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    They were the kids that everyone laughed at.
    The kids that nobody wanted anything to do with.
    The kids that the adults turned a blind eye to.
    They were the losers.
    They all go to New Ridge High School, the only high school in the small town of New Ridge, so it's not like they can escape. Some people say that high school is where you have the best times of your life. But to the losers, it's hell.

    Until one day their tormentors push them to the limit, and in their darkest moment, each kid is met with a strange being made entirely of light.

    The being calls itself 'Hope' and it offers to help them rise up against their oppressors and take back the town from the bullies that keep it in a poisonous vice.

    The kids accept and suddenly they each find themselves with a unique power that they then use to defend the weak and become the new 'rulers' of New Ridge Town.

    - -
    T h e B e d W e t t e r

    "Let me go!" Diego screamed, his arms and legs thrashing but he couldn't get away from them. 'Them' being Daniel Stanley, Mark Flynn and Gordon Lesley. They were holding him up against the brick wall behind the school, while Daniel was continuously bucking at him as if he was going to mash his fist right into Diego's face.

    "Not until you learn to piss on command, Dora!" Daniel sneered and his two idiot henchmen dissolved into laughter. Unfortunately they still held a tight grip on Diego's arms.

    Diego glowered at his tormentors, but his angry glare was diminished by the tears that were already streaming down his face. The fact that Daniel was picking on him wasn't that bad, or even the fact that he was calling him girl names. It was the fact that Diego couldn't take it. He was such a damn wuss! If he hadn't of wet himself that time, none of this would be happening!

    He hated this. And himself.

    "Stop it!" He yelled one more time, before suddenly the edges of his vision began to blur and the mocking voices of the three bullies began to fade into white noise.

    Suddenly everything was pitch black, save for four figures. Daniel, Mark, Gordon...And himself?
    Was he having some sort of out of body experience? Was he dying? But how! They may have been restraining him but they hadn't even hurt him yet! What was going on?

    "Diego." A soft voice called, and Diego whirled around, this way and that looking for the speaker.

    "Wh-who is that? Where am I? Wh--

    "Diego." The voice repeated, and suddenly Diego found himself staring at a being engulfed in white light. "I am Hope. And I am here to help you. Too long has this town been held in the villainous jaws of cowardly rulers. I can help you bring justice and peace to all." The being--Hope--whispered.

    "What? I don't--"

    Hope reached out and placed a glowing hand on Diego's shoulder. "Your tormentors," It began, gesturing at the three figures below. "I can give you the power to defeat them."

    Diego stared at the figures of the three guys who had made his life miserable. The ones who had made it impossible for anyone to forget his 'accident'. He could fight back? Never in his life had it occurred to him that he would be able to. But what was that about cowardly rulers?

    As if reading his mind, Hope placed a finger on the boy's lips. "I will explain more when you unite with the others of your cause. For now, I give you the power of energy. The power that cursed you, will be your sword." And with that, Hope disappeared and Diego once again found himself in the grip of Mark and Gordon. Daniel was still taunting him as if nothing had happened.

    Maybe nothing had and he had simply blanked out? But...It had felt so real! He could still feel Hope's warm glow on his skin. And he felt different, he felt like how he did before he wet himself, but this was different. He didn't feel it in his groin, but in his chest. He felt as if he could shake the bullies off like flies.

    He might as well try. What did he have to lose?

    "I SAID STOP IT!" Diego roared and suddenly he felt a loud pulsing in his ears, his body was getting warm like he had a fever, but it felt good. He stared down at his hands and saw that they were yellow and no longer solid, they were twitching and crackling like static!

    Wait? His hands? He was no longer restrained! He glanced to his side and saw that Mark and Gordon were lying on the ground on either side of him, groaning and clutching themselves. Daniel was on the ground in front of him, his eyes wide with fear as he quickly scrambled backwards on his butt.

    "Get out of here. Now." Diego snarled, and Daniel ran off screaming bloody murder.
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  2. The Fat Kid
    Sour milk dripped down Justine Matthew's hair and clothes as she ran to the bathroom, book clutched to her side. The laughter of the cafeteria rang in her ears like a shrill alarm. She promised herself she wouldn't cry, not this time, but, as she reached for the familiar door -- the tiled walls she surrounded herself with too often after every lunch period, she felt those tears well-up again. Justine swung the bathroom door open, running to the wide porcelain sink as she dropped the book to the floor; she scrubbed the rancid chunks of milk out of her hair and clothes...until she heard the bathroom door swing open again.

    "I thought I'd find you here, Blubber." Laura cackled.

    Laura Moore was a blonde, small, and popular. At every opportunity, at every taunt and every torment, Laura was there. She bullied her about her weight constantly. Ever since her mom left, her weight had been something she struggled with.

    “Way to go, fatty.” She said, clapping her hands mockingly together. “Your performance out there was great, but then you know nobody wants to be your friend.”

    "Shut up." Justine glared at her from the mirror.

    "Not even your mother wanted you. She had to leave in the middle of the night to escape from you, fatty,” Laura taunted. “Couldn't stand having a whale for a child.”

    "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" She closed her eyes tightly; her hands clutched the sink with knuckles of bone white. Her stomach knotted and twisted and her chest hurt. Just ignore her. She'll go away. She'll go away. Laura's voice faded as a warm wind brushed against her bare arms. "Just shut up!"

    "Justine." A voice called softly. "Open your eyes."

