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  1. "Uuuuuggggghhhhh....."

    Sinclaire struggled down the creaky metal steps, holding a very heavy case of random bottled drinks. The case rested against his chest, smashing against the side of his face, as his hands began to cramp from the weight. He huffed, kicking open the door, and stumbling into the dying speakeasy that was in the basement of a well-known food bank.

    The speakeasy, a concrete room with only a long bar, stools, and low hanging glass lights, occupied about four people at this time. Most were sitting at the bar, with a drink in hand, and a depressing expression on their face. Sinclair hurried to the bar and dropped the case on top, hearing the bottles rattle inside.

    "Umm...you Carson?" Sinclaire grabbed the delivery order from his vest pocket as a bartender walked over to him. "Are you?"

    The bartender, an older man with blonde hair and highly pointed ears nodded. He looked over the case with his blue eyes, running a finger along the the plastic casing.

    "Yeah, you're...juice...is here," Sinclaire said. "Just sign on this line. Here's a pen."

    After handing the bartender the pen to sign the delivery order, Sinclaire sat himself on one of the open stools. He sighed tiredly, slouching in his seat, regretting accepting this new delivery job. He thought it only had him run around the lower east end of Haven City and maybe cut into the west end. But, he had no idea he would be riding along in his little moped throughout the struggling side of the city.

    "Can I get something to drink? Anything with caffeine," Sinclaire ordered. "Make it quick."

    The bartender nodded and went to make Sinclaire his drink. Sinclaire let out another sigh, his fingers drumming along the counter, as a few more urban elves poured into the speakeasy. It was about "siesta" time, where everyone takes a two hour break from any time of work for lunch, hang out with friends, or nap until it was time to go back to work.
  2. There is was again, another angry customer covered in their order. It wasn't her fault she had no hand to eye coordination what so ever.

    "M-Ma'am I am so sorry I didn't mean to I'll pay for it...it's on the house" Akira looked at the blonde woman breathing in and out as if she was trying to control herself. But as soon as she heard on the house her mood seemed to change like everyone else's always does. "Fine but make sure it's in my mouth and not on my head" the blonde snapped causing the bright pink ears that were standing on her head to drop down.

    Everyone here was annoying, no one was nice, and it seemed as if everyone had it out for her. "Hey Miriam there's a mean blonde lady outside I need you to take her this order and put it on my paycheck....I spilt another one" she said as if she was ashamed of herself when in reality she shouldn't be cause it probably happened everyday at least once. But now it was her break and she was determined to get out of here as soon as she could before her boss called her into the office, again...for the third time this week.

    Akira moved with haste out of the little diner she worked at called The Little Devils Playground (weird name for a restaurant) and made her way to her favorite little place right across from the place she worked at. It wasn't much but most places where she lived weren't that much since most of these people couldn't afford much, including her. She opened the door to the speakeasy and sighed as she seemed to catch the attention of the only four people that were there.

    "Hey little kitty, why don't you come over here and show daddy what you can do!" She looked over at the slurring voice and glared daggers at the older looking man. Being poor made men horny which in return made them perverts. "Well I would but you look to wrinkled and if I were to lol down there I would see a grape, and I hate grapes" Akira replied walking in and sitting down beside a guy that looked about her age.

    "Could I get a milk...nothing in it just milk" she said to the blonde bartender that came out with an energy drink for the guy sitting next to her. Akira smiled and turned to Sinclaire and her ears shooting up with excitement. "Could I tell you a joke?" She asked turning her whole body to face him as she put her finger on her chin thinking of one, "Why was the cat afraid of the tree?" She paused giving him some time to think as a small bubbling giggle escaped from her mouth.

    "Because of its bark!" She finished laughing at her own self for being quite funny if she might have said.
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  3. Sinclaire grabbed the bottle tightly in his hands, held his head back, and took the longest drink ever as a cat eared girl appeared next to him. His eyebrows raised slightly as she ordered a glass of milk, finding it odd at first until he remembered she was part cat.

    He blinked as the cat eared girl turned her body to face him, a big smile appearing on her face, and her ears shooting straight up. Cat people, or nekos Sinclaire once heard, were a new type of people that invaded Haven City about a decade ago. They were primarily located at the poorest section of the cites as they were even more considered as outcasts than urban elves. In the poor locations, there was no such thing as outcasts.

    Sinclaire continued to drink his caffeinated drink, listening to the girl tell her joke and promptly laughed right after the punchline. He finally lowered the bottle, his elf ears starting to tingle from the rush of caffeine entering his body.

    "Cute," he answered. "The joke works more because of that weird laugh you have."

    He was a very blunt urban elf and was a bit proud of it. Of course, he never meant any harm from his blunt and harshness. But, it was something he developed during his childhood. The bartender, passing the girl her glass of milk before attending to other drinkers.

