Lord of the Flies

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  1. What happens when boys survive on their own?


    Lord of the Flies

    There was a plane crash, and only young boys ranging from the age of twelve to eighteen survived along with the pilot. Together they must all survive on the island together, what will happen? Will there be rules, will they even survive a week?



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  2. Xander
    Xander knew he sounded like a little girl as the plane crashed. He assumed he was going to die at any second and then the plane hit the water. Looking around he saw the other boys, about a dozen of them total screaming too as the emergency exits opened up. Fumbling with his seat belt he managed to get it undone just as the plane started to fill with water. Rushing for the exit he jumped in the water which water filling the plane fast and started swimming after he noticed an island not too far away. As he made his way to the island he looked back and noticed all of the other males on the plane had made it out okay, even the pilot. He was glad they had all made it out but had to focus on getting to the island safely.

    After what felt like eternity of swimming Xander made it to the island. Under different circumstances he would have thought the island was beautiful and would make the perfect vacation spot, but not now that he was stuck on it. At least there were others with him though and as the other males made it to shore he went and helped them. He knew it was unlikely they would be rescued since their plane had gone through the Bermuda Triangle and very few planes were found once they crashed in it. Assumed then he would be spending the rest of his life on the island, at least the others seemed friendly. He had made small talk with a few others on the plane and they had seemed nice enough.

    His clothes were soaked and he couldn't help but shiver as he helped the other males mostly older out of the water. He knew most of them didn't need his help but he wanted to be helpful as he had always had to help his little siblings with things he was used to it. Once they were all safely on the island he shivered as a cold breeze blew through the island, since his clothes were soaked it was ten times worse. They would need to build a fire to warm up...the only problem was Xander knew nothing about building a fire without matches and he hoped one of the other males did.

    Daniel kept repeating, "please, please, please," as the plane crashed into the ocean. fumbling with his seat belt he managed to get it undone quickly and as he was exiting the plane saw a male about his age having trouble with his seat belt. Undoing it for him he grabbed him and said, "come on." This wasn't usually his thing to worry about and help others but this was a life or death situation and if he couldn't get his seat belt undone he would hope someone would help him out. Dragging the other male into the ocean he began to swim, the other male would be on there own swimming to the island ahead but he was glad he had helped the male...it felt...nice. He could worry about feeling nice later as right now he had to cover the stretch of water in between him and the island.

    After a few minutes Daniel hauled himself onto the island and collapsed with exhaustion. A younger boy offered him help but he said he was fine and continued to lay in the sand for a few minutes before getting up and walking over to the growing group of survivors. He was covered in sand and would need to wash off later, but right now he needed to figure out what the group was going to do to survive. He wasn't a leader so he decided to wait for someone else to take charge and figure out what the group was going to do.

    They would obviously need a fire, shelter and food, but Daniel didn't want to be the one to suggest it since then everyone would want him as leader. He didn't want all the pressure of being a leader as he was more of a follower to begin with unless something went against his morals he would just go along with what everyone else did. As a cool breeze blew by he shivered and watched some of the other males do the same. The sun would be setting soon and they would be in for a cold night if they didn't get the fire going soon.

    (Anyone can be the guy that Daniel helped, I tried to give someone an opener)
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  3. [​IMG]

    Grayson Grier

    The plane was going down as Grayson looked around frightened, the next thing he knew was the seat belt digging into his waist. Opening his eyes he realized that there was water and the plane was sinking. Pulling at his seat belt he screamed, frustrated at the belt, finally it unlatched and he started to run out towards the emergency exits. He knew in a couple of seconds once the water started to flood in no one could swim out, it would be moving too fast in to get out. They'd have to wait till the water filled most of the plane, that's when he started helping everyone get out. He was the last person to get out of the plane as he started swimming to the surface, he was losing hope in swimming with clothes when..


