Lords and Ladies: The War of the Houses

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    Lord Galvar Santon waited impatiently for the other lords and ladies of Falkirk to arrive at his home called the Red Keep. He called them in for unspecified reasons, but he knew they would come. After all, why would you ignore the calls of the most powerful lord in the land? Doing so would be extremely idiotic. And now he sat back in his golden throne, sighing heavily. "Worthless cunts are taking their damn time.."

    (Sorry if this isn't the best opening. Never been good at 'em.)​
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    It isn't long, however, before Lord Augustus Siddreil, a tall dark elf with light hair and lighter than average skin enters. Lord Siddreil, being an elf, was once looked down upon the human majority of Falkirk. The notion that he would once become a lord in the land of Falkirk was unthinkable. Yet here he was, ready to meet Lord Santon in this important meeting of sorts in the Red Keep. Lord Siddreil was known for his wits, guile and speech, as well as his style to lead his hold--those supporting him usually found themselves in high places of society and those opposing him, well, at the bottom. Nevertheless, he is lenient in his leadership as he bothers himself not with the matters of the common man. He desires power to keep other people from touching him, as nothing is more to him than himself.

    "Milord", Lord Siddreil called with a deep bow, "how may I assist your lordship? You haven't called me here for a long time and when you have, it hasn't been for naught. What seems to be the matter?" he asked in the most subservient way with a slight smirk in his lips. It was good to stay on the good lord's good side, after all.
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    Lord Santon shook his head nonchalantly. "We do not begin until the others arrive. But do tell me, Lord Siddreil, how is your house fairing?" Truth be told, he already knows. In every house he has a spy acquiring their weaknesses. A dangerous thing for him to do, knowing the repercussions of such an act could lead to the end of his great house. Though he seems to care less of what happens if someone were to find out, which could raise eyebrows as to what the large lord has up his sleeves.​
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    Lady Estella Amadeus emerged from the shadows surrounding the Red Hall and, as usual, she showed no consideration for any conservative prowess. Although she was technically draped from her chest down to the floor, there was more transparent material than there was anything else and hence, her attire would still be considered to be quite revealing had it not covered everything that needn't be exposed. She was known throughout the land of Falkirk for always causing controversy, whether it be through her inappropriate garments or her frequent reckless actions however, no one would ever dare to speak a word against her. She was a powerful sorceress after all and it was through her power that she gained the authority of being called a 'Lady'. But even she, with her current status and divine ability to control the dark elements, could not ignore the call of Lord Stanton.

    Despite how inconvenienced she felt in having to attend to such a meeting, Estella was curious as to what would be imparted to her fellow Lords and Ladies on such a night. She was hoping to be the first to arrive but clicked her tongue against her teeth to find this was not so. She bowed gracefully to Lord Stanton, lifting up one side of her shimmering dress and revealing her slim and shapely legs slightly. "Apologies for my tardiness, Milord." Estella cooed as she slowly rose back up to a standing position. "I was hoping to be the first to arrive but I must say, I applaud you Lord Siddreil for taking that honor from me. Good to see you're still aiming to be the favourite." Although her voice was smooth and gentle, it carried with it a hint of malice and deceit. She shot a mischievous smirk towards Lord Siddreil before once again, turning her head to face Lord Stanton. If there was one thing Estella was good at, it was pushing people's buttons, whether it be to turn them on or piss them off... and she always enjoyed doing so.

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  5. "Oh, milady, you know me too well", laughed Lord Siddreil. "Your skills of observation are sharp as ever! Although," he paused slightly as he adjusted his shoulder-length hair, "your punctuality needs a little work. It is almost as if you were to disappoint His Lordship intentionally! Oh my, we can't have that. Absolutely not. You wouldn't do that, would you? No, of course not", Lord Siddreil chattered in such a fabricatedly joyous and joking tone, it would have to take a bat with its eyes gouged out of their sockets to fail to notice the fakeness of his tone. Normally he kept such signs of unmitigated hatred at bay, but as luck would have it, Lady Amadeus just had to arrive. With lady Amadeus being Lady Amadeus, it was exceedingly difficult for even the normally calm and collected Lord Siddreil to keep his cool. It's fine, he thought, remember your priorities.