    "You have any more jokes? This place is so depressing that any kind of joke would be a delight here," Sinclaire said. He peered over the girl to stare at the men who were pointing and eying her. "Umm..I have one. 'I'm sorry' and 'I apologize' mean the same thing, except at a funeral."

    The men, who was being nosy and Sinclaire's and the girl's conversation, abruptly kept quiet as they heard Sinclaire's joke. His eyes landed back on the girl.

    "I'm not much of a comedian. I'm Sinclaire. You look familiar. Have I seen you around before?" he asked, waving a hand over to the bartender to order another caffeine drink.
  4. "Cute, the joke works more because of that weird laugh you have" Akira had looked at him weirdly with her head cocked to the side. She was confused, very confused. Had he just complimented or insulted her. As she had gotten her glass of milk she took a sip and began to think of another joke.

    She had many, some that were hers and some that were hers. Putting her finger in her chin jokingly as if she was thinking of what to say next, but then her thought process was thrown off as she heard the urban elf speak. Turning to see what he was talking about Akira quickly rolled her eyes to see the people just staring at her. And she knew exactly why they were staring at her...Nekos weren't very big yet and in fact we're pretty rare unless you went through what she went through or was born a neko.

    Jumping off from the seat Akira, standing at her full short height, made her way over to the old pervs and whispered something quietly that only they could here. They listened closely as if they were about to get something they wanted and then their eyes widened as if they were surprised, and scared. She gave them a small smile as she skipped back to her seat and hopped back on as they quickly turned away their backs facing them.

    Finally thinking of the joke Akira turned to face Sinclaire again giggling to herself as she but her lower lip so that she could get the joke out. "What does a cat do when it gets mad?" she paused letting him think about it and took a small sip from her milk then turned her body towards his once more. "It has a hissy fit" she stopped making are if she could laugh cause apart her laugh was weird, but ended up doing it anyway except quieter this time.

    "Everyone's a comedian Sinclaire, some people just have a more dark and dry humor...like yourself, I thought it was funny though" Akira chuckled softly letting her ears filter a bit as some one else entered the small place and sat down on the farthest end of the bar. "I'm Akira, you may have seen me across the way I work at that diner that weirdly named...I trip over my own feet so you may have been one of my victims that I spilled soup on..." Akira instantly felt embarrassed that she was such a klutz and put her hand on the small space of her neck laughing nervously at herself.
  5. Sinclaire watched as she went over to the group of men and whispered in one of their ears. The new bottle of caffeine drink was placed in his open hands as the men suddenly looked scared and afraid of her. He was taken back by her boldness. And, even more by the return of her bubbly mood as she sat again.

    He just stared at her as she made her next kitty joke. Well, this was a good turn on this terrible day. It was rare to ever meet a neko. It was even rarer to meet a girl like her who seemed to be genuinely happy. This time, Sinclaire chuckled softly along with her laugh.

    "Huh?" he blinked and rubbed his hands over his chest, realizing she must have read his name tag. "Oh..oh right! I remember seeing you at that diner when I had to make a couple of deliveries there. Everyone looked really mad at you."

    He took a long chug of his drink before continuing.

    "So, Kira, what did you say to those men over there? They're all huddled up as if you turned into a lion," Sinclaire opened his wallet and paid for his drinks and left a tip. "Are you busy? Because I need to rush this next delivery in...like...five minutes. You can come along and tell me what happened?"

    He stood, wiping his hands across his legs to get rid of the dust that he collected from the bar.

    "My scooter is just up the way. We'll get back in time after siesta. I'll drop you off at the diner."
  6. She smiled and nodded her head jumping off of the barstool pulling a five out of her wallet. The extra was a tip cause she always left large tips down here cause everyone was struggling. Plus she counted it as her helpful hand for the day, in her mind it was always nice to be helpful. Especially when living in a place like this, everyone needed at least one smile.

    "Well if you want to know I would be happy to tell you, not that what I smashed was oh so horrible their just cowards behind being nosy perverts" Wiping the imaginary dust off of her work uniform she walked out of the speakeasy and made her way back into the cold weather. She wasn't a fan of cold weather at all, and what made it worse was that they had to wear these slutty uniforms to 'attract customers'. When the only thing they were attracting was old men staring at them.

    "I actually have a question before I tell you what happened? I've always been curious about the piercings on the ears...is that a fashion statement or a culture thing?" She was only asking because one of her customers had been a female urban elf and she complimented her in her piercings, and ended up asking apparently a very sensitive question which offended her and almost got Akira fired.

    She had nerve understood why it was so case sensitive. And curiosity always killed the cat so why not potentially offend a new freind. Seemed easier then pissing off a emotional customer who probably got offended by everything anyway.
  7. Sinclaire led them to his scooter that was parked at the start of the alley. Attached to it was a small trailer that held all the deliveries for the day. He rubbed his arms as the sudden cold tickled his body and let out a low breath.