    ...taking a gulp of air, he opened his eyes when he looked around and saw the island. Swimming to shore was tiring as he felt he would never make it. His arms were aching as his legs wanted to stop and stand but he kept going until finally he drug himself onto the sand. Standing up he brushed himself off as he looked at the group of survivors. "It's cold, we need a fire. Someone help me find some wood" He said blatantly and overcoming the shyness he had within. He quickly found himself headed towards the woods without another thought he just wanted to get a fire started. He could do it, he knew he could he just needed the wood and kindling for it. Instead of checking on the boys too he just wanted to warm them up knowing they would all get hypothermia if he didn't warm them up soon.​
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  4. image.jpg

    Nick Smith
    Nick was actually asleep while the plane started its fall towards the ocean. He heard screams which is what caused him to wake up. As he woke he saw all the horror that was the plane coming crashing towards the water and heard all the screams from the boys. As the plane smashed into the water he knew he didn't have much time, he tried frantically to get his seat belt unbuckled but it wasn't budging. Nick kept trying as realitt was starting to set In that he was not going to make it out of the plane. His heart beating a million beats per minute, his mind had a million differnt thoughts in it as he thought these would be his last moments of life. Then all of a sudden another boy came over and somehow got his seat belt unstuck. Nick looked up as the boy grabbed him and said "come on" Nick wanted to say something back but he couldn't open his mouth.

    Next thing he knew he was out of the plane and In the water. Nick looked all around him as he saw a island off in the distance and saw some of the other boys swimming towards it. This was where being an athlete came In handy. Nick made his way towards the island. He was swimming at a fast pace and did not stop. He just kept swimming and swimming until he tiredly crawled onto the white sandy beaches of the island. He was one of the last people off the plane, but was one of the first people onto the island. He was in great shape so he was able to push himself to make it to the island. Nick laid there on the beach as he tried to catch his breath. Nick then started to shiver a little bit as the wind blew through the island. Nick heard one of the other boys speak up about getting a fire going. Nick pulled himself up as he looked over at the boy. "Yeah sure I'll help you find fire wood."
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  5. June & Leoh

    It's one thing to assume the worst, but it's another to accept your fate as it is and deal with it with clenched teeth. June is one of those people. Curled up nice and cozy, book in hands and knees propped up to his chest, the little brunette was flipping the cream pages feverishly. The latest book he picked up at the airport was some cheesy Fantasy novel, filled with the typical glorious knight fighting for his kingdom and wife-to-be back at home. His hazel peepers were glued to the black text, glowing with a keen fascination that even the happiest person on the planet couldn't keep up with. Reading was always his favorite pastime, apparent in his giddiness just by holding the damn thing, but there was something peculiarly wonderful about this new addition he bought. The fluidity of the words, the relatable characteristics of the characters, and even the descriptions the author used for the settings; maybe it was the writing, maybe it was his imagination, either or, you wouldn't dare rip it away from his tiny clutches. June lifted his head up just a tad to gaze out his window when the entire plane seemed to jolt, causing him to raise his brows and tug at the plump, pink flesh of his bottom lip with his two front teeth. Was that normal? It had to of been, but June knew for a fact that that wasn't turbulence. About to open his mouth, his voice was silenced by the same questions others around him began to ask, desperately looking around for answers. Something along the lines of "What's going on?" and "Is everything okay?", June shut his book and placed his feet back on the floor, tightening his seat belt to at least give himself some reassurance.

    Across the aisle, two seats over to be exact sat the blonde haired male, Leoh, arms folded and half of his body sprawled across the seat tray in front of him nearly half asleep. While the talking level of the plane was at a minimum, it shielded over the soft beats emanating from the pair of headphones snugged against his ears. Plane rides were never his thing, let alone with a bunch of young, annoying boys, but nevertheless he couldn't complain; he was lucky enough to get a row all to himself. Sitting with strangers to the point your knees and shoulders were brushing against one another made his skin crawl, so he made sure to board first and flash teeth and glares at those who attempted to take the free seats next to him. It didn't take much though, his rough hair cut, resting bitch-face and let alone towering height made the efforts fairly easy. There was a dark aura surrounding him, and he made sure to keep it that way. Shifting his body, the plane gave a sudden surprise and shoved his weight forward, causing him to jump up and smack the top of his head against the seat in front of him. Leoh jumped up and ripped the pair of headphones off from his ears, sleepily rubbing the part that ruffled his hair and cursing softly to himself. He heard the confused whispers and even before he could place his tray back up, the entire plane shifted downward, causing his stomach to flop to the tips of his toes.