    Was it a trick? Would she fall for another one of Laura's mean pranks if she opened her eyes? It didn't sound like Laura or one of her groupies but what if...

    "Open your eyes." The voice called again. Justine slowly opened her eyes, a bright light momentarily blinding her. Instinctively, she shielded her eyes.

    "What are you?"

    "I am Hope, and I have a gift for you."

    The being of Light, the one that calls itself 'Hope' leans towards the girl; it's bright glow, warming her skin. "I give you power to command paper to your will. The very pages that you hide behind will become your protectors."

    "What are you talking about? Power? Don't go!" Justine cried out as the light disappeared and the bathroom came into a hazy view.

    "Don't go?" Her tormentor laughed. "Man, you really are losing it, fatty."

    "Shut up."

    "Or else what? Gonna sit on me?"

    The pages of the open book fluttered with an invisible breeze. The girls exchanged looks of awe and confusion before Justine raised her hands. With an echoing crackle, a torrent of paper flew around the bathroom. Laura, for once, was silent as the explosion of papers started to shape into a massive hulk of a beast. The papered creature towered over the girl. With a scream, she was disappeared through the doors.

    Justine stared at the beast as it let out a huff. Was it breathing? Or, more importantly, was she dreaming? As she lowered her hands, the creature broke down and paper drifted to the ground.

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  3. The Autistic Kid

    "Come on, Michelle! Let's go have some fun over there." Amberlyn smirked as she took the unsuspecting girl over to the dodge ball court near the back of the school. Mickey smiled as she followed Amberlyn Tate, the local gossip who knew everything about everyone. "Why don't we play dodge ball? That sounds fun, doesn't it, Michelle?" The brunette's bun bounced as she gave the black haired girl a large white smile. Her tan hand was wrapped tightly around Mickey's paler one.

    "It sounds like a lot of fun! Does this mean we're friends now?" Mickey asked, hopeful. The girl was so pretty with her short skirts and tank tops that showed her boobs. If she was friends with Amberlyn then maybe people would let her play with them and give them hugs! That would be fun. She was surprised to see a whole bunch of baseball players standing around at the court. They were all holding baseballs. Was this going to be a special kind of baseball, Mickey thought.

    "Alright, Michelle. We're going to play a special version of dodge ball." The brown eyed girl led Mickey over to the chain link fence. "You have to stand right here and try to dodge without moving from this spot, okay?" Mickey nodded, her blue-green eyes bright with excitement. "Ready boys? Ready... Set... Fire!" The boys threw baseballs at Mickey. She gasped as she tried to dodge. The balls hit her as she ducked, trying to dodge without moving from her spot. Slam! Crash! Crack! Mickey's hand throbbed as she sobbed loudly. Why were they hurting her? Weren't they suppose to be playing a game?

    Finally the throwing stopped. Mickey shook. She hurt so much... "Alright, go back to practice boys." Amberlyn ordered, sending the boys away. She grabbed Mickey's hair, forcing the injured girl to look straight at her. Mickey whimpered as Amberlyn threw her head at the fence. "You are nothing. You don't understand anything. Stupid. Idiot. Your parents should have aborted you when they had the chance. Then they wouldn't have to deal with such a horrible child like you."
    Mickey sobbed louder as she curled up, trying to get away from the hurtful words. Why was Amberlyn so mean to her? Was she really that bad? She closed her eyes before feeling a strange light come over her. At this, she blinked, faintly seeing a strange light. "What... Who are you?" The light was warm and comforting, making Mickey feel safe.

    "I am Hope, Mickey." The being of Light, the one that called itself 'Hope' leaned toward Mickey, it's bright glow, warming her skin. "I give you power of creativity, for your mind holds true happiness." Mickey smiled as Hope gave Mickey a hug. "I must go now. Fight the ones who try and repress your gift. Fight them..."

    "Wait... Wait, don't go! You're my only friend!" Mickey stood up, reaching out for the light. "Please, I need you! Don't leave me! Don't go! Wait!" She tried to run after the strange light, but she tripped. A kick to her side brought her back to the real world.

    "Finally stopped crying, huh mistake? That should have been your name instead. MIS-TAKE! I doubt your parents even love you. I know your siblings want you dead." Amberlyn taunted, smirking as she saw the tear tracks that ran down Mickey's face.

    "Leave... Me... Alone..." Mickey said quietly, sniffling as she slowly sat up.

    "Or what, mistake?" Amberlyn taunted, laughing as she knew the injured girl could do nothing to her. What could she do anyways? She was a big mistake, just like the rest of the losers!

    Mickey sniffled, wishing she had a big lion friend like the ones she saw on Animal Planet. "I said... Leave. Me. Alone!" A roar followed after that, a large lion appearing out of a strange green light. Amberlyn screamed at the sight of the large cat, scrambling back quickly. The large beast growled before roaring again, pouncing toward the brunette. Amberlyn quickly got up and ran away, screaming in fear as she called for somebody, anybody, to call Animal Patrol.

    Mickey smiled as the lion turned to her and licked her hand. "Good kitty." She rubbed his head before pointing toward where she thought good place for a lion could be. "Go! Be free Mr. Lion!" She watched him walk away before disappearing into small sparkles of light. "Whoa..." She smiled and laughed before wincing. Her left hand was broken, or at least it hurt a lot. She frowned as she looked at it, wondering if Mommy and Daddy were going to be mad at her again.
  4. The unfortunate accident kid

    "Hey Daniel, I hear you!" Soft clanks could be heard in the hallway, like a clock ticking away in an empty room. "You can't run forever Stilts, you know we always find you!" The hallway was full of busy students going to their classes, streams of people pushing and shoving to reach their destination. "There you are, freak. I've been looking for you." Without Daniel noticing, he had left the larger streams of people. In front of him stood Terry Dowley and a few goons he didn't recognize.

