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  1. IC

    A little taste

    "It's been, what... thirty years since then? Yeah, something like that. At that time I was revealed she got away, I didn't want to see any more deaths. Especially not one of my former comrades." He sighed, leaning back on a rickety old stool and resting his arm on a dull wooden counter. He ran his finger along the rugged surface. "Little did I know that wasn't the end of the battle." Finally the old drunk picked up the mug that was placed before him wondering if today would be the day he quit drinking. To be perfectly honest the cup he was holding was in horrible condition. There was a couple nicks on one side of the rim and a large scratch running down the other. The drink in the cup looked even less desirable but somehow he still managed to give in and take a sip.

    He had seemed to have forgotten he was even telling his story until he looked up from his drink and noticed the two other patrons staring at him. After clearing his throat he spoke once more, "I had just killed a man I had looked up to for the longest time. The idiot was siding with a handful of terrorists and completely disregarded the military that built him into the hero he was." Although a hint of sadness shown in the mans eyes his face only held anger. His fist tightened around the glass as he continued, "That man had saved countless people, countless villages, countless... everything. He was a man of principle, he was the sword of justice. I had been put into his squad when I was just starting out, it was like a dream come true. He taught me everything I needed to know, he watched my back as I grew into a warrior and at some point I had grown enough to be able to cover his. It was glorious. Teacher and student standing back to back," his facial expression lightened as he recalled a time when he could fight next to his hero but it didn't last, "Idiot!" his sudden outburst made a young waitress, whom at that point was taking orders a few tables away, jump. "He might as well have put a dagger in the back of everyone he saved!" Tears showed up in the old drunks eyes and he threw his cup off to the side, "If only I had known that wasn't the end of the battle." The drunk quickly stood to leave, however, before he could make it more than two steps he fell to the floor.

    The two patrons looked at each other confused before the bar tender stepped forward and picked up the now empty glass for an inspection. "That wasn't his first drink. He'll wake up in a few hours and go home, always does." One of the patrons, a young girl whom held a glass of water in her hand looked up at him, "It's a shame, he never finished his story."

    The bartender couldn't help but chuckle, "I've heard his story so many times, perhaps I can fill in the blanks." He leaned forward on the bar as he ran a rag along a mug, "You may not realize it, but this man was part of a group known as 'Dragon's Talon.' A special unit in the military that took on impossible tasks and came back alive." He noticed the girls doubtful look but continued to talk anyways, "He may not look like much now, but thirty years ago this man had enough strength to take on the entirety of the royal guard." He cleared his throat, "Anyways, after Dragon's Talon attacked the Capital he turned his blade against Dragon's Talon, his former comrades. I'm sure you've only heard that 'by some luck' only half the Capital was burned to the ground. It wasn't, 'by some luck' it was this man who single-handedly drove them back."

    The girl looked down at the old drunk passed out on the floor with a disapproving look, "This man is... or was a member of Dragon's Talon? Dragon's Talon only accepted the elite. People who had the 'destructive force of a dragons sharp talon.' Rumor has it that every member could single-handedly fall a small fortress alone, you're saying he alone took them all on at the same time?" Her icy gaze met the bartender's, "The only person who could manage that would be the legendary Dragon Slayer and no one is even sure he exists."

    A rupture of laughter rose from the bartenders throat, "That's true." He couldn't help but laugh, he had seen this reaction countless times, but somehow hers really got him, "The legend of the Dragon Slayer popped up shortly after the events of Last Hope. When the citizens realized that somehow Dragon's Talon was forced to retreat they rejoiced. Sure half of the Capital was unrecognizable, damaged far beyond repair, but somehow Dragon's Talon was stopped. They found three of the members dead and assumed the two others had escaped. As for how they were stopped, well that's why the King could only use the term, by some luck."

    "Wait," the girl said puzzled, "Assuming you're not just weaving some story, he said 'Little did I know that wasn't the end.' but no one has seen or even heard from Dragon's Talon since the event's of Last Hope."

    The bartender could only shrug, "This is the first night he's mentioned that..."

    You're a strong and capable fighter, well on your way to being written down in legends. You may be of noble birth, you may be from a different land, perhaps you're a simple servant, regardless of your birth you have talents that somehow have caught the queen's eye. Congratulations, you've received an invitation to the castle in the form of a little black envelope with the words "Lost Hope" scribbled on the front. Though the envelope was less than appealing the royal crest (found after opening the letter) was something one simply couldn't overlook.

