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    Name: Hayden Wickory
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Straight
    Personality: She's a pretty clueless girl, though is beyond her years in more ways than one. She doesn't really feel too close to many people, particularly kids her own age. It's not necessarily their fault, she just had to grow up a lot faster. Unfortunately, because of this, she has missed a lot that people would generally be exposed to. She never had sleep overs, she never had crushes, she never had a first kiss. Hayden also enjoys her alone time; it doesn't feel lonely, usually. Just relaxing. There are times when the realization of how alone she really is sets in. It's hard when the people her age don't understand, and when anyone older just.. is just hard to connect with. For the most part, she's friendly and focused when she finds something that interests her, but that always seems to just turn into more time for herself. To write, to make things, to think, or just.. be alone. The girl can be quick to shut people out if she doesn't feel like they're genuine. She’s tired of having people tell her to act like a Founder’s Daughter. What’s the big deal with being in a Founding Family, anyway? As far as she had ever figured, it just meant that you had some sort of merit to be a rich snob. But no. Apparently it means you are better than all the other rich snobs. For God knows what reason. Not to say she wasn’t more than happy to spend Daddy’s money. She's pretty open about not needing people in her life. She has always been told that if you are relying on something other than yourself to keep you happy, that can be taken away. And the thought of that has been terrifying, rather than the term of endearment she was sure it was supposed to be. Hayden refuses to feel obliged or indebted for any reason. That isn't to say she is bitter, or isn't loyal, but there are so many people in the town she lives in that put pressure anywhere they can to get what they want. Hayden doesn't want to end up just another pawn. She'd seen it all on tv before. Small towns; full of gossip, and two faces. And that was what she was stuck in.
    Physical Description: Stands at about 5'7 with a body that most people would consider just a little too thin, though she definitely isn't flat anywhere that she shouldn't be. Quite light blonde hair, honey hazel eyes, and incredibly pale skin. The girl's features are quite elf like, and soft. Tongue and ears pierced, along with 2 conch rings in her left ear. Her parents had been rather against piercings, tattoos, and the like, but she had managed to convince her parents that life is so fleeting; she wanted to decorate herself, even just a little. What would it matter in a number of years when she, and everyone she had known were dead and buried?
    History: For most of her life, the girl had been fighting illness. Now that she seems to be out of the woods, she feels as though she could take on the world. Or.. at least try? Her parents of course, are still terrified that her heart could give out at any moment, despite the doctors' assurances that she is not nearly as fragile as she once had been. But that's what parents do. They worry, they nag, and they stick around to be overbearing. That's one reason she spends so much time alone; she needs to get away from them and just breathe for a while without being reminded that she is so defective. She wants to live, and the girl knows she's afraid enough on her own without them constantly nattering over her. Hayden is trying to convince her parents that if her heart does give out that she at least would have had a life. She would have been loved, and happy, and made a difference. That being said.. she hasn't had much of a chance at all in her town to do much by way of making a change.
    Because of the disease, the girl has a great fascination with the fleeting nature of life. The fragility. She liked to think that she has a pretty good moral compass. That being said, she isn't really sure how she would react if she were ever really faced with a problem. Or maybe more terrifying; freedom

    ((She's not some whiny girl, I promise. She'll grow up fast.))

    It was Monday. A gloomy, cloudy, sleepy Monday. As the blonde laid with her head rested on the pillow, staring at her alarm, counting down the seconds for it to go off, she wondered if she could get away with calling in sick today. Probably. But did she want to deal with everyone spending the next month worrying about her well being, and being poked or prodded at? No. No she did not.
    Sitting up about 4 seconds before the alarm was set to go off, Hayden reached over, clicking the thing off before standing from the warm bed to face the chilly dark wood flooring of her bedroom. She shuffled off to the shower, yawning too many times to believe as she scrubbed and lathered up, trying to wake herself up and convince herself that she would not, in fact, fall asleep at work the second she got there. Before too long, she was dressed (in the outfit from up in that picture) and ready to go, after grabbing the lunch she'd thrown together last night. The girl worked at an old book store. It smelled amazing, and every day felt slow, peaceful, and comforting. It was a very low stress job, which was good for her. Sure, she'd love to be out there saving animals or something, but in reality, low stress was still what Hayden needed right now.
    She opened up the shop, and boiled some water, pouring herself a large cup of tea, curling up on a sofa as she watched rain patter against the glass. There wouldn't be anyone in today, she was sure. Business wasn't exactly booming in the first place, and on days like today, people tended to stay inside. Hayden didn't mind, though. She really did like the job. It gave her a chance to be paid for doing something she would already be doing, and the ambiance of this place was much more cozy than anywhere else in town.
    Besides, this way her mom wouldn't come knocking on the door every hour to ask if she needed anything, or how she was feeling. The girl loved her mom, she really did. But once again, being coddled like that was really not helping anyone.
    Leaning over, she reached for her book from last Friday, finding it in the exact same place she left it. Things never changed around here. Whether that was good or not.. remained to be seen. There was a certain comfort in it, though. And in a world of uncertainty, Hayden would take any and all comfort she could get her hands on.
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    Enzo wasnt exactly sane at this particular point in time due to his recent escape from the claws of the whitmore selfproclaimed medical scientists who have been tourtureing and experminting on him, not that his body showed it at all, being a vampire he healed extreamly quick and without scars. aside from being free, the only thing Enzo could see about today was that it was raining which meant he had free roam the world as he pleased, not having a daylight ring to protect him from the sun. with the rain soaking through his old fashioned treanchcoat and tophat, the clothes he was captured in, he hurried into a small side shop to dry off from the downpour for a moment. imedently he smelled a human in the shop and for a moment had half a mind to have a little snack but something held him back from going stright for the kill. "horrible bloody weather, isnt it?" he asked to the person he knew was there but couldnt at the moment see
  5. Hayden had been sitting, enraptured as the final scene of her book played out. The tea mug in her hands stayed still as she stared, wide eyed, as if she would miss a word. The man's entrance went unnoticed for a moment, until a breeze reached her, and her eyes regretfully lifted off of the pages before her. "Oh.." she murmured, looking him over and maybe staring a little too openly. The way that voice rang in her head even moments after.. "I'm sorry. Yes, it is.." Apologizing awkwardly for both her staring, and the fact that she had practically been ignoring him, Hayden set her book and tea down. In her defense, she really hadn't expected that anyone would show up today. Especially not him. Not someone so.. something. The girl didn't recognize him. Not as far as knowing his name or face from around town. But he did feel.. again, something. What was it?