    "You should have stayed home today, stilts." A devilish grin spread across Terry's face. "I've got something special in store for you today, something much more fun than stealing your legs or beating you up." One of the goons stepped forward and Daniel tried to back away, but something was in the way. Something that then pushed him to the ground. "You see, Daniel, I've grown tired of doing things to you." Terry walked over to an locker, opened it and took out a pair of prosthetic legs. "You've missed these, haven't you? I sure have, I really can't take that clacking your stilts make." Daniel didn't dare speaking, even as Terry took a knife from the same locker. "It's been a week since you last saw your legs, and you won't even tell them you've missed them. How rude of you!"

    Daniel flinched as the blade pierced one of his legs. "Please..." He said, barely audible. "Please don't..." Once more Terry stabbed the leg, this time going almost all the way through. "You see, Freak? I'm tired of just beating you up, now I want to ruin your precious legs too." Another stab, and then one more. Tears rolled down Daniel's cheeks. "Stop hurting them, please" Daniel closed his eyes as the blade closed in for a fifth stab, but he didn't hear the hollow noise that had come the other times.

    When he then opened his eyes, a being of bright light was between Terry and him. "Who... What are you?" Daniel said with a hoarse voice. The light moved closer, and sat down next to the sill lying on the floor. "I am Hope, and I have come to help you. This school has been ruled by tyrants for too long, but soon that will be over." Tears had stopped running off of Daniel's face. "But how? Who will stop them?" Daniel couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't freaked out yet. He felt uncomfortable walking a different way home, but this... Light didn't scare him at all. "I give you power to shield yourself as well as others. The safety you desired most will be your guardian." Hope said, and placed a hand on Daniel's back. "Now defeat your oppressors, bring them justice."

    The light slowly faded, and Hope called out to him once more. "Find the others that I have visited. Together you can achieve great things."
    With those words Hope left, and things moved on. But still the blade didn't move. "What the heck is going on!" Terry almost screamed. He pulled his arm back and stabbed again, but the blade stopped in the air inches from the leg. "Stop it." Daniel said with a stern voice. "Stop it and get away from me." Terry ran over to kick Daniel in the side, but his foot was stopped before hitting it's target. Daniel rose and one of the goons tried to shove him back down, but all he hit was the air. "I said, get away from me." Daniel's voice was angry.

    It was only a matter of seconds before Terry and his goons had fled the hallway, and as soon as they were out of view Daniel sat down next to his legs. The tears began rolling down his cheeks again. He didn't cry because of his legs, he cried because of what he had just done. The light being didn't frighten him, but being able to make barriers like that was just too much for him to handle.
  5. The Deaf Kid
    Daisy walked to her locker to retrieve her books for Bio. Twisting the lock to fit the combination, she could feel taps in her fingers but hear nothing. She was still deaf, she sighed shaking her head for wishing something so impossible in that moment. On the inside door of her locker was a picture of her parents. Just above it was a mirror. Daisy starred at her thin brown hair and deep blue eyes, do I look like a normal hearing person? She wondered.

    She grabbed her textbook, seeing a little note flutter out and fall to the school’s short carpeted floor. Daisy knelt down to read it.

    “You’re not alone.”

    Daisy scoffed, someone was playing a trick on her again she thought, probably Brianna Or Kendall.
    She smiled to herself crumpling up the note in her hand.

    She turned to her locker about to place the note inside as the door came shut. The unexpected movement made her jump. She turned to see two girls at her locker. I shouldn't have thought about them.
    “What’s that you got there?” Brianna said slowly like Daisy wouldn't be able to understand. She had a smirk plastered on her overly-make-upped face. She grabbed the note while Kendall placed her obvious fake tan hands around Daisy’s arm. She tried to sigh something, words like
    give it back and please stop, but all the did was silently laugh at her.

    The two them begin to drag Daisy down the hall, leaving her textbook in the middle of the hall. Tears began to slide down her face, and then she saw one of the office aids. Still crying she signed help me! But the lady just looked at her funny.

    Kendall and Brianna took her down to the basement.
    “Let’s play a game.” Brianna smiled. “You’re it.” She mouthed before the lights went out. Daisy felt around trying to find a wall or something. There was a touch at her shoulder and she whipped around. Daisy began to tremble, sight was what she counted on most. She felt her finger glide across skin, then her hair got pulled down to the floor. She got back up this time weary of her head. Then multiple punches to her back. Then her body was just getting hit from all angles, Daisy didn't know which way was up anymore and tears began to choke her up. Kendall and Brianna had yet to go this far.

    The throbbing pain began to be too much as she shouted out as loud as she could,
    “STOP IT!” Nothing touched her, she laid on the cement floor heavily breathing, too weak to even get up.