    "As for the state of my house, it is what it is and what it is is becoming rather dreary for my taste", sighed Lord Siddreil and continued: "In the past it was more unthinkable for someone of my person to rise in the ranks. There used to be more opposition, more resistance, more rebellion against me! Now everyone has learned to either love me or stay quiet. I yearn for those days of action, of yes I do..." Lord Siddreil walks up to a window and gazes to the distance. "I have no one to throw to the wolves, no one to hang, no one to starve to near-death in my dungeons and milk the promise for eternal subservience under me from them. What a shame indeed", he sighs again.
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  6. As much as Lady Amadeus was amused by Lord Siddreil's ingenuity, she had to fight a conscious battle with her facial features to refrain from rolling her eyes at him. Instead, she kept the mischievous smile on her lips and let out a quiet tinkering laugh. "Disappoint? Oh, I hardly ever disappoint Milord, you should know this. What I lack in punctuality I usually make up for in other ways." Her voice remained a soft purr but the burning malice that clouded her golden eyes made it apparent that her intentions were much more devious than her innocent voice would suggest.

    Estella Amadeus listened carefully to the Lord's monologue and the first thought that came into her head escaped her mouth without her consent, making her wish she had more control over her tongue. "Ha! Perhaps we should throw you to the wolves." Lady Amadeus held her lips tight from that moment and turned her head away, both to hide her embarrassment and subtle amusement. Although, as much as it pained her to admit it to herself, she did agree with Lord Siddreil but she had to avoid snickering at the thought of anyone loving him. Not that there's anything wrong with him, he's just so serious all the time, Lady Amadeus thought to herself. But it is true... the people live in fear or loyalty. It's despicable. The loyalty in her house was to be admired and she enjoyed the fact that she could have anything she wanted on a whim should she ask however, she missed the days when she would endure sleepless nights in case someone were to kill her in her sleep. She missed the feeling of accomplishment at burning someone for trying to conquer her house. Lady Amadeus lived for the days where she could paint the town red with blood and ashes from bodies set aflame, but now there was nothing left to fight against. Life was dull and she was grateful that someone else had pointed it out, even if it did come from the elf.
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    Lord Oliver Hamilton had not grown up an average man. From a young age, he was a natural leader. He'd earned his title by agreeing with everybody and generally being a bit of a peacemaker. Someone who told the harsh truths and destroyed the bitter lies. A lord who found interest in anything possible and learnt to appreciate the great things in life, Oliver Hamilton was a kind person who had two stages: meditating relaxed and tearing his hair out stressed. Although he was a respected lord by the people below him, his two small children did not respect him at all. But that made his life more exciting.

    Arriving at the Red Hall, he opened the door. "I apologise for being late," he said cheerily. "But better late than not here at all." He was always saying random quotes like that to justify everything. His favourite was 'Knowledge is power'. He noticed there were only three others in the room. The first was, of course, Lord Santon, who had invited him there with not much detail. Another was Lord Seddreil, who he knew was one of the less harsher lords. The final was Lady Amadeus, who was perhaps the most reckless of all the Ladies and Lords. He had not had much conversation with any of them. This was going to be fun.
  8. "And as if on cue to fulfill the wish of Her Ladyship, a candidate appears", jokes Lord Siddreil, this time genuinely. "Lord Augustus Siddreil at your service, Your Lordship." He does a little bow to Lord Hamilton. "No, no, I believe you are right on time, as we had just discussed with Lady Amadeus regarding punctuality. I believe Her Ladyship has much useful advice for being right on time", he finished with a smirk. Lord Siddreil took a small flask from a pocket on his cuirass, opened it and took a sip. Then he put the flask back, pulled out a chair and sat down at the large table in the main hall. "As for your proposal, milady, I'm afraid it is bound to happen in due time, for there is only so much patience in the common rabble, or in my heart, for that matter. I will not stay here forever, so better for me to enjoy the world and for the world to enjoy me, while I last", he finished with a helpless sigh.

    Outside waited several members of personal guard of different lords of different holds across Falkirk. They had been specifically ordered to stay outside and guard the entrance to the Red Keep, for this meeting was for the lords and ladies only. At the moment, Santon's, Amadeus', Siddreil's and Hamilton's bodyguards were outside killing time, discussing and gambling. The leader of Lord Siddreil's personal guard alongside two knights were there to protect him, who desperately wanted to join the other gambling knights, with their leader forbidding them every time and finally threatening to send them back home. To this, they only hung their heads and agreed. The commanding knight was known as Graysteel, a disciplinarian among the guard, favored by the lord yet hated by many knights under the commander.

