Lory Has Dragged Someone In!

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  1. @temper_tantrum is my best friend and we come in a set. She's not new to roleplay, very much experienced and talented in writing but she's new to the site so please take care of her :D

    I'm just so happy she's here too okay?
    You can check her resume for details!
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  2. I'm a Tantrum Letting Myself Known... o///o~♫

    Hi, a friend of mine (cough @Lorchenne cough) told me come here. and Here I am. So basically, I've got no idea where to go, ahaahaha. I like writing and RP-ing sounds loads of fun. I basically like fantasy, magic (though, isn't that the same), scifi, drama, yaoi...oh! End of the world scenario is fun too! :DDDD

    I'm a writer and deal well with prompts. said friend above does it often. We rp together a lot. LOL And...

    ....okay. I have no idea what I'm doing. help?
  3. Yeeeeey Welcome to Iwaku, Megu! :D I just HAD to be the first to say it!
    /spazz spazz spazz
  4. Hi! I"m Madyline. Welcome to Iwaku! *Throws confetti* In the lower right hand corner of the page is a link called 'community 101'. That should help you get orientated. If you have questions or want to do a random roleplay, feel free to message me and I'll help! :D I hope you absolutely love it here!
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  5. And..?

    Be careful so you don't end up saying too much, Temper. (;
    You two come in as a set? Interesting.

    I hope you'll find this place entertaining.
    I'm new to this place as well, so perhaps we'll bump around.

  6. @temper_tantrum Hiyo! How much do you know about RPing? If you wanna RP with me it'd be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun :).
  7. Well hi there Tantrum. >:3 Lory will torment you well. Welcome to the site!
  8. OMGah~ O///O Fast response!

    @Lorchenne hi, you crazy wanker. jk. I love you, crazy chick.
    @Madyline thanks for the advice! 8D I'll keep that in mind! :3
    @Lars ...and...and what exactly? haha ...what do you mean by not saying too much? and...yes, according to her, we come in a set. :P and thanks! and we probably will. haha
    @ChadJ hi? :D How much? A lot but I haven't gotten much exp (hello gamer. xDD) on grp rp. :DDD And yeah, thats totally kewl!! We should definitely.
    @Diana HI!! OMG, you're calling me Tantrum! oh mai gawd, I love you! :3~ ...and yeah, she will. she does it in real life too. OTL BTW, are you aware she keeps calling you Mom? and thanks so much~!
  9. I like people that come in sets better.

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  10. @October Knight . . . well, you're in luck then. Since I -- we -- come in a set. ;)

    Thanks! am glad to be here~ :3
  11. Yes, @Lars and @October Knight we come in an awesome set, IRL and now, here too. So you mess with her and I'll bite. >:3

    @Diana nooooo I swear, I'm not! OTL
  12. @Diana she totally does. Don't listen to @Lorchenne. She's calling you Mum. :)
  13. Oh come on! OTL
  14. what? It's tots true. :P