    The lights flicked on and Brianna grabbed a hold of her face,

    “So you can talk?” She smiled maliciously. Then turned Daisy’s cheek to see a bloody cut. “Damn it Kendall, I said nothing to her face, how do we explain this?” She threw Daisy back on the ground. Kendall grabbed her blonde hair, “Make it look like an accident?” Brianna smiled,

    “Oh yes, I believe the west side staircase will do, since I happen to know that camera isn't working.” She turned to Daisy, “Come on.” She pulled on her arm, Kendall grabbed the other one as they proceeded to drag her. Squinting her teary blue eyes, Daisy could see the lights go buy over head. I’m going to die thought Daisy. Then the lights above her felt warm. She could feel her body quit dragging. The light was now wrapped around her, comforting her. Then a figure appeared, her body was what was emanating the glow, she began to move her fingers and little dark shadows began to form words;
    “Hello Daisy, my name is Hope.” Daisy slipped her hands from Kendall and Brianna’s grip. Though translucent arms still hung in there grasps. She signed back to Hope
    Am I dead?” The figure smiled shaking her head. Then she moved her hands in a circle motion, the shadows forming new words.
    “No child, I have been watching this town for a very long time and I am displeased with those who have been in charge. I can help you and others, to make everyone, even the deaf girl, have a brighter life.”
    Daisy signed furiously,
    What do you mean by even the ‘Deaf girl’?!” Hope just smiled.
    “I knew you were strong, but you lack the power to defeat those who threaten you. Would you like that power?” Daisy stared at the last shadow word.

    She turned to look up at Kendall and Brianna standing there, their lips curled up in the corners. Daisy didn't want this to happen to anyone, especially herself. She had always wished they would leave her alone, find someone new. But she didn't want them to find someone new, she wanted them to stop. Daisy looked back up at Hope signing,
    Yes.” As her hands finished the sign, Hope grabbed a hold of them. The warm light that seemed to make up Hope, now began to fill Daisy up threw her hands. Shadow words began to circle Daisy and Hope.
    "I give you power over shadows, for shadows are silent but they are STRONG." As Daisy’s eyes read the last word, Hope dissipated and she was once again in Kendall and Brianna’s grips.

    Daisy’s back painfully scrapped on the cement floor. But the glow that Hope had filled her with seemed to ease the pain. Then she looked up at the lights above passing one every foot. Daisy squinted her eyes, the shadows that came off of Kendall and Brianna began to dance. Her hands felt like they were on fire, and they must have been because they both let go. Daisy was sitting there staring at the girls.
    “What the hell was that DEAF GIRL!” Brianna shrieked.

    Daisy stood up feeling the light swirling inside but feeling the power of the shadows swirling outside. Her body began to turn dark translucent like it had in her talk with Hope, only this time she could still feel every bit attached. Brianna and Kendall’s face looked horrified. Then their shadows popped up mirroring them.
    “You should stop what you’re doing.” said Brianna’s shadow
    “I’d leave now if I were you.” Grinned Kendall’s Shadow. The two girls with tears in their eyes, clutching onto each other screaming as they ran back to the school’s hall way.
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  6. The Mute Kid
    Wilson wanted to hide.

    Wilson wanted to shrink and never reappear, to disappear. And although he did not have many friends, he did not truly want to do that. He knew it, but it didn't matter.

    He cringed and seemed to shrink over the book he was 'reading.' He was too busy trying to ignore the kids beating on him -verbally, of course, he could beat them if they did it physically- about his silence.

    Silence was safety; emotion can spread into your speech, like coloring into water. And emotion reveals inner thoughts, regardless of whether or not they are wanted to be public. He just wanted people leave him alone.

    But these kids weren't done. He could feel that this time, something was different. He had only counted how many pairs of shoes were gathered around him; 5 or so, with one unsure, undecided of whether or not to stay, from the shuffling back and forth. He didn't bother looking at their faces; that would only fuel the half-heard abuse that hit him like a hammer with every word.

    Wilson knew how this would play out. He'd get lower and lower, then come to a sudden decision, and either explode, or leave.

    After several minutes, and a little more shrinking into himself, he snapped his book closed and stood up from the hallway bench he had sat on, jerking to an upright standing position, and staring down a little at the group's leader.

    The leader jerked back a bit, surprised and expecting a reaction after all the time that he had been pouring out his hate into the mute. After a moment, he hardened, noting the lack of any actual movement towards him, narrowed his eyes, and began anew, thinking up of every word he knew to try and beat down the mute.

    But Wilson was done. He fingers curled; his muscles tensed. His legs moved to plant themselves in a wider, more battle-ready stance. The bully didn't notice; he was too busy exhausting his limited vocabulary.

    Just as Wilson's endurance reached a peak, something.. weird.. happened. A light that wasn't previously filling the halls was now filling the halls, casting the bullies in darkness as if they weren't affected by the light, but were blocking the light. And the center of the light source was something of the shape of a woman, standing behind the group that were beating on him.

    His hand relaxed; his tenseness disappeared. The being of light, which he could look at, but couldn't quite make out the shape of it, her, him, walked forward, passing through the group leader as if he weren't even there. They took no notice, as if she had never appeared. As if by telepathy or thought transfer, he felt he knew her name, for it seemed to be feminine- Hope.

    The being of Light, the one that calls itself 'Hope' leans towards Wilson, it's bright glow warming his skin. "You hide your emotions, but they are necessary for you to thrive, your emotions will protect you."

    The bully leader was continuing his abuse as Hope dissipates. All Wilson wanted to do right now was be left alone and think about what had just happened. School was already let out anyways, so he could leave. But the bullies wouldn't let him, and he needed a way to get away from them peacefully.

