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The night was cold, rain was falling hard outside and the breeze was harsh. Tucked inside by the fireplace, 24 year old Rose Carter sat snuggled up in a blanket and staring at the flames with her dull blue eyes. Those same eyes used to sparkle with such child-like imagination and adventurous wonder, but that all changed two years ago when her fiancé when off to war and never returned.
Her body was slender and toned, her feminine curves the perfect size, not too big and not too small. Her blonde hair fell messily over her shoulders in a flawless way, perfectly framing her gorgeous face that held a cute button nose and soft, plump, silky lips. She was beautiful to say the least. So it shouldn't have been hard for her to find another man to spend her life with. That is if she had wanted to.
But she didn't, her mind lingered always back to her fiancé, her heart longing for his reassuring touch once again. But she knew it would never come, seeing that he had been missing for two years now. She assumed, along with the army, that he, and the many other soldiers that had gone with him on the mission, were dead.
Thinking on these things made her eyes tear up with a pure pain and hurt that would never dim down in her heart. It tortured her, forever making her delicate heart ache for him more and more with each breath she took. She often found herself imagining he was still there, walking down the narrow corridors of their small home and placing her hand gently on the picture frames that held so many memories of the lovers only to think she saw him there for a brief moment before he disappeared and she remembered he was gone. Reality hurt, often leaving her to her daydreams as well as dreams to escape into so that she could see him again. Not a night went by that she didn't cry herself to sleep, missing him with this terrible passion.
And here she was once again, sitting in front of the fireplace with teary and blood-shot eyes from some many restless nights without him to hold her and protect her. She had her knees hugged up to her chest with pajama shorts on and one of his old sweatshirts that was much too big for her. But she didn't care about the size, it was as close as she could get to him holding her once again. She had on long socks to keep her feet warm, her chin rested on her arms as she kept her eyes on the flames and cried silently to herself.

she jumped a little when her phone rang and she sighed softly seeing the message was from her best friend and she slowly picked the phone
' its been to long Rose. lets go out tomorrow and turn that frown upside down. " she read calmly before she replied calmly with a short message ' alright ' and that was all before she fell asleep with red puffy eyes from crying.
the next day arrived and she made her morning routine still wearing the baggy shirt.
her phone started to ring. 'Toma'
she slowly and reluctantly answered the phone , only to hear the hyper boys plans for today.
anyway after trying to pay attention to what he said she got ready and left the house. Toma, a blonde tall male, was her childhood friend, and unlike her, he kept the hyper personality.
the two of them met at the cinema. Rose forced a light smile on her lips, making Toma blush. his eyes scanning her. she was wearing a light blue summer dress, and like always, her girlly look was on point.


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Twenty five year old, Private Alex Wright had had a rough two years. Him and his fellow soldiers had been ambushed while on a mission, and they were taken captive. He spent over a year as a prisoner before finally being released only to be hospitalized due to the injuries he had received while in the enemy care. Some broken ribs, several scars from whips and other instruments of torture, he wasn't the best looking guy when he made it home. The worst part of it all however was finding out that he had been declared Killed in Action, written off without much effort. However after finally getting all the red tape dealt with they managed to reverse his death certificate, not that it really mattered much.

Running a hand through his short black hair he stared out at a house. He'd been watching the house for a few days now, wanting to walk up to the door and knock but he couldn't bring himself to even get close. It'd been two years, at first he wasn't even sure if the person who had once lived there still had. Luckily he had noticed her coming and going so he was able to breath a sigh of relief. Rose was doing well, or at least she looked like she was. But one thing still bothered Alex, it had been two years, even if he were to walk up to the door and tell her he was alive, that he was back, what if she had already moved on. Who waits two years for someone to come home when they've been told the person is dead?