    Upon entering the castle you are quickly rushed to the guest rooms then informed that you will be called upon at a later date when all of the 'guests' arrive. You aren't given any explanation as to why you have been summoned but you quickly notice you are held in high regards by everyone else in the castle.

    The queen summons you and you're rushed to the throne room, lined up, then practically pushed in. Despite meeting with Miya Winterstar, aka the Queen, you still didn't get any worthwhile information.

    Age: (18-22)
    Appearance: (Yes, I expect you to verbally describe your character even though you've already posted an image)
    Weakness: (One weakness per skill)
    1. Use real or realistic images only
    2. Be respectful towards everyone OOC
    3. Minimum post length of two paragraphs
    4. I expect the bare minimum of 1 post a week
    5. Two posts (from different RPer's) must be between each individual post
    6. Orange must be somewhere in the character sheet to prove you read the rules
    7. There is a limit of 8 characters in this RP!
    8. Multiple characters are aloud
    9. I have the final say on all content in this RP
    10. I reserve the right to change the rules at any time
    11. Have fun!​
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  2. Name: Nori LightSeer

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 150

    Appearance: Nori, though looks like a young seventeen year old female, is actually a 19 year old male. He has long unkept orange hair, and green eyes. Nori tends to wear a more serious look when out in public and tries to keep smiling to a minimum. Other than that he has a rather tone body and if you look closely at his hands you can tell they are calloused from extensive training. Nori has the 'pierced ears of the warrior', a tradition of the LightSeer family. Nori, despite belonging to a royal bloodline, does not wear fancy clothing. He prefers to wear light chain mail over some padded cloth, dark martial art's pants which are tied at the ankle (so the cloth wouldn't flap around) and a cloak to conceal all that is underneath. He also keeps weapons on him at all times. It wouldn't be uncommon to find a sword in his belt, a bow on his back, and a knife in his boot.

    Personality: Nori is a fairly serious person who wears an expression that wards people away. He grew up most of his life being mistaken for a girl and always felt awkward trying to explain to people that, despite his feminine appearance, he was actually a guy... especially when it was another male trying to hit on him. If you get past his cold exterior you'll find a slightly shy almost childish being.

    Unlike most noble warriors whom fight 'fair and square', Nori doesn't think any tactic too low for him to use. He believes one should use everything at his disposal in order to increase their chance of survival; after all it's the one standing at the end of the fight who is the victor, no mater what tactics they use. He prioritizes speed over power and holds to the saying, 'he who strikes first wins.'

    Background: Nori is a member of the LightSeer clan. They are known for almost always having at least one mage in every generation and the magic that they pursue has to do with seeing the future. Nori's clan has been serving under the Royal family since the start of the kingdom. Unfortunately the LightSeer clan hasn't produced a single mage in three generations and now are unable to provide the Royal family with anything of value. When Nori was born he was thought to be a child of great magical power. They had announced to the King himself that this generations mage had been born and a festival followed.

    On Nori's fifth birthday his magical power had suddenly vanish, leaving his father in a difficult situation and overall it disgraced his family. On that day, while surrounded by deserts, colorful decorations and games of all sorts there wasn't a single smile. Tears filled the eyes of all his family and when he inquired why they just turned their heads and left. He was confused, but life went on.

    His father, in hope to save face, started to train him in combat techniques. Instead of providing the queen with a Seer they would present a capable warrior. The Lightseer clan was losing its reputation and his father was worried about losing the noble title. Honestly the only reason they still had it was to honor the Lightseer family for what they had done in the past... however that would only go so far. If he could provided a warrior on pair with the former members of Dragon's Talon then they would be sure to keep the noble name.

