Lost and Not Found

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  1. The crackling of the leaves under her black and white Vans sounded loud as ever. Everything seems overly loud at night.

    Why was she even here? Oh yeah, she was supposed to be picked up from the park. Why not just walk around she thought? They'll be here soon, she said.

    Now she found herself wandering around some types of woods all alone, lost. No idea of what direction to walk in, no sense of where is where.

    She walked slowly, her feet dragging as her body longed for sleep.
  2. "Is this a dream?"

    He could not recall as he spoke those words. His mind was so muddled as if he wasn't quite awake. His steps were so sluggish, but moving with certainty. He thought there couldn't be anymore forest to trek through, but he passed tree after tree. He had to be close to leaving at some point. How had he even gotten here? This place without time or bearing has suddenly enclosed him. Did he wander into here or perhaps he was brought here?

    He stopped to take a quick breather. His hand brushed his black and now dirtied hair. As sweat came off his hand, he saw a something moving slowly in the distance. It appeared to be a woman, but shadows often tricked him before.
  3. She sat in a tree, her one good eye watching the two, studying them. 'Two.. Must be fresh..' She thought to herself. She, unlike them, knew how she got here. Or did she? The memory came and went. But that didn't bother her. She belonged here.

    She wore a uniform for a private catholic high school and appeared to only be 15. Her knees scraped but didnt bleed since they were more at the healing stage. The younge girls once pretty face was now bruised and scrapped from the woods and often wore a harsh, cold look. Her fiery red hair fell just an inch or two past her shoulders, all frizzy and messy from the wind. She had one bright green eye and the other, hidden under a white eyepatch. Under it lay a blue fake eye. Her face, hands, an legs were smeared with dirt.

    Sitting in her tree, she swung her legs. She thought of weather she should made her presence known or not. She decided to climb down a branch before she made a decision.
  4. She heard something, 'what was it?' She was not an outside person, so she wasn't familiar with many of the sounds of the woods.

    She stopped and looked around, her pupils dilating as her mind started to scare her.
  5. The girl settled on the branch a little below the one she was formally on. Squinting, her green eye travels over to the female. She appeared to be looking around. Had she heard the male? She was certain she was silent while climbing down. But then again, her mind tends to wander and when it does she grows careless and oblivious.

    Shrugging, the girl began swinging her legs and smiling. She didn't quite know why she was smiling, but she felt as if these new comers might provide her with some entertainment. She had been longing for someone to play with or a while. She as childish in that way.

    Though the girl never got up. She just kept swinging her legs and let her one good eye stay trained on the other female on the ground. She no longer payed much attention to the male. Though, she had a thing where she never trusted males. The memory why, as everything else, came and went and it never bothered her.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.