Lost and Hurt

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    "Leave me alone!" Amey yelled, her voice cracking with emotion as she ran around.
    Jake tried to grab her, but missed again. "Amey, come back! Violet, come help!" He said, glancing back at his younger sister, Violet, as he followed Amey.
    Violet followed in the shadows, her hood pulled tight over her head. She kept a watchful eye out for someone. She hated seeing her sister like this, let alone letting someone else. They might try and take her away.
  2. Liam was just walking around, exploring "Hmmm, back in my home town..." He said as he walked slowly through. He saw someone chasing a girl and he smiled thinking they were just playing but the little girl was crying really hard, he charged really fast toward her, looking at what to catch her attention with, Hello Kitty stuffed animal, he grabs it and runs, "Hey! Little girl! He said, he heard one of the guys yell out 'Amey' "Amey....whoa whoa, come here. Hey, here here, take this. Where are your family? Why are you crying? Hun?" He said grabbing Amey looking around for the people who might be searching for her.
  3. Amey stopped, covering her face with her hands as someone grabbed her. She hesitantly took the toy and pulled the strange man into a hug, burying her face in his arms.
    Jake came up behind him and practically collapsed with relief. "Dude, thanks. I owe you one." He said, catching his breath.
    Amey started to answer in the midst of her crying. "M-m-mommy and d-d-daddy are d-d-dead and i-i-i-it's not s-s-s-safe and I-I-I'm scared.." She stopped trying to talk and just stayed close to the strange man.
    Violet came up behind the group and set a hand on the stranger's shoulder, kneeling down. "Hey, sorry about my little sister." She said, pulling her hood back.
    Amey looked up and paused, cuddling close to the man.
    Jake sighed, rubbing his neck. "She's done this for the past three days..only this time she wasn't gonna come back."
    Violet nodded as she watched Amey, worry hidden behind the stern look in her eyes.
  4. "Now now, everything will be ok, Amey. I promise." He said as he held her in his arms. A guy who seemed like the brother thanked him, but didn't seem right to let the little girl, she was buried in his arms, a beautiful woman came up behind him, and apologized, he picked her up "Hey, Amey, if you put a smile on your face, I'll buy you Ice Cream, what do you say?" He said trying to cheer her up with a smile. He looked at the other two as well.
  5. Amey laid her head on his shoulder. "A-are you s-sure?" She glanced at her siblings and blinked a few times. "O-o-okay.." she said, drying her eyes with her hand before giggling a little, noticing Violet had taken off her hood.
    Jake smiled as Amey had stopped crying. "I'm Jake, the oldest. That's Violet, younger sister. You've got to have something with kids to calm her down." He said, running his hand gently through Amey's hair.
    Violet shrugged, pulling her hood back over her head as a few people passed by. "Jake's right." she said as he mentioned the guy's knack with kids. "She finds very few to calm her."
    Amey let out a small, contempt sigh, hugging the man's neck.
    Jake removed his hand from Amey's hair. "What's your name?" He asked the man.
  6. " Their you go, Amey." He said smiling he was going to put her down but she was holding onto him, "Yeah, don't know what it is but kids love me...plus I have sisters and brothers..so yeah" he said, and shook Jakes hand and looked at Violet and shook hers more softer. "I'm Liam, Liam Naragon." He said as he was walking with Amey, "And who's this beautiful young girl? Huh?" He said as he poked her cheeks, and chuckled.
  7. "A-amey Macero. I'm six." she said, giggling.
    Jake chuckled. "She's really proud of that six."
    Violet smiled a little at Amey as she walked one pace behind them, but her face was hidden by the shadow of her hood. She kept a sharp eye on everyone around, most of them recognized her and waved, but she just nodded at them.
  8. He gasped playfully "Amey? Wow that's a beautiful name. What? Your Six? Oh my gosh, that's a big number." He said playing with her, he turned her head and saw Violet slowing her pace and everyone staring at her he stopped and had her catch up, and looked at Jake then back at Violet, "You ok?" He said, "No need to hide.." He whispered to her s he got closer to the store "Ok, guys, I'm buying, what kind of Ice Cream do yall want ?" He said as he set Amey on top of his shoulders "Ladies first, Amey, Violet?"