    "There should be another helmet for you..." Sinclaire walked behind to unlock and open the trailer. "Aha, here you go."

    He tossed the helmet to Akire before closing and locking the trailer door. He hopped onto his scooter, placed on his helmet, turned on the ignition, and kick-started the pedal for the engine. The scooter let out a loud cough, a puff of black smoke, and rocked forward a bit before settling down.

    "Huh? Oh, the earrings," Sinclaire tucked his ears into his helmet, fingers brushing over his piercings. "It's a cultural thing for urban elves. Each piercing represents your birthday for being born and making it to your next birthday. Some elves get sensitive over it because the piercing is the only thing most families can afford for gifts. Some work extra time for the whole year just to give their kid or loved on a piercing. It also represents how wealthy you are as better off elven families can afford the best metals. A lot of elves see it as a symbol of always being chained or owned by poverty. Or something like that."

    It's been years since Sinclaire had thought about his earrings. His parents would pool together their extra money just to buy him the best quality piercing while they could only manage cheap metal for theirs. Half of Sinclaire's piercings were of top quality while the other, where the shift of his family's stability happened, appeared to be of very low quality.

    "You cat people don't have something like that?" Sinclaire asked as he walked the scooter to the sidewalk. "You guys must have something like our piercings. Maybe a new bell on your collars? Anyway, hop on. We're running a bit late."

    As soon as Akira would jump onto the scooter, Sinclaire took off, swerving onto the street and down.
  8. As she listened to him speak about the cultural earrings of urban elves it made more since as to why the woman had gotten sensitive. It was either because she was really old ir her earrings weren't the most expensive.

    But honestly she hadn't understood it. Why would someone want people to find a reason to judge them. Then she heard him bring up cat people and a small chuckle escaped her mouth as she held onto his waist thinking about what to say to that. "Well is cat people don't need another reason to get judged...we're already outcasts so we don't need earrings or cat bells to make us feel for degraded" which had actually been true, as bad as it sounded. They weren't really accepted as normal because they had cat ears and a cat tail, but what made it worse was that elves weren't human either and were treated way better than her and her other Neko counterparts.

    "Plus how many nekos do you actually see roaming the streets...we aren't really the most popular species down here" she said as she wrapped her tail around her waist so that it hadn't been flapping around behind her as she sat. Plus her tail around her waist had made her feel more comfortable for some reason.

    "So what is it that you do...I mean other than make deliveries...what is it that you deliver anyways" since this wasn't a full blown motorcycle she found herself being able to speak over the cold wind that was biting at her exposed legs. The reason her legs were exposed in the first place was because of the slurry waitress uniform she had to wear. Honestly she couldn't figure out why she even stayed at the crappy job since she was so bad at it.

    But it was just the way that things worked down here, if you wanted to live you had to keep a job whether you liked it or not. Personal feelings hadn't mattered down here cause no one cared about anyone.

    It was just a sad but true story living down here, a sad but unfortunately true story.
  9. With Akira holding on, Sinclaire sped forward, weaving through traffic always being mindful of the trailer that was attached. Gray clouds began to gather, swelled with water as they tried their best to contain it. While Akira and Sinclaire resided in the poorest districts of Haven City, these parts were only areas that people could visibly see the sky above. Haven City was a very industrial place with skyscrapers packed in tight places, reaching hundreds of floors above. There were parts where it was impossible to see the sky. Instead, every few buildings displayed giant screens that showed the weather that day and lights that mimicked the feelings of sunshine. There were some parts of Haven City, especially the factory district, that had skies covered with dirty smog.

    Sinclaire turned right and passed a school just being released for the day. Many students waited for the bus as most parents at these parts were unable to pick their child because of work.

    "That's too bad. I think it would be cute to have bells and whatnots," Sinclaire commented through the wind. "And yeah, I don't see much of you types around here. I use to think you guys only came out at night or somethin' like that."

    They passed through tenement apartments in very poor condition. The walls were painted with rust stains, broken windows patched with cardboard, and twisted bars that plagued every door.

    "Oh, yeah, well I mostly delivery food stuff and mechanical parts. When there is a box that is never collected, I'm allowed to keep what's inside. The rare times I'm not working, I'm tinkering with engines and stuff. Maybe after work I can show you some of my stuff if you're curious about it."

    Sinclaire slowed to a stop in front of the back garage of the tenement building. He turned off the scooter, carefully leaning it on the kickstand, and walked over to the trailer to grab the box. The back garage was open, displaying a giant boiler and air conditioning unit. There were many workbenches, toolboxes, and other mechanical items everywhere. A real gold mind for any mechanic or an hobbyist.

    Taking a small box over to one of the workbenches, Sinclaire only had to wait a few seconds for the head mechanic to arrive. He signed for the box, thanked Sinclaire and went off.

    Sinclaire returned to the scooter.

    "Alright, let's take you back to the diner. Think you could manage me up a slice of pie? I'm dying for something sweet."