doctor, more like a murder machine. He was a tall, muscly Vakian, which meant his body was covered in scales, making him look like a human-lizard hybrid. He had a metal armor and two rifles, making him look even more dangerous. "How could an intruder slip in?" you could hear the soldiers talking. So, an unexpected passenger. But why would he or she hide in a ship headed to hell? The radio and television rambled about the mission for at least last month. Another question was how he got in unnoticed. There were armed people next to the entrance when everyone got on the ship. The only way he could get in was earlier, before the ship was ready to go.
    Despite all the panic the intruder created, the captain said:
    "Just ignore that, I'm sure it's just some rat that hid in our food supply. You should be getting to know each other, right?" But his voice gave away a slight tone of worry.
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  8. @El Presidente
    Eve looked over at the man who spoke,
    He was large, the exact opposite of someone she would extact to team with her. It wasn't that she had any issue with large people, most people were large to her. However, larger people seemed to take her as a weakling. In an effort for every mugger or do-badder (that's a word...) to not see her as an easy target, Eve couldn't help but want him on her team.

    "Of course," Eve said, smiling brightly as her voice chimed happily. "I'm Eve, a medic, what about you?" She was curious to see what skills he had, though she imagined that it was something defensive.
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  9. Azakath nodded in response, "Well, Im Azakath, Demolitions expert, completly badass and totally loves tings that go BOOM!" He sat down near her. "So, why are you on this mission?" He thought about the girl, Eve. She was small, yes, but for a medic, that's a good thing, you will be much less harder to hit! From the looks of what they were doing, playing hard-to-get is a good thing, as for Az, well, things should go on smoothly for him. He's got big guns.

  10. Demolitions expert hu? While it fit into his looks, Eve couldn't say it was expected. Though, having someone unexpected was a great thing. She liked him already, he didn't look at her like a weakling, in fact the way he looked at her was like he was sizing up a useful team member. She liked it.

    "Long story or short?" She smiled, "I'm from Pleon, since I left I've been more nomadic. " She wondered if he knew of the civil war there, as most didn't. Pixies, they kept to themselves. She had her sword on her for in case, but still, she'd be surprised.
  11. Azakath looked at Eve, entertained at what seems to be her life story, He usually doesn't get to hear many stories, since he is too busy either not caring or blowing stuff up, but since we are doomed to die on a planet supposedly called hell, it would be nice to die with SOME sort of history knowledge. Seriously, that's all the Dragons of Old desire, knowledge, they are all-knowing, and want all their subjects to do the same. Yeah, after this, I am going to so relax for a bit, crack open a book, look at a beach, and watch an exploding ship sink into the waters of that beach, maybe even retire, depending on the payment from this. The Dragons may like that! He thought a bit into his own life before finally responding to her. "Gimme the long one, Miss Eve. Besides, what else is there to do on this floating piece of metal?"
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  12. Gimmie the long one? Eve smiled with amusement, this guy was amusing. However, she didn't really like talking about her home planet. It was depressing, and no-one would ever believe her. She'd told one guy, and he'd called her a liar and cut her off from beer, assuming she must be completely wasted to think she was a fearsome warrior(she hadn't had a drop to drink). Beside, that was behind her. She didn't want to be that girl any more.

    Eve shrugged, "Why don't you tell me your 'long one'?" She smiled, "Mines rather boring and I tire of hearing about it."
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