Lost Girl

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  1. Bo shimmied her way out of the building, limping and groaning in pain as she did so. This was terrible! She needed Dyson, or...or Hale. No! Hale was Ash. And, she'd never gone to Hale in her times of need. Ever. Never. Taking a long look around she started to run best she could towards the nearest bar. She might go in looking like an ugly, bloody mess, but with her seduction skills...she could easily get the health replenish she needed. Yes, she so could. She stepped into the bar, and everyone stared at her. Her eyes narrowed and were solid gold, nothing but gold. She smirked and headed for who she believed to be another wolf in the world of supernaturals. He had golden brown hair, and his eyes were green. He was kind of hot, and he would do just fine for her. Walking up behind of him, she moved her hand to the side of his neck, making him turn. Her eyes met his and she smirked. A rush of longing left him and she sensed it, making her feel in control and amazing. Softly, she moved her hand over his neck and down his chest. "Let's go upstairs, shall we?" She said seductively, and the guy she had chosen nodded eagerly. Taking his hand, she led him up into the apartment building belonging to her grandfather, who happened to not be around right now, and locked the door. She threw him against the wall, jumping and wrapping her legs around his waist, her lips crashing against his and using her hands to, literally, rip his shirt off of his body.

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