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  1. Name: Hayden Beth Wickory
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: Stands at about 5’11. Thin, fit, balanced curves. White-blonde hair. Green-hazel eyes. Nostril pierced. 0g ears. Assorted ear piercings. Compass star tattooed on the back of her neck. World map wrapping around the top of her left forearm.
    Personality: She doesn't really like too many people. It’s not necessarily their fault, she just likes to be alone a lot of the time. To think, or make things, or just.. to be alone. It didn't feel lonely, it was relaxing. She’s nice enough, but is rather bored of life in this town. She’s tired of having people tell her to act like a Founder’s Daughter. What’s the big deal with being in a Founding Family, anyway? As far as she had ever figured, it just meant that you had some sort of merit to be a rich snob. But no. Apparently it means you are better than all the other rich snobs. For God knows what reason. Not to say she wasn't more than happy to spend Daddy’s money.
    She day dreams too much, and is very artistic, and somewhat adventurous. Generally, the only time the girl actually spends time with others is at parties. Aside from that, she likes to wander forests, or do some sort of arty thing. Painting, sketching, sewing.. whatever.
    History: Pretty general, really. Her family's close enough. Parents are overbearing, but she doesn't think they actually care as much as they pretend to. Maybe that's just teenage angst. Maybe it's clever intuition; who knows. Either way, she's always just felt like she just doesn't quite fit. Most kids her age probably do, but it doesn't feel the same, to her. She's not bitter, or anything. She's got a really pampered life. It just doesn't seem right.Since she can remember, she's had dreams of this other life. Bits and pieces, at first. Then, they just got vivid. It's like she had this second world in her head. So she wrote. Wrote everything out, slapped it on a website, and for some reason; people loved it.
    ((I wasn't entirely sure what to do for history, but.. yeah.))
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  2. "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."​

    Edgar Allan Poe, "Eleonora"


    ௸ Name; Damien Remi L'hereaux
    ௸ Alias; Apollo James
    ௸ Birth year; Was born in New Orleans, 1896. Was bitten around 1928.
    ௸ Appearance; Damien is a tall enough man, standing at five foot elven. His build is muscular, but nothing radical. Dark waves frame his face in a messy way, Damien having a habit of running his hands through it. Dress sharply, Damien never seems to be seen dressed down (blue jeans and a t-shirt are just a 'no'). Using black framed glasses to hide his alluring red eyes, the eye glass makes them seem a dark reddish-brown. His skin a pale, clear white; no scars or blemishes can be seen.
    ௸ Personality; Damien is a sarcastic, self-loathing creature. Poking mean words at everyone, he takes fun in messing with the humans (and even other vampires) around him. Cocky, Damien has a 'better then thou' vibe around him. Regardless of the way he acts, Damien is quite the flirt and a gentleman at times; he is just cruel with his words. However the second his things get touched, Damien has a short temper and will show his fangs.

  3. This is Bethany, btw. The actual vampire girl.


    Dark hair, and would have had no piercings or tattoos.
  4. What a babe~, hellloo nurse~!
  5. She's been writing a lot these days. Really, what else was there to do? Choose a dress for some other pageant that she was inclined to attend? Right. That sounded super fab. She's wear something unlike all the rest, and the same girl that always wins would win again. Nothing much ever changed in this town.
    Besides, all these fantastic ideas and dreams became so much more real when she was writing. Maybe the online semi-fame was just urging her on. Who knows. Whatever the reason, she'd never felt more connected to her characters.
    Tonight, however, she was down at the river. Along with nearly every other teen of the town. It was the mayor's kid's birthday. Every one showed up.
    "Thanks," she smiled, clutching her cup to her chest as as someone offered to fill it. "I'm good."
    It wasn't exactly on her To Do list to end up in some guy's room with little memory of what had happened. Not that the town had many people you didn't know. But that didn't exactly mean she trusted them.

