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  1. So we all have a certain amount of patience before we finally just LOSE OUR SHIT and take it out on something or someone. We've all done it at some point!

    When is the last time you lost your temper? Was it WORTH it?

    What sorta stuff happens when you lose your temper? Do you hit things? Throw stuff? Scream? Bitch somebody out?

    How do you feel AFTER the fact? Relieved? Guilty? Justified?

    Do you turn in to the HULK?

    .... I start crying. ;____; My patience can stretch for a really really long time, but once I lose it, I start bawling cause I'm a babyface and can't handle it. @___@
  2. Accurate representation of when I flip

    In all seriousness, I seethe. Quietly. Like a silenced volcano.
    Can't say I've ever hulked out, though. I got exposed to gamma radiation some real prats in high school, and I'm pretty good at hiding and bottling up emotions, so any anger is not shown as anything more than irritation. Besides, I'm always a little angry at something. What's one more annoyance?
  3. Hmmm....when I lose my temper, it can either be in a really angry way or just--nope, it's usually just angry. I say a few things then when I've had enough of what other people are saying, I just go into the room.
    If I throw things, it's only pillows and clothing.

    Though the other week, when my sister hit my eye (or something), I just snapped. And I went for her. Then later that day, I found out that my older sister had accidently ripped my top when trying to hold me back.
  4. I am a crybaby T^T
  5. Let's see, it's probably been a few months since I have lost my temper. Honestly, it wasn't worth it. It's rarely worth it.

    I tend to hold in my frustrations until I reach a break point. Then I snap. I swear, yell, punch things. I've put holes in walls. I broke my hand once, minor fracture, punching a cinder block wall. I don't physically lash out at others when I lose it. I did when I was a kid, but I grew out of it. Unfortunately, I tend to end up pounding the hell out of myself. I don't like it, but once I flip it just kind of happens. I figure better myself than another person... right?

    Most of the time I end up hating myself for it. I hate that I couldn't maintain control. I don't like the feeling. It's why I don't really drink much, or do any drugs. I want to be in full control of myself.

    I Hulk. I most definitely Hulk...
  6. When is the last time you lost your temper? Was it WORTH it?

    I lost my temper last when a friend that I've helped out of some very serious situations, traveled across town, cancelled dates, just to help her emotionally, lent her money so that she and her son could get into a better place, took a beating for, and did all of these things to help her, came out and said that nobody was there for her when she needed them, she was always doing things on her own and helping herself, and that she had no true friends.

    So you know what I did?

    I looked at her straight in the face for about ten minutes before telling her:

    "I have some molars left, wanna kick them out too? Before you even say another fucking word, let me give you another reason to be 'brutally honest'; don't ever call me friend again. I like my teeth, and hate them being kicked, so if you don't mind I'll take my time elsewhere, and you can figure out what you do with yours cause I don't give a shit."

    Harsh? Very.

    But she'd done that for so long to me that I finally had enough; I wasn't helping the situation by allowing her do what she was.

    What sorta stuff happens when you lose your temper? Do you hit things? Throw stuff? Scream? Bitch somebody out?

    I don't lose my temper often or easily. But I do have levels of anger, but I am going to include annoyed into it:


    Quiet but give off an uncomfortable tension. Or I give a sarcastic remark, been told that I can be a bit passive aggressive. Normally doesn't last long unless you persist.

    Low Anger:

    I show signs of clenching my fists up, I put my sunglasses on to avoid them seeing how annoyed I look. If I do not show signs of reacting to you, that is a great sign that I am mad.

    Medium Anger:

    I chew on my lip and I am staring at you. I don;t have my glasses on, and I am more talkative. I'll openly state why I am angered, and if nothing is done, I will proceed to get that much more angry. It takes something VERY serious for me to get this annoyed with you; you literally have to have done something like throwing me in front of the bus for your own satisfaction in domestic situations, stabbing me would be a good start to get me to this point, or lying.

    Don't ever lie to me.

    You done fucked up son:

    This, this takes a lot of shit to go down. I get VERY vocal, and will get in your face. I am not a violent person so never worry that I am going to hit you unless you attack me or are attacking someone else. My muscles are flexed, I have a clear expression of irateness on my face. I will more than likely walk out of the room or away and at this point I'd advise not following me unless you want to be snarled at. It is my way of calming myself down.

