Lord Varamont's Academy (A Battleschool RP)

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  1. Lord Varamont's Academy

    Basic Information
    Game Masters: Ryn (@Cadeyrn of Kearney I)
    Accepting New Characters: Yes
    Posting Expectations: At the very least at Elementary level.
    Rating: Expect blood, gore and sexual themes, though actual libertine must be taken to a Private Conversation.
    Genre: Fantasy Sorcerer Guard Battleschool with a Gladiatorial side-interest.
    Atmosphere/Mood: Not casual but not entirely grim either. Still a serious RP.
    Plot Flow: Restricted to the school for now, with a strict plot.
    Timeline: Basically a mix of Ancient times and Medieval times. There's a Roman Empire type nation as well as Medieval Kingdom types. There are also Medieval Chinese and Feudal Japan type nations.
    Basic Plot: A battleschool of Warders (people who are trained to guard sorcerers) was once legendary but is now less than a shadow of what it was once. However it recently acquired a new grandmaster who is extremely ambitious and who intends to take the battleschool back to the top again.

    Table of Contents
    Current Scene
    Current Plot
    Character Log

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  2. Introduction

    In this world of Iesin, the Sorcerers are the noble class, the one's who rule. And Warders were the knights, the one's who protect them. There are many schools and academies for these Warders.

    In the Princedom of Gallia, in the Vallée du Lis, there is one academy for Warders. Lord Varamont's Academy had once been legendary for the warders it produced. That had been many ages ago, however, and now it is not even a shadow of a shadow of it's former self. It is in ruins. The masters are inept, the grandmaster is old and senile and the students, unruly.

    A week ago, the Lord of the Vallée suddenly had the grandmaster and all the masters dismissed. He appointed a new grandmaster who is bringing with him many masters. And that is all the students know.

    The students are all very apprehensive. Nobody knows what the new grandmaster will be like. Only that he will not be so tolerable like the old one.

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  3. Setting

    We are in the world of Iesin, on the continent of Ur, half of which is controlled by the Princedom of Gallia. In Gallia, there is a valley, called the Vallée du Lis and in there is situated the once esteemed, Lord Varamont's Academy.

    The Valley gets it's name from the lilies that blanket it in the Season of Growth and the Season of Life. It's all green in the Season of Growth and the Season of Life, and in the Season of Fall and the Season of Slumber it is all white with snow. It's quite beautiful really, which is why it was chosen in the first place.

    Lord Varamont's Academy had once beautiful and graceful, much like a palace. Since it's decline, most of the palace has fallen into ruin. It was abandoned quite some time ago. Instead large buildings were constructed from wood to serve as an impromptu school.

    If any of you haven't noticed it yet, I've always been speaking of grace and elegance. This was what the Academy was founded for. The Academy was always known for the grace, elegance and good looks that it's Warders had. It's aims are to create not vicious brutes, but rather Warders with quick blades and even quicker minds. For the first four hundred years, the Academy succeeded, but then the grandmaster managed to antagonize the Lord of the Vallée and from then on, everything went downhill. But that is another story.
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  4. Current Scene

    The old grandmaster has just been thrown out, along with the inept masters. The students had been faring, though not exactly well. A lot of the old masters had been lazy, however they had not been ignorant. They had taught the students well enough. The students knew how to fight, and knew some of the basic history and lore of the world. They knew some basic survival skills. It was enough to have them pass the Trial of the Warder. Just barely though.

    However the old lord had died recently and his son, a sorcerer of around fifty, had succeeded him. The new lord had visited the Academy and had been shocked at it's state. The old grandmaster was immediately sacked for having done such a poor job of maintaining the school... to put it very mildly. The new lord appointed a new grandmaster. Who he is, is unknown as of yet.

    The senior captain is in charge of the school until the grandmaster arrives. He and his captains have managed to keep some semblance of order.
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  5. Current Plot
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  6. Guidelines

    1) As expected, all Iwaku rules must be followed.

    2) Libertine is allowed, however it must be taken to a private Conversation that includes me (the GM) and the Libertine or Liberteen GM (if there are any).

    3) I know some of you may not be comfortable with playing the opposite gender but I really do not want too many of one gender. If I see to many males or too many females, I will ask you to stop creating characters of the respective gender.
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  7. Character Log







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  8. Character Sheet Template

    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:

    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:

    Special Items:

    Brief History:
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