    Expert Archer
    Adept Swordsman
    Culinary Arts

    Cold Personality/Socially awkward
    Little upper body strength
    Can't stand the cold
    Fear of Insects
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  3. Name:
    Aurel Matthäus Leon von Morgenstern
    (Prince Aurel of Chrysos)



    175.3 cm

    70 kg

    conventionally good looking face with bright blue eyes and strong lips on soft features, muscular built always in an elegantly relaxed poise that exudes strong self-confidence, accommodating expression

    optimistic, friendly and approachable, curious and rather inquisitive, quick to temper but also quick to forgive, fiercely chivalrous, easily amazed, sort of innocent, can come off as arrogant

    The King of Chrysos was a bachelor until well into his late thirties, but married a miller's daughter much to the everyone's shock. Through her kindness and devotion to the poor, she became well-loved and when Aurel was born, he became the symbol of peace between the classes.
    Aurel was as ambitious as his father but as compassionate as his mother and was kept in their castle at all times to keep him from wandering about too often. As a result, he's quite clueless about other people's lives but he was taught to treat everyone equally and learned to love listening to their life stories.
    At 18 he was made ward at the court of Resthain to train in swordsmanship, horse riding and other things a young heir must learn. Although not training for knighthood, he strove to perfect his skills in combat and does fairly well in both battles and strategy.

    Basic Weaponry (sword, spear, mace and bow)
    Horse Riding
    Combat on horseback
    Basic Survival (using various medicinal plants, geography)

    somewhat near-sighted
    not very agile
    kind of clueless about others
    fidgety about magic



    (Master Haeryongdo of the White Dragon Order)




    180.2 cm

    62 kg

    stands out with his fine silver hair and pale complexion, narrow blue-grey eyes, slender, willowy physique, can stay very still for long periods of time like a scarecrow, moves slow and but graceful, overall looks sleepy

    a little smug and confident of his abilities, rarely interested of others and more focused on showing off his talents and being the best guardian, cheerful and mischievous but also somewhat lazy, protective

    As the third son of a landed lord in the northern kingdom of Amphara, he had no immediate obligations to his clan and instead focused on arcane studies. When old enough to enter school, he chose to train in the Whispering Mountains with the White Dragon priests. He studied abjuration and healing where he met and became friends with Eleanor before she left. She was like a sister to him and he was saddened by her departure but he understood that her calling was different from his. He went on to become one of the few who withstood the intensive training of Voice magic and he apprenticed under the High Priest. This was when he lost control of his voice and could no longer speak without using power, like many White Dragon priests. They served in the royal court of Aurel's family. Passionate and driven, he became a master at the age of 13 and was appointed royal guardian to Aurel, following him to Resthain.

    master level Voice Magic
    Basic Survival
    intermediate abjuration and healing magic

    no combat skills
    Voice magic can be exhausted

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  4. Even after all this time I still fangirl a bit at King Arthur's image. *dies* I HOPE to have Inara up this weekend, I might drop Caela...considering it.
  5. I look forward to it! All we need now is one or two people to show interest and we're set!

  6. Name:

    Inara Cameri
    (the ‘r’ has a slight roll to it)









    Inara is a sweet young woman blessed with all of nature’s goodness. Her deep blue (almost black) eyes can make any man swoon, and her full lips pulled into a smile-- more often a smirk-- combined with her mid-back length light brown hair framing her face can make anyone's heart melt. Standing at a mere 5 feet, Inara is short in stature and in frame, and light at 106 pounds. What she lacks in fat, she makes up for in muscle. She may look small, but she is unbelievably strong.


    Inara is a sweet young woman, but she has spunk along with that. A smile is ready to her face, often in the form of a smirk. She does like to mingle with people, and so she talks a lot. But just because one talks a lot doesn’t mean they give away everything…she knows how to keep stuff to herself, if the need calls for it. She likes to bridge distances between people, some have called on her to intermediate in a fight between friends. She has a tendency of drawing some people together. But may all be warned, if you get on her bad side….just don’t, okay? If you piss her off she is quick to act and slow to think, and her actions are often what you least expect, so be careful. She always does what she believes to be right, consequences be darned. She honestly does try to see the best people, but sometimes all she can do is analyze.


    Inara has a tragic past. She doesn’t like to discuss it…but since you ask so nicely, she’s willing to make an exception.

    She was born to a blacksmith and a seamstress. That’s all she knows. They were both murdered by an invading army aiming to get closer to the royal family when she was only a year. The only thing she has left from her father is her sword. Her mother left her a ring that she wears on the middle finger of her right hand. For Inara, keeping these items close felt like she had a part of her parents with her as she suffered through life.

    Since her parents died, she spent several years in the orphanage. When she was five years old, she got fed up and ran away. She stole the things the orphanage had taken from her (her sword and armor) back and walked out the front door when everyone was asleep.

