Losing Your Mind

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    Benjamin Penny was a collector of a lot of things. For example, books. He loved books. In fact, he had a whole library of them. It was his own personal haven, that library, and he knew every book he had in it. Another example was coins. He collected those, because he was a history nut. He placed them in a glass case for display. He knew every one of those that he had, too.

    So, it became a bit of a concern when things began to disappear. First, it was some of his books. Then, the coins. Kitchen supplies were suddenly not there to use. He'd lost about 5 sweaters at this point, also. It had been going on for about a month now, and, to say the least, he was getting a bit annoyed. He always locked up his house, so either he was losing his mind, or there was something in this house taking things.

    So, he had searched the house. And searched. And searched. His sister, Ada, thought he was insane. 'It's all in your head, bro.' She'd tell him. He didn't really listen to her, though. Well, he didn't, until she was laughing and saying 'Well, gosh, maybe a hermit has gotten into that dusty old basement of yours!'

    That was the first time, in his life, that he had actually listened to his twin. Soon after the phone conversation, he stomped down the stairs, flashlight on and pointing at the wall. Once he got to the bottom, he cautiously swiveled it around the room to see what was in it.
  2. Everybody has their quirks, right?

    Well - Of course they do! Benjamin was a collector and so was the little fairy that lived in his basement. It was a surprise that dumb human hadn't thought to look down there, really - If he had, he would have noticed that all of his stuff was down there. All stacked in a pile with a dark skinned fairy reigning over the junk, calling it his.

    Murky had been waiting for this day for ages - Ages, and ages of listening to the grunts of frustration upstairs and the angry stomping of feet as they searched desperately for the missing items.

    All Benjamin had to do was go downstairs into the basement and he would see that everything was, quite literally, under his nose. As soon as the flashlight illuminated his face, the fairy grinned and fluttered into the air, cackling loudly. "Well it's about time you showed up!" He exclaimed loudly, twirling in the air and rushing over to him.

    "So! Here's where everything has been, you know? For months, and months you have been up there, yelling and stomping when right below you I've been busting my side from laughing so hard! I would have figured you were smarter than that! Hahaha!" He pulled away, laugh exploding from him.
  3. Benjamin stumbled backwards, squinting a bit to see if he was seeing this correctly, because it was insane. There was a small man. Living in his basement. What?? How? That shouldn't be possible. Both parts of that, actually, the living in his basement and the SMALL MAN THAT COULD FLY bit. Needless to say, he was silently freaking out. It took him a few minutes to regain his composure, before he went and bopped the intruder over the head with the flashlight.

    "What the hell? Stop laughing, you shouldn't even be DOWN here in the first place! What's with your wings? Why the hell are you taking my stuff?" He demanded, because he honestly felt he had a right to know. It WAS his stuff after all, and this was theft. Not that he could call the police about it or anything. They'd find him as insane as his sister did at the moment, though at least the latter would come around at one point.
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