  9. Violet nodded. "I'm fine."
    Jake shrugged. "She always does that, ever since..yeah." He broke off, glancing at Amey.
    When asked what flavor, she answered immediately, smiling. "Vanilla!"
    Violet shook her head. "No thanks."
    Amey thought for a moment before whispering in your ear. "Strawberry, that's her favorite. Shhh."
    Jake glanced at Violet for a moment, searching her face to find if she thought something was wrong, but when he thought it was clear, he turned to Liam. "Surprise me."
  10. He chuckled when Amey told him, he walked in the store with her on his shoulder. The guy over the counter, "Hi, can I have 3 Ice Cream cones, one for the princess, Vanilla, one for the ghost, strawberry, and one for the commando...cookie dough." He said with a smile and pulled out his wallet and opened it, he had loads of cash in his wallet, "15.83, sir." The guy said. Liam gave him a 20 "Keep the change he said, and picked Amey back up over his shoulder, and walked over to the playroom, "Want to play?" He asked her.
  11. Amey nodded. "Yeah!" She said giggling. "We should play..uh.."
    Jake smiled. "Bandit?"
    Amey inhaled quickly. "Bandit! Yay!" She twisted around to look at Violet, her eyes pleading. "Pweaase Vi?" She asked.
    Violet stared into Amey's blue eyes for a moment before bending. "Okay, just one game."
    Amey clapped. "Owkay! Vi is the hostage, Jake is the Bandit, and we're the cops!" She told Liam.
    Jake smiled, Taking Violet's wrists and holding them behind her.
    Violet shook her head, but obeyed.
    "Vi, act like a hostage!" Amey said.
    Violet sighed, but put on a fearful face and pulled her knees up to her chin.
    Jake pretended to point a finger gun at her head and said, "Don't move, or little one here gets it." in a gruff voice.
    Amey crossed her arms. "Let her goo! Liam, get him!" She said, concealing a smile.
    Violet ducked her head, putting on a pouty face.
  12. He couldn't help but laugh and chuckle, he saw a soft landing spot behind Jake and winked at Jake and acted like he was gonna charge at him and wrapped his arms around him "Just go along." He whispered and picked him up and threw him like 5 feet away, and landed him softly on the box full of balls, he got in the box of balls and acted like he was cuffing him him, "Now sir I need you too calm down, this doesn't need to be any harder then it already is." He said trying not to laugh "Hope I didn't hurt you." He said concerned, "You got the girl, lil Amey?" He said smiling. "Your Ice Creams are ready guys." A lady said as she came up "Oh yay." He said as he tried to climb out but slipped on a ball and crushed his nuts on the railing "Omph....ahhhh...noooo" he said in a painful but softly tone. He got out and wabbled like a penguin would walk, "Yall ready?" He said in a funny tone.
  13. Jake suppressed a laugh, but went along with Liam. As soon as he landed he started throwing fake punches at him, but purposely missed every single one.
    Amey ran over to Violet, pretending to calm her. "It's okay, the cops are here now. You are safe." She said, giving her a hug. When she walked over to Violet's arms, still behind her back. "Jake! No fair! You used real ropes!" She tried untying it. "I can't untie it." She told Violet.
    As soon as Jake's grip left her shoulder she started moving her arms. She knew he'd tied her arms, so she started on them early. "Amey, get the knife from my pocket." She said, moving her knees so Amey could reach into her jacket pocket.
    Amey pulled out the knife. "How do I open it?"
    "Put one end in my mouth real quick." Violet said, glancing behind her at the two guys.
    Amey did as told and stepped back, hugging herself with her little arms.
    Violet shifted the knife in her mouth until it sprung open, then she dropped it, the blade landing beside her shoe. "Cut the ropes. Please Amey." She added as Amey looked horrified. She hated knives.
    Amey moved the knife gingerly and stared at the ropes before she took a deep breath, clearing her mind and starting to cut the ropes gently.
    "Amey, it won't cut like that. A little more elbow grease sweetie."
    Amey nodded and cut a little harder. The ropes broke free easily, but the knife slipped and skimmed Violet's hand. "Sorry!" She said, dropping the knife and covering her mouth.