    Living on the streets was hard, but it was actually a step up from the orphanage; there the children picked on her for being so small, and whenever she tried to defend herself she got into trouble. She spent most nights under a bridge, curled in a ball to try to stay warm. She often managed to earn enough for a small bit of bread in the evening by begging.

    Fortunately, she only had to be on the streets for a few months before a middle aged blacksmith felt sorry for her and took her in under his wing. It didn’t take long for them both to fall in love with each other, in a father/daughter relationship kind of way at least. He became the father she never had and she became the daughter he never had. He trained her in the arts of the smithy. He helped her to repair the damaged armor that the orphanage had damaged, even improving it slightly.

    Roran was kind, caring and had a gentle spirit about him. He was also an expert swordsman, having served the royal family in his glory years. He had almost made it into the Dragon’s Talon, but barely missed it. His trainer was in the Talon, though, so he learned all sorts of skills form him. He passed this knowledge onto his daughter. Inara, a born natural, quickly picked up the skill and quickly became the best swordswoman he had ever seen.

    They spent the majority of her life with the man she now called father. They had 13 wonderful, beautiful, loving years together. They acted like any father and daughter would, delighting in each others company, loving each other…until two years ago. Two years ago bandits raided their village. Her father, being the hero he always wanted to be, went out to fight them, and she was by his side with her birth fathers sword in hand. Unfortunately, Roran wasn’t as young as he used to be, and therefore he was slower than he used to be. Too slow for one of the bandits, the bandit slid his sword right between his ribs. Roran collapsed in a heap.

    Screaming as her heart ripped in two, Inara charged the bandit that had dealt the fatal blow to her adopted father. After a very short fight, she slipped past his defenses easily and ended his life. She fought her way through the dozen bandits left and escaped with only a scratch on her arm that would likely need stitches. It’s often amazing what adrenaline combined with rage and grief can do to a person…

    Sprinting back to where Roran lay, she fell to his side squeezing his hand. Roran looked at her as blood drooled from the corner of his mouth. He lifted a hand to her face, and caressed it one last time as he breathed his last breath. Sobbing as her father’s hand went limp and fell from her face, she sheathed her sword and picked her father’s body up, laying him gently down on his cot that her neighbors had so kindly brought out for her when they saw what happened. She lay him on the cot, and started to clean his face, his clothes. She was preparing him for a proper sendoff. Silent tears flowing as she set fire to his body, she leaned into her neighbors embrace.

    As she struggled through the grief of Roran’s death, she ran the smithy almost better than he had. She had perfected the armor that he had made her, and made weapons for anyone who needed them. She only recently received the letter, and decided she would go, knowing it would be what Roran would have wanted.


    -Inara is an amazing swordsman. She learned from the best, and henceforth became the best. She often singlehandedly defeated many skilled swordsman who tried to pillage her village. She trained from someone who claimed to be a descendent of said force declared in the letter.
    -She is adept at two handed swordsmanship, but not as strong as with her single sword. She has two smaller swords, more like daggers that are sheathed on her back, while her main sword is on her hip.
    -Inara is good at negotiations, seeing as she likes to draw people together, this is naturally one of her talents.
    -Some new ones will be discovered throughout the RP, Inara does not like to disclose all her secrets to total strangers; I mean, who does?


    -She works best with her own weapons, if she loses them, or they become damaged, her fighting skill is somewhat hampered.
    -She does have a dominant side (her left), but her weaker side is up to par somewhat. She’s trained for years to get both even, but if her left side is crippled or maimed in some ways, her fighting is severely affected.
    -Inara, unfortunately, is not the best at stealth, even with her smallness. She is one of the clumsiest people on the planet when she is not fighting with her sword.
    -Likewise with the skills, some more weaknesses will be revealed throughout the RP.
  7. @Bitterblue yup haha, they have a similar personality too.

