Lord of the Flies

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  1. What happens when boys survive on their own?


    Lord of the Flies

    There was a plane crash, and only young boys ranging from the age of twelve to eighteen survived along with the pilot. Together they must all survive on the island together, what will happen? Will there be rules, will they even survive a week?



    | All Iwaku Rules Apply |
    | No Godmodding |
    | Don't kill others, without permission |
    | Keep Fighting in IC not in OOC |
    | GM has final word |
    | Respect others |​

    Will fill in as cast comes in.​


    Grayson Grier

    Seventeen | Male | Homosexual

    Grayson is a happy guy, with friends. Although he may come off as rude to others he just tries to distance himself from people. Grayson has a hard past and doesn't want others to be let in to see his emotions. He also likes to do things on his own and just get them down hating to answer to questions. Although Grayson is very nice to younger kids always wanting to make sure they're okay and can talk to him. He will become very shy and unable to talk whenever he crushes on someone as well.

    Grayson was a star swimmer when he was younger and always swam for fun. When he got older he was the captain of the team but soon found feelings for a boy on the team. It was strange to him as he confided he was kicked off the team by the coach, not wanting him to look at the boys on the team. Grayson continue through life though finding another swim team and he found friends who supported him. Grayson got good grades though, and was deemed smart by many people, although at home his father didn't like him. Grayson was abused and was shy in school because of it, scared he was going to get hit. Grayson was always looking on the good side of people though, he didn't know their story and wanted to treat everyone nicely.

    Grayson in his survival mode is rational, he will constantly think things through and make sure they don't have many repercussions. He also wants to make sure the younger kids are taken care of before him, he would give up his meal for a hungrier younger kid. Grayson has some survival capabilities when it comes to make fires, and gathering plants, and building shelters. He has the strength to take care of the heavy labor too as he worked out for the swim team. He will make sure everyone else is okay before him.

    Serious | Kind | Helpful

    Harsh | Loner | Shy



    Sawyer Dallas

    Seventeen | Male | Straight

    Sawyer was born in Pompeii, Italy. He grew up in a world of friends coming and going and having to learn two languages to keep up with the tourists. His Mom and Dad were street vendors who set up a tourist shop outside the fanciest hotel in town. They made a lot of money selling cheap objects to stupid tourists and Sawyer played with tourist's kids when they were browsing the items. When Sawyer was old enough to go to school he found making friends was easy and was seen as "popular" later on.

    Sawyer was a brilliant kid in school, always acing the classes and excelling in English class. Being bilingual was helpful for Sawyer as he got a job at the train station which had tourists coming and going. It wasn't till he wanted to go see the world that he finally got onto the plane that ended up crashing. Sawyer knows how to survive a little bit from watching shows, but doesn't know anything too in depth.

    Kind | Team Player | Open-Minded

    Loud | Rambles | Rude
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  2. Liam Kershaw
    "Ordinary people seem to not like me. They tend to think that I’m a little weird."

    male / 16 / homosexual
    fashion : Liam designs and makes his own clothes.
    music : When people say they listen to many different kinds of music, they have nothing on him.
    kaleidoscopes : He keeps one on him at all times.
    allocentric | | charming | | earnest | | free thinking | | superstitious | | untidy

    He's what you'd call a weirdo. His interests are far and wide and he doesn't bother hiding them which throws people off. Liam doesn't have any grand ideas of changing society or anything like that but he doesn't adhere to the norms either. He lives freely, wearing what he likes, listens to what he finds interesting, and just generally doesn't care about what others think of him. This is not to say he doesn't care about others, rather he's the type to put others before himself, he just doesn't mind being thought of as different. He embraces his uniquity and encourages others to do the same. Liam believes in many strange things like old wives tales and has developed many of his own good luck charms and rituals to "banish" certain superstitious acts from occurring. Those are one of his only traits that hold any iota of organization or routine. He is generally chaotic and messy. He relies on impulse and rarely keeps to a schedule or takes time to clean.

