Lost and Hurt

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  1. 2014. The world is as it is, but the air is a lot thicker with poisonous chemicals from wildfires everywhere and the daily crashes, gunfights, and so on. Cekirio is the only city in the entire world that has air that is breathable to some extent, plenty of open jobs, comfortable homes, and safety from most violence. Three days ago, the Macero's Family crashed. They're the people who made the masks that filter the air. Both parents were killed. The youngest daughter was injured, her face was a gash on the left cheek and she has a sprained wrist. The middle daughter was left to take care of them, for their eldest brother did not receive the house in their father's will.

    Character sheet:​
    Hello. My name is [insert name here] and I am [insert age and gender here].
    I live in Cekirio because [insert reason here].​
    My family is [insert 'dead' or 'living' here].​
    I am [insert personality here].​
    I have [insert physical appearance here].​
    I usually wear [insert wardrobe appearance here].​
    Character MUST be accepted before you enter IC. Please, try to use correct grammar. Up to 3 characters per person only.​
    IC thread:​
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  2. Hello. My name is Amey Macero and I am a six year old girl.
    I live in Cekirio because that's where my sister and brother lives.
    My family is both. My parents are dead, my sister and brother are alive.
    I am insecure, shy, sensitive, very fearful, and I stick to those who I think will help me.
    I have blonde hair that is cut short and grey, blue eyes. I am 3 foot 5 and very fast.
    I usually wear a pair of black shorts and a bright red tank top with a pair of black tennis shoes.
    Hello. My name is Jake Macero and I am a twenty year old male.
    I live in Cekirio because I was born here. We are safe here.
    My family is living.
    I am caring, watchful, and loyal to my family. I am not very trusting.
    I have brown hair and eyes like my sister, Violet, only my hair is cut short. At 5 foot 7 I am built for strength.
    I usually wear a pair of navy jeans and a white t-shirt along with a pair of grey tennis shoes.
    Hello. My name is Violet Macero and I am an 18 year old girl.
    I live in Cekirio because my parents raised me here for safety.
    My family is alive.
    I am careful, suspicious at others, and quick to react.
    I have dark brown hair that is cut short and chocolate brown eyes. I am 5 foot 4 and I have quick reflexes along with a mind of defense.
    I usually wear black jeans and tennis shoes. I also wear a black hoodie, which hides my navy blue tank top and my mom's locket.
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  3. Hi my name is Liam Naragon, I'm 20 years old. I live in Cekirio because that's my home town, just coming to see my family and visit, but might stay. My family is alive. I'm very caring, smart, doesn't talk much, quick to react, I'm very unique person, perfect with kids. I have dark brown hair but I have baby blue eyes, my hair is cut short but enough for me to make my hair and style it. I'm 5 foot 8 inches, I have a athletic build that helps me with my strength and speed, along with my reflexes, I usually wear pants and a shirt but also Cargo shorts and a muscle shirt and possibly a shirt, with shoes. I have a chain on around me neck that holds a past.And a bar code tattooed on the back of my head with a very big past behind it.
  4. Clu-Fix- Is accepted! Cool character, although the tattoo sounds a little creepy.
  5. Hello. My name is Rene D´Claw and I am a 22 year old female.​
    I live in Cekirio because it´s the only place i can steal and resell beautifull cars! You have to love those nice leather seats, now a days with contamination people pay good money for a good car.​
    My family is mostly dead.​
    I am a strong minded, short tempered person, I love my job and I hate when something happens to my cars. I also happen to be a weapons dealer, but I ather not coment on it... you never know who might be listening... I tend to be a bit rude, and over powering.​
    I have long red hair, and pale skin. But with this sky no one can complain. I have a slim figure, perfect for hidding in the shadows. The rest is unrelevant, I ave light red eyes, im about 1´50´´and I have a tattoo of the Russian Mafia on my right sholder... don´t ask...​
    I usually wear black jeans and a sweater, I dont really wear anything under the sweater but I bandage my chest. It´s much more confortable. I use my hair lose, and im always wearing a pair of sunglasses. Even though I don´t need them, they look good on me.​
  6. Yay!! More peoples XD yayayayayayayay!! Accepted!! Welcome!! Thank you!!