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rose was starring up at Alex with an innocent look in her eyes , and wide eyes. Toma was listening in silence without looking at them, but away to the side his hands turning into fists again , and biting his inner lip. he hated this man. oh god how much he hated him. when Alex turned to talk to him, he didnt hesitated. he sat up, and his fist sank in Alexs' jaw. he was shaking in anger.
Rose yelped a little and sat up fast starring at Toma with her lips a little parted .Toma huffed a little and turned on his heels walking out of the shop fast

Rose sighed deeply and sat again down looking at Alex and turning his face to her scanning his face silently an wiping with her thumb a strand of blood from his lip ." i apologize for this.." she whispered in a sad tone , but gave him a weak smile" lets go home.. and clean this up... and yourself" she said with a soft chuckle sitting up and pulling him up with her
Alex's hand moved to his jaw. He hadn't expected Toma to hit as hard as he did but he coudlnt' exactly blame the guy. "Rose, its not your fault." Alex said as she apologized to him. He'd been at fault if anyone for picking on the guy like he had. Feeling her tug on him he got up with her and smiled back even if it hurt due to the broken skin on his lip. "Thanks Rose, I mean it."

When they got back to Roses he couldn't help but smile. It seemed a lot like he remembered. "Didn't change much I see." He said looking around trying to remember where everything was. He'd missed the place, it and Rose were probably what had kept him going through the torture he had experienced. "Rose why'd you accept me so quickly. I mean how'd you recognize me?" Alex asked curiously.
when they reached back, she would like always lock the door behind them and lead his to the living room and made him sit on the couch while she brought the small aid kit box. she slowly sat beside him and started to take care of his lip in silence hesitating to answer. when she fnished taking care of his broken lip she looked at him and gave him a soft smile" your eyes. they say the eyes are a door to the soul. your eyes hold pain, but i was more than sure its you.." she said calmly and gave him another soft but wider smile as she sat up slowly

" you can go shower. things are like they used to be everywhere. so i guess you can handle it right ?" she said taking the small white box and putting it back into a drawer " are you hungry? i can cook something till you are done with your shower" she said and turned to him blushing softly
"I should be fine, I think I still know how to operate a shower." Alex smiled as he got up and started towards the bathroom. He paused at the door and looked back towards her. "Sure Rose, food sounds great. Just don't overdo yourself." Alex said before entering the bathroom and heading to the shower, forgetting to grab a change of clothes or anything he'd worry about that later. He saw a towel hanging up and headed to the shower turning it on to check the temperature before climbing in.

After washing up he got out drying off and wrapping the towel around him he walked to the mirror and proceeded to open it finding a fresh razor head he started cleaning up his face a little. Once he was done he stepped out looking towards the kitchen. "You really haven't changed anything have you? I bet my clothes are in the same spot." Heading to the room he found his dresser drawers and pulled out a new set of clothes to put on. A pair of slacks with a white t-shirt were more than enough right now. Once he was dressed he proceeded to return to Rose.

Walking up behind her he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss on her ear. "Hello babe, miss me?" He asked playfully taking a whiff of whatever she was cooking. "Food smells great, what is it?" he asked while keeping a soft yet firm hold on her.
She chuckled a little at his first comment and sat up slowly " great then." she said calmly and gave him a cheerful smile before she turned around and walked first to the bedroom to change her dress into something more comfortable, a plain black shirt with a few silly colorful hearts on it and a pair of shorts, a pale yellow colour. she slowly pinned her hair in a messy bun and walked to the kitchen happily. she looked around to see what she had in the fridge and took out the kitchen meat and a few potatoes. after cutting the potatoes and adding all kind of spices to the meat she put then into the oven
she heard him getting out the bathroom and talk. she chuckled and let out a soft sigh " why would i change ? they were perfect like that" she said in a soft voice as she started cutting a few tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce for a salad.