    And what might trigger me you might ask?

    Pedophiles, constant lying to me, even when asked to stop you do not, threats against my family or friends that are serious, homophobic racist people, transaphobic people, and a few other things that I can't remember.

    When i get this mad at you, you've seriously crossed a line.

    How do you feel AFTER the fact? Relieved? Guilty? Justified?

    Depending on what you have done, usually I will remain who I was before I got mad at you.

    Do you turn in to the HULK?

    If you done fucked up so bad that I'm yelling at you, then yes, only I don't smash people. No I just make them run with their tails tucked behind them.
  7. Okay, this is probably the worst thing I've ever done and I surprisingly did not get in trouble for it.

    I was in my world history class, and I was failing like three classes. It was almost finals, and I was under a lot of pressure. My teacher is going to retire this year, and she's a pretty cranky old lady. She's real blunt and she smokes cigars so she is wheezing all the time. Anyway, I hadn't don't my honors project that was due like three months ago and it was also the proficiency for the class. So she spoke to me in the front of the whole class, "Did you finish your honors project?"


    "You aren't going to go to college if you don't do your work."

    A few kids snickered, and they didn't realize the amount of crap I was trying to get caught up in all my other classes. World history was the very last on my list of need to dos. So I was really pissed, and I kinda just said, "You can't tell me if I'm going to go to college or not you cunt"

    The class froze and gawked at me.

    My teacher just looked at me open mouthed then said, "Rude!" and that was that. I didn't even get in trouble. But still, I feel bad about that because she was a pretty good teacher. She just irked me at a bad time.
  8. I am told I am imposing when I am angry. I am verbally vicious to those who provoke me but I try my hardest to avoid people I don't want to hurt. I feel like I am on fire from the inside and it will erupt in one direction, so I retreat until it can burn out. If I do end up hurting someone's feelings I admit that I am slow to apologize. I feel a great guilt and I keep it with me privately. I believe it is a pride thing.

    I will go to great lengths to avoid physical confrontation now when I am angry.
  9. I really rarely lose my temper, though that's not always a good thing.

    When I truly lose my temper... it is a stereotypical angry woman deal. I scream. I curse. I will follow and nag and bitch until I have said absolutely everything that is on my mind, at the top of my lungs, while staring directly at you. I have literally only gotten this angry at my father before- no one else has deserved it. I have a pretty high tolerance for bullshit, and I'm quick to bail on situations that seem to be going south. But

    But I'll also shut down. No talking, not even looking at the person, because I'll know I'll either descend into one or three.

    And three is the method I use with my mom. She has an aggressive personality and when she gets angry there are no boundaries, so I know better than to push her buttons. When she gets angry, my first and only resort is to stop crying- simply put, my tears are the only thing that will make her put the brakes on. She's a dragon when she's mad, but her mothering instincts prevent her from ripping my head off as long as there are tears actively dripping down it. She'll scream at me from another room and make all kinds of threats to the effect of "if I don't stop crying", but the waterworks always work. Then I just feel like shit all day because everything everyone says to me I just file away to beat myself up with later, a mental kick when I'm down. :c
    This is a really terrible coping mechanism. ;_; I'm trying my best to get rid of it, since it won't help me with anyone else on the planet.
  10. In general, my anger just makes me quieter and more angrypolite. I get more and more cold and formal. I will try very hard to leave whatever situation is pissing me off at this point.

    If I can't leave and it just keeps getting worse, my eventual snapping is just turning to coldly start saying the awful things I've been thinking. One of us will then leave. Guaranteed.
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  11. I get highly irritable without the aid of antidepressants or cannabis. Too many things piss me off, and my moods are generally unpredictable. I lived with a step-father who was abusive, so unfortunately his aggressive behavior influenced me growing up. I'm calm and gentle, I don't like conflict. Even if I'm irritated, I find ways to deal with it so I can resume daily tasks. But oh my god, do not make me mad... Like my step-dad, I will sit there and take it all until I can't keep it bottled up anymore.

