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    Lost Heart

    Kess je laf Ue
    Don’t Lose Heart

    IC here

    Vuehrau’s Beginnings: Non-Essential (open)
    The beginnings of civilised man in Vuehrau are recorded in the annals of Ue, a series of books detailing the history of the civilised world. Emperor Cuer, a Kre’Ue of Power, united the barbarians of the central plains into a single great tribe. Using his great intellect to pioneer technological innovations he turned them from nomadic barbarians into the world’s first civilised people. However he was unhappy to see much of the world still living as barbarians. Drawing upon the old culture of his people he raised great armies and expanded outwards, their metal armour and blades making them unstoppable against the stone weapons of their foes. Within four decades he had conquered the last of the barbarians and created a global empire united under his one flag. Hailed as the saviour of the world, Cuer renamed his Empire Ue, Heart of the World. When Cuer died the council of lords convened to elect the next emperor based on the tenants Cuer left behind.

    For thousands of years the Empire remained stable, putting down minor dissenting groups before they could flare up into major rebellions. The provinces were allowed to elect their own governors and use their old traditions as long as they stayed loyal to the empire. Of course a strong military presence helped these efforts, and no province was allowed to hold any independent armed force beyond town guards. These methods, designed by Cuer himself, were thought to be foolproof and the emperors that followed believed Ue would last forever.

    Then the first Dragonlord was elected into power in Greva. A Kre’Ue of the Flaming Heart, the creatures of Greva were bound to his will. Even the great phoenixes were forced to answer his summons when he called. With their power at his back he stirred the populace of the west into a treacherous frenzy. Ue’s garrisons were destroyed one by one, no cadre of mages able to stand against the furious attacks. Five Kre’Ue were called from Ue’s territories and travelled west with a great army in an attempt to stop him. The Dragonlord and the phoenixes met them with their own army and obliterated them. The Dragonlord slew all five Kre’Ue personally in three separate battles. Their ashes were sent back to Eul as a show of power. The Dragonlord was only stopped at the edge of Greva, when the phoenixes refused to leave their homeland to continue the attack. Unwilling to risk defeat by overextending his reach the Dragonlord fortified the mountain passes into Greva. He declared his new kingdom independent of Ue and established his own rule.

    However the Dragonlord had been a catalyst for other regions of Ue unhappy with current affairs. With so many resources put towards stoping him, Ue was weakened in its other provinces. The eastern islands erupted into chaos and a dozen warlords declared themselves independent as well. They seized every ship they could find and turned them into great fleets that the mainland empire had no counter for. Meanwhile in the north a line of nobles thought to be long extinct suddenly re-emerged. Assassins found their way into the offices of dozens of Uen officials and commanders killing them. An army outfitted with Uyar army meets with Ue’s northern forces and crushed them, Ue’s powerful mages rendered useless by the Uyar metal while the noble’s mages were unhindered. The survivors are taken prisoner and turned into slaves alongside any true Uens within the north. The slave empire of Karthar is born.

    And so the first collapse of Ue came to pass. The north, southeast and west were all lost within a decade. The effect upon Ue was dramatic. The once strong empire was left floundering as it tried to plug a dozen leaking holes and prevent further uprisings. It would be nearly a century before Ue regained its strength and stabilised. More than enough time for the free nations to prepare against any attempts by the superpower to retake its lands. Despite many attempts by Ue to retake the lost lands they were unsuccessful for the next millennia.

    The Uen lords at this point disposed of the current emperor and took over the position. Seven brains would be better than a single one no matter how well they fit Cuer’s criteria.

    The Present (open)
    Now in the present the empire is once again in a state of chaos. For Ue has collapsed a second time, its northern territories in open rebellion and seceding from the central leadership. But without support these newly free lands are vulnerable to those provinces who were freed during the first collapse. War sweeps the continent as petty warlords attempt to expand their territory in a desperate fight for power.

    In the north Karthar see Ue’s weakness and prepares to strike at the vulnerable northern territories. Independent or not the nobles know that they cannot match their own armies armoured in Uyar armour. However as the armies pass through Karthar’s south they walk into multiple ambushes staged by unexpectedly well-equipped slaves. Badly mauled they are forced to retreat back north. Spurred by their success the slave armies overthrow the nobles ruling in the south, even managing to seize a large swathe of the Uyar plains, and declare the region New Karthar. Every slave in the region is freed and every noble put to death.

    In Karthar’s southeast an ambitious noble, Ossair Hoet, follows a similar plan. Knowing the commanders leading the Karthan army through his city his agents take their families hostage. He forces them to resign their permissions and replaces them with his own officers. Using this army he frees the slaves in the surrounding lands and then conscripts them to bolster his strength. Declaring himself a king he renames the area Aehraut. In more bad news for the slave empire a great plague erupts in the very north and spreads quickly, killing thousands before efforts to contain it can begin. Soldiers march north and set up a seri4es of patrols, killing anyone who attempts to flee south.

    Desperate to reclaim their lost lands the Lords of Eul rush their ace in the hole to completion. Having lost a great portion of their military might to the collapse they hope to substitute this with magical power. To achieve this they hastily open the Magelium, a great complex for the teaching and training of mages. Attached to the Magelium is a special area where Kre’Ue can be taught to use their own powers as well. However the threat posed by the Magelium is clear to all and they set their sights on bringing it down.

    Within northern Ue a female Kre’Ue of light sees the effects of war upon the Uen population. She sees children orphaned and both men and women widowed when their partners are lost to war. Abandoned by the Lords as they focus on the war she aims to create a safe haven where those affected by the war can be taken care of. With the help of some volunteers she builds a small shelter and begins to take in refugees. However it quickly begins to outgrow the supplies it can grow and she is forced to begin looking for a greater home.

    Two decades ago, when thousands of Kre’Ue were all born within a few years, the twelve volcanoes of the Greva range simultaneously erupted. Thus the birth of what would become known as the Clutch was heralded by the land. The twelve great cities of the land, each build onto the side of one of the volcanoes, were all obliterated with no survivors. The entire western third of the land became uninhabitable for years afterwards due to ash and secondary eruptions. However the desert tribes of Greva were a resilient people and soon returned to the volcanoes to build anew. And they were now led by the twelve Kre’ue known as the Clutch who ruled by a divine mandate. Renaming Greva as the Firelands the Clutch rule the populace with an iron fist and have closed off the mountain passes into the land, isolating themselves from the rest of Vuehrau.

    In the shattered east a mysterious traveller has united the great kingdoms of Aramis and Jeritah alongside the pirate lords of the islands. With Luf blind to the eastern shore Ue has no knowledge of what is occurring in the islands apart from sporadic reports. The freed provinces along the coast suffer countless raids as the new Seaboard Alliance stockpiles supplies and equipment in preparation for war. But whispers escape from the king’s courts, whispers that the alliance is not all it seems. Whispers that question who this mysterious stranger is and how exactly he has united the east.

    Aiding the continent as it tears itself apart is the coming of age of thousands of Kre’Ue. Powerful demigods who wield magic with a natural instinct they are able to claim what they want with little opposition. Many of them wish to rule their own fiefdom as a birthright while others are indoctrinated as weapons of their homeland. Their abilities can turn battles into slaughters. In the free cities of the east they especially wreak havoc, waging personal wars of conquest against each other in the streets.

    You are a Kre’Ue or mage in this chaotic world. With the world in such chaos it is a time when anything can be achieved, when any ambition can be fulfilled. Armies are poised on the brinks of war and the world prepares to tear itself apart once again when they are unleashed. Ue stands surrounded by enemies who will kill each other as happily as they will the empire. In this time quick promises can form desperate alliances and rash words and make eternal enemies.

    And from four corners of the world more whispers emerge. Upon them are the promises of power. The four artefacts of Cuer have re-appeared in the world. To the west a bright light bursts into life, shining like a beacon to those who are lost. A lone phoenix circles overhead, eyes always upon the light. To the north every night a person disappears, and in the morning their body appears in a town centre horribly mutilated. To the south a large town far from thoughts of war is wiped out overnight, thousands of civilians killed. Rumours of a young boy with glowing eyes leaving the town spread quickly and fear grips the countryside. In the east promises of great worth are spoken and all who hear them believe without question. And throughout the entire continent a single world rings through every mind, a world of such power every Kre’Ue drops to the ground upon hearing it. Uelthas.

