Lorien Legacies (1x1 With Multiple Characters)

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Disclaimer; this 1x1 is for roleplayers who can handle a good amount of information, play multiple characters(of both genders), and can follow instructions/rules. If that is you, keep reading. :applause:

[fieldbox="We Are The Numbers, green, dashed, Georgia"]

We may be walking past you right now. We may be watching you read this. We are waiting for the day when we will find each other. We will make out last stand together.

If we win- we are saved, and you are saved as well.

If we loose- ALL IS LOST.

Nine of us came here. We look like you. We talk like you. We live among you. But we are not you. We can do things you dream of doing. We have powers you dream of having. We are stronger and faster than anything you have ever seen. We are the superheroes you worship in movies and comic books--but we are real.

Our plan was to grow, train, and become strong. Become one and fight them. But they found us and started hunting us first. Now all of us are running. Spending our lives in shadows, in places where no one would look, blending in. We have lived among you without you knowing.

But they know.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.

Number Two in England.

And Number Three in Kenya.

How long do you have before you are killed?

Some of us have little time.

Some of us have already been taken.

This is the life of a Number.


If You Got Through That Horrible Introduction; Read This

Okay, so that wasn't the best written out plot ;^_^ But you get the picture.

This is INSPIRED by the books and movie. Not Based On It. Meaning You don't have to have read the books or seen the movies to be in it and understand everything. All the information you need will be given here just like any other made up roleplays. If you have read the books or seen the movie, that's great, but not necessary. And if you have and you liked one of the characters a lot, feel free to let your character mimic that character's personalities and Legacies if you wish, just don't make it confusing for the others who haven't read/seen the series.

Heres the big picture:
Nine were sent to Earth in a desperate escape to save their race. They came from a planet known as Lorien. This planet was much different from our home here. It was bright, vibrant with life. Now, it is nothing but a wasteland, in sleep and awaiting the return of its people. But its people can not return, not yet. The Lorien Nine are the key to saving not only Lorien, but now Earth. Those that attacked their planet have tracked them here and have been killing them off one by one. With each number that is taken from their ranks, their chance for survival lessens. Now they must train harder. Now they must hide more. But, they have gotten better at hunting. With Number Three dead, that leaves just Six of the chosen ones alive. Now is the time for them to come together. Others may join them. Some may not make it. Their goal is simple;
To Go Home.

There are Six 'Chosen' Lorien still alive who were sent to Earth as children. They, along with a few selected others are the last of their race and their one mission in life to return home safely. But the only way to do that is to destroy an alien race known as the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians planet was destroyed years ago by the own race due to an abundant amount of pollution, as well as using the planet's life source itself to power their weapons and machines.. Now with their planet gone, they go from planet to planet, sucking the life from them to power their inventions. Lorien was just one of many and now they have moved onto Earth. Yet, they know that 'chosen' Lorien children can stop them and so have been hunting them down. If they want Earth, they have to take out the Lorien first and if the Lorien want to get home, they have to take out the Mogadorians. Only one race can win in this battle and let us hope it is the Lorien.





Information On The Lorien, Mogadorians, and More...

The Garde
There are two types of people from Lorien. The first type is the Lorien Garde. About 30 percent of the Lorien population were Gardes. The Garde are special Loriens with abilities known as Legacies. The source of the Legacies comes from Lorien itself. Legacies are developed in a Garde as they mature. Some non-powered Loric, known as Cêpan, are trained to become Mentor Cêpan to young Garde - to teach them about the planet's history and help them develop their Legacies. Each Garde receives several Legacies, which primarily focus on defense and are honed with the intention of defending the planet in the event of an attack. Generally the most powerful Legacy is usually developed last, known as the "Master Legacy" and is combat-focused. Each Garde has more advanced abilities in terms of strength and speed than any human and all receive the same Telekinesis legacy at some point (usually after the first Legacy). The Loric Elders, all Garde, before they died were all said to possess every known Legacy between them, while the Elder Pittacus Lore has every Legacy. The Nine Garde children, that escape the Mogadorian Invasion and travel to Earth, were chosen to assume the roles, titles and Legacies of the previous Elders. It is said that they will soon become even more powerful than the Elders before them.
Legacies can be roughly grouped into three categories - based on the mental, material, or physical effects they do.
[fieldbox="Mind Legacies, yellow, dashed, Georgia"]
Animal Telepathy
The ability to communicate with animals through indirect speech and mental imagery.