    His smile worked as effectively on her as venom, and the blonde was soon blushing, trying her best to look away and hide her face without making the action entirely obvious. Curse being so pale. Mentally scolding herself, Hayden moved to the desk, trying to look like she at least worked here, if not hoping she hadn't come off as completely foolish by now. "I really didn't think anyone would be in today." As if that were an excuse for the butterflies in her stomach; being surprised. "If you need anything, please let me know." There, good. Memory served, and soon she was repeating her usual line, and giving a somewhat flustered smile as she resisted the urge to continue to stare at him. He was just so..something. How could one person be so impossible to describe? To even begin to describe. Today was strange, after all. Not just the normal sleepy Monday.
  6. "well dreary days like this are the only time i can actually go out around town." he allowed as he wandered around the store "besides the sound os the rain is... soothing almost. wouldnt you agree?" he asked startiing to pick up seemingly random objects as he walked

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  7. Smiling a little, glancing back to her book and tea, Hayden nodded. "They make good cozy days." she offered, turning her eyes back to watch him as he poked around. "Can I help you find something?" A lot of people tended to like just wandering around and looking at things here and there. She didn't mind, but it was sort of her job to ask. Make sure any customers knew that she was, in fact, somewhat mentally competent, and available to help out.
    Watching him now, however, the guy seemed like he was just wasting time. She didn't mind. That accent was still doing funny things to her stomach.