    ((Sorry that was short. At work on a phone, trying to rush something before my break's over.))
  6. {( It's all good dear, I hope work is going fine for you. )}

    Damien felt a chuckle rise up in his throat as he eyed the crowd, it was a birthday party for some snot nose kid of the mayor; what a waste of time. Ignoring the drink offered to him, Damien slipped between the crowds. He was only here out of curiosity, he caught wind of a writer online who was writing about Damien's pasted life. After from information gathering, he was lead to this dump of a town. Ignoring a chatty women to his side, Damien just gave a charming smile and walked off; making some bull-shit excuse to avoid mindless chatter.

    Feeling his temper began to come up, the dead male took to hiding away by a tree by a river and away from the party. He had been here for a few days, having made a good impression on one of the 'finding families' widowed of a wife, Damien was invited to this party by her. He had taken the alias of 'Apollo James', a new comer in town who's wish is nothing more but "To give to my mother's birth town and to really get close to my birthplace", Damien mummered out loud, chuckling. It was such a shitty excuse and cover up; but these snobs ate it all up.
  7. Hayden had managed to find her way to the fire. It wasn't exactly cold out, but the sun was down, and that gave her any excuse she needed to stare at the flames. Someone had brought a blanket, and the blonde had been lucky enough to snag it, so she didn't have to sit on the pine needle coateded forest floor.
    Tonight was pleasant enough. It honestly was less than she had expected, but she wasn't quite sold on heading home yet. Her mom was making something weird for dinner, anyway.
    "So, when are you putting up the next bit?" She heard a voice ask. Turning, Hayden saw a friend making a move to sit with her. "Your story, I mean. I'll admit I want to know what happens with Damian and that witch."
    "I haven't started it, yet. Exams are coming up, so I'm trying to get some study time in." Yeah, right. Damian and Bethany were the only thing she was studying. Trying to figure out their characters more, really. Sometimes she felt so close, like she knew everything. They were her characters after all. She made them. What more was there to know?
    On the other hand, it felt like bits were just missing.
  8. Hearing his given name off a human's lips made Damien frown deeply and turn his attention to two young females. He did not like his name being said by such weak things; just as he did not like someone writing his past with his.... Clenching his hand, Damien started to make his way to the fire, where two girls sat. He wasn't paying attention to them til' he heard his real name uttered. It could just be someone else with the name, but Damien had to make sure. Casually moving closer to the fire as if he was just interested in it , Damien listened in.

    "I haven't started it, yet. Exams are coming up, so I'm trying to get some study time in.", the vamparic male rose a brow, curious as to the other female has not 'started yet'. Maybe she was the one meddling where she should not? Running a gloved hand through his hair, the male rested his other hand in his pocket, staring at the fire in thought. He was not sure if he should try adding himself in their chat, he seemed much older; and as it is, some of the town people were cautious of him.

    "As they should be", Damien thought to himself, a smirk coming to his lips.

  9. There was an odd feeling creeping it's way over her skin. It had started as a prickle. A sensation raising the hairs of the back of her neck. The girl shivered a moment, frowning, before shaking herself off, and refusing the urge to turn herself around.
    It lasted just a moment, soon lost to her her friend pulling her attention away. "Can't you just tell me what's going to happen? I bet he just rips her head off."
    "I haven't gotten that far yet." Hayden shrugs, before noting that odd feeling again. She'd almost forgotten. But it had prickled it's way back, and this time, the blonde found herself turning.
    She found eyes on herself. Amazing eyes. Familiar eyes.
    Dangerous eyes.
    Hayden had dreamed of those eyes. For as long as she could remember, they had been somewhere in her dreams. They were the reason she had ever started writing in the first place.

    ((I can't remember if I had had mentioned or not, but Hayden is meant to look exactly like Bethany. Growing up in a different time, she had bleached her hair, gotten a few piercings, and tattoos, but other than that, they're identical.))
  10. {(Ohh, OH; makes since. Sheeet, welp, I'll just play it off that he didn't see her yet, lololol.)}

    Damien felt anger when the non-light hair colored women spoke up. Damien did not know why, but that sentence just made him want to rip that human in half. Going with his (very violent) gut feeling, Damien assumed he had the right writer. Frowning as he noticed it was indeed a human, Damien felt an uneasiness fill him. More sure that this is the person he is looking for Damien fully studies the (girl, he thinks), the dim lighting was making it hard to see any details so Damien took off his glasses. That is when he locked eyes with...her?