    Born : 4/13/99 ⋅ ⋅ Bloodtype A ⋅ ⋅ New York, USA
    Growing up on the outskirts of New York City, Liam had what he liked to describe as the best of both worlds. He received the more open minded style of thinking while still being able to benefit from small community living. His family was a large one and money was slow to come in, but Liam made the most of it. Instead of being upset over hand me downs, he mixed them together and created stylish clothes. Every meal was a new challenge to tackle as he created food combinations no one would have thought of before. He was creative in every sense of the word and enjoyed the world with ever flowing passion.

    allies : to be discovered
    enemies : to be discovered

    current aim : to stay alive...

    "So be free, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t have a single care
    So be free, just think that it’s just us
    Now now everybody dance!"
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Xander Erikson
    Age: 13
    Sexuality: unsure
    Strengths: smart and innovative, he is also a great climber, he is kind and compassionate and is always there for his friends and loyal to the end, but mess with his friends and you've made an mortal enemy.
    Weaknesses: not very physically strong, his rage sometimes blinds him and causes him to do stupid things as acts of revenge.
    Personality/background: Xander is overall a nice guy who just wants to fit in like any other thirteen year old. He is very loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them, even things that are probably not a good idea. Xander is the oldest of five children and is used to having to help take care of his little siblings causing him to be protective of the people he cares about and also being very mature for his age. He does on occasion become very immature and act like a normal thirteen year old at times. He was raised with traditional conservative beliefs but was also taught not to judge and does his best to accept everyone for who they are.

    Allies: none ATM
    Enemies: none ATM

    Other: has a cross he never takes off.


    Name: Daniel
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: unsure at the moment
    Strengths: good mediator, creative, semi-physically strong
    Weaknesses: not always the smartest, clumsy, not always empathetic
    Personality/Background: Daniel is an only child who lived with his mother and father. The two constantly fight which leaves him to try and be the mediator and keep them together. He is pretty good at mediating them and is the only reason they are still together, he likes to draw and paint as a way to escape his problems and it helps for the most part. He sometimes has trouble relating to others and can often not see the other person's point of view despite him being a good mediator for other people.

    Allies: none ATM
    Enemies: none ATM

    (Yes I know I suck at CS's but I promise I'm usually a better roleplayer haha)
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  4. image.jpg

    Name: Nick Smith
    Age: 15 turning 16 soon.
    sexuality: Bi-curious leaning towards homosexuality
    Bio: Nick is a natural born athlete. Ever since he was a little kid has been very athletic. Along with that has always been very strong and very fast. Nick is also very funny, nice and kind. He is nice to pretty much everyone unless you get on his bad side. Nick is also very protective of his friends. Which sometimes gets him into trouble as he tries to protect his friends to much sometimes putting himself in harms way. Nick is a pretty outgoing person, but can be shy around people he doesn't know or people he is crushing on.

    Past: back at home Nick was the star of the baseball team. As a 15 year old he already had a lot of colleges trying to get him to go to their school to play baseball. When Nick was 14 he started to have feelings for some of the other boys on the team which scared him. He was an athletic popular kid at school. He felt like all of that would be ruined if he was gay. He tried to just move on and not think about it, but as he got older his feelings became stronger.
    Strengths: physically strong and fast. Charismatic.
    Weakness: tries to do to much, sometimes to over protective.

    Allies: none
    Enemies: none
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  5. [​IMG]
    Seamus Mackay
    "Dancing is my serenity. I live by and for the art."



    He enjoys autumn the most out of the seasons.

    Saemus is relaxed by the sound of wind-chimes.

    Reading about history, especially what isn't normally taught in school.

    Ambitious | Intuitive | Passionate | Reliable

    Shay isn't exactly a social butterfly but he can adapt to just about any situation he's thrown into. He is charismatic and skilled at reading people which makes for great mediation skills. His ability to soothe ruffled feathers and his determination to succeed gives him a big brother kind of feeling. He's responsible, thinking before acting instead of bursting into action. Shay is slightly selfish in that he wishes more than anything to be a prolific dancer before anything else.

