Lost but found



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It was the day she would have become queen, but everything went wrong in a flash.

That night when she fell asleep.

It was quiet way to quiet not even her heels made a sound agasnt the floor as she turned to look around. No one was around not even her trusted advisor. Her long blonde hair hung below her waist swaying as she moved. The room was clean and pure white she reconized it as the ball room in the center of the castle but something was wrong it looked diffrent in a way she couldnt describe. She turned to her left a thought hit her out of no where. Where was her mother? Then it happened a pain in her back suddenly spread like wild fire out of no where it shook her to her knees. She tryed to catch her breath but she couldnt her lungs wouldnt work then her world spun going black.

She awoke hours later she couldnt remeber anything. Who was she? Where was she? She sat up laying in the middle of a large feild with out a moment thought she got up and ran she was confused and scared for her life was she going to die if she stayed any longer where was she where was she supost to go? She couldnt remeber not even when she ran in to him.


He didn't care about what was going on around him. He had long since given up the ways of the world, choosing to live his own way. He built his home from nature, ate from nature. He didn't have any connection with the kingdom, not anymore. He gave up all of that when his mother died and his father abandoned him for the knighthood.

He didn't even know what was going on in the world any longer. He was happy with his solitude.

Then she appeared.
She looked up she had been staring at her feet as she ran, but now she saw a boy a dark haired boy. She stepped back still scared that she didnt know what was going on,thinking he was going to hurt her something in her head screamed to run away but she couldnt move she was frozen in place.

"Who are you?" her voice cracked from lack of use, and out of breath.

She reached behind her her fingers wrapping around a thick branch in case he choose to attack her.
Shocked to see another person after almost three years of solitude now, he almost forgot how to answer. His voice still worked; he tended to talk to himself a lot so that he didn't forget how to. Still, to speak to another human...

Shaking his head, he quickly caught up with the fact that she had asked something.

"My name is Durell. And you might be...?"
She stepped back behind the tree shaking her head.

"I Dont Know." she whispered quietly peaking at him threw sky blue eyes. "I dont remember who I am."

He skirts were torn from where she had been running her shoes had fallen off some where with in the thick veggitation but she wouldnt show him how scared she was so she straightened up and faceed him stepping out of behind the tree
Durell took in the sight of the girl and sighed.

"Well, we have to think of something to call you. I can't just call you "girl" all the time," he grumbled loudly. "Come on, you can think about it on the way to the house. I'll find you something to change into. Can't let you run around looking like that."
She didnt move, how could she she didnt think she could trust the stranger. she looked behind her up at the trees and at the house.

"Cara." she said hesitantly taking a step forward "Call me Cara."

She noticed he was by himself all alone in the woods before she could stop her self the question slipped out, "Where's your family?"
Durell noted the name and nodded. He could remember that, it was simple enough. He shrugged off her question though.

"It isn't of your concern," he mumbled. He didn't feel comfortable expressing his life's story to this girl. Yet, he wanted to know hers. He chalked it up to the fact that he was curious as to why she couldn't even remember her name.

"Do you remember anything?"
She shook her head taking a change following him to the small house.

"No i dont ecept im supose to be some where very important very soon." she mummbled looking down at her torn and tattered clothing wondering why he never awnsered her question.

She began to wonder what had happened to him to cause him to be so far away.
Durell opened the front door do his small home and immediately went to a small chest by the door, opening it to reveal clothing. He found a pair of pants and a shirt and tossed them in Cara's direction. The house was small, with a fire pit off to one side with a dirt clay chimney and the other side with a loft bed. In the middle was a small table and a chair that had several different wooden eating utensils and plates and bowls. Sitting next to the fire was a wash basin.

"Change. I'll wait outside."

Giving her some privacy, Durell walked back outside.
She watched him go holding the clothes before her before getting updressed. she acedently puth the shirt on backwards being to big for her small frame but she was able to get the pair of pants on with out problem. She sat on the bed trying to figure out how to tie the pants when she shouted that she was done.

"I'm Dressed."
After standing awkwardly outside his own home, Durell grunted and entered as soon as heard the okay. Inside he gave her a once over, and sighed.

"What, forget how to dress yourself too?" he muttered, kneeling down to tie the pants for her, carefully avoiding touching her.
A faint blush crept up to her cheeks. As he tied her pants she was embarassed to admit she didnt think she ever did but let him tie it.

"Your home is beautiful." she muttered looking around at the small house she like the firepplace the most it looked like it would be a nice place to curl up in the winter when the snow got to cold to bare.
Durell smiled faintly. If anything, he was proud of his home.

"Thank you. I built it myself," he admitted with pride. He sat down at the table and looked at her. "So..." Durell didn't know where to start. How did you go about helping someone remember something?
She smiled getting up to take a closer look at the house, the clothes she wore felt awqward aganst her skin as she moved like she had never worn pants before but se didnt complain she was happy that she wasnt in dirty clothes. She touched the walls admiring the work that had painstakingly been made to make sure it was a livable place to be.
Durell watched her as she moved around the house.

"Do you have an idea of where you are from?" They were close enough that she was probably from the kingdom, but he didn't want to go there and then realize he had gone back for nothing. It was bad enough that he was even considering escorting her there in the first place.
She shook her head no then looked down at her clothes. She grabbed a hand full of her long blonde hair twisting it up on top of her head in a messy bun and serveyed her looks threw a bucket of water.

"Um can you please take me to town this is....unpleasant." she muttered plucking at the pants she wore.
Durell huffed.

"Town it is then," he grumbled. Of course this place wouldn't be fitting for a young woman like her. She must be some sort of noble, he figured, not even being able to remember simple things like dressing herself and thinking that the best he had to offer was unpleasant, that his home was unpleasant.

He stood and walked over to the bed, lifting the bottom to reveal a small wooden crate and a longer looking box. He opened the box and pulled out a sword and pulled out a cloak from the crate. If he was going to be going back there, he wanted to be able to hide his face. Tying on the cloak and putting on the sword, he turned back to Cara.

"Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to get moving."

Especially since they couldn't really stay overnight. He sure as hell wasn't going to sleep on the floor of his own home, and there was no way he was going to sleep with her on that bed. Nor would he ever think to let a girl sleep on the floor.

Besides, there was still plenty of light left to get to town.
She loved his home and didnt want to leave but she didnt feel comfertable in the clothes he'd given her she looked back at the house.

"When will we come back?" she asked almost impacent so that she could get back in copmfy clothes.

She skipped along beside him on the way to town it loked fimilar when it came into veiw.
Come back? Durell glanced over at her.

"Depends on what we find out here," he replied, surprised that she might even want to return after the way she reacted.

As the town came into view, he pulled the hood up over his head.