His clothes were a bit on the dirty side from camping out in the bushes like some creepy stalker, a blue button up shirt, with grass stains on the back, and dirt covered jeans to match. His face covered in stubble, he watched as Rose left the house once more, this time he decided he'd do his best to follow her. He had to know how she was doing, if he was ever going to approach her he needed to decide how to do it. Following her to the Cinema he saw her meet up with a guy. Seeing Rose smile at him and the guy blush, they looked like a couple, plus she seemed like she had at least taken an effort to look nice. This tore at Alex, he was happy that she seemed happy, but at the same time, he missed her, he loved her and there she was with another guy.

Keeping his distance he purchased a ticket to the same movie he over heard them getting, keeping his eyes down he was curious about the other guy. If they were dating they couldn't of been dating long because in the week he had been trying to muster up the courage to go to the door he hadn't ever seen this guy, and yet he did look somewhat familiar, even if Alex couldn't place it. He could feel eyes on him, of course he'd draw attention he was unkempt with filthy clothes, as long as nobody tried to call the police though he didn't really care.
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Rose argued a little with Toma, from who would pay for the tickets, and she eventually agreed with him paying. but now it was her turn to do something, so she bought the popcorn and drinks and headed for the cinema room along with the blonde male. she slowly fixed her bangs, only to let her old engagement ring sparkle a little in the dim lights of the cinema room as they entered. she never took the ring Alex gave her that night, taking care of it.yet with all the care she had the ring once broke and this ripped her hand, but she managed to find someone to fix it and now it was all like a new ring. and she was proud with it.

Toma lead her to their seats, somewhere in the middle of the cinema room . she didnt even bother to look around. she just slowly sat down and fixed her dress to look decently and and set the drink down slowly keeping the popcorn bag in her lap.
The blonde male sat himself down beside her nuzzling in his seat calmly and turning his phone off. They chose together the new " Jurasic Park" movie, so the room slowly started to get crowded before the ads started. Rose sighed a little remembering she and Alex would usually go out for movies together.

she peeked at the hyper 25 years old "boy " and smiled a little nudging him with her elbow to calm him down .
Toma spotted the engagement ring and looked away a little dissapointed. he never really expected her to be so attached to that man, and still miss him after so many years.
Alex followed them into the Cinema room after opting not to grab any popcorn or a drink. He didn't exactly have much money on him anyways so it made sense to make what he had stretch. He sat down right behind the pair trying his best not to stare tomuch at Rose. Seeing her ring sparkle he smiled she had kept the ring he had given her which made him feel good. As the movie started he leaned back keeping his eye on them. He didn't care about the movie at all, he was more interested in observing Rose.

As the movie went on Alex got up to go use the restroom placing a hand on Rose's shoulder as he did so. He only left it there for a brief moment, just long enough for him to realize what he had done and pull it away as he headed out the doors. Rinsing his face off he looked in the mirror, a scar running across his cheek. Shaking his head trying to shake the memories of the past couple years out of his head he decided to head back to finish the movie. "I'm glad she kept it." He said re entering the room to take his seat.
Rose slowly turned her head to see who touched her. she only could see a shadowy figure and blink a few times. she didnt really see any feature so she just shrugged it off and turned back to the movie.

the whole movie, Toma didnt make any move at all , just eat from his popcorn bag. he knew he wouldnt have any chance with her, since she was still holding onto her past life with Alex. he had to admit he was a little annoyed by this but he didnt want to push her out her comfort zone.
after the movie they both got out without even looking at the other, and toma went to the restroom, leaving Rose alone.
she forced a smile and slowly walked out the cinema building to wait for him.

standing alone she started to play with the ring calmly and sigh a little, as her blank eyes turned sad and a little tearry.
After the movie ended Alex headed out side seeing Rose standing there playing with her ring and looking sad it hit him hard. "Excuse me miss but is something the matter?" He asked walking over to her placing a hand on her shoulder to try and comfort her. Alex wasn't sure if she'd recognize him, and he wasn't sure if breaking the news that he was alive was necessarily the best thing to do. "Your boyfriend didn't do anything to upset you did he?"