    The Kre’Ue (open)
    The Kre’Ue are known as the children of a god, their name means Half (Kre) Heart (Ue) or Half Blooded. Oddly though, there has never been a true religion worshipping this father god in Vuehrau. Many Uens worship Cuer but he was only a Kre’Ue himself. Many others worship various Kre’Ue who were famed in their land and these are known as Lares, who may at times manifest themselves to give aid. Yet no true god has ever been popular with the people.

    Each Kre’Ue is a demigod of immense power and the ruler of a men by birth right. They draw upon a certain aspect for their powers, examples include Fire, Chaos, Hatred, Glass, War etc. Almost anything can be an aspect as long as it is not too broad, a Kre’Ue’s power comes from the narrow range of their aspect which creates a greater power with less versatility.

    During a point in their life, generally around age fifteen, the Kre’Ue undergo the Trance where they connect to their inner self and learn what their aspect actually is. Note that despite this they have their powers from birth and can often guess their aspect long before then. The Kre’Ue can also undergo what is called Ascension, a violent process which involves the destruction of the Kre’Ue’s heart. It involves cutting out the heart with a blade or destroying it with their own power while it is still in their chest. Few Kre’Ue are brave enough to attempt the process as it is not a certain way to power. If a Kre’Ue feels fear during the process it will instead kill them. They must be completely certain of their choice and they must also be truly connected to their aspect through their actions.

    Each Kre’Ue has an array of set powers that are common to all. The main ones are some form of flight, whether by wings or something more exotic, and an enhanced body. Kre’Ue live for 50% longer than humans, are naturally 50% stronger and are quite a bit more durable than the average human. There are also smaller powers which can simply be considered cantrips such as lighting a torch from distance or telekinetically pulling a book from a shelf to them.

    The main way their aspect differentiates each Kre’Ue from their brethren is in their unique powers. These are, obviously, different for almost every Kre’Ue though it is not unknown for two Kre’Ue to share an aspect. The aspect determines their powers; a Kre’Ue of nature may be able to rapidly grow seeds into a powerful plant while a Kre’Ue or War may have incredible strength. One may have control over stone while another may be able to bite and devour any substance. For the purpose of this RP each Kre’Ue may have a maximum of five unique powers. They are not endless, and the more powers a Kre’Ue has the less powerful each one is i.e. if a Kre’Ue has three powers they will each be slightly stronger than those of a Kre’ue with five powers.

    There are also a couple of aspects which haven’t shown up in this time due to their power or rarity. The banned aspects include – Vengeance, Power, Time, Any “The X Heart” aspect, (more may be added if I think of them).

    Mages and Magic: (open)
    Magic is an integral part of Vuehrau. It is the only tool which has, in the past, allowed humans to stand against the Kre’Ue in battle when it has been necessary. While it is not as powerful as the unique powers of the Kre’Ue it is much more varied and each mage is able to call upon a much wider variety of effects than a Kre’Ue could ever hope to. Every mage has a specialty which they are strongest in and the rest of their powers are at equal strength. Some examples of specialties include – Elemental, Healing, Sight (Divinitation), Creation, Illusion, Warding. A banned specialty is Teleportation.

    Mages have two important things which make them mages. The first is the inner vessel which stores their magical power. It is refilled by what is known as “Live Magic” which exists as a sort of background radiation throughout the world. However it can take time to recharge and using too much magic too quickly and weaken a mage’s body. The second is their inner eye which allows a mage to see magic on a more fundamental level. By concentrating a mage can scan for magic in an environment using this eye. Advanced mages can also use this eye to scan for life signs and even signs of death.

    The act of casting magic itself is as diverse as the range of powers it can draw upon. Casting magic requires an external energy source in order to open a mage’s inner vessel to the outside world. This generally takes the form of a few words or a flick of the hands. In time as a mage becomes more experienced they can harness small amounts of Live Magic to break this barrier and cast without any physical help.

    There are some other constants in magic similar to all mages. Magical barriers are an oily, slightly transparent white colour while physical barriers are clear and hard to see. An attack that is both magical and physical will be affected by either barrier though only the related aspect will be affected. All mages can teleport themselves by flinging their bodies onto currents of Live Magic and riding them. The technique is easy to master however they are subject to the currents and will often end up only in the right general area. In rare cases currents can take mages to a completely wrong area. Mages who specialise in teleportation can control these currents and even teleport people with them, however the specialty is incredibly rare. Teleportation is limited in range and tire a mage quickly. It also requires concentration to find the right currents (and of course to find the right currents a mage must at least know which direction they are headed, greater knowledge of the area/having been there before will increase accuracy) that will take the mage to the location. If a mage requires a quick escape they can throw themselves onto the currents but this leaves them ignorant of where they will end up.

    Mages can heal themselves and others however they are very limited. Fractures and broken bones are the territory of specialised mages.

    The Artefacts (open)
    There are many minor artefacts through the land of Vuehrau, weapons and armours invested with magic by mages form long ago. The art of this investment has been lost in general and only weak magic items can now be created. The minor artefacts are highly prized by their owners and are of great value.

    There are also the five great artefacts of Cuer that have been lost to civilisation since the forging of the Uen Empire. Recently they have been rumoured to have returned to the world and many are now searching for them. Along with their disappearance millennia ago the knowledge of their powers also disappeared. The only clues to their use come from the ruins underneath the city of Dune. Most of the words have been worn away and only a few fragments remain.

    The Hand
    “…………. steeped in the blood of betrayal ……………………….. Feed it ………………………. feed your ambitions …………………………………………………..”

    The Tongue
    “…………………….. a throat that could swallow the world …………………………. sweetest grace. Hear the words …………………………………………………………………………………………. tell the truth.”

    The Seed
    “From the loins ……………………….. last relic ………………………… uniqueness grants it ……………………… …………..… Its greatest wish is its power ………………………………………. never hurt.”

    The Eye
    “The eye of …………………………………………………….. this eye bears his curse ……………………. Its power …………………… of the mind but ………………………………………”

    Very little is known of the fifth and rumouredly most powerful artefact. Some believe it allows the wielder to become a god while others believe its use will revive Cuer form his death. However its form is not even known and these are only guesses. Within the ruins of Dune there is a large space underneath its name filled with worn away writing. The only words that remain visible are “the hidden tower at the heart”.

    Map (open)

    Countries (open)
    What can only be called the greatest country in the known world, Ue once covered the entirety of Vuehrau. It is known as the First Land, the Heart of the World, the Dawn of Civilisation, it was created by Emperor Cuer from the uncivilised tribes that were the first men. Very little is known of the world before it was created. As the first civilised empire it ruled the world for thousands of years peacefully. However around a thousand years ago the great empire underwent its first collapse, the west, southeast and northt all breaking free and splitting into their own countries. Dealing with the forces behind these areas breaking free cost Ue dearly and it was barely able to hold its other lands together and prevent total collapse. Now it has undergone a second collapse, the entire remaining north and the east breaking free after an orchestrated rebellion. The Lords of Ue are desperate to hold what remains together and remain a superpower. Thus numerous plots have been put in motion to ensure this.

    The culture of Ue is very varied. Despite being an empire for millennia the provinces were allowed to keep their own cultures to keep them happy. The main culture however is that of the centre which was the original Ue. It is one focussed on equality, law and order as well as scientific thinking. The people imagine themselves as the finest of mankind and strive to represent that in their actions. The aspect of equality has spread throughout the entire empire and there is very little discrimination in Ue.

    The Capital of Ue is Eul. The city is dominated by the tower of the lords. The seven skyscrapers are one hundred metres tall each and made of pure white marble. A massive circular disc made of a gold-marble mix connects all seven towers at the top and serves as the council chambers. How the towers defy physics is attributed to magic.

    What was once the south eastern region of Karthar it is now an independent kingdom led by Ossair Hoet. It has a large if poorly trained army that has so far been threatening enough to discourage retribution from Karthar in its weakened state. He also has one hundred noble hostages he threatens to kill if they act against him. Despite having freed the slaves in his land he rules everyone like they are slaves. For those who live in Aehraut it is as if nothing changed when he took over.

