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    "ᴀ ʟɪʙʀᴀʀʏ ɪs ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ɪғ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ᴏғ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍs."

    :: the player
    • Years of roleplay experience.
    • Daily replies when possible.
    • Plays females primarily, but will play males when the mood strikes, or as secondaries.
    • F/M and M/M.
    • Does participate in Libertine material, but is not requiring such unless otherwise indicated.
    • Friendly, understanding. Been around the block a few times, despite being new to this site.
    • Para/literary, third POV, past tense. Willing to use present.
    • Will consider thread dead after seven days of inactivity without warning.
    • Looking for two-three partners. Reply here or contact privately.
    RP Sample (open)
    “Well, I was hoping to see if that neighbor of yours down the road was going to drive by in his new flashy car and give me a chance to ogle him for a while.” Thyone kidded, referring to the oldest son of the family that owned the vineyards several miles to the east of Rosmerta’s farm. In the intervening ten years since he’d taken to meandering in their direction, first on foot, then on horse, motorcycle and finally a lovely little black Alfa Romeo Spider, he’d grown into a fine specimen of eye candy who still misguidedly believed they didn’t notice him doing a U-turn a mile down the road and driving back since there was nothing up that road for another twenty kilometers. As far as Thyone was aware, he’d never quite taken either courage or audacity by the hand and actually stopped for a conversation.

    She held up the basket, hand under the base since it was heavy. “Hors d’oeuvre, oui toujours et pour toujours. Good to see you as well. Is that mulled wine I smell?” Thyone asked smoothly, weaving the questions and answers together as only old friends could do. Though in comparison to their lifespans their friendship was not long, they had much in common. One of which was, of course, the love of good food and good wine. A mutual appreciation for France was enough to bond even perfect strangers who might have otherwise detested each other.

    The smell of the cooking stew combined with the underlying sweet spice of real mulled wine was a rich bouquet that, though not familiar from her childhood, still inspired images of hearths and snowy winters in the mind’s eye. Thyone carried the basket into the kitchen once she was inside the house, since that was where they always gravitated to sooner or later, more so when something was being cooked and needed an eye on.

    :: the requirements
    • Minimum Intermediate skills. Must posses decent grammar, syntax and spelling.
    • Must be able to post at least once every couple days.
    • Para/literary, third POV, past or present tense.

    To simplify, characters will always be referred to below as Alpha, Beta. Unless otherwise stated, I will usually be interested in playing Alpha.

    1. Alea Iacta Est: Fantasy / Action
    In a world where magic is worthless without knowledge, and Mages remain secretively furtive and possessive of their spells, Alpha is a strange young woman who requires the skill of a famous thief in order to steal what she needs. Beta is precisely the person she's looking for. She's willing to pay him well, and he's, well, intrigued. It's not often mysterious women fearlessly seek him out. But as he learns she's more than willing to risk her life to steal from the most powerful Mages in the land, he has to wonder; who or what is Alpha?
    Notes: Something rather epic, Tamora Pierce meets Ocean's Eleven; rich world building, and an intricate magic system which may or may not be about to come crashing down.

    2. Salvation: Contemporary / Fantasy
    He disobeyed and fell from grace. She was watching the stars and saw a comet plunge through the sky. Confident that she knows where it landed, she goes to see it - only to find it's a him and that he is an angel with torn off wings, damned to wander earth until he redeems himself or falls even further. What do you in that situation? Well, if you're a good person, you take them home and try not to freak out, after all, he's had a much harder day. But only slightly.
    Notes: Can switch genders & roles on this, I'll play a female angel. Works for slash. Maybe partly comedic/fish out of water theme, or fairly dark, depending on what the punishment was and what the redemption requires -- or if the angel in question even wants redemption.

    3. Bouncing off padded walls: Contemporary / Psychic
    They're the teenagers no one wants and are too dangerous to be left alone; they have psychic powers, and most of them have no clue how to use or control them. In comes the government, putting them in a secret safe house with a few adults to keep an eye on them, expecting them to behave and to not to kill each other. If avoidable.
    Alpha can't control her dreams; she's not sure if they're premonitions or nightmares, but one thing's for sure. From the moment she meets Beta, she knows they're going to be important to one another. How? Why? That's a little more difficult to say. But Alpha's had some unsettling visions about fire and death, and she's starting to think that there's someone else out there pulling all their strings... but trapped in a house with people she's not sure she can count on, trusting Beta may be the only chance she has.
    Notes: Obviously this is a slightly darker storyline from the get-go, some conspiracy and difficult in dealing with both their powers and the tentative relationships with those around them, as well as their pasts. Can work as M/M.