    Just in that moment, it seemed like the plane burst with sound. Those wandering began jumping into seats and tightening belts and high-pitched screams was the only thing audible. Luggage tumbled down from the compartments above and down the center aisle, and the pilot on the intercom, though loud and composed, was muffled entirely. June inhaled sharply and covered his face with his tiny hands, whispering soft words to at least calm his nerves. This was where he was going to die, he just knew it. He was dealt the card of being unlucky for most of his life and here, in just one moment it would all be gone. He couldn't go home. No more books, no more dessert and no more adventuring. Leoh on the other hand placed his tray up, tightened his belt and sat back, closing his eyes to listen to the chaos unraveling before him. If he were to die, hell, it's not like he had much of a life anyway. No one would miss him, his family was gone. What was the point anymore? He had nothing, or let alone anyone to look forward to.

    In a matter of seconds the plane hit the water and everyone started scrambling in a panicked frenzy. No one bothered with the luggage and started for the exits, shoving and swimming with nothing but the clothes on their backs. June, frustrated and on the verge of tears struggled with his seat belt a bit before he managed to unlatch it. He wanted to grab his things, his books and new clothes he had bought but knew for the sake of whatever life he had left, had to leave it behind. The water was cold, prickling at the surface of his skin like knives of ice while the thin male used the remaining of his strength to swim out and towards the shore. He struggled a bit more, tired and weighed down by the heaviness of his jeans and sweater but he pushed on, gasping for air and pulling the water passed him. He wasn't used to this at all. The comforts of his bed and blankets were all he ever knew. An eternity passed, and his scrambling movements came to a slow when the sand mushed under his toes. "I'm alive.." June breathed, stumbling onto the shore and gasping for an easy breath of air. His clothes were soaked, sticking to his shivering frame and he just wanted to lay there to thank whatever allowed him to live another day. A few tears welled at the corners of his eyes, but he immediately wiped them, trying to keep himself relaxed. Now wasn't the time to start crying.

    Leoh was one of the few to leave the plane first, having no patience for the people who had no idea what to do to. The aching numb of the water and the wind knocking the waves about was nothing to him, just another factor he would soon have to ignore. His body carved into the surface with ease, pushing and shoving against the immense force of the waves before he realized he was at the shore. Digging his fists into the thick sand, he pulled himself up and laid there for a bit, completely sprawled out with chest raising and falling. The blonde was exhausted. While his body was molded around such harsh conditions, it had been a while since it strained him this bad. "God dammit." He cursed, pulling himself up onto to his feet to rip off the shirt constricting his movements. He didn't care how cold he was, the shirt was heavy, sticking to his body and lining every crevice and curve of his torso. Leoh looked to the ever-growing crowd of quivering boys and let out a grumble, throwing the wet fabric over his shoulder. All he could hear was complaining and the talk of gathering wood for a fire. "Gather all the wood that you want but if none of you know how to start a fire, it'll be a waste of fuckin' time." He shouted, shaking the water from his hair. "And I don't think a fire will feed us at night either."

    June rolled over onto his stomach and peered over the mounds of sand towards Leoh and the rest of the group, listening to his shouts. While a bit harsh, especially after what just happened, June couldn't help but raise his hand. He knew just about everything there was when it came to basic survival. When it came to starting fires, eating certain plants and even building a shelter; reading random books came in handy at the right times. The brunette sniffled a little, and scurried onto his two legs to meet up with everyone else. "I know how to start one." He said, holding his hands together and rocking on his heels. "I read it in a book somewhere.. and a bunch of other stuff too. I'll help."
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  6. [​IMG]

    Sawyer Dallas

    Sawyer was sitting on the seat and leaning back as the plane was mostly empty, to his surprise. He held his bookbag close to him as he stared out the window and looked at the emptiness of the sky. It looked like heaven to him, as he stared and pressed his hand to the window, the site was miraculous as he'd never been this high in the sky before. That's when the crash and the bang happened as he realized the airplane was falling. He looked out the window and he knew this was what he wanted to die looking at, the sky. So as they went below the clouds he closed his eyes and envisioned the clouds..