    Their words weren't affecting him anymore. He knew if he had just pushed his way out, they would simply follow him and continue their abuse. He couldn't really see a way to get away from them, to be alone, until they tired of it.

    Then an idea came to mind. Something that had come up many times, but he never used. So he simply looked the bully in the eye, actually making him pause for a moment, and opened his mouth, trying to force a word that he had in mind out. He tried forcing, coaxing, trying and trying to make his vocal cords work.

    The bully laughed, and said, "Cat got your tongue? Leave talking to the talkers, mute. We don't need scum like you scratching at our ears!" His buddies laughed, like it was the funniest thing in the world. Sudden anger filled Wilson, and a hoarse, unused, unheard voice said simply, "Shut up."

    Wilson suddenly found 6 pairs of widened, shocked eyes staring at him. All the boys that surrounded him had frozen, and he shoved through the group's leader and his closest buddy, both of them staring, mouths open.
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  7. The Kid with the Stutter

    "Violet, tell me whose your favorite writer." Cheryl cooed.

    "No." Violet said, writing in her journal .

    "Why are you talking to her Cheryl? She's too stupid to answer!" Mary Oliver said.

    Violet bite her lip but said nothing. Don't say anything, don't give them any ammo. If you do, they won't leave you alone. Just be quiet, don't speak at all. Even though she told herself that time and time again, it was so hard to follow. Not only that but she was starting to get discouraged. There were days where she didn't want to even get out of bed. She lied to her parents and faked happiness but she didn't know how much longer she could keep it up. As Cheryl continued her taunts with Mary, Violet tried her hardest not to cry.

    "What are you writing in?" Cheryl suddenly grabbed Violet's journal.

    "Hey! Th--that's m-mine!" Violet shouted.

    "Now she talks! What is it, a diary!"

    "G-g-give it b-back!" Violet demanded.

    "Read it out Cheryl!" Mary said.

    "No, it's m-mine and y-you c-can't r-read it."

    Cheryl pushed Violet onto the floor, journal still in hand. Violet watched as Cheryl opened it up and looked at a page. Violet felt the tears come, her heart breaking. That journal held so many secrets, things no one else knew. Her life was over.

    "Oh my god, she has a crush on Eric Vanderbilt!" Cheryl crowed with laughter.

    "Don't cry child."

    "W-what?" Violet looked up.

    "You are not alone. I will help you. I shall grant you the power over words."

    Violet couldn't see anyone. It wasn't a voice that she was familiar with but it was soothing voice. Suddenly, she saw something glowing on front of her. Normally she would have been scared but she reached towards the object. Grasping it, she brought it to her. It was a pen. Not just any pen, a really, really nice calligraphy pen. They were the ones that made such beautiful looking words.

    "P-p-pretty!" She said.

    With a smile, she wrote in the air. To her surprise, an H appeared. It became thick and dropped to the floor.

    "Wait...d-did I d-do th-that?" She asked, surprised.

    "What was that?" Cheryl looked at Violet. "Hey, where did you get that pen?"

    Violet got up, the pen gripped firmly in her hand. She didn't understand this but for the first time in her life, she felt brave. She held the pen up towards the air and began to write. The word 'snake' appeared in the air. It hung there before it wriggled and expanded, slowly forming into a reptile. Cheryl watched as Mary screamed. Soon, a large, thick snake was in the room.

    "M-my j-journal. N-now." Violet said.

    "It's a trick!" Cheryl said, her voice wavering.

    Violet grinned. She wrote the word 'bees' in the air. Instantly, buzzing was heard as the snake opened up it's motuh and bees flew out. This time, both girls screamed as the bees came towards them. Cheryl dropped the book as she ran out the door with Mary behind her. The snake slithered after them, hissing.

    "I m-made th-that snake?" Violet couldn't believe it. "And the b-bees?"

    Violet looked at the pen in her hand and smiled.
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  8. The Girl That Hit Puberty Early

    Tamara watched as her brother ran down the stairs, easily carrying two travel bags. He put them down and she tackled him with a hug.

    "Can't you please be back soon?" She said quietly. she was actually being pretty selfish, but her brother only thought it to be a childlike attachment. But then again, so what if it is? She was afraid to be alone.

    Alexey grinned at her and let her go. "I'll be back before you know it."

    He was not. Tamara knew it'll be forever before he'd come back. Alexey is going to college, he's starting his own life now, when in the world will he come back? Will he even? She bit back her uncharacteristic pessimism and waved goodbye to her brother as he drove off. It wasn't until he had disappeared when she shut the door and double locked it. She slid to the floor, anxious. It'll only be a matter of time until Jake Smith who lives just next door, catches on.

    And in a matter of half an hour, the doorbell meant he did.

    "I know you're in there, Tamara." Jake said from outside, his voice was muffled but she hear a strange difference in his voice.

    "Go away." She managed. She was in the living room the whole time, fearing that. He had once commented about how he could see in her room and since then she had been afraid to stay there too.

    "I'm sorry about yesterday. Come on." Jake sounded rather upset. Tamara looked at the door. "No." she said as sternly as she could, but it came out hoarse.

    "Look, can we just talk this over? Please? Like properly. I promise, I'll behave."

    Tamara got up, shaking. Now she was worried. He sounded sick. She hated his guts but it was cold out, it'll be horrible if he would collapse-


    "Alright!" She felt like a dead weight dropped in her stomach with every step she took to the door. At some point, she felt unable to walk. Why would she open the door for him? All he ever does is unspeakable things.