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    Lady Sigfrid Gunhild, a rather sizable and boisterous barbaric looking women, tromped up the stairs of Lord Santan's estate with an extremely agitated expression marring her features. It wasn't too often that she was called out like this by his Lordship, and she much prefered it that way since keeping those blockheads in her house in line took up most of her time. So for her to come out this far it had better be urgent otherwise some unfortunate soul was going to meet the bad end of her temper.

    Her every step rattled with the heavy armor that encased her legs while the battle axe the hung from her firm grip clanged against it occasionally, yet none of this would have prepared the guards for such an unheard of sighting. Very few actually knew the face that belonged to the name of "Iron Fist Gunhild", yet even less expected the face of a woman, and as her fiery red head came into view it could have been expected that the guards didn't know what to take of her.

    Hard moss green eyes greeted each of the guards as her gruff voice barked out a single word.


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  10. "Marvellous," Lord Hamilton replied as he realised he was not late. He would have hated to disappoint as powerful a lord as Lord Santon. "I am Lord Hamilton, Your Lordships and Your Ladyship." He gave a small bow, smiling excitedly as he took in the surroundings of the room. It was, as he had said, marvellous. He stayed standing for a few moments before following Lord Siddreil to the table and sitting down a few seats away from him, not wanting to make anything awkward.

    Outside, his own guards were enjoying themselves. Two in total - not the strongest of his crew but definitely the most nimble - were gambling their pay check with a pack of cards. Their Lord would tell them they wouldn't be getting their pay - but that's okay, because they've already lost it.
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    Lady Demerius wasn't very amused to be summoned much like a dog to it's Master by Lord Santon, and therefore took much pleasure in allowing her carriage to arrive precisely five minutes late with no warning or advanced apology. Lady Demerius wasn't one to take orders well, even if from such an influential Lord like Santon himself. Perhaps it was something to do with what her father was like before he passed...strict and overbearing.

    Or maybe it was because she was sent to train as an assassin or spy by the despicable man. Not that she hated the decision now, she was more than capable of defending herself and being unnoticed until she wished to be.

    Licking her lower lip in anticipation, Lady Demerius took no help from her footman as she stepped out of the carriage, picking up her skirts as to avoid them becoming filthy. Maybe she got her hands dirty once in a while...but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy the finer things in life. Good clothes. Good food. Perfumes and books. And weapons. She was armed at that moment. Underneath her dress and whatnot. Hidden. Concealed. Her shoes weren't picked for fashion, not in this situation. Whilst the dress was of the highest taste, her boots were of soft leather, flexible and perfect for running. Two daggers strapped to her outer thighs and another pair in her boots.

    Upon seeing the other Lords and Ladies within the room already, Lady Demerius nimbly entered, eyes immediately taking each of them in one at a time whilst she instinctively gave them a wide berth. She didn't know why this meeting was called, nor did she like the fact that it was. She wasn't a people person, her ascent to her Lady title should prove that. Working hard, proving people wrong...perhaps even a few...despicable slips of poison into goblets now and again for those who hated her and seemed to do everything they could to keep her from rising up in the ranks.

    Her eyes narrowed into a scowl at the golden goblet before her as she finally settled into a chair almost at the other side of the table, fingertips drumming softly and almost inaudibly against the surface.
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  12. Not long after Demerius' entrance came another through the doors, less finely dressed and drably simple in comparison. He was young, hardly a man in comparison to the rest. Still a youth really, only fifteen turns in age. He had dark brown hair tied neatly back and a swarthier complexion compared to some of the fairer more pampered folk. He wasn't a lord, but one of his lord's men. Draped in a wet and muddied cloak he walked through the hall without giving any haughty stares or flourishes of his own. He kept his dark blue eyes level or set low and looked to have rather passed without notice than make a show of his presence.

    The boy passed the others without acknowledgment and only stopped directly before Galvar before dropping to one knee if a bit stiffly. He didn't seem used to the formality for being considered from lower birth.