    ...when the plane hit the water Sawyer's eyes jolted open, as he looked around he realized he wasn't in heaven. Cursing under his breath in Italian, he put his bookbag on his back, unbuckled his seat belt, and ran for the exit door. Jumping out of the plane before it sank he spun in the air before the shock of the cold water brought him back to reality, where he didn't want to be. He was swimming as his bookbag kept dragging him down, so he started to tread water and pulled out the only thing important to him. The picture of his mom and dad as he shoved the picture in his pocket he continue to swim towards shore letting the backpack sink...


    Finally Sawyer had made it to shore as he walked up to everyone his shirt clung to his abs and his biceps as his jeans were sagging in the sand. His shoes were squeaking with every step. Taking off his shoes and socks he threw them in the sand without looking and continued to the group of boys who were already standing there. Seeing as one was ranting about how they couldn't start a fire and they needed food, and the other boy was just walking into the forest Sawyer decided to take some control.
    "Okay well if you can start a fire go help him get wood" Sawyer said to the boy who raised his hand
    "You, calm down, we can survive" Sawyer looked at the boy with an angry expression, the last thing they needed on an island alone was someone who just got angry instead of helping.
    "If you think we need food go look for food!" Sawyer gave the boy a look.
    "The best chance for us to stay warm is using the tree's to block wind so we should set up camp in the forest, be careful with the fire though we don't want to burn down the forest" Sawyer said as he started walking towards the forest.
    "I'll try to find a place for us to sleep or maybe start building one" Sawyer was taking control, due to the adrenaline of almost dying kicking in. Although he had now idea what would happen when the adrenaline wore off and he actually thought about them having to survive alone.​
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  7. [​IMG][​IMG]


    For a majority of the plane ride, Alastor had occupied his time by sleeping- it was the next best thing in his mind. His backpack was beneath his seat, tucked underneath with his brother's. Given the lack of passengers, it was only the two Heron children occupying this aisle. Unlike his older brother, Kallias stayed awake for a majority of the ride by merely looking out the window or simply reading another chapter of the book he brought along. After all, Alastor was pretty much unconscious by this point. Occasionally, his gaze would flicker across the aisles to the other inhabitants of the plane. It was surprisingly empty for once in his life. "Huh..?" The whisper escaped his lips in a rush as hazel hues flickered over to the other passengers. His book was long forgotten once the screams and hasty words of staying calm reached his ears. "H-Hey, Al..?" The young brunet spoke, his hand reaching over to shake the sleeping male beside him.

    "What is it?" Came the tired grumble from his brother, who seemed much more focused on sleeping than he was in the conversation. The sudden tumble of luggage onto the aisle had been the trick to waking him up. Based on the pilots muffled voice on the intercom and the quick movements from wandering passengers, it was clear that something had gone wrong. A simple plane ride had taken a turn for the worse. Despite having his own seat belt on, Alastor was quick to check over his seat belt and Kallias's as well. Shit. This wasn't supposed to happen. A wave of fear washed over him as he found himself meeting the panicked expression from his younger brother. What was he supposed to tell him- the truth? That they could very well die in the next few seconds?

    "Look, just focus on me, alright? I know-.." Ironically, those would be the last audible words to escape the male before the plane began to make it's descent downwards- towards the vast ocean beneath them. Honestly, everything had occurred too quickly for either brunet to even make sense of the situation. Over the sensation of water soaking the soles of their shoes didn't go unnoticed by either boy. For a moment, Kallias had fallen under the belief they were dead until he noticed other passengers scrambling to undo their seat belts and exit the plane. Everyone seemed more concerned about getting themselves to safety first than offering a hand to others. Maybe it had been the descent downwards that knocked all reasoning and panic out of the twelve year old. However, it seemed to come back tenfold once he heard the click from the seat belt beside him.

    "Kal, come on. We need to leave right now." Alastor's words were rushed out in little seconds as the older male fumbled with Kallias's seat belt before forcing the male into a standing position as well. The seventeen year old found himself briefly glancing over at the backpacks, almost wondering if it was worth it. Considering the possibility of being in the unknown, it seemed like a safe bet at the time. Alastor offered his brother little choice in the matter, instead he simply chose to grab his brother's hand. With that gesture, he was quick to rush out into the vast ocean with the other passengers, attempting to keep the two of them afloat. "A-Al, wait..-" There was onslaught of inaudible protests escaping the twelve year old, due to the water he incidentally swallowed, as he tried to keep up with the elder's pacing. It would continue this way until they were nearing the shore, allowing them some relief from the long swim there.