    @NorwayFOO oh yay! also, I finished my secondary character, is he okay?
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  8. I read it, and I like it so far, but a little more would be nice. Expand background, and what does 'cannot do combat' mean?
  9. @NorwayFOO I changed it a bit now. I tend to get pretty ranty on CS so I'm holding back some. Also for gameplay's sake. "cannot do combat" was corrected to "no combat skills" for clarification. Han Young is more of a back-up magic type with his barriers and healing.
  10. Torgeir Gunnarsson
    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Height: 179cm

    Weight: 85 kg

    Appearance: Powerful stocky build. Matted shoulder length hair, theoretically blonde but it is often caked with dirt and occasionally blood giving it a much darker color. His skins is like wise of covered in dirt, this causes his dark green eyes to stand out even more.

    Personality: Like many people from his homeland Torgeir values martial prowess, honor and glory highly. His view is that nearly every problem can be solved by judicious application of force and he will grow impatient and restless in situations that call for a less direct approach.

    Background: Torgeir hails from a semi frozen archipelago in the sea to the north of the kingdom. Life on the islands is hard and as such many of the residents turn to a life of violence, be it as a pirate, a mercenary or a soldier. Torgeir's family owned a small farm but it had never been enough to sustain the family by it's self, and when his farther was injured while raiding Torgeir knew that he had to leave to make his own way. He joined a small group of mercenaries that were headed to the mainland and for two years enjoyed his life thoroughly.

    Things began to sour slowly as work dried up and he and his comrades began to get paid less and less while the commander of the group still seemed to be living a most opulent life. His willingness to speak out against the commander soon meant that he found himself in at the head of a mutiny. Torgeirs faction were on the verge of winning the group schism when he was betrayed by his second in command who stabbed and left him for dead.

    Since then Torgeir has wandered alone up and down the realm looking for work, adventure and glory. While the contents of the letter marked Lost Hope didn't interest him a lot the royal seal on it did. Finally this might be a chance to earn enough glory and money that he could return home and lift his family from obscure poverty to exulted splendor.

    -Two handed weaponry - While he is capable with most melee weaponry he is particularly adept with two handed weaponry with which he can smash through the finesse often displayed by users of lighter weaponry

    -Brute strength - Being a farmer and then an adventurer has made Torgeir very strong. He can lift heavy objects with ease and fight for longer without tiring.

    -Survivor - adapted to living a rough uncivilized life he is use to being self sufficient and having to deal with any wounds by himself, weather by just dealing with them by ignoring them or by using folk cures to help heal himself


    -Acts first, thinks later- Torgeir has a tendency to rush into a situation regardless of the consequences.

    -Undiplomatic and tactless - In situation where talk is needed to solve a problem Torgeir has a tendency to put his foot in it or anger the other participants in the discussions.

    -Un-stealthy- Having nearly always being able to solve problems with brute force he has never learned how to move quietly, in fact he somewhat resents sneaking around feeling that its for people to weak to deal with problems properly.

    -Un-trusting- since being betrayed he refuse to rely on other people and is suspicious of their true motives

    -Allergic to Orange fish
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  11. @Bitterblue: Accepted! I didn't read it over a second time (well not fully, I'll do that tomorrow)

    @Mippu: Thank you for the clarification, all the changes look good, Accepted!

    @Applo: Accepted!

    Just a side note. The southern border is all ocean, eastern border is full of peaceful and smaller countries that ally with Resthain (a major power country, also the country the RP is based in), to the north is a harsh arctic mountain range, small tribes live there but there is little to no relationship between the tribes and Resthain (good or bad). Generally the people from the tribes (since there are so many) are called 'Mountain People' and to the west is another major power country that is hostile towards Resthain called Asla.
  12. We have five characters now, should we start?
  13. I think we should have one more, if we are going to follow this as we did last time.
  14. Ok, I'll wait for one more.
  15. Thanks!

    And that should mean Chrysos (Aurel's country) is east of Resthain. Han comes from a secluded settlement somewhere north, at the foot of the mountain where the temple of the White Dragon priests live. If you'll add character data like before, I think it'll be a good idea to add this info on the geography too.

    Can we follow the past RP and have Aurel and Nori know each other (and Han Young by extension)? :D Seems likely, given their background.
  16. Nori's character will be slightly different but yet, they can still know each other.

