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  1. Isaac was drunk. That much was clear as he walked with his friends along the dark streets of the city. The young 18 year old was studying abroad for the semester with a few friends from school and the lot had already been wasted more times than they wished to actually admit. Thankfully he wasn't stumbling about because the road was uneven and if they weren't careful he would end up on his face on the ground. It was dark and the men were still learning the ways of the city at night. Many interesting characters seemed to come out of the wood work and Isaac enjoyed the night life. Running a hand through his messy chocolate colored hair he noticed something along the street. There was money in the gutter outside of a building. His blue eyes lit up brightly and he hurried towards it. Picking the money up he shoved it in his pocket and turned to look back over his shoulders. They were gone. His friends had left him alone on the street by himself. He frowned and felt for his phone. Oh yeah... Lukas had it. What a stupid thing to do. Isaac grumbled under his breath and decided to wait to see if they realized they had left him. This part of the city couldn't be too bad.
  2. Drew just walked out of one of the buildings, saying goodbye to a faithful costumer of his. The other guy smirked and pinched his ass, Drew giving him a big smile, which faded as soon as he turned around. That guy was one perv, asking Drew to take part in his most weird fantasies.. but he paid extra for it. $300, which was a lot. One session with Drew costed around the $100, dependend on the other. He would secretly charge more for ugly persons and rich guys. He put the cash into the pocket of his tight jeans and smirked.

    Drew had black hair, that was of course messy. He wasn't born with messy hair, but his profession had made it that way. He had bright green eyes that even looked more green by the eyeliner he did around it and he had a body made by god. He was slim but not overly muscled, he could eat all he wanted and wouldn't gain a pound. It was fucking perfect and he wasn't afraid to use it. But you already know that.

    His eyes looked down the road when he suddenly saw a very confused and probably drunk boy standing, with money in his hand. That was really the only thing he cared about, he wanted that. That was probably why the guy was here anyway, the red light district was one block away, the brothel Drew worked was just slightly outside it because it wasn't a very famous one. It was one for middle aged guys that didn't want to tell their wife and children they were into dudes and who still needed to get their weekly orgasm. Drew walked up to Isaac and smiled his charming smile with his angel like face. "Are you lost darling?"
  3. That was a legit question. Was he lost? Isaac looked down at the sidewalk as though a map would appear and tell him what way to turn to get back to his apartment. His eyes then flickered upward to the man who had spoke. His left brow quirked. This guy was hot. Like really, really holy shit are you even real, hot. Isaac quickly went to fix his hair trying to keep it down but the attempt was in vain and he cleared his throat lightly. "I uh... I um... I have no idea where I am." He admitted sheepishly and brought the sleeves of his dark blue hoodie over his hands nervously. "Do you know where I am because that would really help me know where I am.." Oh no he was rambling now due to the alcohol in his system and the amazingly attractive man that only stood a few feet in front of him.
  4. Drew giggled cutely when he saw Isaac's reaction on him. He stepped a bit closer and held his arm and pouted. "But we just met" he then smiled. "We can go inside and you know, get to know each other better" he said so innocently it actually sounded like he just wanted to get to know him, which was not the plan. The plan was to get the money from the dudes hand into his pocket. It was only 50, but he was cute so it would do
  5. Isaac had no inhibitions and didn't see why this could possibly be a bad thing so of course he agreed with the beautiful angel-man. "Sure. I don't see why not." He replied and looked around the street wondering where this man lived, he didn't see any houses near by. "Where are we going to though?" He asked and rubbed at his eyes, letting out a soft yawn. He was getting tired now.
  6. "Just come with me" Drew said and smiled again, taking Isaac towards the Brothel. He hurried inside, hoping the other male didn't know what the building was and that none of his colleages decided to show up. Probably not, most of them were probably smoking. Drew was the jewel of the place because he was the only one that actually took care of himself. He knew that looking good meant costumers and costumers meant money. His room was the top room and the biggest of all. Most rooms just had a kingsized bed in it and a closet full of... things.

