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  1. Unable to see from her right eye, gashes all over, bruised, and several broken bones, Shadow Runner stumbled out from the hidden room in the bar, which was now closed, and then out to the street. She could feel every painful beat of her heart, trying to keep her alive. Every breath was like a stab through her chest. She could feel her ankles throbbing and her knees giving way. Collapsing on the side of the street, Shadow Runner whimpered softly, her eyes closing despite her struggle to keep them open. She stayed awake, waiting...
    For what, she knew not of. Safety? Death? Rescue? Morning? The pain to fade? She huffed softly, the action causing a low, pain-filled groan to escape her and she curled up slightly, her cloak covering her mostly from the cold night, her black hair a mess, only half-covering her bloody, dirty face.
  2. Jasper walked down the street from the pub, going home from a meeting with his friends. He wasn't so far from his home and made out a woman in armor in the distance, with multiple bruises and injuries on the side of the street. Startled by the woman, he knelt down and asked her if she was okay. Of course she isn't, you dimwit! Although his mind said no, he proceeded to ask. Getting a moan of pain in response, taking that as a yes, Jasper decided to suddenly pick her up and carry her over his shoulder to his house.

    Jasper had arrived to his house, and opened the door. He walked to his bedroom and set the mystery woman down and walked to his kitchen to get her a snack. He set an apple on the desk near the bed, and walked into the kitchen to get himself a snack as well. Walking back into the bedroom, he sat down on the bed and looked at the person he'd decided to save right out of the blue. ''Hello? You awake yet?'' he asked.​
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  3. Caught off guard by the sudden and extreme pain of being moved, She inhaled sharply, seeing stars. She tried to say something, but no sound came as her mind faded and she passes out, carried by some stranger who'd said something.

    Shadow woke up on something soft. She frowned slightly. Upon hearing a door, her hand closed around the knife on her hip and she barely managed to open her eyes. All she saw was darkness in her right eye, but managed to make out a blurry figure with her left. He said something....
    "Hello? You awake yet?"
    Shadow managed a weak nod, releasing the knife on her hip to rest her hands on her stomach. She closed her eyes, but did not sleep or pass out. "Who...?" She mumbled, her voice hoarse. She winced as she spoke, but it was important.
  4. Seeing her eyes open and close again, Jasper stared kindly at Shadow. ''Who...?'' He chuckled. ''Hey, don't move. You're in really bad shape... Anyways, my name is Jasper. Jasper Vega Lincoln, but Jas is fine. I got you an apple right there.'' Jas pointed to the tiny desk next to the bed. ''I'm forgetting something... Oh. Yeah, medicine.'' He walked out of the room for a brief moment, and returned with a cloth damp with vinegar and more cloth for bandaging. ''This may burn a bit, but it's better than dying.''

    After Jasper cleaned the wounds and bandaged them, he brought Shadow a cup of water and sat on the bed again. ''So... What's your name and how did this happen to you?''
  5. Shadow only bit her lip as the vinagar burned her wounds. It hurt, yes, but she was more or less concentrated on staying awake than she was the pain. "I...thank..." She groaned softly as she tried to speak. "I go...by Am-" She stopped, closing her eyes a moment. She didn't want to give him her real name, not yet. "Shadow...Runn...Runner." She said weakly. "Attacked...by-" She was cut off by a violent cough which, for the temporary moment, deemed her voiceless. She shifted, only barely managing to sit up, leaning against the pillows behind her. She stared at Jas a moment. "Thanks..." she muttered quietly, her voice barely more than a whisper.
  6. ''Whoa, you shouldn't move. It'll cause you more pain. Well, Shadow Runner seems too long. I'll call you Shadow, instead.'' Jasper seemed to be very calm. ''You should drink the water. It helps. Well, it is quite late, I'm going to get some sleep. You stay in here...'' Jasper walked to a cot, laid down, and shut his eyes.

    The following morning...

    Jasper woke up early, and walked to the nearby spring to clean himself up. He bathed, dried himself off, and redressed in his usual attire. He walked back home and checked that his temporary tenant was still sleeping. Smiling, he walked to the market to get 2 steaks. Tossing them in his furnace, he sat at his table thinking about what Shadow could do to him. Most fearfully, she was dressed in assassin's attire and he may be a target. He kept on pondering these thoughts, and waited for the steaks to cook.
  7. Shadow sighed, but said nothing, relaxing back into the soft sheets. Almost immediately after he walked out, she drifted back to sleep.


    Shadow whimpered softly, hiding her face from the sun. Her head hurt badly. She shifted, forcing herself to lay on her side. It hurt at first, then returned to the dull ache it was. She closed her eyes again, but did not sleep. She wondered if her rescuer, or who she hoped was in fact rescuing her, was awake yet.
  8. Noticing the steaks were almost done, Jasper walked to the bedroom and said ''Shadow, are you awake? Food's almost done!" Once again, he put on that reassuring smile, and sat on the bed.

    ''It is odd that I did rescue you, but you're human, like me. I noticed you are an assassin, but if someone is truly human, they wouldn't leave someone to die, would they?''
  9. Shadow nodded weakly. "I-I'm..up." She said quietly. She shifted so she could face him as he spoke. "I...guess not...b-but..some people....would. Most a...assassins...would." She said with a weak shrug. She blinked, her eyes closed for a moment longer than an actual blink. She sighed. "Th...thank y-you for taking c-care of me.." she said weakly.
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