The last thing Alex wanted to do was to get Rose's dress filthy, but he couldn't help but touch her shoulder at least. Watching her from a far he had resisted knocking on her door, but seeing her teary eyed it was impossible. He had assumed she was dealing with his absence rather well but now that didn't appear to be the case. "You look like you could use someone to talk to, I promise I've got no one to blab your secrets to." He smiled at her with a light chuckle.

He had noticed Toma had kept to himself the entire movie, not once had the guy placed an arm around Rose's shoulder or anything. If he was indeed her new boyfriend he was doing a poor job of it. Keeping an eye out for Toma, he waited for Rose's response, hoping she wasn't going to freak or anything at the blunt stranger.
Rose jumped a little and turned around slowly forcing another smiled and wipping her teary eyes fast looking up towards the male to answer fast " no no no . I dont have a boyfriend ." She said fast before pausing after realizing with whom she was talking . Her lips remained parted as she just stared at him . Both his voice and eyes hit her and she just froze in her place

Was this just a misunderstanding ? A daydream? A clone ?! She yhought as she started to shake a little and her eyes go tearry again taking a step towards him slowly and carefully trying to convince herself she was real , she slowly reached a hand to his chest and touched it and she burst into tears jumping at him without thinking he might be just a stranger who had no idea whom she was .

She wrapped her arms around him tightly sobbing loudky as the tears rolled down her cheeks wetting his shirt
"You don't?" Alex asked before she grabbed him, he was glad she recognized him but his body wasn't in the best of shape. Her arms squeezing him made it a little difficult to breath so he slowly moved a hand to pat her back. "Could you please let go?

After she finally did so Alex slowly carressed her cheek after wiping some tears away. " I'm such a mess but you look just like I remember." Pausing he thought thought the guy she was with. "That guy wasn't your date?" Alex asked curiously.
Rose slowly pulled away woth an embarrassed smile on her lips as she was starring up at him . She slowly placed her hands on his and let it rest on her cheek a little more , her lips curled into a wide smile now and a few tears still rolling down her cheeks , but now more out of happiness. At his words she looked at him curious and chuckled softly

" no he wasnt my date silly . He is Toma. My bestfriend and one of the bestman for our wedding ..." She almost whispered the last words as she hugged his arm tightly to her pettite body before Toma shower up

" hey Rose, wanna..." But he paused almost out if breath seeing the man beside Rose . He slowly got closer with a frown and pulled Rose a little away , maybe a little too brutally for Roses soft body . " who are you ?" Toma hissed to alex
"Forgive me, two years without really seeing any friendly faces. My memory isn't exactly what it used to be." Alex laughed a little that he didn't recognize Toma. He was supposed to be his best man after all. He reached out and wiped some more tears from her face. "Those tears, they don't do anything for you." He said before hearing Toma's voice.

"I guess you could say I'm a dead man back from the grave." Alex said staring down Toma his eyes fixed on the hand holding Rose. "I would appreciate if you'd loosen your grip. This lady seems like she's gone through enough without being jerked around by a guy." Sure he could of told Toma he was Rose's fiancee but at the same time, her Fiancee was dead, he didn't feel like starting a fight, not with one of her friends. Especially not in front of her. "All I was doing was asking her why she was crying, I don't think that's a crime or anything. Is it?"
Rose smiled lightly at his words and rested her cheek in his palm as he wipped away the tears " i'm sorry " she whispered referring to her tears as she smiled again warmly " i just m-" but she was cut off by Toma pulling her away from Alex, and her hand slipping from Alexs' hand. she looked at Toma silently then again at Alex. like always. Alex was calm and calculated while the blonde male was about to punch him.