    4. Hunger; Contemporary or Historical or Fantasy / Supernatural
    Alpha has a problem. A serious problem. As an incubus, he feeds off human energy by seducing human women. He can live without it for a while, and, unfortunately, that's what he's had to do. For some reason, feeding off women hasn't been working, and he's growing very weak. And it's seriously pissing him off. Why? Because his issue only began after he met Beta, who happens to be an aberration in their world -- an incubus with preference for feeding off men. Now it's either get help from Beta in figuring out how to seduce men or gradually starve to death, and Alpha's not sure which option is worse.
    Notes: M/M, though with some editing it could theoretically be F/M? Alpha and Beta are interchangeable. Beware a very testy and bitchy Alpha who really wants off this diet.

    5. Contract; Alternate History Earth / Fantasy
    Monsters have existed on earth for well on eight hundred years. The crusade wars? Those were against monsters. So on and so forth. Yet, for the differences this caused, the modern world is remarkably familiar. American Idol is still on air. The Kardashians are still awful. The difference? Well, along with monsters, the world was also invaded by a far more friendly populace; the Guardians, who backed the humans in the fight. In the end, a truce was struck. The Guardians would leave earth, only to be summoned by specially trained humans -- and the rest of the monsters would live peacefully, given the same rights as human beings. In present day, Russia is recognized as the motherland of monsters, though they're everywhere -- vampires, satyrs, shapeshifters, nagas, the like. Going to work. Paying bills. It's not perfect, and monster racism still exists; but the Guardians, along with their human partners, are there to put a stop to that, as well as take care of rogue monsters who still fight against the treaty.
    Today is Alpha's final Summoning Ceremony. Her first year at the academy, she actually failed it; rarely does a second chance come to something. She knows she'll have to leave the school, but she's going to perform the Summoning Ceremony and if it doesn't work... she'll accept that.
    Of course, someone does answer the summons, and thus begins a new partnership of Summoner and Guardian, learning to deal with one another -- and the rising threat of monster terrorism.
    Notes: Willing to switch from Summoner to Guardian. Guardian may be an entirely original being or based off a mythological one (such as a Phoenix, or Fenrir) though on earth they posses a human form. Summoner must be at least 19 to have failed the test once already.

    6. An Exotic Gift; Fantasy [taken]
    What do you give the woman who has it all? If you're a politically ambitious country seeking to deepen relationships, you give her what no one else has; an exotic pet unlike anything anyone's ever seen. That particular task is managed easily enough if you know where to look and grease enough palms. Et voila, suddenly Queen Alpha is presented with a beautiful new pet that she certainly didn't ask for, and is entirely uncertain what she's even going to feed it, but she appreciates the gesture. Thus another political alliance is sealed, and the pet is doomed to go off into the royal menagerie.
    Until, that is, it reveals himself to be very human, or something akin to human, and very displeased to have been gifted like a common housecat, even if if it might be flattering to Beta that he was worth a gift for a Queen. But now she's in a quandary that she can't let him go or risk offending her new ally, and is determined to make up to Beta.
    Notes: The specifics of what Beta is (a shapeshifter of some sort?) is up to you. Maybe he's the last of his kind, perhaps not. Plot possibilities!

    :: the extras
    Aside from the ideas above, I also enjoy the following themes/setups/genres and would enjoy working on something based off those.
    extras (open)

    • Mythology (Primarily Greek, but open to Norse, Egyptian)
    • Historical settings
    • Time travel
    • Boarding schools
    • Teacher/student
    • Mermaids
    • Haunted houses/mansions
    • Ghosts
    • Celebrity/Normal person
    • Red string of fate
    • Host clubs
    • Fairytales
    Fandoms/settings I'd also be willing to play in, either as a canon character (will specify) or simply utilizing the setting to our own purposes.

    • Sherrylin Kenyon's Dark Hunters
    • Shin Sekai Yori
    • Persona 3 (Minako, Mitsuru)
    • Persona 4 (Rise)
    • The World Ends With You (Neku)
    • Kingdom Hearts (Sora, Namine, Aqua)
    • Haven (Aubrey, pre-s4)
    • Garo (Kaoru)
    • Once Upon A Time
    • Adventure Time (Fionna, Marceline)
    • Final Fantasy 8, 10, 12 (Penelo), 13 (Lightning), 14
    • Ragnarok Online
    • Winx Club
    • Resident Evil
    • The Secret Circle (Cassie, Diana -- both books & tv)
    • Percy Jackson
    • Nightworld
    • Labyrinth (Sarah)
    • Narnia (Lucy, Jill)
    • Twin Peaks (Audrey Horne)
    • Fire Emblem Awakening
    • Pokemon
    • The Hunger Games
    • Rwby (Yang, Weiss, Nora)
    • Zetsuen no Tempest
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  2. Salvation, Bouncing off padded walls, Contract, and An Exotic Gift all look extremely interesting. i'd love to play any of them.
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