    Old and New Karthar
    Karthar originally broke free from Ue during the first collapse. Seeing their opportunity the old noble families who had been in hiding for millennia rose back into power. Having infiltrated the administration of the Karth province they were easily able to seize control. Their first task was to send the loyal Uen legions who didn’t know of the takeover against the loyalists holding the Uyar plains. With the Uen forces weakened the Karthans swept in and enslaved the remnants before capturing the plains.

    Now armoured in Uyar equipment the Karthan armies were able to throw back any Uen attempts to take back the plains and take even more slaves. Initially only the loyalist Uens and their descendants were enslaved. However as time passed the noble families began to use slavery as a punishment for many more crimes to increase their power. As even more time passed the nobles stripped away many of the advances Ue had given them. The birth of slavery had already created a racial divide and a century later women were removed from the military and forced into home carer roles and servants to their husbands.

    The nobles saw the second collapse as a way to further increase their power. The slaves saw it as a way to finally break free. A council of six banded together and organised a massive rebellion in the south, ambushing the noble’s armies and inflicting terrible losses upon them. A large section of the south is now independent, renamed New Karther, and all the slaves have been freed. The citizens within enjoy a more relaxed life without the fear of slavery. Like Ossair the slaves have taken many noble families hostage to prevent Old Karthar acting against them.

    Long ago the south-eastern lands of the Uen Empire were part of the mainland. However at some point a great earthquake struck the area and the region was separated by a newly formed sea. Much of the landmass was lost and dozens of new islands were born from the cataclysm. The survivors were forced to become seafarers by trade and relied on the ocean for their food and trade.

    As Ue was primarily a land based empire the islands elements always felt ignored by the Lords ruling in Eul. The empire based policies were always difficult for the island nations to implement and the standard of living was always lowest. When their chance came during the first collapse to break free the islanders took it and used their powerful fleets to destroy Ue’s invasion fleet at sea. However once Ue had been defeated the islanders began to fight amongst themselves as to who would rule the newly independent region.

    It seemed at one point the islands would finally be united under a single ruler, a rich ex-pirate who bribed dozens of other warlords to support him. Two days before his coronation he was assassinated by what many believe was a Uen Agent. In the wake of his death the Warlords who had supported him gave up on an east under one king. They drafted up a declaration that declared each island individually independent, but that they would defend each other if Uen attacked.

    Jeritah was the largest of the islands that signed this document. It is ruled by King Egar Sull currently, the fourth family to have ruled the country. Jeritah has extremely rich waters to the south and east of the island which provide it with valuable exports. Its citizens enjoy a high standard of living and the culture is very open and accepting. They have been trading with Ue for the past three centuries.

    Jeritah also owns three islands which provide an easy path of access from Jeritah to Ue. These are called the Stepstones and each is a very heavily fortified stronghold. They allow Jeritah to move its armies onto the mainland with ease thanks to a series of ship relays set up between them. If Ue were to capture the islands it would have a way to bypass Jeritah’s sea strength, the only thing that has saved it from Ue’s invasions, and land its armies directly on the nation’s soil.

    Aramis was the second largest island to sign the document that brought peace to the east. Unlike Jeritah Aramis relied on its land based resources more than the ocean. While the northern sea provides a bounty of seafood that feeds the island their trade comes from iron and steel as well as other minerals. Unlike Jeritah Aramis has always refused to trade with Ue and this has caused high tensions between the two nations. Aramis is ruled by a merchant conglomerate which elects five members to rule as a council.

    It is currently known that Jeritah and Aramis have been in talk and formed an alliance alongside the islands that surround them. Those islands belonged to pirate lords who once were employed by either nation to strike at the other in their ongoing trade war. However they have now turned their focus to the eastern coast of the mainland, raiding villages and towns that are poorly defended. It is rumoured that diplomats from Aramis have managed to break Veen’s isolation and are in talks with the secretive people there as well.

    No other players may have a character from Veen. Little is known of the country known as Veen. It is the only landmass near Ue that was never part of the empire and has defied any attempt at contact by the mainland. Some believe it is an outpost of the Sereys due to the similar behaviour the island exhibits. However Sereys are never spotted in the water around the island making this unlikely.

    By using telescopes on ships far out to sea Uen spies have managed to confirm the presence of humans on the island living in cities. The cities are built in designs that match nothing of Vuehrau and are very outlandish looking. In the centre of the island is a large mountain that is topped by a temple like structure made of a blue metal/stone.

    The Firelands
    Previously known as Greva, the Firelands is the most different place in Vuehrau. While the area just after the mountain passes leading into the land are quite green and fertile, the vast majority of the land is desert. Only a small strip in the north where the land meets the sea is a green plains. The people have always been nomadic tribes for the most part, with permanent settlements on the green lands where agriculture is much easier. This has made the Grevans a very isolated people who have little contact with other provinces.

    The original Dragonlord who freed the land from Ue changed that by building a large city on each of the Grevan volcanoes. Through unknown magics he made the land around the volcanoes fertile when combined with volcanic ash which allowed the cities to thrive. This gave the region a population boost that allowed it to better protect itself against the inevitable Uen counterattack. Thanks to the large mountains surrounding it on all sides and the only sea viable approach guarded by Karthar, the Firelands has easily thrown back the Uen armies at the mountain passes.

    Now with the Clutch in charge the mountain passes have been sealed by thousands of Firelands soldiers led by four of the Clutch, two at each pass. The Lords are very worried about what is going on within the borders and have sent dozens of agents to infiltrate the region. So far only one has made it out alive and reported vast quantities of obsidian being mined and transported to the capital.

    Important NPCs: Non-Essential (open)
    Ossair Hoet
    A noble of Karthar yet one far from the main lines with a name that would never get him any real power. He is a cold, calculating individual who will sacrifice anything to get his goals and kill anyone in his way. He refuses disobedience from his underlings and harshly punishes mistakes. There are rumours of his vile tendencies that he seemingly does nothing to prevent. He has vast plans for the future and aims to be a great part of it.

    Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110725213952/warhammer40k/images/c/c4/Guess-the-gaunt.jpg

    The 7 Lords of Ue
    The seven Lords of Ue have ruled since the last emperor was disposed of after the first collapse. They each look over one aspect of Ue – The Eul region, the Luf region, the Iluo region, the Uen military, the Uen economy, Ue’s magic and Ue’s intelligence network. When a Lord dies or retires the new Lord must be supported by at least four Lords to be voted in and in certain cases at least five are required. Though they removed the emperor the Lord’s still follow Cuer’s tenants for their own requirements and this has curbed the corruption that would otherwise be largely present. They are currently heavily guarded and planning how to save Ue.

    The Clutch
    Naming themselves after the name for a nest of dragons the Clutch are the twelve tyrannical rulers of the Firelands. Little is known about them beyond their borders, only Verkath, the supposed leader, is known by name. She is also known for her amazing power and it is rumoured she has already ascended.

    The mysterious figure at the heart of the Aramis-Jeritah alliance nothing is known of them. They were a hooded blue cloak that shrouds their body and face. Their voice is said to be the sweetest sound that one could ever hear.

    Appearance: Unknown

    Guar Sein
    The name given to the serial killer responsible for the grisly murders in the north of the continent. The name means “Slow Death” and was given due to the looks of extraordinary pain on the faces of their victim.

    Appearance: Unknown

    Mirabelle of the Light
    A female Kre’Ue of Light, Mirabelle has become a saviour to those who have lost loved ones in the war. In her haven she has gathered hundreds of those in pain and does her best to care for each and every one of them. Those who have lost the most have formed a cult dedicated to worshipping her as a true goddess despite her claims to the contrary. Her hope is to find a safe haven for her followers away from the wars that plague the land.

    She is a kind hearted individual though she is not hesitant to project herself as a threat in order to protect those she loves. As a young child she became famed in Ue for her healing powers, an impressive feat in a time where Kre’Ue were so common. She is often referred to as the Angel of Ue, a name she dislikes but is willing to bear as few bandits will risk Ue’s wrath by attacking her haven.

    Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb58374/suikoden/images/3/3f/Chris01.jpg

    The Nobles of Karthar
    It is a commonly believed ruler in Karthar that the current ruling class are descendants of chieftains who ruled the tribes in the Karthar area before Cuer conquered them. Somehow the bloodline was kept alive despite thousands of years of hiding until the time was right for the deposed nobles to retake their land. The current nobles have done nothing to either prove or disprove the rumours.