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    Enzo smirked over at the girl "actually, love, I think you can. You see I'm looking for someone, an old friend of mine. She said that she lived in this area. Bout your hight, dark skinned, curly hair, should be about 73 years old... Wore this all the time" he said and the whole time he talked he made his way over to her desk until finally he dropped a small beaded bracelet in front of her very careful not to touch it with his bare skin as there was vervain still on it, something he found out the hard way so he knew the woman he was looking for has been here if not still here
  9. As he slinked over to the desk, Hayden watched curiously, coming to eye the bracelet as it was offered. "I don't know.." she muttered, reaching out to touch the thing, fingering it as if that would help her memory. "There's professor Bennett?" She.. How old was she? Probably now that old. "I don't think she's that old, though." Glancing back up to the guy, she arched a brow. "I'm not really sure. Do you know the name?"
    ((I was thinking she looked like the chick that turned him, btw. I forgot to mention, thought it would be obvious haha. My bad.))
  10. well he hasnt really gotten a good look at her till now so ill add it in )
    Enzo watched as she girl came closer and stood there frozen until he was prompted to speak. he cleared his throat "Maggie. Her name is Maggie." he answered and looked curiously at what the girl was dooing with the bracelet. It cant be.... She cant be... Its impossable. "How... wh-" he cut himself off and cleared his throat yet again looking her over as if he'd seen a ghost. "What's your name, love?"
  11. Maggie? She couldn't think of anyone with that name around town. "Uhm.. Hayden." she answered, somewhat distractedly, still looking over the bracelet, as she tried to think of whether or not she knew anyone like that. "I don't think I know any Maggies, though." Looking back up to him, she straightened again, clearing her throat a little as she realized that he was staring at her. "Maybe someone at.. I don't know, City Hall or something?"
  12. "Hayden, huh? Well that is a lovely name." he said committing it to memory. He would defenatly be back... After of course he found out what happened to Maggie. He was about to turn to make his leave when he thought of something else he could ask of the girl. "you wouldn't happen to have a great or great-great-grandmother by the name of Bambi, would you?" (the vamp that turned him)
  13. Smiling a little at the question, Hayden shook her head. "Nope. I swear every female in my family is named something with an H for like 1000 years back." laughing a little at the coincidental family tradition, she cooked her head to the side curiously. "Why's that?" It was sort of curious; the questions he asked. But, he was new around here. She supposed that was just a way to make conversation, right? "How about you? What's your name?"
    She heard it before he answered. Somewhere in the back of her head, his voice rang out. "Enzo." Hayden's features may have betrayed her as she stared at him, murmuring the name under her breath preemptively. How did she know that? Enzo was a character, she didn't actually know of anyone with that name. It was easier to avoid accusations of her having some unrequited boner for someone that way.
  14. "well if you want an honest answer you look just like a woman i knew as Bambi a long... long time ago." he said and picked up the bracelet carefully with the hem of his sleve not careing if she noticed or not and droped it safely into his pocket and turned to leave talking as he headed for the door, carefully checking to make sure the sun hadnt come back out to play yet "thank you, love, i shal check this 'city hall' of yours and then... well i try not to plan that far ahead" he almost didnt give the girl his name, he would be back after all, the girl's resemblance to a past flame of his was uncanny and he wanted to investagate further. but in the end just before the door closed behind him he called out over the noise of the storm "the name's Enzo." and then he very casualy, as if the pelting rain didnt bother him at all, walk his way down the street looking for the building that would be the city hall to this little town
  15. It didn't take Hayden more than a minute to realize that this guy couldn't possibly be old enough to have personally known his great, or great great grandmother, whether or not her name was Bambi. Was he just messing with her? Glancing down to the odd gesture of not actually touching that bracelet, again Hayden got a funny feeling in her stomach from him. Was he just messing around with her?
    No. As she heard his name, everything felt just.. Way too surreal. Staring after him, flinching on cue as if the rain had splattered across her own face, the blonde stood there. How did she know his name? And why was he so.. Weird. Familiar.
    A few moments passed before the girl returned to the sofa, plopping herself down, and reaching for her tea, finding it was now cold. Strange. Too strange.
  16. Just listened to a song that I think goes really well with Enzo. I think we should do something with the song "baby, it's cold outside")

    It was almost a week before Enzo came back to the store under the cover of a cloudy day, and he was in no where near a good mood. He had a scowl plastered to his face as he walked through the doors having found, after a good deal of digging, that his Maggie had been murdered, beheaded in the middle of the road and no one saw it. Hapelessly he looked through some books
  17. ((Like the Christmas song? Which has been stuck in my head since reading this this morning. So thanks for that.))

    Hayden, today, was going through the memoirs to organize them. Things drifted here and there as people looked through things and just didn't put them back. She definitely hadn't forgotten about the stranger from a few days ago, but she was starting to think maybe it just had all been in her head. She'd been writing too much, and her characters were now invading her waking mind as well. Today, however, as the door opened, Hayden found herself holding her breath. It was raining outside again. It couldn't be him, could it? Peeking over, out of the shelf, she watched, catching sight of the guy. He looked.. Different. For one, his clothing fit the year this time, and for two.. He didn't look happy. "Hey.." she welcomed somewhat apprehensively, as she stepped out. "Any luck finding your friend?"
  18. "yes and know... found her headstone, and her husband's and children's as well." he replied absently but as he continued to speak his voice got more and more irratated and never once did he look up at her. "As it turns out she, and her entire family were murdered not 5 years after i last saw her one by one over the course of a month. and all the bodies were mysteryisly drained of blood and beheaded just out there on the green, where she and i agreed to meet when i .... got out of school... across the pond" he fumbled (across the pond being an old fashioned term for across the atlantic) he knew telling the girl he had been tortured and experimented on for nearly 5 decades, during the middle of which he met Maggie, wasnt really the greatest idea
  19. Hayden's eyes reflected her sympathy as his story unfolded, and she found herself reaching out to place a hand on his arm, hoping he didn't mind. The term "across the pond" had caught her attention, but again.. Who spoke like that any more? He probably just meant literally. Then again, maybe he was just foreign as the accent suggested, and the term was normal. "I'm sorry." she said, feeling genuinely apologetic. Finding out someone was dead was never easy. Finding out her, and her family had been murdered, was.. "Did you say drained of blood?" She asked after a moment, as it caught her attention, and her brain rewound a little. Was he serious? Everything about this guy screamed vampire. Was that what he was going for? Was he just messing with her? Or was there some whole other side of the world that had been well hidden? Hayden was a dreamer. Facing the possibility of Supernatural becoming a reality had been a dream of hers. Probably because she'd been a sick, frail hermit her entire life. All the same, she couldn't deny that the idea churned her stomach now.
  20. "yes, drained of blood." he answered "as if they were killed somewhere else bled out and then moved... but all reports say the last place anyone saw them alive was the Green as if they were waiting for someone." he answered tensing under her hand momentarily but got over it quickly. maybe if he could be friendly with the girl he would have a better chance of finding out why she looks like Bambi
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