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Jinx the Voice here. I finally managed to get past the barriers to get this out to you! I'm from a little town called Black Springs which I'm sure you've never heard of because our town officially doesn't exist. But that's what happens when a place is a Mental Institution for the Supernatural beings. It's a safe environment for Supernatural Creatures and a human or two to live pseudo-normal lives while still learning to deal with…whatever the hell mental disease they had.

But now the Blake Sisters run the town, and they've divided it into four districts…and this place has become even more chaotic then it was before! Now sane people are here against their will because no one's bothering to make sure the people that come here are really nuts! So its gone a little mad in here….well madder. Once you get in, you're stuck here…because once you get in…there's no getting out.

Stay tuned freaks and nutters, I promise to keep you updated.


So why should you join? Well the staff is friendly and helpful, we just opened so A LOT of big positions are open, the species are new and interesting along with some familiar faces and the app is simple!

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