    Born: 6/14/96 | Blood Type AB | Glasgow, Scotland

    Seamus has been practicing contemporary dance since he was six years of age. Instead of treating it like the hobby or extracirricular activity it was supposed to have been, he ended up falling in love with the art and making it his dream career. When he was sixteen he went abroad to New York to study at a much higher level than anything Scotland had to offer.

    • Physically strong. His body is toned from dancing.
    • Leadership skills, he's good at taking charge and making decisions.

    • Isn't mathematically inclined and lacks in strategic ability.
    • Easily taken advantage of, give him a sob story and he'll fall quickly.

    Allies : to be discovered
    Enemies : to be discovered

    Current Goal : Survival

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    Alastor Alf Heron
    Elf or Al.
    Grade level:
    Junior ; 11th grade.
    October 26th.



    Due to his father's influence and overbearing attitude, Alastor has constantly been preoccupied by the thought of being better than his older brother, Eton. Sadly, this eventually led to the young brunet to constantly put himself in a difficult place. One where he would do little besides overworking himself by taking on various tasks. This isn't something that he shows to others, due to his own desires to keep it private. With that mind, he's currently helping other fellow students by mentoring them. After all, he would hate for another child to be influenced by the desire to surpass someone else's expectations. // WIP.

    Reading, daydreaming, planning things, word puzzles, and running.

    Alastor's body can be described as lean and there's a faint trace of muscles to be found, if his body is being observed. His face is chiseled though his cheeks still give off a small roundness to it. There's a few blemishes on his face along with some freckles scarcely scattered along his shoulders and upper back. He has a pale and a bit ruddy complexion, due to how fast he happens to tan. His eyes are described as round and are quite expressive despite the haunted look that often appears in them. His lips are often pursed in a dimpled smile a majority of the time.

    Alastor's body has quite a few scars scattered across his body, or to be more precise on his upper back and torso. A majority of these were from various fights he had been involved in previously. Alastor's hair is a reddish brown hue though it looks far more darker with little lighting. His hair can often be described as wispy and unruly, due to his habit of running his fingers through his hair when he's stressed. Despite that habit, he does make a bit of an effort to make sure he looks presentable at least when he's interacting with other individuals.

    Alastor can be described as an honest soul though his temper resembles a storm- calm before the fury begins to kick in. However this is where some problems occurs considering his good nature. If his loved one were to do something questionable, Alastor would ultimately refuse to leave their side or he'll find himself taking the fall for their actions. Unfortunately for him, his loyalty can be a terrible thing at times. The brunet is the type to remain immensely loyal to someone, to the extent of ignoring their wrongdoings. He'll often turn a blind eye and act as if he can't the obvious faults in those he trusts.

    Nonetheless, Alastor can also come across as rash and proud at times, especially when it comes to fighting and protecting some by his own power. The man doesn't enjoy relaying on someone else's power to help himself or others. He prefers doing things out of his own will power and strength. However, he will recognize his own weaknesses and ask for help if it's desperately needed. Of course, Alastor might end up beating himself up if he has to relay on others' help. After all, his immense desire to surpass the expectations placed on him is what strives him to achieve his goals. If he does become stressed the workload, he's inclined to take his time and simply do things at his own pace.

    In regards to intimacy, Alastor can be quite eager to give and receive affection. One might say, he's practically shameless when it comes to affection. He sees nothing wrong in expressing his emotions though he'll refuse to act on any impulses in public, preferring to do it discreetly in those cases.

    Despite his honest personality, his temper can easily be provoked by being pestered constantly or being woken up early. However, he'll often try to reel it back if he's around someone who he cares for. Otherwise, Alastor can be a sarcastic bundle of irritation at the given moment. Also, he isn't the most wisest when he's angered though he does make an attempt to shut himself up before he could shout things he doesn't feel.

    Running, swimming and tracking.

    Prone to migraines, quick to take for the blame for those he cares for, and taking on several tasks.