    He spoke bluntly, "My lord Stanton, Lord Kenderin Esthan is going to be late. He sends his apologies. His horse has fallen in a sinkhole."
    Esthan was a small house hailing from the hills. Not as notable as others of those gathered, but a loyal group having pledged fealty to Galvar's ancestors some generations ago. Niran, who was the boy here in kenderin's stead, knew the history well enough.
  13. Lord Hamilton was about to say something to welcome the new entry but she didn't have an atmosphere he was comfortable with, and was rather glad when she avoided them all. He rather devoted his attention to the adolescent who had come with an apology. It gave him the wonder of what his children would grow up like, and how his spouse was dealing with any duties that were back home. There was a lot of Lords and Ladies in the kingdom and punctuality was not in many people's books. Everybody had a different way of ruling also. He wondered how Lord Esthan kept control of his citizens: kindness or fear?

    Outside his men, hearing the voice of Lady Gunhield, moved swiftly to the side to allow her to pass. They were aware of who she was and bowed to her, most likely in terror.
  14. The young boy had also captured her attention, Lady Demerius' hand wrapped tightly around the stem of the golden mug before her. Being the age of twenty and one, Gwendolyn Demerius was quite well into the age of which it would be expected of her to marry and settle down. But she couldn't afford to do so. Not in her line of work. Not that she didn't wish to. It would be considered a weakness if any of the others knew that she often thought of having her own children running around the estate. Of waking up in the arms of her lover and husband.

    Immediately she cast all those reappearing thoughts aside and sharply looked away to the goblet before her, swallowing thickly. Lady Demerius lightly fanned herself with her free hand despite the sweetheart neckline of her gown and short sleeves, feeling a little warm after divulging in her hidden weakness.
  15. Lady Amadeus returned Lord Siddreil's snide comments with a squint of her eyes paired with a devilish smirk. She silently witnessed the spectacle in which he was depriving his guards of their desire to join their fellow knights in their gambler antics and while doing so, she took the opportunity to give a short and polite bow towards Lord Hamilton. "Take no notice of Lord Siddreil's foolish jests and indeed, you've no need to apologise for your arrival is quite timely." And as though her words were their cue, the sound of heavy, almost booming footsteps could be heard and soon entered two more Ladies of Falkirk: Sigfrid "Iron Fist" Gunhild and Gwendolyn Demerius.

    Lady Amadeus' golden eyes gleamed with anticipation and decided to follow suit as everyone began to take their seats at the long table. She placed herself between Lord Hamilton and Lord Siddreil, an empty seat between separating her from both. Just as she was doing so, she watched as Lord Siddreil's guards walked away from their master with slumped shoulders and she leaned towards him with a smirk. "Well it's no wonder why you find your house so dull. You seem to take away everyone's fun," she whispered as she stared at the table at the other end of the hall where their knights were seated. Lady Amadeus never felt the need for too much protection in any circumstance so one guard was always enough for her. After all, her house only consisted of herself and her younger sister and both possessed enough dark magic to protect themselves. Although the bloodline of the House of Amadeus was only very short, they had a large mass of subordinates or, as most others like to refer to them, worshippers. But she liked the idea that her power lied within herself more than the numbers she had at her service.

    Due to the fact that she had never really spoken to many of her fellow leaders on former occasions, any knowledge she had on them was based on hearsay and rumours spread across the land and not from personal encounters. No title is given without proof of reasonable worth and because of this, even Lady Estella Amadeus knew that it would be wise to tread carefully when dealing with the other leaders. But she was never one for making wise decisions and even the uncertainty and lack of knowledge she had about the people seated before her did not faze her devious spirit. She eyed the others around her carefully but with a seemingly innocent smile on her face however before she could make any judgement, all eyes shot towards the a young adolescent boy who entered the Red Hall hurriedly. As Lady Amadeus' eyes followed him across the room, she caught sight of Lady Demerius fanning herself and looking as though something of great fascination crossed her mind. In fact, it almost looked a bit like desire. Estella had always wished that she had mastered the ability to read minds however, her deep study into the shadows naturally prevented her from doing so as it clouded other conscious thought from her.

    After hearing the young man's apology to Lord Stanton on behalf of his master, Lady Amadeus chose to disregard what she had observed of Lady Demerius and instead, leaned towards Lord Hamilton. "And you had apologised for being late," she whispered with a quiet giggle. "Aren't you glad your horse didn't fall into a sinkhole?"
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  16. At the feeling of eyes on her, Lady Demerius instantly glanced to where the sensation was coming from to make brief eye contact with the sorceress Lady Amadeus. The hand which was fanning her slowly lowered and tangled into the materials of her skirt as her dark eyes grew cold once more and expression hard. Gwendolyn bowed her head in a polite manner toward the other woman, studying her critically and suspiciously for a moment longer before finally looking away again just as the sorceress turned to flirt-sorry talk to the Lord beside her.