    There are currently 3 main noble houses in Old Karthar, the Kar, the Altha and the Tyrar.

    The Kar
    Crest: Sabretooth Tiger with swords and daggers for teeth
    Motto: Paid in Blood
    Seat of Power: The Chalice. A large military fortress it now serves as a border between New and Old Karthar. A red colour still stains the stones from the blood of disobedient or careless slaves who were killed during construction.
    Leader: Pavel Kar
    Responsibilities: The Kar are the primary military force in Karthar. It was they who originally started the rebellion which granted them independence. Now they raise and train the military as well as the slave armies. In addition they are the primary slave takers and raisers in Karthar. As part of military training each soldier must train a slave as either a soldier or servant, using fear and violence to break the person.

    The Altha
    Crest: A skull with rubies for eyes.
    Motto: Ruled by Iron
    Seat of Power: The Altha’s ancestral seat of power, The Bound Mountain, no longer belongs to them. Situated in the centre of the Uyar plains it was one of the first areas to fall during the rebellion and is currently occupied by one of the free slave armies after being looted. The house was able to escape north however, and currently shares a residence with the Kar in The Chalice.
    Leader: Refi Altha
    Responsibilities: The Altha are both responsible for managing the resources and slaves of Karthar. While the Kar raise and teach the slaves once those processes are complete they are handed over to the Altha who put them to work in their mines or are gifted to minor noble families.

    The Tyrar
    Crest: An Owl bursting from a book
    Motto: Knowledge is Power
    Seat of Power: Tower of Tyrar. A massive tower to the countries north-east, it is the largest library in the world. The tower extends underground where the more valuable books are kept while the common books are stored in the upper levels. The tower is surrounded by a fort which is manned by a division of Kar troops.
    Leader: Helian Tyrar
    Responsibilities: The Tyrar are the lore keepers of Karthar. It is they who are responsible for the rumours that surround the noble houses. The books in all three of the great Karthar libraries are under their protection and the people staffing each are all from the Tyrar house. In addition it is rumoured there exists a secret library protected by them which holds books from before the Uen conquest.

    The Freed Council
    The Freed Council are the rulers of New Karthar. Their origins are surprisingly shrouded in mystery. It is know each of them was a slave prior to the rebellion but who owned them and how they orchestrated the rebellion from nothing is unknown. Few slaves are willing to ask these questions however, they are just happy to be free. There are six members on the council, three former military slaves and three former mining slaves. They live in Cretha, the capital of New Karthar. They are currently focussed on negotiations with the lands around them to take on Old Karthar.

    King Egar Sull
    The fifth king in the Sull line Egar is sixty six years old and was known for being a very peaceful king. He has a deep, comforting voice and viewed his people as his children. Despite a rule rife with corruption due to his relaxed attitude he was loved by the people. His sudden change of attitude and interest in joining the Seaboard Alliance has confused many of his subjects and advisors. He has thrown himself into the negotiations and some fear this sudden energy may be too much for the old man to handle.

    Appearance: http://rechka.deviantart.com/art/Old-King-355848820

    The Merchant Council of Aramis
    A council of five powerful merchants who are in charge of Aramis. Like all citizens of the northern island they are bitter about Ue’s treatment of them even a century later. As the elected officials they have the full backing and support of the merchant houses and large supplies of money to fund their interests. Four of the five are invested in minerals while the fifth is a newcomer who has been successful in the livestock industry to the surprise of all.

    The Magelium
    The uniform of the Magelium is a white bodyglove which features a single black line which loops diagonally right around the entire suit. The resulting combination makes it look like a single hand width piece of cloth has been wrapped around the body. It is completed by a gold edged green sash worn in the same direction as the line. The sash has the name of the mage written over the shoulder in small lettering while their rank is displayed in large letter across the chest. All the words are in gold.

    The Magelium Complex
    The Magelium has its own complex in the south of Eul. It consists of ten buildings total, four sleeping quarters, three training centres, a library, and two buildings known as the hands of the Magelium. One of the Hands is responsible for dealing with mages, handing out assignments and dealing with administration matters. The other does the same thing for the Kre’Ue training in the Magelium.

    There are five ranks of mages declared by the Magelium and are related to how powerful the mage is. O-mages are the weakest mage and many ordinary citizens are O-mages without realising it. They are too weak to be of any use to Ue militarily and are ignored. The next step up is I-mages. While still weak they can perform small magical tasks and are relatively common. Most I-mages end up as squad mages in the military. A-mages are your average power mage. They are strong enough to take on a few squads of soldiers by themselves before being overcome by fatigue. They are generally assigned to a company (one hundred soldiers) or division (one thousand) as magical support. E-mages are even more powerful that A-mages and can wipe entire companies out with their magic and take on a Kre’Ue with a chance of success. This level of magic is quite strenuous and they cannot keep it up for long, most of the time they operate at A rank power. A legion (ten thousand) will generally have one E rank mage. U-rank mages are incredibly and in the entirety of Ue there are perhaps a dozen. Seven of those dozen are the archmages who run the Magelium. They are powerful enough to defeat a Kre’Ue in single combat with ease and wipe out armies by themselves.

    The Magelium has a very informal structure that is based on your standing in the eyes of others. A hierarchy exists among the mages that everyone is expected to follow within the complex. Those closest to the Archmages receive the more favourable missions and can delegate tasks to less popular mages. When an assignment requires a leader a favoured mage will often be allowed to choose their team and will often take those they like or those they don’t depending on the expected outcome.

    The Innocent
    A newly formed radical group birthed in the south of Ue, The Innocent believe that the empire’s reliance on magic has caused it to lose touch with the people who are the actual empire. They propose a world where magic is no longer a part of human life and all mages are killed at birth. They believe that Kre’Ue are even worse than mages and the chaos they cause is proof of magic’s evil. Despite how at odds their views are with Ue’s on magic the current situation has provided them with waves of new recruits from Ue and the free cities, even some coming from Jeritah.

    Their symbol is a blade piercing an eye, symbolising cutting a mage’s inner eye out. Their colours are yellow, green and brown, that of a more natural world. They lack a proper ranking system amongst themselves which gives off the feel they are a disorganised rabble. So far The Innocent have made little progress in their war against magic as even trained soldiers are easily defeated by magic. Their goal is to equip their forces in Uyar armour and finally be able to fight effectively.

    Other World Information: Non-Essential (open)
    Other Races (open)
    The Histan
    A race of humanoids which inhabit the mountains that surround the Firelands. They allow traders to pass into their lands but refuse access to any group of people larger than twenty. They are master carvers of stone and marble and their work resembles the architecture in Eul. They live in caves dug out of the mountainsides in small villages of no more than a thousand inhabitants each,

    The younger generations of Histan all look similar. They are human in shape with brown, rock textured skin that feels like leather. Their hands and feet end in talons that can be used as weapons but are primarily to assist in climbing. Their eyes are a solid black and grant them perfect night vision. The older Histan, those from the original generations who are still alive, vary greatly in appearance. Some have weapons for hands or extra arms. Others look like rock golems and are ten feet tall. The Histan are very secretive of their origins and it is not known why they are so different.

    Every tenth Histan in a mage of A to E rank power. They use a special type of magic known as earth magic. It is resistant to the live magic that human mages use and an A rank Histan mage can easily overpower an E rank human mage. However earth magic requires the use of a node to draw magic through. Nodes are found in the centre of all mountains in the Histan range but nowhere in the plains of Ue limiting the power of the Histan. Magical constructs known as bridges can extend the range of a node however they are vulnerable to live magic and can be destroyed quickly.

    The Sereys
    The Sereys are a race of what is best described as sentient water beings who live in the oceans east of Vuehrau. They are not initially hostile but they will ignore most attempts at contact by humans. They have the ability to assume a humanoid form when they are on land to move around however they can assume any form they wish. The only restriction is their volume of water must remain constant at all times.

    They are known to inhabit a large continent to the east far beyond even Veen. Attempts to reach the island have all failed as the Sereys destroy any ships that comes within ten kilometres of the island. As such even its shape is hard to determine apart from descriptions like, “Large”. They are very adept at sinking ships, they are able to create a spearhead of water as hard as steel by accelerating in water and can pierce straight through ships and destroy the keel quickly.