    Voice sample:

    Theme song:
    Circles by Eden Project
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    Kallias Gunter Heron
    Grade level:
    6th grade
    December 21st



    Unlike his older brother, Alastor, Kallias had managed to rid himself of any expectations his father had already laid out for him. It was due to his mother's insistence that the brunet was free to do the things he wanted. To be specific, Kallias wasn't the preferred child of his father though his mother and brothers made it obvious that they cared for him. Try as he might, it does bother him that his father doesn't pay him much attention unless he manages to accomplish something worth bragging about.

    Singing, daydreaming, swimming and building things.

    Contrary to older brother's appearance, Kallias's body is fairly small- almost making him come across as smaller than he looks.

    || + POSITIVE ||
    Kallias has a tendency to look on the
    bright side of things, more so than the negative. However, he will acknowledge the negative aspect of things as well.

    || + GENTLE ||
    The twelve year old is careful about how he words things, deciding to take on a more gentle approach to it. Unlike his older brother, he believes it's better to be gentle and tip toe around certain subjects.

    Occasionally, Kallias can come across as moody and slightly irritable. During this moments, he's inclined to be a bit more loose and open with his thoughts. Not that he wasn't beforehand. This also happens to be a time where he'll often compare himself to others, while belittling himself in the process.

    || - FORGIVING - LOYAL ||
    Contrary to popular belief, Kallias is a fan of giving people second chances even if the circumstances may seem questionable. This might explain why he'll often let himself get hurt by others, especially by loved ones.

    || - VULNERABLE ||
    There are various moments where Kallias can come across as naive to others. This happens when someone upsets him resulting in a frustrated youth who will usually end up in tears along with a screaming fit.

    Observational skills, fast reflexes, and verbal fighting.

    Hunting, physical strength, and fighting.



    Voice sample:

    Theme song:
    Lovers & Liars- They Lied
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  9. Cain Anderson

    male 25 bisexual

    "It's everyone's dream to fly. Me, it's my job."

    ¹ Freedom, open paths, choose your own endings, anything without boundaries.

    ² Photography and filmography are extremely interesting to Cain.
    ³ Activity books, anything that allows him to interact.

    adrenaline junkie colorful energetic generous optimistic uninhibited

    He lives on the edge. Cain sees the world as one challenge after another. Life to him is an open trail to be traveled and marveled at. He greets each day with a new kind of energy, ready to push his limits. His vivaciousness has earned him many a scalding look but he ignores any hate he receives, taking pleasure in surprising the odd bigot with something like a blown kiss. This of course has landed him in trouble with some uptight people but more often than not he accomplishes his goal of shutting bigots up. Cain is not intentionally fatalistic, rather he doesn't see the line that he's not supposed to cross. He does a lot of dangerous stuff just to feel the thrill and ride the high after succeeding in an impossible task.

    born : 5/15/92 Blood Type O San Francisco, California

    Raised in an area that was more accepting than others, where the flower power mentality still existed, Cain learned a lot about tolerance early on. His parents along with the community they lived in, believed in open soul, open mind and open body. This meant quite a bit of meditation and other hippie stuff but it was good. Cain had a loving and happy childhood. School and other public places where caring adult eyes couldn't reach were where he met his greatest challenges. Bullies scorned him for his vegetarian lunches, flower crowns, and strange personality. Cain wasn't one to give up though and he resisted his tormentors every step of the way. He wasn't built for it and often went home bruised and aching, but satisfied with the knowledge he didn't just lie back and take it. Once he reached high school, he was working out consistently and didn't have twig like arms or a barbie waist. He had actual muscles which, when he wore revealing clothes, warned bullies to not mess with him. Cain decided some time around when he was sixteen that he wanted to be a pilot. Not for the military or some big airlines, but for private planes and shows. He wanted to test the limits of the sky. And that he did.

