Lost but found

You should sleep." she awnsered. "I'll go out and find somthing while you sleep.' she smiled.
He nodded, too tired really to argue. He put up the jerky, hanging it above the fire on a shelf and stumbled into bed, barely getting his shirt off so he could sleep better before collapsing. He was out immediately.
She threw the blanket over him before getting to tasks that she had assigned her self the day before. She picked up a basket and headed into townto get something for dinner,
He only slept for a couple hours, and woke up to an empty house. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he looked around outside for Cara. Not seeing her anywhere, he went back in to pull on a shirt and grabbed his sword so he could search the surrounding area. When he couldn't find any sign of her, he looked around to see if he could find any tracks.

Finally, he found some sign of where she had gone, and cursed his luck. He ran towards town, forgetting his cloak.
Cara woke up in a large bed rubbing her head. She wasnt wearing her own clothes, but she didnt notice, it was the large expand of te room that caught her eye. "Where am i?" she asked aloud not expecting an awnser.
"Your Home." a tall woman came out of the shadows, "And just in time for your corination, Liby."
She remembered it was supost to be her big day but she didnt want it. "I'm not Liby, my name is Cara. Miss lady you've mistaken me for some one else." she climbed out of bed to leave but she was blocked.
"You are my daughter." she stated, a frown was on her lips as she stared at her. "Now get dressed, I expect you down stairs with in the hour."
Cara was frightened. "Durell, i'm sorry i shouldn't have left the house." she sat rocking back and forth on the bed till a maid came in to get her dressed.
Durell ran through town, going straight for the castle. He figured as soon as she entered someone would have informed the guard and had her picked up and escorted. It was plain as day to see that she was the princess.

However, he was stopped at the gate.

"Who do you think you are, kid?"

"I am..." he hesitated. "I am Durell, son of Jesper. He's a commander here. I have come to speak with him."

The guard stiffened at the name Jesper. He knew who Durell was talking about. And from his reaction, the old man hadn't changed one bit in the last few years.

"S-s-sure, go on in!" the guard said. Durell thanked him and ran through, bypassing where his father most likely was and sneaking into the castle. He avoided people and soon found what he hoped to be Cara's room given the two guards sitting outside the room.

"Commander Jesper has requested that I take over for you two. I am his son. He thought this would be a good training job for me," he told the guards. They laughed.

"It will be. If you can handle keeping that girl in there..." one of them joked. "We'll come back after a brief respite. Don't think it would be a good idea to have you up here alone for too long."

Durell couldn't believe his luck. Were all the guards really that stupid?

Once they were gone, he stepped inside.

"Cara?" he asked.
Cara slammed intot he first person to open the door, taking them to the ground. "I'm not LIBY!" she shouted before realizing it wasn't one of the guards. "Durell!!" she hugged him tears of releif rolling down her cheeks. "I thought you would leave me here.!"
Durell, a little confused at being tackled, was unable to figure out how to respond at first.

"Nah, couldn't just let you get kidnapped. Besides, you were the one that said if you were to be here so was I, right?" he said, his cheeks pink.
Cara's grinn widened as she wiped away tears. "Haaa, i thought you didn't like the castle." she hugged him.
Durell sat up and rubbed the back of his head.

"I don't. And I'm sure you'll see why soon enough, but... Well... I couldn't just let you be where you didn't wanna be."
"Your so sweet." she smiled noticing she was on him, scramlbling up her face turned scarelt red.
Durell stood and looked around, oblivious.

"So, we gonna escape or let them have you?" he asked, knowing that even if they tried to escape they wouldn't make it. He could get himself back out of here, but there was no way he could get them both out, since she was the princess regardless of her memory.
"Lets leave i miss home." she looked at the door hoping for an escape.
Durell nodded. He knew that was what she would want. He looked outside the door. Good, those guards hadn't returned.

Turning, he waved Cara close and took her hand.

"Stay close to me. We'll get out of here," he said, "somehow."

Then he began to lead her down the hall in the direction he came from. It would be less traveled by people who would care.
Her shoes made clicking sounds with every step she eventualy was able to kick them off as she was lead in a direction, "Thats the main hall." she informed on memory.
Durell stopped and looked around.

"Well, we don't want to head there. Hm, let's see...." Looking around, he saw a small passageway for the servants and smirked. "Here we go. Come on!"
Durell dragged her along until they reached the outside, only to find the guards that he had sent off.

"Hey, isn't that the princess?" one asked.

"What are you doing with the princess?" asked the other.

"Just a bite of fresh air," Durell responded calmly.
Cara glared at the other guards. "At least when i ask him he'll take me out side." she scoffted turning in a diffrent direction to tdragg him towards the gardens
The guards exchanged looks.

"We won't report you because you obviously don't know any better," the first one said, "but we were given strict instructions not to let the princess out of her room until the coronation."

"Yeah, but so long as there's a guard with her, shouldn't it be fine?" Durell reasoned.