A known Legacy which presumably involves the control of another's emotional state.

A Legacy that allows a Garde to transfer thoughts or images to have conversations with another person using the mind only.

Time Manipulation
Allows the user to manipulate time to freeze it for just a few moments or go back in time to a few minutes before (though the amount of minutes is randoma nd they cannot pick the exact moment). Very difficult to control and use.

The Ability to see visions of the past Lorien Times, even past times they were not apart of. The current Garde can also see visions of the past events the current Garde have gone through on Earth.

The ability to perceive the possible future on it's current course. It can manifest in dreams or visions. It is said to be a rare legacy and has been seen in varying strengths, from foreseeing events in the near future to 'glimses of the threads of destiny'.

[fieldbox="Matter Legacies, blue, dotted, Georgia"]
Manipulation of Electricity
The ability to control and generate currents of electricity.

Weather Control
The ability to physically control and create storms, generate lightning, and control the weather.

Water Manipulation
The ability to control and shape water

Plant Manipulation
The ability to control and grow plant life

Light Manipulation
The power to manipulate visible light including spectrum and contrast. It can be used to create dazzling light shows or make it hard for an enemy to see.

Manipulation of Fire
The ability to generate and control fire. A Legacy in itself but can also manifest from Lumen.

Manipulation of Ice
The ability to generate and manipulate ice in all forms, effectively lowering the surrounding temperature as well. Marina develops this Legacy in anger after Eight is killed.

Sound Manipulation
The ability to create and manipulate sound waves. The famous Garde performer.

Temperature Manipulation
It is the ability to alter the temperature of one's surroundings, either making it hot or cold.

Earthquake Generation
The power to create earth tremors.

Energy Blasts
Icy cobalt blue energy produced from the hands that can be used as a physical attack.

Energy Fields
The ability to create force fields/shields. The longer the force field stays up, the weaker the user becomes.

Lumen is the ability to produce beams of light from the hands (they cannot contorl the light, just produce it). It later manifests into a resistance and control of heat and fire.

[fieldbox="Physical Legacies, #52d017, solid, Georgia"]
The ability to shift between the ages through which a Garde has already lived.

The ability to manipulate gravity so as to be able to walk up walls and across ceilings, referred to as Anti-gravity.

A Legacy that cancels out the Legacies of other Garde.

There are three types of enhancements a Garde can have. They are enhanced speed, strength and senses. Lorien in general are stronger, faster, and have better senses than humans, but those Garde with Enhanced strength, speed, and senses have better strength, speed, and hearing than even their fellow Garde.
For the sake of the roleplay, a Garde may only have up to one of these three if Enhancement is chosen as one of their Legacies.
→Super Senses
Further enhanced hearing, sight, and smell.
→Super Speed
Ability to move very fast, almost faster than what human eyes can see.
→Super Strength
The strength of Garde with this Legacy is enhanced further than other members of their race.

The ability to take on the properties of materials a Garde holds.
(i.e. metal, wood, glass, stone, etc).

A Legacy that allows a Garde to walk on(not control) water.

A Legacy which allows a Garde to render themselves unseen by others. It can also be spread to objects and people that come into contact with the user's hands.

Night Vision
The ability to see in the dark as if by candlelight.

Rapid Regeneration
Rapid regeneration is a known Legacy which allows rapid healing from wounds and injuries inflicted. This is limited, leaving the Garde filling weak afterwords and unable to fight.

The ability to heal any organism(other than themselves) from physical wound or illness, unless the subject is deceased.

The ability to morph into forms of other living beings.

This Legacy includes anything from minor hovering to flight at sonic speeds if practiced enough. Difficult to control at high speeds.

The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically traversing the distance between. Accuracy is proportional to distance travelled. Longer distance means less accuracy on where you might end up.

Underwater Breathing
The ability to breathe underwater.

[fieldbox="Legacies with Combined Properties, #f88017, dashed, Georgia"]
Telekinesis is a Legacy that all Garde possess. It is the ability to move anything with the mind, and exhibits both mental and physical properties.

Legacy Transference
This ability allows a Garde to transfer Legacies to others, or transfer a Loric essence/legacy to humans.

An extremely rare Legacy that allows the user to copy any Legacy by touch for a certain amount of time.

Charm Casting
A legacy that has little known about it is Charm Casting. This ability to perform enchantments with varying effects. Only the lead elder has ever been known to hold this legacy.