    Edit: Oh, that reminds me! @Bitterblue is my CO-GM. I forget to mention that :P
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  17. Show Spoiler

    Name: Hildred Harlow

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 55.5kg (8st 10lb)

    Appearance: A short, skinny little waif of a woman with small packs of muscle here and there, Hildred doesn't seem to be incredibly imposing or intimidating. Her pale blonde hair is thin and flowing, with short bangs that just cover her eyebrows. Her eyes are a steely blue-grey. Contrary to the artistic liscence taken with the painting of her commissioned by one of the more contemporary artists of the kingdom, Hildred does not sport a lip piercing - or any piercings, for that matter. Her nails are, however, as long as pictured above and usually filed into points. A large back tattoo in metallic silver ink covers her back - an elaborate design that seems to hold no purpose other than aesthetic. Her default expression is a disarming smile.

    Personality: Confident and outgoing, Hildred borders on childish with her boundless amounts of enthusiasm and optimism. Do not let her bubbly personality and restless, animated movements fool you; the rumours circulating the great Hildred Harlow are intense and highly exaggerated. Her wide and encouraging smile is encompassed by the lips of a fluent liar who does not even begin to show the slightest amount of respect for honour or morality. Hildred does what she wants, when she wants; she is rumoured to hold no loyalty save for her own and that of the highest bidder. This does not mean that her cheeriness is an elaborate ruse - she is genuinely just a happy person - but she'll be just as happy to blackmail a widow or steal from a beggar if the situation calls for it.

    In reality, she holds true to her perceived persona - a chaotic neutral with a reckless and impulsive behaviour spurred on by a constant state of hyperactivity. However, she is not as nonchalant about whose side she is on; if a certain group of people manage to lower their guard and truly attempt to protect and comfort Hildred, becoming the closest allies with her and actually trusting her, then she will extend her loyalty in return and use her skills to look out for those she cares about. Her childishness is underestimated in these fancy tales; when displeased, Hildred can be whiny, throw temper tantrums, cry and sulk.


    As stated before, the rumours around Hildred Harlow are nearly as animated and theatrical as the woman herself. Presumably raised in a rich family, she picked up the art of petty thievery as a child out of pure boredom and when she was 13, broke into the royal court itself to steal the crown jewels. Her mother and father were deceitful and manipulative owners of a large tailoring company - there are Harlow Fabric traders in almost every town or hamlet, their quality is exquisite and the range of prices includes all social classes in their wares - but the Harlow family were better known for their delicate political games, undermining competitors for their own gains. Selfish and greedy, it is no wonder their crest is that of a magpie - they seem attracted to anything that glitters.
    Hildred, however, had completely different goals in mind. She largely ignored the business of her parents and took to adventuring like a duck to water. The youth targeted large, elaborate areas such as fortresses or prisons, snuck in, took what needed to be taken, killed whomever needed to be killed and slipped out again. It is said she even worked for Asla once or twice during her travels, but whatever happened to her when she was on her own tended to be her own business - Hildred largely travelled solo in the shadows to avoid any undesirable characters who wished to take her down, either through some fault of her own or an indirect one caused by her parents.

    Despised by many and mistrusted by all, Hildred Harlow could not technically be outlawed or thrown into prison because she had never been caught - no concrete evidence pointed towards her being the perpetrator of any thievery or murder in any settlement across the Kingdom. Hildred actively flaunts her uncanny ability to toe the line between lawful and illegal and sells out her services to anyone willing to pay the price for it...until she suddenly closed off all missions due to a personal request from the Queen herself.

    Silver Tongue: An observant eye, a keen ear and an incredibly sophisticated level of reading into peoples body language and emotions are needed to successfully pull off any lie in the book; Hildred's seemingly effortless ability to spin any tale she fancies comes simultaneously from being an unbelievably skilled actress and simply understanding the complex workings of a man's personality.

    Slippery Bugger: What Hildred cannot do in combat, she makes up for in dodging. All the time. Everywhere. It almost gets annoying how quick her reactions are, how flexible she can be and how agile she is. She can get into the tightest of spaces without getting stuck and her absolute obsession with climbing onto things, people, buildings, anything taller than her, allows Hildred to reach places that your average Joe wouldn't really be able to reach.

    Stealthy: Coupling with her agility and flexibility is her ability to slip around things largely unnoticed. For such an impatient, rambunctious and excitable girl one would not consider her capable of being so incredibly quiet.


    Sissy: On the off-chance one manages to land a blow onto Hildred, they can actually do some damage. She bruises easily and bleeds more than normal, supposedly due to her sophisticated birth. She also hollers like a banshee and makes a big deal over the smallest of scratches, mainly to cover up the fact that her pain tolerance and physical capacity for harm is quite low.