    The few times they have spoken with humans have been difficult as there is no shared language. Through the use of their shape-shifting they have made it clear their island is off limits and said little else.

    Uyar Metal (open)

    Uyar metal is famed throughout the continent for its ability to dampen or eliminate Live Magic. As full plate suit of Uyar metal is enough to protect a person from an I rank mage’s power. Smaller amounts have less effect while larger concentrations, e.g. multiple knights in close range, can nullify an A or even E rank mage’s power. Academics theorise that Uyar metal shares properties with the nodes that power earth magic while other suggest it is connected to the mysterious “Dead Magic”.

    Uyar ore is found only in the Uyar plain in the south of Karthar and is now mostly in the hands of New Karthar. The Bound Mountain was placed on the centre of the plain and is the primary processing facility for the ore. The plain is quite large and is extremely deep, requiring further expansion every few centuries to locate new deposits deeper down.

    Uyar metal is lighter and harder than steel in addition to its magic deadening properties. It has a brownish tinge to it and is dull, giving off no shine. It resists being worked into armour or weapons however centuries of practice have produced methods that make the working only slightly more difficult than steel.

    Karthar, both old and new, has control of approximately 80% of all Uyar metal. Ue has ownership of around 18-19% due to its control of the plain in the first age before Karthar broke free. The remainder has been spread around the world through rare trades and the occasional death of a Karthan noble wearing it in battle.

    The Nra’Ue are the honoured killers of Ue. The name translates to “Un-Hearts” or “Drained of Blood” and is bestowed to those humans who singlehandedly kill a Kre’Ue. While the list is primarily populated by mages there are never many names added before a person, usually an experienced Agent, adds their name with a special mark denoting the kill was made without magic. The list is publicly accessible and it is a habit of the lords to announce when new names are added as intimidation.

    A little stuff about time
    The Barbarian Age – The time from first sentience to Cuer’s birth. Unknown length of time.
    Ue’s First Age – The time from Cuer’s uniting of the tribes until the first collapse. ~3000 years in length.
    Ue’s First Collapse – Greva, Karthar and the southeast secede, roughly a decade in length.
    Ue’s Second Age – The time from the first collapse until the current age. 1023 years in length.
    Ue’s Second Collapse – The Present.

    The Bestiary (open)

    Sabretoothes of Karthar
    The Kartharn Sabretooth is he animal on the crest of the Kar noble house. An adult of the species can grow up to ten metres long though the average sits around eight metres in length. Their height tops out at around three metres and they are about two wide. A fully grown adult weights around one point five tonnes, easily enough to barrel through a squad of heavily armoured knights. The protruding teeth that give them their name are three quarters of a metre in length and can pierce steel at the point though not cut through it with the front. However their sheer size makes them a danger to any human they encounter. The downside of this is that they are quite loud and can be seen coming from awhile away, especially on the plains. They only inhabit the north of Vuehrau and are most populous in the very north of Karthar.

    The Phoenix
    These birds are the symbol of the Firelands and borne proudly on the country’s banners. There are only twelve of them in the world and each inhabits one of the Grevan volcanoes. On the rare occasion that one of the birds dies it is reborn in the volcano it makes its home. Though they are wild creatures they show a protective instinct towards the humans who inhabit the Firelands region and never hunt them unless provoked. On the other hand the only being who has been known to make contact with them is the first Dragonlord who had the ability to command all twelve to do his bidding. The inhabitants of the region believe his commands to protect them persist even beyond his death. Due to the appearance of one above the Gates of Hell many believe that Verkath has inherited this ability at least partially.

    Phoenixes are made of pure fire and have no solidity to them. They do have the ability to simulate skin by creating an air cushion between their “skin” and another person which allows them to be touched or ridden. They are twice as large as adult and have a wingspan of eight metres. They fly twice as fast as a Kre’Ue and are extremely powerful fire mages of a rank higher than E, but below U.

    by http://eedenartwork.deviantart.com/

    Around the length of a lion these yellow skinned reptiles also have a mane like a lion’s. It is made up of eight lone bones that end in spiked tips that naturally puncture the surface of their skin. Between each of these bones is a stretch of yellow-purple webbing. When threatened they will raise the webbing in a threat of their own. If the threat remains they will leap forward and pull the web closed. The air they push out provides a massive increase in their speed (It is known that this is a magically aided process) as they strike making it hard to dodge from close range. The process can be repeated rapidly to cross large distances quickly. They are found all over Vuehrau in plans areas.

    Equilla of Ue
    The Equilla are a type of bird that inhabits the central and southern regions of Ue. Their feathers are primarily a bright blue however the tips of their wings and tail are both gold. They stand as tall as a twelve year old with a wingspan of three metres. Their tails are as long as their bodies and are made of three feathers intertwined together in a braid. When they fly air passes through the braid expanding it into a tube. They have a very sharp beak and are fans of striking very quickly from above. Their preferred prey is smaller rodents however they have been known to attack lone riders, some birds even inhabit regions specifically to ambush travellers. Their feathers are prized decoratives due to their rarity.

    Beurn are grazing herd animals that are found all over Vuehrau. Younger animals are used as pack animals before they age into adults and put on large amounts of fat. Adults are fed for a year before being slaughtered for food. A young beast is slightly shorter than a horse but twice as wide with a thick coat of brown fur. They have large heads with large mouths and two tiny eyes. Atop the head are two horns which start small but rapidly grow in adulthood. Adults are taller than a horse and three times as wide. They are much slower than young animals as they are much heavier. Beurn are peaceful creatures unless directly threatened when they will use their size and horns to chase off predators.

    Ceurallon are one of the top underground predators in Vuehrau and can be found almost anywhere there’s deep darkness underground. On their hind legs they stand at two point five metres in height, on all four legs they only reach one. Rather than having hands and feet their limbs end in a single hard claw. They can walk on these claws however it gives them an awkward gait. They prefer to travel on the roof or walls where the curve of the claw and gravity allows them to travel much faster. They can also flex this claw and rotate it to make movement easier. Their bodies are very muscular and covered by brown or black fur. Their heads are bullet shaped and completely covered in fur. When they open their eyes they are solid light blue with no pupils. Their preferred method of attack is ambushing their prey from above them repeatedly slamming them into the ceiling or a wall.

    A large green skinned animal with a rounded body, large leathery wings and a long tail. It has no legs or arms but can harden specific parts of its tail to allow it to land comfortably. A long snout ending in two large nostrils protrudes from its face below two large eyes. It has no teeth but instead its tongue has a similar ability to its tail. It can control its tongue in all three dimensions due to extensive muscling throughout it. By hardening these muscles it can create a claw like appendage from its tongue which can tear off chunks of flesh for it to swallow. Its powerful stomach acids then dissolve the chunks. It is found in forests and woods.

    Mountain Juroni
    One of the few types of dragon left in Vuehra, Juroni can only be found in the Histan Mountains. They have the ability to breathe fire and are covered by scales of a rocky texture. They are as large as a Sabretooth of Kar with a wingspan of twenty metres. They weigh up to five tonnes and can stand ten metres tall if they rear up. They only have hind legs though they have claws on the tips of their wings they can walk with. A long, powerful tail extends from their read and ends in a large spiked club which can be swung like wrecking ball. They are extremely hostile to humans yet the Histan have been known to form deep bonds with the creatures and even ride them.


    A long crocodile like being with smooth yellow skin, its body resembles a cylinder. Its tail tapers off into a point and it has powerful hind legs that are over a metre long though reverse jointed. The front legs are much shorter but have hooked claws that are excellent for trapping prey. The body is very fluid and agile allowing it to twist around or away from other creatures. The mouth opens by splitting into four quadrants each with a large tooth on the end and smaller ones running down their length. The jaws can also flex and bend but by some evolutionary quirk they are controlled by the same part of the brain and all bend the same way. Its eyes and nose are actually seated on the underside of its head to help with targeting its leaps. It is found along the main rivers in Ue and will ambush prey on the banks or when trying to cross.

    Locations (open)
    Mount Lun and The Und (open)
    Located in the new north of Ue, Mount Lun is the tallest mountain on Vuehrau at three point two kilometres in height. A single narrow path runs up the mountainside and is routinely monitored to make sure it is not hidden by snow or damaged. The mountain is famed for its blizzards which often roll down onto the surrounding plains covering them in snow.