    But if he's sincerely sorry, he'll stop.

    There is no certainty to that.

    Isn't it worth a chance?



    She had opened the door.

    Tamara's fearful eyes met Jake's cold ones. His reflexes were quicker than her reaction, he blocked her from closing the door. "Jake, no." She said firmly. But he didn't care. He forced his way in, pushing her back, locking the door shut.

    "I knew you still love me." He shrugged.

    "This is not a good time, Jake." She was shaking as she backed away. Too late, he had pulled her close. "It's a perfect time." He declared while she squirmed and struggled, unable to find the voice to scream for help. "Your brother and father won't be interrupting this time. In fact, for a long time."

    "You said you're sorry." Tamara's voice was weak. She felt weak. She had given up the moment she saw him. It was pure instinct that kept her from being limp as he held her close, sniffing her neck and hair.

    "That I got caught? Yeah."


    The air was knocked out of her and so were the rest of her words. She fell on the sofa, her hand on her belly where Jake hit her. She was gasping with shock and confusion.

    "I told you it's a perfect time." He sounded angry. She was petrified. She couldn't cry, she couldn't think, she couldn't scream. She could only hold herself.

    Then, all there was is light. It was bright but not blinding. It was warmth.

    But it wasn't just light. It wasn't just warmth.

    "Tamara. I am Hope."

    The being of Light, the one that called itself Hope leaned towards her, it's bright glow warming her skin. "Growth was curse but now it will be your blessing. Conquer your foes, no matter how big. No matter how small. You will overcome them all."

    The it was gone. The warmth lingered and it wasn't the feel of Jake's body pressed to her. She shook from head to toe, startling the boy.

    "Hey what the-?" Jake stumbled back, noticing something was off.

    Tamara was growing-literally increasing in size. It did no good to her clothes, the sofa, and Jake. She looked at herself and realized what was going on before she could crush the sofa. Jake was on his feet, by the door at this point.

    When the growing stopped, Tamara was probably fifteen feet tall but all in the right proportions. She blinked at Jake who was cowering on the door, near her feet. He cursed and ran out.

    Tamara seemingly lost her voice in shock at what happened. She started to shrink back to her right size. She clung to the pieces of her clothes and walked shaking to the full length mirror in the kitchen.

    "Wh-what's wrong with me?" She dropped to her knees and cried herself to sleep.

    She remembered the Light and what is said. She hugged herself and looked at the open door. Come to think of it, it was the first time she ever fought Jake back successfully. She looked at the mirror again, realizing she had avoided doing that for a very long time.

    Maybe, just maybe. This was a good thing after all. She felt even worse about herself, but at the very least, she was safe.
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  9. The Bed Wetter

    Diego kept looking over his shoulder. He kept expecting somebody to grab him, throw him into a truck and haul him away to jail or to a government lab where he would be interrogated and dissected. But nothing happened. No one grabbed him. No one said anything. For the first time, nobody messed with him.
    Yeah, they stared --as Daniel must have spread the word of what Diego had done-- but nobody targeted him.
    Instead they leered and laughed at Daniel. The words 'crazy' and 'freak show' flew through the air, and even though Diego knew how it felt to get bullied, all he could feel was an intense pulse of happiness coursing through him. Finally, Daniel knew what it felt like to be ridiculed relentlessly.
    But just today wasn't ---


    Diego froze, his head whipping from side to side as he saw that once again he was having his out of body experience. The being of Light from before, 'Hope' was floating in front of him.

    "I did not bless you with this gift for you to become the thing that harmed you in the first place." Hope reprimanded, her tone not soothing at all.

    Diego hung his head, feeling ashamed suddenly. But he couldn't help it! Finally Daniel was getting what he deserved!

    "Banish such notions!" Hope snapped, pulling Diego out of his thoughts. Speaking of thoughts...

    "You can read my mind?" Diego gasped, horrified and awed at the same time.

    Hope shook her head, "No, I can simply read feelings and right now you are not feeling right. But we cannot dwell on that now. Now you must meet the others. As I am here with you, I am also with them giving them the location of where you shall meet."

    "Wait--The others? What do you mean? What others--

    "When you leave this place of knowledge you will travel to the other place of knowledge. There you will go to Fantasy realm and there you shall meet."

    And with that Hope was gone, leaving Diego confused and dazed.

    Place of knowledge? Fantasy realm? What the hell was she talking about? And what others? "Why doesn't she ever answer my questions?" Diego wailed, startling a group of girl's who were walking beside him. The girls giggled and scurried away, looking back every once in a while and laughing some more.
    Diego groaned, jamming his hands into his pockets and storming away to his next class.
    "So much for not being the laughingstock." He muttered.

    - -

    It was in his English class that Diego finally understood Hope's weird riddle.

    A place of knowledge was clearly the library. And the Fantasy Realm was probably the fiction section. And since the adult fiction section was basically in a corner, she must have meant the YA section that had an alcove and a seating area.

    When his class let out, Diego hopped onto the bus and headed towards the local library.
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  10. The Fat Kid
    "Erm..." Justine didn't know what to say -- how did someone explain what had happened? "I'm sorry but this magical being granted me powers?" She muttered, apprehension sinking into her thoughts. The girl shook her head. "I am losing it." She said, repeating Laura's words. "I'm crazy."