    Drew took Isaac into his 'office' and closed the door behind them. A huge four post bed was the eye catcher of the whole room and most people directly fell in love with it. The whole place had an erotic sphere, being red with black. He looked at the bed and was relieved to see that somebody had cleaned it up for him, changing the sheets into new fresh ones. Nobody loved fucking in somebody else's cum. He sat down on the edge of it. "So, are you a tourist?" Drew asked because Isaac seemed to be so clueless of the place he had decided to be lost in
  7. "Um, no actually I am a student at the university this year. I am studying abroad." Isaac replied as his eyes flickered about the room, over the bed and the walls. "What is this place? Is this like your apartment or something?" Isaac asks and crosses his arms over his chest now. "It's really nice in here." He sighed and walked over to the bed to touch the post.
  8. "it is yes" Drew said and stood next to him, maybe a bit to close. He smiled at him and looked up and down his body. He actually was kind of impressed, handsome men like this didn't visit often. "I think you look really good" he whispered seductively and then giggled. "sorry, that was inappropriate of me"
  9. Isaac swallowed visibly and nodded slightly. "Thank you for that." He mumbled and ran his hands through his hair nervously. He leaned on the bedpost and looked down at Drew. He was thinner than Isaac was and his eyes were piercing. Isaac felt a bit uncomfortable like he was being x-rayed by the piercing green irises. "It wasn't inappropriate it was flattering." He admitted and a small smile formed across his thin lips. "But I don't look nearly as good as you do." He replied shyly and chewed lightly on his lower lip.
  10. Something suddenly dawned on him... This person thought that Drew really was a nice guy who helped someone they found lost on the streets and he knew Isaac was flirting with him because he actually wanted, not because it was civil to give a whore a bit of praise to. He was using him. He was always using every customer but this time it was different. Isaac was no costumer of him, just a lost nice gut. Drew looked away with guilt. "you should... Leave" he whispered. He needed the money to pay back but 50 could wait. "I wasn't honest you should leave"
  11. Isaac looked at Drew and frowned. "Uh... okay. Mind walking me out then. I don't think I would be able to find it myself." Isaac wasn't sure what he thought was going to happen with this guy but now he seemed to have a change of heart. He took one last look around and went to reach for his phone again. It was still with Lukas of course. "Can you also tell me where I am please? I really am quite lost in this part of the city."
  12. "res light district" he said bluntly and someone opened the door. "Drew" a boy around 19 said. "this guy wants you involved and then we'll get 500 each!" he said wide eyed and then noticed Isaac "oh I didn't know you had a costumer" he looked a bit better "geez, handsome fella, you're lucky" he winked at Isaac "Drew is good at what he does" it was now Drew's time to get wide eyed and his colleague left without answer "I..." he wanted to apologize but looked away very embarrassed.
  13. "Whoa..." Isaac muttered when he realized where he was exactly. The group hadn't realized how close to the red light district they really were and that would probably have deterred them from the bar they had chosen that night. That kinda shit was something that they were not interested in. Isaac blushed a deep red when the other man came in and immediately felt bad when he left without Drew. That was a large sum of money. Isaac turned to face Drew. "Uh... You can go and join them, I can just find my way out." He could see the others embarrassment so he offered a faint smile letting him know that it would be okay.
  14. Drew looked at him and frowned. Was this guy serious? He nodded, he should probably go follow Ian downstairs because he could use that money. He didn't like treesomes but it was still 500 bucks. "I am sorry that I tried to seduce you in a wrong way because you really seem like a nice person and if it wasn't for what I do I would really have tried to... Flirt with you for real" he rambled. Drew didn't do relationships anymore, it was impossible
  15. "It's okay." Isaac gave him a friendly smile and a shrug. "Honestly... I should not be here anyways... I mean you're very attractive and all but... I should be going. Maybe we will run into each other some other time around the city." He grinned and pulled his hoodie tighter around himself. "Honestly. Go make money." He chuckled and walked towards the door. Isaac was nervous about walking through the brothel but he would be able to make it out now that he knew exactly what it was. "Bye." He waved at Drew and walked out into the hall and down towards the stairs that lead outside.
  16. Drew was surprised that Isaac wasn't weird out about this whole thing and watched him go before going to Ian's room, getting to work.

    It was a few hours later around 5 am, he was walking towards his home. It was not much and Frederick paid everything for him. He had a contract with till he was 25, unless he still hadn't paid everything back. He had drawn it when he was sixteen to pay for the treatment of his sister, with no result. She had died... And it sucked that he still had to do this for another 5 years.
  17. Isaac had walked back into the streets a bit more sobered up now. The red light district. Hm. Well now he knew where that was. He began to walk along the streets and finally found the right one where his apartment was located. He went up to his bedroom and fell asleep thinking about the little adventure he had that evening. He hoped that he would somehow come across Drew again someday but the likely hood of that happening was slim. It made him sad and he drifted off to sleep.
  18. Drew's day looked the same everyday... Getting out of bed, going to the brothel and get fucked till the last costumer was gone and then give the money to some guy that worked for Frederick, get a drink at the bar Four Roses because his live was shit and he found that he had a right on that and then go back to bed. It was exhausting, it truly was.
  19. Isaac and his friends were out one night, late, and found a place called Four Roses. They decided to check it out and get a few drinks. School was two days away and this would be the last time they would do this.... until the weekend of course. Walking inside Isaac ordered a beer and they found a table together. Looking around Isaac scanned the crowd and just about pissed himself when he saw someone he recognized. His name was Drew, right? Yeah that sounded right. The guy with the mesmerizing eyes. Isaac decided he would wait to approach just for now.
  20. Drew was wearing normal clothes, not so incredibly tight. A Bordeaux red hoody with a black shirt and normal jeans. He had wiped his eyeliner off and he looked a more natural kind of handsome. He ease stating at his drink, not paying attention to his surroundings at all. He was deep in thought
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