    At the peak of Mount Lun is a fortress known as The Und. Though it looks to be small the fort is built into the mountain’s insides and support far more trainees and workers than an observer would expect. It is one hundred percent self-sufficient thanks to power enchantments that allow crops to be grown rapidly within even in the cold temperatures. There are no magical wards on the path to the Und and no magical installations protect the fortress itself. This is because it is the training facility of Ue’s Agents who are responsible for its security themselves.

    Trainees spend five years at the Und learning stealth, magic, assassination, infiltration and many other fields from experienced Agents. They conduct hundreds of training missions in the harsh condition of Mount Lun. At the end of the five years around twenty percent will pass the absurd standard and be put into service as Agents. The other eighty percent are dispersed among Ue’s elite military units and intelligence networks as field officers where their skills can be put to the best use.

    The Syphon (open)
    The Syphon is a massive, five metre high black stone pointed directly at the sky located at the southernmost tip of Vuehrau. For those who worship the divinity of the Kre’Ue as a while it is a very important sight. It is believed that the souls of Kre’Ue who do not become Lares travel to the Syphon upon their death and inhabit it. Additionally it is believed that when a mage dies their inner vessel transforms back into magic and returns to the Syphon so it can be used to birth a new mage.

    The location of the Syphon only lends credence to these beliefs. Situated in a circular bowl on top of a mountain, it is only reachable by a winding passageway where the wind sounds like the screams of lost souls. Smaller obelisks made of a dark, blue coloured stone with filigreed gold lines surround the Syphon in a circle. These obelisks are all perfectly straight and around two metres high. Hundreds of academics, scholars and mages have risked the climb to the area to make a study of the Syphon however none have determined its origin or if it has any use.

    Travelling to the Syphon is a dangerous task and the unprepared are likely to find themselves dead before they reach the mountain top. Equilla are known to pluck climbers off the side of the mountain and fling them to the ground below for an easy kill. Ceullaron infest the mountain caves that litter the outer surface and can strike quickly when a traveller attempts to pass over one. Even the wind has been known to call to climbers and convince them they can find the answer, if only they jump into the sea below.

    Dune and the Artefact Ruins (open)
    The Ruins are a large underground complex situated beneath the city of Dune in south eastern Ue. It extends for an unknown distance underground at to the sides and is completely underground with no clues to its existence aboveground. It was discovered shortly after the city was erected towards the end of Ue’s first age. It is inhabited by a large number of dangerous creatures found nowhere else in Vuehrau. Despite the possible historical discoveries within it remained largely unexplored until the second age.

    It was then that a group of mages entered the ruins and descended three levels. There they discovered the Wall of Artefacts upon which resides the only knowledge of Cuer’s artefacts. The discovery prompted a frenzy of exploration in the ruins as dozens of adventurers hungry for riches searched for more clues. However the sheer number of people exploring within not only agitated the monsters within, it also damaged the structural integrity. After dozens of deaths due to attacks and three cave-ins the Lords declared the ruins off limits without a sanction from their offices.

    Though the Lords of Magic have kept a small, well equipped team investigating the ruins there has been little progress made since the discovery of the wall. Experts estimate there are at least ten levels of which explorers only reached the fourth. They also estimate the damage done to the Wall was due to a type of fungus that may not have been able to survive on the lower levels meaning writings could have survived further down.

    Elith Faar (open)
    The largest of the Greva range volcanoes and home to the capital of the Firelands, Elith Faar is a symbol of power and oppression. The great city of the same name was carved into its flank from multiple titanic slabs of obsidian that had been formed during the eruption two decades ago. It’s situated around halfway up the volcanoes flank with an obsidian path leading to the base.

    The city itself is dark and full of danger. The rock was not carved smoothly and the inhabitants are covered in small scars from being cut by it wherever they touch the buildings. The Clutch have no will to change this, as it makes the populace careful and intruders are easy to spot by their smooth skin. Despite being on a volcano there is little light in the lower levels of the city and large gangs rule with fear in the dark. There are also rumours that the city itself is alive and will devour the unwary who enter its depths.

    In the upper levels are the palaces of the Clutch. They live in great mansions designed to showcase their power and control over the city. Rivers of lava provide the lighting as well as being anti-siege weapons if the city is attacked. A side effect is that the palaces are all extremely hot inside. There are twelve palaces in total, one for each of the Clutch, and they are all joined together as if they could become one giant structure. A wide obsidian path leads from the city proper to the palaces.

    The Gates of Hell (open)
    The Gates of Hell refer to the two mountain passes leading into the Firelands from Ue and the free provinces. They have been heavily fortified since the Clutch assumed control of the Firelands. The passes are around two hundred metres long each and are filled with traps and monsters, with forts built into the mountains on either side to rain down fire on any invaders. Ue has spent weeks planning an attack however they have found no way through without extreme losses, barring the full application of the Magelium which is currently impossible.

    At least two of the Clutch are at each gate at all times leading the defence. A phoenix is also seen above the gates occasionally, intimidating the Uen armies waiting nearby who remember their involvement in the first collapse. Lava is used heavily in the defences and there are reservoirs around each fort that can be used for defence and path obstruction. Even the wildlife seems to have allied itself with the Clutch and has lent its own strength to the defence of the region.

    Miranda’s Haven (open)
    Miranda’s haven is located to the south and slightly east of Eul near the Uen border. Before its current occupation it was a town that had been abandoned for the last three centuries. Her followers were happy to help restore it to working order, cleaning out the houses, repairing them and seeding the fields anew. It could comfortably support five hundred people however there are currently eight hundred there with more coming in every day. In such an impossible situation Miranda has begun looking for a new place to take her followers. She knows she needs a large place, but one also far from the wars and bandits, for her reputation can only protect them so long.

    Lireaha (open)
    The capital of the sea kingdom Jeritah Lireaha is a very appropriate. It sits upon the shore on a protected cove. High mountains surround the massive port within that break up all but the most violent storms. Over one hundred warships can be docked at any one time alongside fisher boats. Those hundred warships are the city’s personal protection fleet and patrol the waters around the city watching for any pirates or intruders.

    The city is built to resemble stormy sea which is clear in its architecture. Buildings resemble waves from the base upwards with one side rising up and curving over the top. Larger buildings have multiple curves making up their body. The great sea palace is where the current king lives and is in the very centre of the city. Unlike the other buildings it resembles a torrent of water being sucked up into the sky, a large circular base thinning out to a point at the top. Coming out of the point is a constant stream of water drawn from the cove’s deeps. The water arcs over the city and pours back into the cove. When the city is threatened by invasion that water flow can be directed and increased to create a downpour strong enough to wash a ship’s deck clear of sailors.

    The Lares are the spirits of Kre’Ue who have died that are still worshipped by the people of Vuehrau. They are often immortalised in statues where they are most revered. In rare cases they have the power to manifest as ghostly form at these sites and give advice to their worshippers or other Kre’ue. They do not have the power to interact with the world or change anything as far as is known. They can only speak. Some famous Lares are Grun of Ue who has a statue in Eul, the first Dragonlord who has one in Elith Faar, the Sea Queen of the Shattered Isles who has statue on every island and Vend MountainBreaker who has a statue in Iluo.

    The Karthan Sky
    The sky above the Karthan region is orange instead of blue. It is purely an aesthetic difference and has no effect on the RP apart form a different type of lighting in the north.

    1. I’m the GM so what I say goes.
    2. No god modding or meta gaming.
    3. Please try to post at least a paragraph unless you are in a conversation.
    4. One character per player
    5. Don’t kill off another player’s character without their permission. As the GM however, I reserve the right to kill off characters if I feel it is realistic or appropriate.
    6. If you are inactive and hold up the plot for around a week I will take control of your character just long enough to move the plot along.
    7. No perfect characters, Mary Sue’s etc.
    8. There’s no posting order, however you may only post once between each of my GM posts for your character.
    9. All posts must be in third person
    10. I reserve the right to add or change rules as the RP goes on.