    The seventeen year old was feeling a mixture of relief and exhaustion hit him as he found himself resting against the shore. His clothes were soaked to the t and his hair refused to move anywhere beyond his face currently. Meanwhile, Kallias found himself greedily taking in oxygen due to the previous swim here. Unlike his brother, the twelve year old was hardly meant to be in the water- especially with that distance they had swam just to reach the shore where the other boys were. News of what to do now had reached the ears of both Heron children. The only question was what should they be doing now?

    ".. I can help with the building part." Kallias spoke up, discreetly brushing off the sand from his face. Building things was more of his specialty, after all. The only issue was finding materials to use in this place. Something that didn't seem to be obvious to the twelve year old at this point in time. "I'll go ahead and find food then." Alastor retorted, deciding to involve himself with a task. At this rate, having only one person doing one task wouldn't get them anywhere.
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  8. Xander
    Xander one of the boys around his age said he was going to try and find some food he said, "I'll help you." He then followed the boy into the jungle adding, "I'm Xander by the way." Xander had always been social and seeing as he was going to be stuck on this island with the other boys he might as well get to know them. The older boys intimidated him a little bit so he decided he would talk to and get to know the ones who were his age first. He had never been very good as making friends but he hoped all of the boys would get along and help each other instead of fighting. Soon the two boys came across some fruit trees but there was no fruit on the ground and the trees were too high to climb. "Is there anything we can throw to knock some of the fruit down?" he said looking around for a rock or something else they could use.

    "Um yeah I'll help find firewood too, we'll need a lot of it to keep the fire going all night so we might as well get a lot," Daniel said hoping what he had said was right. He was by no means a boy scout but he had heard some stuff and he had always wanted to give camping a try so this would be as good a chance as ever. Following the blonde boy he said, "hi I'm Daniel." The boy looked to be a few years younger than him but looked nice enough. He started to wonder if someone would step up and be the actual leader of the group or if it would be more a free for all. Daniel prefered someone step up and be leader...just not him. He had never been very good at being a leader and he didn't plan on starting now.

    (everyone feel free to post, and please be able to post at least once every other day, if something comes up I get it just let us know but we need to get this thing going)
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  9. image.jpg
    Nick Smith
    The fifteen almost sixteen year old took off his shirt and took off his shoes and socks. He saw a large rock that was in the sun and Nick walked over and set them down on the rock. They were soaked and he wanted to try and dry them as best as he could. His underwear and shorts were soaked as well but he was not going to take them off with a bunch of boys that he didn't know. He ran and caught up with the two other boys who along with Nick were going to find Fire wood. Nick turned around and looked at the boy who introduced himself as Daniel. Daniel was the boy who helped Nick get out of his seat and in reality saved his life. Nick smiled at him "hey I'm Nick nice to meet you." Nick turned around and continued walking as he thought about what to say before he turned back around. "Hey um thanks for ya know helping me with that seatbelt and all, it just well it just wouldn't come undone ya know." Nick shyly said to Daniel. Nick turned back around as he followed the other boy (Grayson Grier) as they walked Nick picked up some sticks that would be good to use for a fire. They continued to pick up wood "hey I'm Nick nice to meet you" he said to the boy who was leading the group.

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  10. [​IMG]

    Grayson Grier

    Grayson thought he was heading off alone when he was joined by two other boys. He was shy so he didn't want to really talk as he was picking up sticks, he finally gave up and took off his shirt and shoes and socks and threw them on the ground.
    "I'll get them later" Grayson spoke quietly and indirectly to the two boys.
    As the droplets of water ran down his body he realized he felt a little self conscious about how he looked with the other boys here. He looked down at his body, which was abs and muscle but he still felt self conscious about it. It was warmer though then wearing wet clothes and a lot more comfortable, so he just continued to pick up wood and hold it in his hands.
    Grayson was bending down to pick up some sticks as he heard the blonde speak up, introducing himself. He knew it was directed towards him because he heard the blond introduce himself the Daniel beforehand. Reluctantly Grayson turned himself around as he looked at the boy.
    "I'm Grayson, it's um nice I guess I just mean in a different situation it'd be nice but this isn't really nice" Grayson rambled on, as he was nervous talking to a shirtless guy and his hormones set in. He was blushing as he looked at the bundle of sticks in his arms. He then turned to the other boy, "I heard your name was Daniel, hey, as you heard, I'm Grayson" He said shyly and a bit awkwardly before returning to collect sticks.