    ¹ courage : he won't be stopped by fear or opposition
    ² tenure and body : Cain has age, experience, and is physically fit

    ¹ kindness : his generosity could lead to his downfall

    ² thrill seeking : his courage could lead him to shooting himself in the foot

    allies : to be discovered
    enemies : to be discovered

    current goal : making it out alive

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  17. Nahm "Tae" Taeyang

    Male || 15 || Bicurious || Student

    weird sodas
    american culture

    cold temps

    free-thinking / imaginative / shy

    he's the type to have a lot of opinions and good ideas but never speak up because he's afraid of being scorned. slow to open up but once befriended he is extremely loyal and good company.

    born : 2/24/99 .. Blood Type A .. Busan, South Korea

    he was orphaned in South Korea at the age of four and spent three years in the system before being adopted by a family in North Carolina.

    WIP : Will add more later
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  18. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Kim "Leoh" Ji-hae
    18 | Male | Pansexual
    6'2" | 156lbs | Seoul, South Korea

    APPEARANCE: Thin as bamboo, blessed with the qualities of a weed; Leoh sprouted from the depths of the dirt at a very young age and has been growing ever since. Standing at six feet and a pocketful of inches, the light haired male was one of the lucky few to have been dealt the height card. While he does tower over most of his peers, his chiseled frame was sculpted from the harsh realities of the world he was brought into, littered with scars and bruises from the tips of his toes to his the blades of his shoulders. He was built for running long distances for long periods, and while his skinniness often throws his peers off, he's quite fit for upper arm strength as well. Hair, dyed an unnatural ghostly blonde and cut roughly by a pair of blunt scissors, it's thin and wispy, with rugged edges in which you can tell firsthand that the male doesn't care much about his appearance. His eyes? A deep brown, nearly black. Not the kind of peepers you would love to stare into on a hot summer night. It isn't that they're not captivating in their own way, but they're dark. Dark in a gloomy way. Dead, empty. A silver cup that's been dumped out.

    PERSONALITY: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, while Leoh's beliefs may be strictly black-and-white he is capable of bending and shifting his viewpoints when the time arises. Though it takes much to achieve such a feat, admitting that he has made a mistake is like pulling teeth; he won't go down until he's pinned to the ground with claws out and teeth gnashing. Leoh is the full embodiment of tints and shades. While a very deep and intense person with more than meets the eye, at the same time he presents a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world. Underneath that cracked porcelain is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong-will trailed by a persistent drive. Like is a box of surprises; mostly unpleasant, few can attest to weathering his weighty personality or tolerate his unintentional rudeness for more than a few minutes. Others have learned that this is simply the way he operates and don't bother with the effort.

    Motherless, and fatherless, children sometimes grow up too quick for their hopeful, bright-eyed dreams to keep up. Leoh is no exception. All of the little lessons he learned as a scraggly boy feel alien; inconsequential, unimportant. He remembers them clearly enough and knows how to replicate them for convenience sake, though like a tree in a tiny cupboard, his branches have grown in strange directions. He prefers to exist on his own, even when plagued with loneliness. A shadow that echoes his steps; warm and uncomfortable, stretching claws across his shoulders. He's fading away; almost gone, a blip in the massive sky of twinkling gases. He's on the brink of screaming because he wants, no, needs someone to understand what he's going through. Someone to support him, someone to run with, to accept him; but no one is willing to sit through his wave of curses and pushes of denial to be able to meet the core. He's a victim, and always has been a victim.

    "There can be no happiness in a world that throws it's undesirables away."

    HISTORY: Unsatisfying childhood? Probably. Forced education in crime and lawbreaking? Most definitely. Leoh was inducted into his families trade the very day he was born, directly centered in the middle of it all in Seoul, South Korea. There's no escaping your family when they're just a few inches under your skin, whispering feverishly in your ear that what you're doing is the right thing and will always be the right damn thing. This was his childhood. He breathed violence through his nose, expelled confusing animosity through his mouth. Why would he batter an entire family for money? He wasn't exactly sure, but he knew they were always right. Mainly composed of a loose group of criminals, they slowly began organizing themselves into associations that over time became more fitted. The family began to spread their wings, extending their bloody paws across the city. Fearless, careless, brutal; he had seen it all. Racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, fraud, hijacking, murders, merciless beatings, pier thefts, and fencing. He lived for the family, and that was that. Any doubts were soon extinguished, stubbed by loyal heels and conversations that started with: "Listen, kid, here's only one law in business; murderers come with a smile, watch your back and do it for the family."