    Character Sheet
    Age: If you're a Kre'Ue older than 30 you're part of the previous generation before thousands were born, something to keep in mind.
    Race: Kre’Ue or Human Mage
    Country of Birth:
    Affiliated Country: Whose side your character is on? This can be different to the birth country, and may even be “None”.
    Position: What is your character? Are they a traveller, a bard, a merchant, a knight? What word they would use to describe what they do.
    Character’s goal: Think big for this, it is your character’s long term, ultimate goal. Things like “Infiltrate the Firelands” or “Become respected in the Magelium” are short term. Things like, “Destroy the entire Clutch and free the Firelands” or “Assassinate all seven Lords of Ue and collapse the empire” are appropriate for here.


    Mage Only
    Power rank: E, A or I

    Kre’Ue Only
    Form of Flight: Don’t be afraid to be creative
    Unique Powers:




    Trivia: Anything you would like to add that doesn’t belong elsewhere.

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  2. Name: Syrix

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Race: Kre’Ue

    Country of Birth: Firelands

    Affiliated Country: Firelands

    Position: Soldier

    Character’s goal: Replace the Clutch as ruler of the Firelands

    Appearance: Syrix has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He stands 6'1" and has fairly rough and lightly tanned skin.

    Aspect: Lightning

    Form of Flight: Levitation by an increase of static electricity beneath him

    Unique Powers: Ability to summon lightning-
    Anywhere/thing within 50 feet of Syrix and in his line of sight can be a target for a lightning bolt, which will hit right on target about 75% of the time, with the other 25% being within a foot of the target.
    Ability to send electricity through his own body into another object-
    Syrix can send an electric shock through any object he touches. It works just like normal electricity would, and can not pass through materials that act as insulators. However, it is easily transmitted through most metals.
    Static electricity control-
    Syrix can control static electricity in most types of matter within a range of 50 feet. He can use it to levitate other objects in a similar way to his own flight or charge the air or ground to shock enemies that come in contact with it.

    Equipment: Leather armor with small steel plates to protect vital areas and a steel helmet which he uses to cover his face. He carries a lightweight one-handed sword with him to use when he does not want to reveal his identity as a Kre'Ue.

    Personality: Syrix is an extreme cynic. He trusts no one and nothing but his own power. Because of this, it is near impossible for him to maintain any kind of relationship or alliance. He acts cold and unkind to everyone, so he has never had a single person he could call a "friend."

    History: Born to a recent widow in the northern green lands, Syrix's childhood was hard and dull. When he was 12, his mother was murdered by a man she thought was a friend. Out of despair and rage, he brutally murdered the man with his previously unused powers, and he became extremely cynical and was left to fend for himself. Four years later, Syrix underwent the Trance and discovered the extent of his powers. He then left the lands he once called home, joining a nomad group on their way to the Elith Faar. Once they reached their destination, he began living in the city and joined the Firelands army, keeping his powers secret. He remains a soldier and is waiting for the right time to take action to make his goal a reality.
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  3. I have officially conquered Iwaku's weird formatting and labelled the non-essential sections correctly.
  4. OK Penguin your char needs a bit of work. Mainly your unique powers section. You've only listed and both are quite vague. I'll post some examples characters had in the past to give you an idea of what yours should look like.

    Unique Powers (open)
    Example 1
    -- Creature Telepathy
    Lilliana has the unique ability to speak with animals. This includes any animal from house pets to those in the wild, though the skill only works if the animal wants to talk back. An irrational wildcat that's high on the scent of blood will be unable to be contacted.

    -- Flora Manipulation/Creation
    Another ability of hers is taking existing flora and manipulating it. For example a small plant that is close to dying can be made to grow into a blooming flower patch. She can even take an already dead plant and revive it. Alongside the manipulation of flora, Lilliana has the ability to seemingly make plants grow out of nothing. It can be used to make any sort of plant grow including flowers, bushes, and even very large trees with hardly any expenditure of energy. {As a note: Lilliana can bend the plants to her will, even being so talented that given the time she could build a very intricate tree house out of a single seed.}

    -- Butterfly System
    While the skill might seem strange, it's very useful for keeping track of the goings on around the world. Using her magic, Lilliana sends out countless butterflies to fly to different areas. Every single butterfly created has its own specific purpose. Several are stationed to stay in a single town and collect information, however most of them are runner butterflies which relay information from a stationed butterfly to Lilliana herself – there are several runners for every stationed. They are all the same blue colour, matching her own wings, and if one were to die then Lilliana would know right away.

    Example 2
    - Enraged Strength: His least "flashy" of powers, and defiantly most simple. At will, Mael's strength surges to ungodly levels. No matter what, this ability makes him incredibally strong, but it does scale with how angry Mael is at the time. If he is calm, he simply has the strength to shatter stones or punch through armor like paper, but if Mael is infuriated, his power could be compared to the strength of dragons.
    - Healthy Determination: Though all Touched are quite hard to kill, Mael takes this to a new level. His body heals scratches in seconds, and mortal wounds are healed overnight. Even a severed limb, or destroyed organ will somehow re-appear in perfect condition after a week or so of rest. The only sign of the wounds he gets is that even the tiniest of cuts leaves a scar, and so his body is decorated with them.
    - Blinding Speed: With a slight whisper and a moment of concentration, Mael can seemingly 'teleport' the the other side of a large room. In reality, it is not teleportation, but a brief moment that Mael moves so quickly that all but other touched and mages would swear he was teleporting. This can also be used for lightning-fast sword strikes, or other quick tasks that immense speed could solve.

    In the previous time I ran this RP Kre'Ue were called Touched.

    It'd be a good idea too to tie your flight into your power. You have levitation already, so adjusting it to something like "Creates a cloud of static beneath him that allows him to levitate" would be good. Once you fix those you should be fine :)
  5. Unique Powers (open)

    I had a feeling I would mess up some things.
    I have fixed it. Thanks for the help/suggestions.
  6. No worries, both of those are good now. Just one last thing is every Kre'Ue has 3-5 unique powers. So you'll need a minimum of one more and then I can accept you :)
  7. Sorry, I must have skipped that part when I read it or something.
    It's all fixed now. Thanks for notifying me.
  8. Perfect, accepted!
  9. Name : Kartër Mürham
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Human Mage
    Country of birth: Unknown. His parents never told him and they were nomads.
    Affiliate Country : None
    Position: Thief , Treasure Hunter, Traveller
    Goal: Find the family treasure with the help of his fathers diary in which lies riddles , clues, and segments of the world map for help,along with peoples names.

    Specialty: Fire and Smoke control and projection.

    Power Rank:A
    Equipmemt: Diary, Smoke pellets, sword, rope, grapple hook, knives of different shapes and sizes, matches, flint.
    Personality: Ccky, arrogant, smart, sarcastic, flirtatious. Prone to breaking out of things.
    History: He has no idea where hes from due to his parents dying early in his life and them being nomads. His father died last and gave Kartër a diary that will lead him to a family artifact that is said to have great value. Henow searches everywhere arou d the world. The diary contains names his father recieved on the search and places where he got close, clues, and riddles to certain areas. Even small mini maps of the lands.
  10. You're pretty much accepted Flash I'd just like to clarify a few things. What do you mean by "Projection" in your specialty? And are you going to design the diary yourself or do you want me to? If you do the former I'll still need to see it to make sure everything in it is fine before you use it.
  11. You can design it but by projection i mean he can create it from nothing just as he can control it.
  12. Cool. You don't need the projection bit then as that's how magic works. You create it from nothing (well technically you're using the background live magic to create it but that's everywhere so its effectively nothing). Accepted!
  13. Out of interest who is reading the spoilers tagged "non-essential"?
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  14. All of the stuff I hadn't already read from the other thread I just kinda skimmed through, mostly just reading things related to the Firelands.
  15. Name: Figwig the Mad
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Race: Human Mage
    Country of Birth: Ue.
    Affiliated Country: None.
    Position: Wandering Potion Maker. Vender of a travelling circus act. Mild diversion.
    Character’s goal: LEARN ALL THE MAGICS!!! GO DOWN IN A BIG BOOM!!!

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Specialty: Alchemy. The ability to take things of the natural world, and speak to it to activate the latent magic within.
    Power rank: I

    Equipment: Portable Backloaded Alchemy Set (P.B.A.S). Journals which recorded interesting events and new alchemical recipes. A big horn to make himself known.