Cêpans are the other kind of Lorien people. These Loriens do not have any Legacies at all. They are as normal as humans with one exception. They are extremely intelligent. They are experts in Lorien History, Culture, and are very capable of learning new things quickly, including how to blend in on new planets such as Earth. Back on Lorien, the Cêpan responsible for running the planet. Certain Cêpan, known as Mentor Cêpan, are responsible for helping the Garde to develop, control and master their Legacies. Each Garde has Cêpan assigned to them to be their teacher and trainer throughout their lives until they have fully mastered their last legacy they develop. Each of the Garde that came to Earth were assigned a Cêpan, though not all the Cêpan are still alive. Upon arriving on Earth, fine jewels that were common on Lorien but rare on Earth were brought with each of the Cêpans and traded to shops around the world for money that has kept them going and able to survive and live different places without having to work, thus able to keep better eyes on the Garde children.
Loric Chests
A Loric Chest or 'Inheritance' is an item that is by tradition given to Loric Garde by their Cêpan when they develop their last legacy. The chest contains items that enhance Garde Legacies as well as other items to further in their defenses and attacks. The Loric Chests given to the Loric that escaped the planet contain items that will eventually jump-start Lorien, known as Phoenix Stones. On each chest is a padlock on the front of it, with no visible keyhole. The lock is protected with a Loric Charm casted by the Lead Elder, that makes the chest impervious to damage.The only way to open the lock is by both the Garde and Cêpan touching the lock at the same time. If the Garde's Cêpan is deceased than the lock will only open for its assigned Garde. If the Garde is deceased, the lock will disintegrate into dust.

The contents in the Loric Chest differ from Garde to Garde.

The Loridas Charm
The Loridas Charm is a charm the Lead Elder placed on the nine Garde children before they escaped Lorien. Each member of the Garde is assigned a number that represents them. The charm's order was not pre-determined, it was in the order that the Garde arrived to the ship to evacuate Lorien.
Order and Protection against Death

The charms main function is to protect the Nine Garde children by ensuring that they cannot be killed out of order. It is the closest thing to invincibility that can be produced.
If a Garde's murder has been attempted, and he/she is not next in line, the act used to hurt/ kill the Garde will instead happen to the being that attempted to hurt/ kill. The charm protects the Garde from all kinds of death, injuries, and sickness(including starvation and dehydration and unknown deaths such as poisoning).
The Scar


When a member of the Garde is killed, somewhere on the bodies of all the others are branded with their scar, notifying them of the death. All the scars will appear in a line in the same place on their body. At present, the surviving Garde have three scars due to the murders of Number One, Number Two, and Number Three. Each Garde has a unique Symbol, scarred somewhere else on their body that identifies them. These can also be found on their Loric Pendants they were given by the Elders before evacuation.
Breaking the Charm

The protection aspect of the charm is void when any members of the Garde come into contact, therefore, if any of the Garde meet, no matter the Numbers, the charm is void for all members of the Garde.

These are the beings that have hunted down and killed almost all Loric beings and plan to do the same to Earth after the Garde are out of their way. There are two types of Mogadorians; Vat-born (created through genetic engineering) and True-born(natural born fo true Mogadorian Heritage.
Vat-Born Mogadorians are Mogs that are genetically created and used for battle. They are described as not very intelligent, but very strong. They all look the same and have no differences in appearance from other Vat-Born and are always male. Vat-born have small, sharp teeth, it being said that their smile is like a shark's. They have small black eyes and are often marked by tattoos along the skin in case of the need to tell them apart. When they die, they disintegrate into ash, the reason being that they are "bred for combat, not for burial"
Natural-Born Mogadorians are Mogadorians that have been born of true Mogadorian heritage. Unlike Vat-born, they do not disintegrate when they die. They are shown to have dark colored irises, black hair, and have pale skin. The natural-born Mogadorians are few in number due to their females becoming highly infertile, very few having the ability to breed and bare children, and those that due have high risks of dying during the birth. They are highly trained in fighting and are always the commanders and leaders above the Vat-Born.

The Chimæra
The Chimæra are a species of animal native to Lorien. They have the ability to shape-shift into other animal forms. Chimæra are mysterious creatures that have not always lived side by side with the citizens of Lorien. According to legend the first Nine Elders discovered the Phoenix Stones, which unlocked the power of Lorien; producing a flourishing ecosystem with resources in abundance. It also gave the most pure hearted Loriens abilities called Legacies and called the Chimæra out of hiding.