    A voice chuckled behind her; a flash of light, and there she was again! Hope.

    "You again!" She cried.

    "You are not crazy, Justine." Hope said gently. "You have been chosen for a great task. You and your other fellow students will be the defenders of New Ridge, protecting this land from the bullies and the abusers." (something). The light began to fade from the bathroom once again when Justine shouted.

    "Just wait! Others? Who are --"

    "From one place of knowledge to another you will go. Seek a place of magic and you will find what you want to know." Hope breathed, and then, without another second, disappeared. The young girl stared at the spot with a glare.

    "Crazy would be easier." She sighed, rolling her eyes. Slowly, she started grabbing the papers from the floor and thought on Hope's riddle. "Knowledge...knowledge. School is the obvious one." Her hand skimmed over the ruined (and empty) book binder. "Oh!"

    "The library, of course." Justine held up the binder and frowned. "There goes my clean record." She said, placing it in the growing pile in her arms.

    "Now the other half off the riddle...'seek a place of magic and you will find what you want to know'. What does that mean?" She asked, frustrated puff of air escaping between her lips, before her head snapped in the direction of a ringing bell echoing through the room.

    "Crap! I'm gonna be late!"


    Justine entered the town's library; a nervous knot had settled in her stomach as soon as her fourth period class had ended. She wondered who these "others" would be and if she would know who they were. She clutched the newly put-together book in her arms and headed for the Fantasy YA section of the library but not before looking towards the exit, just in case this was another -- albeit elaborate -- hoax.
  11. The Autistic Kid

    After a teacher found her, Mickey had to go to the emergency room. He hand was broken, and she needed to wear a cast for at least the next month. She was pretty happy though. She got to play with a kitty. She also got to play with the doctor's stethoscope. She tried to tell the doctor that she wanted to be one like him when she grew up. He just laughed and patted her head. This made Mickey very confused. Why was he laughing? She could be a doctor! Her mommy told her so! Riding home with her parents, Mickey stared out the window.

    "Mickey." The familiar voice, Hope, sat next to Mickey. "I need you to meet with the others that I have given gifts to."

    The black haired girl tilted her head. "Where are they?" She asked.

    "They are in a place of knowledge where fantasies lie." Hope said before leaving the sixteen year old.

    Mickey watched the seat for a little bit before asking her parents, "Mom, can I go to the library?" She asked, leaning forward in her seat. The only fantasies she knew about were in the library so that must have been what Hope was talking about. If not then she could get a new book!

    "Sure, honey. Did you return your last book?" Mickey's mom asked. Mickey nodded. "Then you can borrow two books this time as long as you return them on time." The woman said, smiling at Mickey as they pulled up to the library. "We'll pick you up in an hour. Be careful sweetie."

    "Okay, Mom. Love you, bye!" She got out of the car and ran into the library. Slowing down, she looked through the sections before finding the young adult fiction section. She walked down the aisle, looking through the books with a large smile.
  12. The Girl That Hit Puberty Early
    When she had changed, Tamara was surrounded by light once again.

    She saw herself between tall shelves with books of different sizes. It was a library, she understood. She looked at the books, their code was for the fiction section. She felt guided to turn around and she saw a table where a group of people her age were gathered. Then the light was gone.

    She clutched the hem of her top. She was just not in the mood to leave the house at all. She turned from her closet and was surprised to find a book on her dresser. She didn't place books there, always just the things she used for putting on. It was a fairy tale book and sure enough, it was from the Fiction section of the public library. Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. The Hope was beginning to make her feel better, now she was a little annoyed.

    But then again, jock idiots like Jake Smith never go there.

    In a matter of minutes, she entered the library.
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  13. The Kid With the Stutter

    For the rest of the day, Cheryl and Mary left Violet alone. For the first time in her life, Violet was happy at school. She held her high for the rest of the day. She felt somewhat guilty about scaring the girl but those feelings lasted only for a minute. They weren't nice girls and they had never treated her kindly. So why should Violet care?

    The school day slowly came to a close. Violet stopped at the bathroom. She was about to leave when a bright light appeared. She covered her eyes. When nothing happened, she opened them. She couldn't really see anything. All she saw was an orb of light.

    "I'm sorry if I frightened you dear," The orb said. "I just wanted to get properly acquainted. My name is Hope."


    "Yes. And your little friend goes by the name Lyric."

    "My little fr-friend?" Violet reached into her pocket. "You m-mean the p-pen?"

    "Yes. Lyric is belongs to you and only you. The two of you are connected. No one else can use Lyric. Only you can."

    "B-but why?"

    "Because when I chose you, Lyric saw your sadness and wanted to help you. That is why we have given you the power of Lexiconicy."

    "Lex---Lex---Lex---" Violet tried her hardest to say the word.

    "Don't force yourself dear. We have given you the power over words. Lyric wanted to help you and I agreed. The power comes from you and Lyric helps you use it."

    Violet looked down at her pen, at Lyric. She watch it squirm slightly. Was it really alive?

    "I'm c-c-confused."

    "I know, all of this must be hard to understand," Hope said. "It's okay. But now, you must go to the place of knowledge where fantasies lie."


    "To meet the others."

    "O-O-Others?" Hope began to fade. "Wait! Come b-b-back! I d-d-don't u-u-understand!"