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  11. "Okay nice to meet you Nick, and no problem with the seatbelt...I couldn't just leave you there ta know?" Daniel said stripping down to just his boxers putting the rest of his clothes on a rock near Nick's clothes. He didn't have a problem being naked around other guys they all had the same stuff going on down there so what was the big deal? He didn't though want to be the only one naked and didn't want to be the first to get naked of the group of males.

    He had a little bit of muscle but not much at all and he was okay with that. He had learned a long time ago to just be comfortable with his body. He knew he could have a better body but he could be much worse and he was okay with that.

    Once Nick had introduced himself to Grayson and the male introduced himself to him he said, "nice to meet you Grayson, so do any of you know how to build a fire?" He really wasn't sure how and he hoped one of the others did otherwise they were screwed.
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  12. image.jpg

    Nick Smith
    Nick had a nice body to be honest. Since he was an athelete he had gotten an slim athletic body with some muscles. He was proud of his body because he had worked on it in the gym. As he talked to Grayson he saw him blush which in turn made Nick blush. Nick had to be honest both Grayson and Daniel were well quite attractive. He knew he shouldn't of been Thinking about that at a time like this, but he couldn't help it. His hormones were setting in and they were setting their eyes on these two guys. Nick contiuned to blush and then took a deep breath so he could calm down. Nick turned back to Daniel "well again thank you I owe you one, I really do." Nick contiuned to collect sticks until his arms were completely full. "I heard one of the other guys say they know how to start a fire so we should be okay." Nick looked over to Grayson "hey we should head back, we have enough sticks for a fire to last the night, it's getting dark and we still need to figure out um sleeping arraignments and shelter." Nick blushed again as he looked at shirtless Grayson.

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  13. "Yeah no problem man, you don't owe me anything," Daniel said with a friendly smile at the slightly younger male. Once his arms were full he followed the other boys back to the camp. He had never been sure of his sexuality and although he had always leaned more towards girls for the sake of not being a freak is society's eyes. This island wasn't the society he had once known...and there was a good chance they would be on this island for a long time.

    Maybe it was a very good thing he had saved Nick on the plane. The male had an amazing body but he also wondered how old the male really was. He was clearly younger but looks could be deceiving and he wasn't going to date someone that was more than two years younger than him. It just wouldn't feel right. Maybe he would just make an excuse to go on a walk with Nick and ask him. He was getting ahead of himself though he for one wasn't even sure if he was into guys and two wasn't sure if Nick was either...

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  14. [​IMG]

    Grayson Grier

    Grayson was continuing to pick up sticks as he filled his arms up completely, he turned around and was about to speak when Nick spoke up. Grayson agreed that they should head back and turned around walking back with them. When Nick brought up sleeping arrangements, Grayson thought about it.
    "I mean we'll all want to be around the fire to be honest, so it could get cramped." Grayson said as he saw the water through the spaces between tress.
    "We're getting close!" He said as he smiled, finding his shirt and shoes and socks though he picked them up and awkwardly walked towards the beach, all that was on his mind was Nick blushing when he blushed and he just didn't even know anymore. Finally he stepped onto sand as he dropped the sticks and put his clothes on the same rock as Nick and Daniel.