    Shivers: Hildred can be incredibly susceptible to the effects of cold, frostbite and hypothermia. She rarely travels north because of this, and it's generally easy to tell when the cold has truly settled in because she stops bouncing around like an idiot and goes very quiet.

    Stigma: Her widespread reputation makes her the target for a lot of abuse no matter where she goes. She generally has to talk her way out of fights and being arrested on sight, and it's likely that she has a fair few enemies on the road who are out for her blood - either because of something she has supposedly done, something she actually did, or something her parents have done that she is taking the punishment for.

    Specific: when it comes to a fair fight, Hildred is actually pretty bad at fighting. Her melee skills and hand to hand combat skills are sub par, si she relies on dodging and cheap tricks until her for leaves an opening for her to take.

    WIP! I'm going to put the rumoured story of Hildred onto her CS, but I can just as easily give the GM or the co-GM the true backstory of Hildred if it's needed. I can tell you now that it's significantly different to the one I've written down.
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  18. Hi, am I able to join? :) This looks so fairly interesting. :U

    ady Eleanor Evelynne Arabella vi Grimhilde
    (The Enchanting)

    167.64 CM
    62 KG

    Eleanor's pale features are natural to those born in the Northern part of the Amphara Kingdom. Her hair is so pale that it looks nearly as white as snow with her blood red eyes common to her Noble Clan of Absalome (now known as vi Grimhilde). Her face is constantly cold and closed off, giving an image of a bitch face. She's not too tall. She looks slender and skinny but there are muscles packed in that body to hide and carry multiple weapon's upon her. She's considered beautiful, sometimes downright enchantingly irresistable to many in Amphara.

    Unapproachable, bold but not quite daring, quick witted, sharp tongued, dark sense of humour, shy but certain of her position, curious, easy to please, down to earth, surprisingly accepts corrections and will listen to advice, she's more of a wait and think instead of attack and be damned, strategist at heart, horribly independent, susceptible to kind words and weak against good-looking men but adamant to never marry, that and she's a softie for any creature, children and sweet summer oranges.

    Eleanor is the bastard child of the current King of Amphara. Her mother, Duchess Grimhilde, was an open paramour of the King but since the King had no plans of marrying an outright magic-user after discovering his Queen's death was caused by magic. He then had ordered her return to the Whispering Mountains where her ancestor's (and parents) seat of power is once her belly showed signs of pregnancy. Since then, her mother grew tainted by darker magic and soon took over her parent's role as Duchess of the Whispering Mountains, protector of the mountains where the White Dragon Priests reside on top.
    At a young age, she was called back to the Capital City of Amphara multiple times where she was often showed off by her half-sister, Crowned Princess Aracelia, almost as if she was a pet. The basics of healing magic were taught to her by the the White Dragon Priests, there she befriended one of their promising students; Han Young from the Suk Clan. She gained a brother-figure in him, something different from her sister. Despite their camaraderie, she knew that she wasn't a healer and this wasn't her path and decided to leave and train to become one of the Elite Mages of the Kingdom. She wanted to become a Battle Mage. At 13, she left the White Dragon Priests' school to return to Amphara and to train as a Battle Mage in a military magic school. She mastered Ice magic as the best among her peers. In the years that followed, she gained a commendable reputation in her raids of bandit camps. When she turned 20, she found a black envelope left on her table. She left home then, anything to avoid her father (the King)'s summons to court. After all, a summon to court only meant one thing. Marriage. Yuck.

    Basic healing magic
    Master level Ice magic
    Basic weaponry (pole weapons and archery)

    -horrible at potions
    -limited energy and endurance
    -has to be hydrated to work her ice magic (keeps a gourd with her at all times)
    -unable to resist a sweet, summer orange

    Here's to hoping!​
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  19. Both characters accepted.

    @Ythania, I did see your PM and I'll get back to you on that. I have a handful of ideas I'm playing around with at the moment.

    @Boss Megu, I'm almost positive but it doesn't hurt to ask, you talked to Mippu about the character connections first right?
  20. Yups. She helped me build my chara and dragged me here actually. :D Can't wait to start.

    Also, I've noticed that many of the character's are weak with cold weather. hahaha
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