" oh you dont say ! you found a woman, alone and helpless and you just -" but this rime Rose was the one to cut off Toma with a soft touch on his shoulder making Toma turn around to her with an angry look and she slowly pointed to her ring " he's Alex.." she whispered in a soft voice . Tomas' eyes widened and he turned to the male again growling in a low tone

" he is not ! Alex is fucking dead !" he almost yelled shaking Rose a little and pulling her a little away from the scared man. Rose whined a little and squirmed dashing fast to Alex , like always, for shelter. Toma turned around in a fast motion ready to hit the male Rose run to
"Toma, right?" Alex asked looking at him, it was clear why he thought that he was some fake, he didn't look all that great right now. Not to mention the fact that he had been reported dead. "What would it take to convince you I am who she says I am?" He asked stepping to the side, he'd been assaulted enough while a prisoner to not enjoy the feeling, and honestly now that he was free he wasn't sure how he'd react if Toma did manage to strike him. Chances were anything he said would fall on deaf ears. He needed to say something to shock Toma.

"Three years ago today, that's why you took her out today isn't it Toma? I hope you did the same last year, make her feel special on the anniversary of her engagement." Alex had very little proof, sure he had his ID on him, but at the same time a lot of red tape had to be pulled to get his death certificate voided. He was essentially broke, he was lucky to have his name still. "Now what were you going to ask Rose if she wanted to do?" he asked as he wrapped an arm around Rose who seemed shaken. "She's scared, so how about we don't fight in front of the lady."
rose wrapped her arms around Alexs' arm staring at Toma silently. when alex touched her she jumped a little and looked up at him with a silly, yet soft smile.

toma growled in a low tone , his hands turning into fists and staring at the ground." that doesnt prove anything " he hissed in a low voice " but it seems she believed you, for now" he muttered and slowly raised his head looking at Rose, his eyes holding a little pain from seeing her so attached to someone else, than him. yet he continued to speak still looking at her
" i was wondering if you still want to eat some ice cream. like we used to" he said in a calm voice watching the girl, who slowly took Alexs' hand in hers and laced their fingers together.

rose slowly turned her head to Toma blinking a few times, like she would have had forgotten he was there. she looked up at Alex and then at Toma. she didnt want to hurt him, but she really wanted to be alone with Alex now, so she looked again at Alex hoping he would answer for her
"It doesn't prove anything?" Alex asked puzzled, how could he know when Anastasia had gotten engaged to Alex? It seemed like it would be an odd thing for someone to tell a complete stranger. "How could I know not only that today is not just the anniversary of her engagement, but that it happened three years ago?" Alex asked as he felt Rose's fingers lace together with his own. He saw her looking up at him being rather silent about the whole thing. Sighing he rubbed his head. "Ice cream sounds great how about the three of us go get some together."

Alex could tell that Toma didn't want to trust him with Rose, but Rose didn't want to leave him. Perhaps she was afraid he'd disappear or something. However he figured if perhaps Toma spent some time with them he might loosen up a bit, realize Alex was indeed Alex, or at least not someone who was out to hurt Rose. "Plus Toma hasn't answered my question yet. I want to know what it'll take for him to believe I am who you think I am Rose."
Rose slowly smiled and took a deep breath turning to Toma and nodded " alright , then we are going for ice cream" she said happily squeezing Alexs' hand a little. she really didnt mind his dirty appearence or any of his scars. the only thing she did bother were his eyes. they were a little changed but she couldnt tell what. despite this she started to pull him with her to an ice cream shop nearby.

Toma sighed deeply and rubbed his head growling a little " what would it take ? i dont know. " he muttered digging his hands in his pockets watching Rose silently " i just cant believe it at all. Alex is supposed to be dead. " he said calmly blinking a few times without taking his eyes off from Rose who was acting all hyper now that alex was there.