    Every new tide, every new wave, Leoh allowed himself to stick with it. It flowed through him and settled on him like a thin layer of dust. Violence perched on his shoulders, digging it's talons into his skin and for once in his life, he didn't bother shaking it off. Hurting people became a feeling he couldn't explain, even now. Human life came secondary, and was treated less than cattle. This enigma is one that took him over and shut him down circuit-by-circuit. Emptiness, denial, rejection. Dive into the thralls of it, however, he realized it's just too much, too much feeling. Too heavy, too local, too personal. Life became a constant soap opera and he was just watching it from the sidelines, allowing things to happen without interfering. All the little things and feelings from the movie he was now watching in his head made it so he couldn't distinct one thing from another. It all ran together into a kaleidoscope-blur of colors, scarring him, changing him. Someone had to pay, someone always had to pay. It was creation, it was legacy, it was their dynasty. It was what it was and it still stung behind closed doors.

    How he managed, even he doesn't know, but he escaped his family - made them believe he'd died in a gutter somewhere. Murdered in the streets, kidnapped for pay, who knows. He ran as far away as he could without telling anyone, left for the states without a word, leaving behind the family he considered his life. New name, new face, new life. They would drag him back kicking and screaming, they wouldn't understand his need to escape. He was finally alone, finally free.

    HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Late nights, rain, sleeping, singing, spicy foods, drawing, running, sports, fighting, smoking, action and horror films

    TRAITS(5): Daring / Honest / Confident / Spirited / Determined
    FLAWS(5): Hot-Headed / Reckless / Harsh / Detached / Resentful

    • Very fit for his age, well-toned, high stamina.
    • Has excellent memory, remembers names, faces as well as locations fairly easily off the top of his head.
    • Knows how to lie unbelievably well, and his indifference goes hand-in-hand with this.
    • Fluent in Korean, and knows a little Mandarin here and there.
    • Used to harsh conditions and getting little to-no sleep, but can sleep just about anywhere.
    • While he does have a big mouth, he has excellent hearing.
    • Tough as nails, most of the time he doesn't even realize he's injured.
    • Doesn't know how to control his emotions, gets angry very easily.
    • Reckless, even to the point he's putting his life on the line without realizing.
    • Isn't fond of tight spaces or physical contact.
    • Has a very difficult time trusting anyone, even himself.
    • His eyesight isn't necessarily the best, and he refuses to wear glasses.
    • Very picky eater, if he doesn't like it he would rather go without.
    • His way is the right way or he does it by himself.

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  19. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Choi "June" Yu-wol
    15 | Male | Demisexual
    5'1" | 112lbs | Chicago, Illinois

    APPEARANCE: Whoever his parents were, they lent him an acceptable assortment of genes. Distinctive cheekbones, non-cluttered lips, symmetrical features, a round jawline and a pointed chin. It almost seemed as if he were stuck somewhere between man and boy, fretfully so. June is short and incredibly thin, with long limbs and tiny hands and feet. His hair is a fruffy frumply mess of mucky curls. Chocolate mouse with caramel swirls and naturally thick and wavy. The kind of hair that drowns you if it's too long, so he keeps it efficiently snipped short. Wouldn't want to smash into any poles or sign-posts while he's out running around. It's surprisingly soft, and smells of lavender soap you might steal from hotels. His eyes are a gentle hazel, not dark nor too light, but if the light hits them just in the right spot you'll pick out the specks of chocolate and moss.