    Perhaps she should have been half hour late...or even an hour. It apparently seems that countless others have turned up late and now it felt like her message wouldn't be recieved properly. Gwen herself didn't have any guards with her, perfectly capable of taking care of herself without any bulking male in armour to slow her down. That didn't stop her home being guarded, a request from her father before he passed...didn't mean she was happy with it.
  17. "I am. I hope the Lord and his companions are not hurt," Lord Hamilton admitted, though he did have a soft chuckle at the idea. "It would be unfortunate." He seemed to turn his attention very quickly from one thing to another, studying the Santon sigil in fascination similar to a small child's. The motto, especially - From two now as one. What did it mean? Marriage? Unity? It was anybody's guess. Lord Hamilton glanced around the room itself, but not with caution. Somehow he would entertain himself while they were waiting for the meeting to begin.
  18. Lord Auston Muldwell, a man standing at 6'5" with a muscular physique, entered the Red Hall and took a seat far from the other lords and ladies. He was known as the Conqueror / Peacekeeper of the South. The title differs depending on where you're from. People from the South view him as a traitor and a monster for slaughtering three small houses, while people from the North see him as a hero for stopping a war from happening between the three houses. "And what brings me here, Lord Santon?" His voice was deep, but seemed to have a calming affect to it.

    Lord Santon shook his head. "I might as well begin now, aye?" He stood up from his golden throne and hobbled down the three giant steps leading to the long table, though he did not sit down. "Some of you may not have known, but the King passed away some days ago. Tragic, yes. But I wish to dispose the royal family from their throne and take it as my own. You all may join me or die. And if you wish, fight for the throne yourself. So, what shall it be?"

    Lord Muldwell raised an eyebrow to this statement and shook his head. "My family may have been loyal to you for centuries but that ends now, you fat bastard!" The young man stands up and glances around the table. "If anyone wishes to ally with my house and STOP this fool from ruining the great lands we have, come to the Darkwoods and you will find me there." And without another word he hurriedly exits the Red Hall only minutes after entering it.

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  19. "Lord Santon, I am highly loyal to the royal family. They are my first loyalty. I can not aid you in this. I apologise," Lord Hamilton said slowly, the words of the argument between the two Lords registering inside. He was in shock and even fear from The Lord at the end of the table. "I do not want to be part of this war but I shall have to side with Lord Muldwell." He did not want to be caught up at all. Almost angry that he was called here for an unworthy cause, he stood up and left, his two gambling men following up behind nervously at what was to come.

    "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Your Lordship?" one man asked. "Of course I do! Why, the King's family should at least have time to grieve before they are thrown in a war. The very least I can do is protect them," Lord Hamilton answered. He sped up to keep with Lord Muldwell, unsure if he should call out his name.
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  20. Even though her expression didn't show it, Gwendolyn Demerius was shocked and unable to comprehend what was had just been said by the fat old oaf. "You cannot be serious?" She finally uttered, eyebrow raising as she leaned forward to rest her forearms on the table. "The Royal family have no reason to be taken from the throne, perhaps if they had been cruel and abusive...maybe it would be a consideration now they have been weakened...but they haven't been." She also pushed herself to her feet, shaking her head, "And then for you to take the throne? How amusing." She drawled, tone dry and hands brushing down her skirt.

    Lady Demerius was happy enough being a Lady, she wouldn't want a throne and the responsibilities that came with it. Sure, there was a possibility of the person who took over next taking away her title...but thatcwas a risk she was willing to take. Besides...the contracts of an assassin paid well. Very well. Her gaze swept around the table and she then flicked a loose strand of hair from her face, "What a waste of time," Gwen laughed briefly, pushing back her chair abruptly, "I'd wish you good luck with this completely erratic and downright stupid plan of yours, Lord Santon...but to be perfectly honest, I hope you fail and be taken down for treason. Good day."

    With that, Gwendolyn swiftly left the hall and table, uncaring as to what others would decide. She wanted no part in the killing of a perfectly decent Royal family, nor did she want that fool on the throne. It wasn't in her nature to sit around and watch...action and blood and fighting is what she lived for. Craved, even. Now to find Lord Muldwell...just where on earth has he run off to now?
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