    Sawyer Dallas

    Sawyer had found a good clearing not far into the woods, it had protection from the wind and there was a large rock in the ground. They could expand off of it to build a canopy to keep the rain off of them in the future. Sawyer was bringing large pieces of wood to the place as his muscles were straining. He made a small platform, able to fit the boys if they squeezed together. Sawyer was looking at it, although it might be a little uncomfortable they wouldn't be sleeping in mud. Sawyer started looking around for vines to use as rope, and other things around. He had made a good pile of large branches, twigs, and vines.
    Sawyer walked back to were the boys started and yelled out to everyone.
    "Follow me for the best place to seek shelter" His voice rang through the air.
    Finally he started to walk to where he found so he could start a fire and maybe start building something to have the boys sleep on.​
  15. image.jpg

    Nick Smith
    Nick was still thinking about the blush that Grayson held on his checks. Nick smiked about it but then tried to focus back at the task at hand. "Well we will just have to make do with whatever sleeping arraignments we can get." They made it out of the jungle and back on to the tropical beach. Nick set down his wood and looked at the group of boys. That's when he heard one of the guys say to follow him for shelter. Nick picked up his firewood and followed the boy. He would leave his clothes on the rock for now to continue to dry and would come back for them later. When they got to the area where they would stay Nick noticed that it was a pretty good area. It want far from the beach and it was in a good place so they wouldn't get hit by the wind. Nick set down his wood and waited to see what he could do next.
  16. Daniel followed Nick and Grayson back to the beach and then walked side by side with Nick on the way to where they were goi g to make a shelter. "Um what if we like made some kind of teepee like the Native Americans did with a hole in the top for the smoke from the fire," he said looking around suddenly embarrassed in case it wasn't a good idea.

    He had read a few history books about the Native Americans and their housing and culture and stuff. It had always intrigued him how they lived off the land and had rituals and rights of passages and stuff. He had never wanted to live like them but now it looked like they would be. He wondered if they would have rituals and rights of passages like the Native Americans had, it could be fun.
  17. [​IMG]

    Grayson Grier

    Grayson listened to the boy as they walked over to the site they found. He looked around and decided he would be okay with living here, so he started setting up a small tipee fire. It was a cone, as he stuffed it up with kindling and sat there looking at the sticks before running to a nearby tree. He wasn't talking to anyone as he pulled off the bark and sat there putting all his weight down before the bark snapped off. Then he walked back and found dry leaves putting them on the bark he twisted a twig furiously until he saw sparks. He kept going and going until the leaves were catching fire. Quickly he moved the bark to the underside of the tipee and watched as it caught fire slowly.

    Smiling Grayson looked around, and said "And then there was light!" Laughing he looked around impressed with his own feat.​
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  18. Nick Smith
    Nick watched as Grayson started to work on the fire. Nick was going to offer to help him, but decided he shouldn't and would have probably just gotten in the way. After a few minutes Grayson had started a fire. Nick smiled as he walked near the fire to try and warm up a little bit. "Nice job Grayson." Nick continued to smile at him. He then thought about what he should do next, but wasn't really sure what he should do. Nick shyly spoke up "um does anyone need me to do anything?" Nick felt bad for even asking the question, there obviously was a lot of stuff for them to do, but right now he couldn't think of anything. Nick stood there continuing to get warm by the fire as he was still just in his tight boxer briefs because he clothes were still drying on the rock.
  19. Daniel heard Nick ask if anyone needed help and he decided to start on the shelter. Walking up to him he said, "Nick do you have any ideas on how to build the shelter?" He really wasn't sure if his idea was a good one and would be open to someone else telling him what to do. Plus he wanted to get to know Nick a little better and building themselves a home would be the perfect chance. He couldn't help but glance at the male in only his boxers. He hoped the other male hadn't seen him because that would be extremely embarrassing for him and if Nick wasn't interested it would make things awkward before things had even started. Who knew if anything would happen between the two males even if Nick was interested in males, there were plenty of other males on the island who had much better bodies than him so why would Nick go after him?
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    Nick Smith
    Nick continued to stand near the fire as he contiuned tovtry and warm his body up. He was thinking about a million differnt things right now, like the fact that they may never be found. Nick had a great life back at home, but now he was stuck on this island with the rest of the boys. Nick turned when he heard Daniel speak to him. Nick listened to his question and thought about it for a minute. . "Um to be honest I have no idea. I've never had to think about something like this ever before, I have no idea how to do like any of this. I mean um as long as we have a roof that gets us out rain we should be okay right?" Nick looked back at Daniel and knew that onivously wasn't the answer that Daniel was looking for but it was he best he could give right now. "I'm sorry I know you were looking for a better answer then that, but i really have no idea. I'm sorry I couldn't really help."