Lord of the Flies

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  1. You will play as a teenage male ages 13-18 and were on a trip with your classmates from Richmond's Boys Academy to the United Kingdom but the plane crashed on an unidentified island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
    With all of the adults dead and no foreseeable way off the island what will you do?

    This is based on the novel Lord of the Flies, you can check wikipedia for a rundown of the plot
    Our story will be our own however, I am just borrowing the title and setting
    There may be romantic situations (preferably between characters aged 16-18 as I'm not sure of the site's rules for anything else) and there will certainly be violence and conflicts
    I have 18+ only checked off as I don't want any actual teens or younger writers participating in this roleplay, sorry!
    I'm looking for at least a paragraph per post
    If you use an image for your character I'd like it to be of a real person, celebrities/models/etc only

    When joining if your first post could include your characters name, age and appearance that would be great​
  2. (Just saying, this would go under fandom not miscellaneous)
  3. I enjoyed this book...except when when Simon met the Lord of the Flies...:/ I'll join this this sounds like fun I'll post my characters tomorrow.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.