    But Hope was gone. Violet stared at the place where Hope had been. Violet frowned. She wasn't all that good with riddles. What would be a place of knowledge? It wasn't the school because school was over. The only other place she could of was...the library! Of course! And where fantasies lie must have meant the fiction section! With that in mind, Violet decided to do what Hope said. She quickly ran out of the bathroom, down the school stairs and towards the library. Soon she reached it but she didn't go in right away.

    "I'm s-scared." She said.

    Lyric glowed in her hand. She looked at the pen. With a small smile, she entered the library and walked towards the fiction section.
  14. The Unfortunate Accident Kid

    The local park was as silent as usually, the many small trees and large bushes shielding it from the stress of the outside world. Everything was just as silent as usually, meaning the sound of nervous breathing seeping out from a collection of bushes.

    "What's going on with me?" Daniel thought to himself. He wanted the incident in the hallway to have been a dream, even if it meant he was still hopeless and vulnerable. "Why do I have to save people? Couldn't someone else just do it?" With a soft sigh, Daniel took a leaf and let go of it in the air. It fell and rested inches above his hand, right where he wanted a barrier to be. "At least I'm not the only freak." He said, thinking about what hope had said. -Find the others that I have visited. Together you can achieve great things- Daniel wasn't quite sure if it made him feel better or not, but it certainly meant he'd have to find these people and get to know them.

    "You're quite right, Daniel." Hope's voice came from behind Daniel, and as he turned he could see the light inside his little hideout. "You'll have to find my other chosen saviors. They'll be where the harsh world outside cannot interfere, you'll meet where heroes prevail."

    The light faded, and the leaf fell to the ground. "Heroes prevail... World outside can't harm me..." Daniel muttered to himself, momentarily distracted from the fact that what was going on made him want to disappear into a book. "BOOKS!" The words burst from him, and moments later he was running towards the library. It all made sense to him now. When everything became too much, he'd hide in the library -Where the outside world can't interfere- and he was certain there was a seating area in the young adult fantasy section -Where heroes prevail-

    Minutes later Daniel arrived at the library, the metallic running legs tapped across the wooden flooring. If one of his 'normal' legs hadn't been ruined he would've used them instead, they were much quieter and rarely attracted any attention.

    When he reached the seating area it was empty, but he could hear footsteps nearby. Quickly, he hid his backpack in a corner. He didn't want anyone to see the feet of his prosthetic legs sticking out of it.
  15. The Deaf Kid
    Daisy couldn't really understand what she had done. She had gotten back to biology a little late because had stopped by the nurses office to get her cheek looked at. Upon entering the class the teacher glared at her. Daisy just ignored her and proceeded to sit at her seat.

    All day she replayed the scene in her head. The school bell rang, which Daisy knew because of how quick the students were passing her. She reached into her locker to collect her things in her side-bag. Hope is probably an alien and she's some kind of human experiment along with whoever else she touched.

    A shadowy cloud popped up in front of Daisy's face. She took a startling step back and read it.
    "I'm not an alien, and this isn't an experiment. It's peace." Daisy turned around to see Hope's light. Daisy signed,
    "So you are real." She nodded what seemed to be her head.
    "I did not give you this power as a game to pass time. As I have already told you, now you must seek out the others. Even as we converse they are gathering." Daisy rubbed her hands nervously before replying,
    "So... Where is everyone meeting?"
    "Good girl. They are in a place of knowledge where fantasies lie." She seemed to smile before she once again left and the world was normal. A place of knowledge? That would be school right? But then where would fantasies lie in school? Oh yeah, the school Library! She thought feeling proud of her answer. She reached into her bag, pulling her cell phone out and texting her mom.

    YOU: -Is it okay if I stay after school in the Library?-

    The reply seemed instant.

    Mom: -Sure Sweety, but which one?-
    YOU: -
    There is more than one?-
    Mom: -
    Yeah, the City Library and the one in your school. But the one in your school I thought was only open for a few extra minutes after school.-

    Daisy tapped her forehead with her hand. Duh, I should have known not the school one. Place of knowledge was probably the Library in the first place.

    YOU: -The City Library. I'll text you again when I need a ride home. Thanks mom <3!-

    As she was putting her phone away it vibrated so she opened it.

    Mom: -See this city and it's school isn't as bad as you thought. :)-

    Daisy just ignored the text. Her mother would probably never really understand. As she flung open the school doors she took a deep breath and sighed. On the way to the Library, Maybe this is a bad idea. I don't know who these people are and what they can do. She had lots of thoughts similar to these. When she finally reached the Library doors Daisy looked around, peeking at all the faces that were entering the building. She grabbed her ears breathing slowly. Then she began to think the word 'Calm' over and over again.

    With new found courage she entered the building. It seemed like a normal busy Library. After some time she began to feel lost and tried to find the Librarian. Once she found her the lady asked,
    "May I help you find something?" Daisy smiled,
    "Yes, I'm looking for the Fantasy or Fiction Section." The Librarian nodded her head and began to direct Daisy. It was the first time someone outside her family actually understood her for once. The Librarian smiled pointing at the book shelf and left. When Daisy looked to see where she was it was 'Languages' and the book the librarian pointed to was 'American Sign Language'. Daisy Shook her head and even slumped down a little.

    She returned to the Librarian who was now helping others. Daisy pulled out a notebook and a pen and scribbled across it. She felt stupid doing this but it was usually effective. Daisy stood there, trying not to be embarrassed holding her notebook out.

    Can anyone show me where the Fantasy/Fiction section is?
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