During the Battle of Lorien(the fight against the Mogadorians), the Chimæra fought alongside the Loric but ultimately lost and the planet's ecosystem destroyed.

The only surviving Chimæra managed to leave the planet in either one of two Loric ships that managed to flee.

The Phoenix Stones
Although these are called stones,do not take that name literally. The Phoenix Stones could come in any shape or form and when restored to Lorien these items are meant to jump-start the ecosystem along with the help of the Legacies of the remaining Garde. They are the tools to bring Lorien back to life.
Phoenix Stones per 'Chosen' Garde

Number One- Curved Antler
A beacon for all Chimæra. When held by one Chimæra(most likely in the mouth since they are animals), it calls all other Chimera in the area to them.

Number Two- Pure Soil
Soil from Lorien that can grow anything.

Number Three- Leaves of the Lorien Wind
When touched by someone Loric on it is on Lorien's surface, it produces a wind which is suggested to be from Lorien.

Number Seven- Vial of Loralite
A vial with a liquid substance. The liquid never seems to run out and when poured and touched by a Lorien the liquid turns into Loralite. Loralite is found in its liquid form at the core of Lorien and is said to be the source fo the Garde's legacies.

The Second Ship
Unknown to most of the 'Chosen' Garde and their Cêpans, it was not just their ship that left the planet of Lorien. A few hours later, a second ship, loaded with fifteen Chimæra, a four Lorien children, and a four Lorien adults. These Loriens were in charge of taking care of the remaining Chimæra, but when the ship landed on Earth, many of the creatures began to panic and escaped from the ship, spreading all around the Earth, leaving just three remaining on the ship. During their stay on Earth, the two of the adults, one of the children, and one of the Chimæra were killed within the first year and the remaining two adults took the last three children and two Chimæra, separating to better hide and protect them.

(on a side note, the adults on the ship could have been either Garde or Cêpans and the children could have been Garde or Cêpans. in other words, they could have been whichever two you wanted them to be

1. You MUST write 3+ paragraphs (I consider a paragraph to be at least 4 lines of text) per character per post(not every character is going to be in every single post, so don't worry about having to write out a whole lot per post), have little grammar and spelling errors, and can move the plot along without cliches. This is an ADVANCED rp, so I would like to assume you can put out a decent and well written post. I can understand errors here or there. I'm not evil or a writing nazi, but I expect capable writers that can move the story forward. I will be checking your writing in other rps and if I don't like what I see I will not accept you.

2. The ages of the 'chosen' Lorien in this rp will range from 16-21. This means, if you are 16 you would have been a new born when they left the planet. If you are 21 you would have been five years old when you left. You can pretty much go from there if you are in between those ages how old you were when you left Lorien. Because the characters were so young, none of the chosen woudl remember much from the planet (the more younger ones such as the ones they were newborn-2 years old would probably remmeber nothing at all unless being told by someone else what it was like on the planet). Perhaps a few faint things such as certain sounds or images, but nothing solid.

3. Every character must of a assigned color. I know this is a weird rule, but its for us to be able to tell which character is talking and such. For instance, you post may say
'He was walking and saw her, "Hey, what's up Amber?"'
Basically, when your character 'speaks' their color must be used for that text. I know it can be a hassle sometimes but just bare with me.

4. Let's have each character be orignal in personality. In other words, I don't want all the characters in the rp acting the same way. For instance, we could have one guy that's a hard-headed that starts fights, a calm level headed guy, a leader, a planner, ect. Make your character different from everyone else's in some way. It makes things more interesting and fun.

5. If I have any more rules I will add them here.

This list can be edited by us if we don't want that many characters. But for now, here are some possible characters that can be played. The ones that have my name next to I have already pre-made.
The 'Chosen' and Living Cêpans
Number Four-
Number Five-
Number Six-
Number Seven(male)- AHeartlessNobody
Number Eight-
Number Nine
Cêpan(male)- AHeartlessNobody

Lorien From the Second Ship
(one of the adults is currently unavailable at the start of the rp but may be available later on. if interested in this adult let me know)
Adult Lorien-
Teen Lorien(female)- AHeartlessNobody
Teen Lorien-
Teen Lorien-

Anyway, please message me in conversation if you are interested so we can discuss characters and such. Thank you.
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