Lords of Chaos

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  1. Gangster. Not such an unusual word in and of itself, yet how can it be that their network has spread so far that their insidious limbs are tangled into everything from communications to the fast food industry? The three Lords of Chaos (named after the widespread panic after their ascension to power) are everywhere, and despite the best wishes of those who want to carry on with their regular lives, they are hungry, and their appetite is whetted not by food, but by people. For each Lieutenant, Executioner, Recruiter, Lordling, and even the Lords themselves, there is someone they are hungry for, and they will not rest until their desires have been satisfied.

    Welcome! Let's try to not get caught, alright? ^~^

    When it comes to real plot detailing, here it is.

    This is set in an alternate, slightly futuristic version of earth in which a certain mafia has risen to power. There's no real room for magic or extreme technological advances, unfortunately.

    I have several characters for this in an album that will be updated quite frequently. There will be many characters to choose from, each with their own distinct quirks.

    (Hint: if you google their names, you might find out a bit about their personalities.)

    As the other participant, you could either be a part of the resistance force dedicated to wiping the Lords of Chaos out, or you could be a regular person trying to live a calm life.

    This is pretty specific, and depending on the character you pick, the scope would vary.
    Feel free to comment or pm me any questions/interest!
  2. ok so what im getting from this is that your character are mafia lords that put fear in people's hearts (kind of)
  3. Essentially, they're all in a giant, world spanning mafia. They have positions, and I don't have any of the three Lords up yet, but their aim is control. They don't want power, they just want to be able to manipulate situations to their liking. They're all rather unbalanced in different ways.
  4. ah yikes i forgot to reply