    Personality: Mildly Eccentric. Is usually lost in his own world, and seems to not really be in the real world most of the time. Friendly, and willing to tell of his accomplishments, but not his recipes. There his, HIS!!!

    History: He has lived a normal life, with his magic ability only emerging recently. Being a mundane person, who knew of mages and Kre'Ue, but only recently actually seeing what a mage grows accustomed to as the norm in his childhood, it maddened him slightly to be suddenly shoved into that other world, theoretically. He now wants to explore that world for all it's worth, and does so by use of Alchemy, a functional, if crude, form of magic exploitation.

    Trivia: Being unable to create magic from nothing, but able to release other object's magics through the use of words, he takes the effects he desires, mixes them into a potion or dust, and uses those to practice his form of magic.
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  16. Salsa I'll be replying to your PM soon.
    Also goddammit Im a fool. The map will be up shortly! EDIT: Map is up, above countries
  17. Name: Jerris Athris

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26


    Country of Birth: Aerhaut

    Loyalty: Aerhaut

    Position: Minor Lord

    Goal: Overthrow Hoet and put in place a new government that will truly benefit the people, rather than exploit them.

    Appearance: Tall and well-muscled, with brown hair and blue eyes.

    Aspect: Water

    Method of flight: Blue wings formed from flowing water

    Powers: Hydrokinesis- Jerris can control water as long as it is outside a living organism. Normally, he can control about a large well's worth of water, but when his adrenaline is pumping, he can control a decent size river. He can also generate water from nothing, but this is very taxing.

    State Shift- Jerris can change water to steam or ice, and vice versa

    Aqueous Self- Jerris can transform his body into living water, and slip into spaces he ordinarily wouldn't be able to. He can also adopt a humanoid form like this, with enhanced strength and speed (Think Olympic-level athlete.) He's limited to half an hour at a time in this form, with a one-hour recharge time.

    Equipment: A two-handed sword named Seacleaver, plate armor.

    Personality: Jerris is calm and reserved, a skillful strategist. He is wary of strangers due to being an outlaw. His men sometimes grumble that he drives them too hard, but he does care about them. He still has a love of fine food and drink from his days as nobility.

    History: Jerris and his family stayed neutral in Hoet's Rebellion, and Hoet was content to leave them alone. When they saw how nothing had changed, however, the young Jerris started openly clamoring about the condition of the people. Hoet responded by clapping his father in irons, while Jerris was narrowly able to escape. Now, he leads a band of partisans that strike from the hills and vanish, though they haven't been able to do much damage yet.

    Partisan information

    There are fifteen fighters in Jerris' band. With so few numbers, they have to keep moving, so the most they'll do to make camp is set up a few small tents. An ex-soldier named Marru is Jerris' second-in-command, and Jerris often uses him as a sounding board. The men are well-equipped, but currently are in need of horses to help them transport supplies.
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  18. Good char daird. Just a few minor tweaks. Aehraut is mostly plains and hills, no deserts in the region. If you could also expand a bit on the personality, just a sentence or two more to give a better idea of who he is. Finally just a question about his third power, is there a limit to how long he can be in it for?
  19. Name:
    Maya Iddesleigh




    Country of Birth:

    Affiliated Country:
    (Though Maya does care for the libraries owned by the Tyrar and wouldn't hesitate to protect the valuable tomes)

    Traveling Scholar
    (^Reading every scroll she comes across. Studying with brilliant alchemists. Comparing theories with other scholars^)
    Freelance Guardian
    (^Means that she can be a hired gun for protection. Its like being a mercenary except that she won't take any jobs concerning the war^)

    Character’s goal:
    Reunite with parents.
    Acquire the five artifacts of Cuer and study their magical properties.


    Appearance (open)

    Future Appearance (open)



    Form of Flight:
    Basically anything that she can 'create' that can fly. Be it a flying air balloon, air glider, or even a pair of wings.
    Her prefered transportation is a construct of her own that she drawn and created through manifestation. It had been her first creation that had never seen invented in real life.
    (A sleek black platform that levitated and flew using the magical energy around it)

    Unique Powers:
    Constructs Materialization
    User can create any item they have seen or can imagine and have a good idea how it functions.
    Matter Creation
    The user can create any type of artificial, organic and inorganic matter from nothing, as well as any object. They can shape created matter into any shape they wish and specify what type of material, or layers of materials (e.g., making layers of matter to form a hamburger), or quantity and subatomic structure.
    Memory Duplication
    She can recreate any object she has seen before but only if she had thoroughly studied and examined said item in the past. It can be as simple as the shape and width to the inner mechanisms and magical properties.

    All of this is limited by what Maya knows and perceives about the certain object as well as how much magical energy is needed to manifest it. That and her imagination.
    Life and Death are two very delicate powers. She can only create minor wildlife such as rabbits and butterflies which require a significant amount of magical energy depending on how long they are to live. As for death, Maya can only create life not bring it back.
    She cannot create already magically endowed items but has the power to recreate the vessel and give it a substantial amount of magic energy.

    A journal chock full of research notes and dried plant samples.
    (Any other weapons she might require in the future she can just create)

    Quite, stoic, curious and altogether peculiar are excellent adjectives to describe Maya. Shes the type to remain always vigilant of her surroundings but can be oblivious to the people around her. What that basically means is that she's terrible at reading the atmosphere slash situations or emotions of the opposite party. Then there's the all too infamously blunt but truthful way she speaks. No sugar coating, honey dipping, or opinionated remarks since Maya only speaks from facts and evidence. Though she speaks the truth there are times where she would rather not speak at all (Ex: when you ask about her past, relatives, or her homeland). Now that just translates to the fact that she doesn't have to answer any questions if she isn't inclined to. This could be a form of innocence but Maya has an extremely inquisitive nature that leads her to sometimes get caught up in the least favorable situations though she always manages to get herself out relatively unscathed.

    Maya had been born in the mysterious island of Veen but had never seen a glimpse of her homeland for her mother had abandoned the isolated nation taking Maya with her to the new lands of Kartha. She dreamt of new beginnings and even fulfilled her wishes as she quickly managed to raise a successful trade business. Their fortunes and resources were plentiful and rivaled the nobles themselves. That was, however, before the rebellion that erupted in the far south. So much blood was shed and resources exhausted that it wasn't long before the once prosperous family fell into hard times. It seemed that all hope was lost when she noticed her daughter quickly developing abilities and mistook them for the powers of a mage. As a last resort to save her only child, she used the last of their fortunes to get her safely to the Magelium as a place of protection away from the war. Once there, Maya was educated and raised by the mages. She had always been a peculiar little girl which were likewise to her magical abilities. It seemed that she could only excel in creation magic but nothing else. It wasn't until she had turned the age of fifteen were their suspicions confirmed. Maya was not a mage but a Kre'ue. She was permitted to continue living and studying at the Magelium for she had grown up there and not a single mage thought her dangerous no matter her powers.

    It was she who decided upon leaving the sanctuary of the Magelium to travel the world and hopefully reunite with her parents.

    Maya before the rebellion and as she was living at the Magelium (open)

    Somewhere along the way Maya cut her hair as she deemed it troublesome and a hinderance when she is in combat.

    Fighting Style
    Maya creates weapons similar to tech drones though they harness the power of magic to attack rather than electricity itself. She can control them to fight the enemy without getting anywhere near enough to be harmed herself. Although she does prefer to fight alongside her drones, slashing furiously at the enemy with the speed of an experienced swordsmen. She is also an expert on aerial combat as she uses her 'obelisk' (what she calls her flying platform) when in combat with a formidable foe as it gives her the ability to move and strike at inhuman speeds.

    While Maya prefers to physically attack her enemies she can also do this from afar with the use of her drones and a another specially constructed weapon of her own. A morphable bow that was specially made to shoot either arrows or even whole swords if necessary. Maya might not be a trained marksmen but she was born with the eyes of one. One move she uses as a last resort would be a Series Duplication spell that allows her to multiply objects. Basically when she shoots an arrow (or a sword) she may duplicate it in midair. This limited to range and area as well as the casualities it could cause if one would hit a comrade.

    Drones (open)

    Other Weapons (open)

    She also owns a white bird and uses it to communicate with her mentors back at the Magelium and as an extra pair of eyes from above.

    Pet (open)
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