" i dont know how you convinced her. maybe just because she is silly and she lingered for her fiancee this whole time. but yet, im not her " he said in a cold tone looking down at his feet
"Well believe whatever you want." Alex said as he looked up at the menu. "I think I'll have a number 3, and for the lady a number 5." He said with a smile as he looked at the specialty items. As far as his memory could recall she always did enjoy one specific item at this ice cream parlor. As for Alex, the specialty dish that was labeled Sweet Home Apple Pie sounded pretty interesting so he'd give it a shot.

"But you act like there's never been mistakes made before. Its not like I chose for things to end up the way they did." Alex said as he waited for the order and paid noticing it was the last of the money he had on him. "Well looks like I'm broke now." He said leading Rose over to one of the tables he took a seat. "How have you been?" He asked not sure what else he was supposed to ask after being 'dead' for two years.
Rose was still clinging onto his hand smiling in a goofy way . When he ordered for her she looked at Toma with big eyes nodding and chuckles happuly burrying her fave in his arm . When he paied she frowned a little and followed to the table " Alex , you are not broke . Im here for you." She said in a serious tone as toma sighed and scrolled his eyes ordering himself and payimg for his order walking to the table

" how have i been ?" She blinked a few times and smiled warmly " good ..." She lied but toma huffed alittle " good ? She used tons of tissues for her tears" he muttered looking away
"Well hopefully she's better now." Alex said hearing Toma's comment. He didn't expect her to be perfectly fine. Anyone who was fine after hearing a loved one was missing or worse probably had some serious issues. "Rose I'm glad you're still here for me. " He said as he took a bite of his ice cream. He had changed, he'd become a little more defensive, perhaps a little more worried or paranoid as well but he did his best not to let that side show. The doctors had all told him it was only natural for people who suffered a traumatic event like he had."I was told they were going to let you know they found me, and yet here you are surprised to see me alive."

After a few more bites he stuck his spoon in the ice cream and looked up. "I guess its a good thing I didn't just knock on the door the other day, Rose would of probably had a heart attack or something. After all, seeing your dead fiancee at the door probably only happens in dreams- or I guess for some people nightmares." He said the last part looking at Toma, it was obvious that the man cared a lot for Rose, and Alex being back must of hurt him. But at the same time it didn't seem like Rose felt the same way towards Toma, nor did Toma seem to know how to show any real affection.

"So what did you two have planned after movies and ice cream. Cause I gotta say it doesn't sound like the most romantic date in the world."
Rose was still hilding his hand in hers eating from her cup calmly . She watched two men smiling . It was clearly Toma was pissed that this day was ruined and someone stole Rose away for now .
Toma scrolled his eyes playing woth his spoon in the cup glaring at Alex like he was about to explode.

Yet when they heard the word date they both paused , bit each of them having another look . Toma was a little embarrassed while rose huffed and pouted a little " this was not a date !" She said glarring at Alex in a pouted way and gave him another soft huff before she shoved a spoon full of ice cream , getting a brain feeeze and a headache . Moaning a little in pain and holding her head woth one hand , toma panicked a little leaning to her carefully
"Rose, you are rather naive aren't you?" Alex asked with a smile as he moved a hand to rub her head. "Toma didn't ask you to the movies, then a little shop like this purely from the kindness of his heart. It's been two years, at least he's accepted the fact that I wasn't coming back. I'm betting he wanted to take you mind off of me, wanted you to live a little even if it was just for a day." Alex smiled at Toma knowing full well that the kid liked his fiancee, he'd always suspected it but Toma had always seemed a bit on the shy side. "Poor Toma just knows you too well. You never would of said yes if he had asked you out on a date. Plus wasn't he always a little on the shy side?"

Looking up at Toma and away from Rose he was expecting to get punched. But even if that happened it would of been worth it, the look on Toma's face was priceless. The mention of the word date had caused the kid to turn red. It was almost as if with one word he had unraveled Toma's entire plan. "Isn't that right Toma? Try to get Rose to have enough fun, so that at least for a day, to day, she wouldn't be spending her time balling her eyes out because Alex wasn't there with her."
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