    "It's okay." Ignoring the newly opened skin, Violet picked up her knife and put it up before anyone in the restaurant could react to the fact she had a knife. "Good job Amey." she said, ruffling Amey's hair with her good hand.
    Amey looked over to the ice cream lady when she came in. "Yay!" She said, jumping up and down.
    When Liam slipped, Jake was up immediately. "You okay dude?" He asked, stepping forward.
    Violet just looked away, moving her hood to hide her neck.
    Amey just giggled.
  14. He nodded his head, "Yeah, I'm good..." He said still wabbling. He saw Violet put on her hood and saw her neck at the same time and what was on it, he looked away before she saw him. They walked to a table and sat down, "Ladies first, Ms. Amey." He said, the woman came and sat the Ice Cream on the table, his had a note with a heart on it and a number, and she just winked at him. He was flattered but not worth it, "Wow....Jake, you want it?" He said laughing, he looked at Violet and glanced at her neck, then at her eyes, he knew, he could see it in her eyes, that he knew. "You like your Ice Cream, hun?" He said sniling, "You guys as well?" He asked the others.
  15. Amey nodded. "Yummy!" She said, ice cream dripping off her chin a little.
    Jake shook his head, smiling. "Naw dude, she hates me. Great ice cream though."
    Violet barely nodded, watching him carefully. She knew he knew about her locket. She felt the sadness of her parents well up and threaten to crash, so she quickly turned to face Amey, smiling as she realized Amey was dripping. She pulled a napkin from the dispenser and reached over, wiping her chin. "I think you're a little drippy." she said.
    Amey's eyes got real big, but she smiled. "I'm melting!"
    Jake laughed. "You're a little evil princess, of course you're melting!" He joked.
    Amey glared at him, but couldn't contain her smile. "I'm not evil!" It was easy to tell she wasn't offended.
    Violet smiled, but pulled her head tighter of her head as someone behind her looked over and smiled.
  16. They were having fun..he liked that, they were all smiling, laughing along. He'd probably never see them again, but he was hoping he would, but he saw how sad Violet looked, he could see it through her smile, he turned around and looked at the time, the bar code on the back could be barely seen, and looked at the counter and observed for a bot and remembered his tattoo on the back of his head near his neck. He quickly turned around and smiled, "You want a toy, Amey?" He asked her trying to say something before they do. If they saw his tattoo, it had a long long history.
  17. Violet looked up as Liam turned around. Is that a barcode?!? Crap...he's from the government... She dropped her gaze as he started to turn around. He's going to report us..
    Jake looked at Amey to see her answer.
    Amey nodded. "Okay!" She giggled.
    Jake smiled, but it faltered as he glanced at Violet. In sign language, he asked 'okay?'
    Violet nodded at Jake, but she was looking at Amey, her gaze soft as her little sister seemed so happy.
  18. "Ok, sweet! I'll be right back?" He said as he got up and started walking to the counter but turned back, "Need to go to the loo first, be right back." He said as he walked away

    He turned the sink on and rinsed his face off, "Shit....let's hope they didn't see that..." He said as he touched the back of his head. And rubbed it, memories shot through his head. He closed his eyes and walked away and out the rest room to the front counter, "Yeah, um can I get a Hello Kitty Backpack please, for the lil girl over their.." He said looking back sometimes, '23.63' he paid him and stood their for a moment and turned around and started walking and sat down next to Amey, "Here you go, sweetie!" He said with a smile.
  19. Amey's eyes widened at the backpack. She was speechless as she jumped up, hugging Liam.
    Jake gave Liam a 'woah dude' look. "Nice. You'll have to pry her off you now." he said jokingly.
    Violet smirked a little, as this was the first time she'd ever seen Amey speechless. She watched Amey kindly.
    Amey finally found her voice. "Thank you! It's the best thing ANYONE has evewr given me." she said, patting Liam on his head before giving him another hug.
  20. "Whoa, Am..." He said as Amey jumped on him and gave him a big hug which made him tumble to the floor, "Your welcome, sweetheart." He said holding her up and smiling, then looked at the other two and smiled, and then a Violet, he knew the smile she had was a reflection of her sorrow and sadness, he need to do something to change that