when he wrapped his arms around her she blushed like a teenager and chuckled happily resting her head a bit backwards on his chest " of course i did miss you " she whispered then turned to him a little kissing his cheek " roasted potatoes and chicken meat " she said calmly and put the tomatoes and the rest in a bowl. she turned to him completely and cupped his cheeks notcing he shaved and she smiled going on her toes kissing the small wound on his lip tasting the blood a little then looked up in his eyes " welcome home honey " she whispered in a sweet soft voice , her eyes a little teary , but happy
"Thanks Rose I'm glad to be home." He said feeling her hands on his face and her lips against his it just felt so comforting. The food smelt great then again pretty much anything would beat hospital food. He paused for a moment, it felt great to be back but he wasn't exactly himself. "So about how much longer until the food's done? Is there anything you'd like to talk about?" Alex said trying to think of some sort of conversation topic. However being withdrawn from the world for the past two years he couldn't exactly talk about recent tv show events or sports stuff, those weren't the sort of things you got to hear about as an enemy captive.
She smiled siftly and fixed his hair woth her soft cold fingers before turning around to check the food " around thirty minutes " shevsaid calmly and turned to him again leaning against the counter slowly crossing her arms on his chest
" renember my dream Bout being an artist ? I finished arts school ... " she said calmly looking down " even if it was a pain since you werent here to support me ,,." She mumblef and moved her toes a little before looking at him calmly. She knew things werent really the same between them since they were appart for so long and it was making her a little sad
"I'm glad you finished." Alex said with a weak smile, he knew she didn't mean anything bad but hearing the comment about him not being there hit hard. "I wish I could of supported you, I really do." His hand moved to brush her hair away from her face and cup her cheek. "I bet you've felt like you've been being watched a lot this past week?" Alex smiled feeling a little on the guilty side for not letting her know he was alive sooner. "If we have half an hour before food's ready, what should we do?"
she slowly took his hand and lead him to the living room " lets... just... waist time " she said in a soft tone and walked with him to the couch calmly and sat down with a soft sigh crossing her legs in a meditation like pose with her hands resting in her lap. she started to play with her ring silently staring at it and took it off slowly before putting it back on and looking at him
" this week... i felt a little weird i agree... but i never minded it" she said in a soft low voice and looked again down taking her ring off again. she was thinking to give him the ring back. maybe he changed his mind or anything. its been more than two years since he was gone, who knows. maybe he wsnt finding her attractive anymore ?
"Sorry for making you feel weird. I just couldn't bring myself to knock on the door. I was worried you had moved on, what if I had knocked and you had a new boyfriend or something." He said as he saw her playing with the ring. "I got a little jealous when I saw you meet up with Toma. I almost just walked away if it wasn't for the fact that I saw you crying." Alex leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I missed you, and for a moment I thought I had lost you to that kid." He said before moving closer and wrapping an arm around Rose.
she blushed a little at his kiss and when he wrapped his arm around her and slipped the ring back on slowly watching it and slowly turning to face him " kid? Toma is not a kid" she chuckled a little and slowly brushed away a starnd of his hair. "i couldnt move on. i dont know why. or i do... i just couldnt let go of everything we had. from the moment we met, till.. you left" she mumbled calmly and slowly took his other hand in hers stroking it with her thumb " i kept looking through our photos everyday... and wear your clothes. i was lame in the eyes of the others." she mumbled with a sigh
"That's sweet." Alex said hearing about Rose wearing his clothes. He knew it probably made her feel like he was there. "Well now you can start wearing your own clothes again and I'll wear mine. Since I don't think yours would look to good on me." He laughed a little, it felt right being back with her he smiled. However at the same time seeing the ring hurt a little, he'd lost his, he wasn't sure when exactly but he hadn't had his matching ring since he had went missing.
"you think my panties wotn fit you?" she asked in an innocent voice and smiled softly cupping his cheeks slowly with a soft smile tracing along one of his scars with he thumb before getting in his lap and hugging him slowly and carefully " you really were jealous of Toma.." she chuckled a little and looked at him with a soft smile before poking his nose" you are a silly one arent you?" she whispered and leaned in kissing his forehead. many said she went crazy after she found out Alex was missing, but she didnt. it was a different thing. she was just, alone, heartbroken maybe, but not insane for still waiting for him
"I think they might be a little small." Alex said as he felt her hands along his face. Wrapping his arms around her as she moved to his lap she was correct. He was silly for being jealous of Toma but at the same time he saw another guy with his girl, he couldn't help himself. "I couldn't help myself, seeing another guy with my girl. Plus I think its mutual." He said as he looked over at the clock, as he held her while waiting for dinner. "I had many sleepless nights wondering about how you were doing." He said brushing her hair aside giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't you think you should go check on the food?"
she tilted her head a little keeping the smile on her lips as she listened to him calmly . how sweet he was...
she paused as he suggested her to go check on the food and she turned her head fast to the clock before jumping up and rushing to the kitchen. she checked the oven fast with a sigh " food is ready" she said with a soft smile as she took the trail out and set it on the table calmly licking her lips softly and sniffing the air
Alex nearly fell over as Rose jumped up to go check on the food but he managed to catch himself. "Smells great." He said slowly getting up and walking towards the food. "It's been forever since I've had a home cooked meal." Looking around he wondered for a moment. "So where shall we eat? The table, or maybe the living room?" He' may of once been a fan of eating at the table, but he also wanted to spend time close to Rose. It still felt unreal to him that they were in the same house again, so close to each other after two years.
She smiled warmly to him as he walked in the kitchen and she was about to sit down but she paused at his question . " either way is fine with me " she said in a soft voice and smiling warmly and kindly. So they decided to eat in the living room. Setting the food on two bigger plates to not drop anything they walked in the living room and sat on the couch . Rose smiled and sat beside him leaning with her back against his side and looking at him upside down " enjoy" sje said with a kind smile kissing his nose and turning to her food taking a small bite
Taking a bite of the food he smiled feeling Rose's back against his side. "Its delicious." He said before taking another bite resting his plate on the arm of the couch, and one arm partially around Rose. "I kinda wonder what your folks will think when they find out I'm back from the dead." Alex said trying his best not to laugh at the fact that he'd basically just called himself a zombie. "Remind me were they pro Zombie? Because things might get tense if the aren't. Taking a few more bites he paused. They were engaged before he 'died' and his death effectively voided anything of that sort, the stuff that he had owned he no longer did. Luckily most of his stuff went to either his parents, or to Rose, like the house. But if he stopped owning stuff once he had been declared dead did that mean she stopped being his fiancee?

"Babe do you think I should ask permission again? I mean if we go right back on track, and wind up announcing a wedding and your family doesn't know I'm back wouldn't they freak?"
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