    I tend to isolate myself so that I can fume in privacy. I don't usually confront people but if I do get violent and confrontational when I'm angry, it's terrifying. The way I speak is cold enough to make all of my siblings nearly pee their pants. And when I get physically violent, I go for the kill. I've hurt people very dear to me because they provoked me... All of those times, too, they were people who teased me for being small and weak. So, in a way, they deserved my wrath. >>;

    When I'm in solitude, I mostly just sit on the bathroom floor to let my feelings out. Usually, I cry and throw up a bunch, and then I feel better. I'll also seek out affection, because of how shitty I feel. I usually need that pathetic moment of crying before I can open up about why I was upset. But, I always feel better.
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  12. If the Hulk was a crybaby, yeah. That's about right.

    The last time I lost my temper... Was it worth it? Yes and no.
  13. It depends on the situations. I play off most stuff. Like, if someone is verbally abusing someone or me, I'll turn it around and it usually works out. Make them into the ass. But for most other things, I hardly every get mad. Just annoyed, and I'm very honest and frank when it comes to that. Like, "Man, every time we order out, you don't have money. I'll take care of it this time, but this is the last time." That's for simple bullshit stunts.

    Other things, like lying, or stealing from me, I'll just never speak to you again. One of my best buddies, I've been friends with him for 5 years, borrowed some money. Two years later, never paid me back. He'd rather by guns and weights and video games, but "just don't have to money right now". I never speak to him, nor will I ever help him out again if he needs it.

    There are a lot of people out there that just try to test you. They get their kicks by seeing if they can make you break down or snap. There was a guy in high school, his name Cory. He was the type that would push you, knock stuff off your table (like drinks or books), and stuff. If you told him to stop, he'd just laugh, and talk with his buddies on how he made you mad. One day, I was walking past him in the hallway, and he went to push me. I stepped in and nailed him right on the mouth. He didn't expect it, and fell back on his ass. I didn't even look at him, just kept on walking. He never bothered me again.

    And during A/C (alternative classroom a.k.a detention) I first read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so hell yeah it was worth it.
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  14. Pffft, schools that assign free reading time as punishment. XD I loved getting sent to ISS in Elementary for just that reason. You mean I can get a day away from my irritating little fuckers of classmates, I'm allowed to finish my assignments as quickly as I can instead of waiting for the teacher to move on to the next problem, and then I can read for the rest of the day? Hell yeah!
    Unfortunately they got smarter in Middle and High, and assigned after school instead. D:
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  15. After school things can be stuffed. Unless it's something I'm willing to do, I'm not in a stay after school to do something. After school time, is mah time.
  16. I've got tiers of anger, much like some other people. I don't tend to lose my temper easily. Usually I sound pissed or annoyed apparently, and I assure you, I'm not. Normally I'm a huge dick to my friends and you are expected to take just as much as you dish. 9.995 times out of 10 I can play it off.
    But anyways; tiers. Yes.
    Easily you can compare it to a 1-10 scale, which I'm doing for convenience's sake.

    1 Can't really be bothered
    Usually I'm at a 2.5 because retarded high school people
    5 Annoyed
    7 Really annoyed
    9 Fist clenching
    10 Holy dicks get into the fallout shelter cause I'm about to get Unrelenting Force up in this bitch.

    When is the last time you lost your temper? Was it WORTH it?
    Uhhh. Can't really say I remember. Like I said, I'm usually a really reserved person.

    What sorta stuff happens when you lose your temper? Do you hit things? Throw stuff? Scream? Bitch somebody out?
    It really depends on the situation. For instance:

    My idiot sister usually is resorted to yelling with considerable volume.
    I beat the crap out of my old desktop sometimes when it's just being really stupid. I made it BSOD once and I felt bad so I hugged it.
    Else, I usually just seethe and have a really "Don't give me any more shit than I need" mood for most of the day.

    How do you feel AFTER the fact? Relieved? Guilty? Justified?
    Usually it blows over pretty fast. Or at last it feels like it. I don't know.

    Do you turn in to the HULK?
    Hell I wish, do you know how much crap I could solve by smashing it?
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