    Red eyes go wide as they stare into familiar eyes. The same eyes Damien found himself staring into and admiring for so many years. Flabbergasted and a little happy, Damien felt himself move two feet before he stopped himself. "No, 'she' is far gone now. There is no way this..This!", unable to insult the look a like, Damien felt his jaw tighten as he forced himself to look away. This had to be a sick joke, right?
  11. ((Sorry this took 5ever. My roomie just got here, so I was cleaning/ helping them move in.))

    Hayden frowned in confusion as the man looked away, breaking the spell. Had he recognized her? He looked so familiar. Did she know him?
    Standing from where her friend still sat, the blonde strode over to the male, brow arched in thought. As she stood before him, she realized she really had no idea what to say. "Do I know you?" seemed just a tad too cliche for her tastes. Then again, it probably would have sounded just a bit more suave than the "Uuuhm.." that her lips released.
    Gorramit. Smooth. Real smooth.
    "Do I know you?" she ended up asking, realizing nothing else really got to it.
    He felt sort of.. scary. Not like Creepy Guy That Shows Up At A Party. Like.. scary. Like how you felt when you were a kid, staying up too late to watch Halloween specials.
    Never quite sure if you'd be caught, straining to hear the television that was on volume 2, just trying not to get too close to the screen in case the inevitable jumped at you.
    It was all very nostalgic, in a terrifying sort of way.
  12. {( No problem or rush~. I hope you and your new room mate get along well. )}

    Damien tensed as he felt someone walking his way. Even if he was deep in thought, a mere human could not sneak up on him. "But is she a human...?", Damien felt his mind echo before the current women on his mind stood in front of him. Raising a brow as he slipped his glasses back on before she could see their color, Damien waited for her to speak.

    When no words came from her mouth but a small string of 'Ummm's, Damien felt a small smile and chuckle leave him. Usually he would be annoyed and say something nasty, yet, with her looking so much like.. Her, Damien could do nothing of the sort. Hearing her finally say something, the vampire male felt an odd sense of relief. Her voice almost sounded like his old mistress's, but her way of speaking and tone were far from the velvety and graceful way his maker would spin her words.

    Noticing his lack of an answer, Damien snorted;

    "A highly doubt you do, chére. Unless you age lovely.", mentally kicking himself for his natural accent and older speech coming out (taken off guard by her appearance), Damien quickly spoke once more, "I'm new in town, I don't know anybody really.".
  13. He was really quite intimidating. Which was saying something, for her. Generally, she just wasn't interested enough to feel intimidated.
    "Oh.." Hayden murmured, feeling rather tiny compared to this man. She wasn't used to feeling short. That, and the sound of his voice made her blush. No one had a voice like that here. Maybe some of the older men, but they didn't exactly make her feel like this.
    This, being a sort of feeling that she couldn't put her finger on. That same sense of scary was there, still. But he was just so suave. Definitely out of place.
    "Alright." the blonde found herself nodding, and moving away from him.
    She hesitantly turned away, walking through the crowd. Something was really just off for her. Turning her back to him felt sickening. All the same, Hayden was leaving the party. She wanted to get home, and lock herself up.
    Was he wearing sunglasses? At night? In the middle of a forest? Why the hell would someone be wearing sunglasses in the dark. Despite the feeling of pressure in her chest, the girl found I Wear My Sunglasses At Night playing through her head, and heard herself chuckling at it, alone in the middle of trees. She'd gone a fair distance away from the kids gathered around the old cellar, and that would usually have made her feel better about things. No one knew these woods quite as well as herself. If there ever were a crazy murderer, Hayden had always felt rather confident that she would be safest in the middle of here, at night.
    That being said, right now; she felt exposed, and just a little disoriented. Logically, the girl knew which way she was going, and knew the old Wickory bridge wasn't too far away. But it seemed her feet would betray her, as nothing felt like it was getting closer.
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