    PERSONALITY: If there's something June can do best, it's keeping secrets. He prefers keeping things to himself instead of sharing his thoughts, his accumulated information of interest, or anything else he believes can further his own cause. June can be a little careless with trivial matters but if something matters to him intensely, passionately then he'll give an arm or leg in dedication to it. Likewise he can seem apathetic about things that do not concern him, but he is highly passionate about things that do. He's a squawking sea-hawk diving headlong into the ocean without any calculated thoughts prior to the reckless action, without glancing around to see if there's any seals waiting to gobble him up. He’s a caretaker, foremost, and a listener and a kind shelter from whirlwinds and storms with a flair for expressing himself in shameless ways. He’s a bleeding heart with a set of wobbling legs. There’s always room for one more: one more beggar, one more criminal begging for repentance, one more mistake. There’s always room for forgiveness. He's the kind of person who takes in stray cats because they remind him of himself, or something like that, anyway. Maybe he just can't stand that melancholic mewing, or the fact that everyone's been passing it by when it's fur is sodden and it's little tummy is rumbling to the point no one seems to give a fuck about it. June cares, he cares too much. In his heart is one mostly to find good intentions. Some attribute this purity to how childish he can be. Indeed, you wouldn't be too far from the mark considering this kid being pretty adventurous and passionate. He enjoys joking around, never missing a chance to try and lighten the mood. He has a certain mindset that everything has a fun and bright side to it if you know how to bring it out, as long as you're not taking your family into consideration.

    "I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it."

    HISTORY: How his parents met he never knew. His father is never one to tell the truth, at least, not all of it and is much too fond of half-truths for June to ever get the real story out of him. Small, nonchalant fibs to keep a blubbering child quiet. Most importantly, he doesn't even remember his mother. The one person who is supposed to be the most prevalent in his life. Orphans have always said they remembered their mothers smell: daffodils, daisies, dandelions. Beautiful flowers that had no names. They didn't need any names because they reminded him of her, but he smelled nothing. Only an empty need to fabricate something, anything for the sake of remembering something. He tried to imagine that she was alive, whole and real, and with her right now, but it was impossible without those small sensory secrets to make himself believe, even just for a second. It would've been enough. He never saw his mother's soft hair and never understood the likeness between her and her father, not without her cooing words, not without her guidance to trace the contours of their adjacent noses. June always felt like nobodies child. In all technicalities, he was born to a ghostly, nonexistent woman and a pompous nobleman who couldn't even recall his name - simple syllables that would've meant the world to him. There hadn't been any other children to play with: no brothers, no sisters. Only a disconcerting youngster with bright eyes, boundlessly curious, and sharp features. How many words were spoken directly to him by his father? Perhaps:"Elbows, June. Only speak when you're spoken to, boy. Where's your nanny? I told her a thousand times." Mostly, it was as if those words were directed at the walls. Like he couldn't bear looking him straight in the face. If he said he didn't live a privileged life, then June would've been lying.

    Soon enough, June began wandering away from the sticky, uncomfortable confines of the Choi home. The further he went, the better he felt. He became something of a rascal. He bombed around and made a nuisance of himself, pestering the patrons for stories of adventure and treasure. Some became fond of his eager naivety and spoiled him rotten, teaching him a few tricks of the trade to keep him happy, while others either ignored him or sent him scurrying into the kitchen with a yell. Being so small, so significantly unnoticed, he often was lost in his own world. He was only truly useful to himself. Every night, as he retired to bed, he whispered into his pillow the secrets he learned during the day of adventuring. It was one of many games that kept him busy, kept him from wondering why his father couldn't bear the sight of him. This continued on and on each day until his father was killed by a car accident, and he was given to the hands of his nanny. Finally free.

    HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Sweet foods, animals, insects, fall weather, swimming, sleeping, reading, writing, painting, singing, tall people

    TRAITS(5): Gentle / Loving / Adventurous / Care-Free / Intelligent
    FLAWS(5): Gullible / Sensitive / Emotional / Innocent / Naive

    • While he may be small, half of his body is made up of his long legs. He can run for miles.
    • Book smart, knows a lot of random knowledge from picking up books at a young age.
    • Level-headed, is the person you definitely want to listen to in dire situations.
    • Small and skinny, can fit in tight spaces incredibly well.
    • Very loving, isn't afraid to give those affection when they need it.
    • Patient and has great attention to detail.
    • Great eyesight, has no need for glasses.
    • A huge pushover, he likes to make those around him happy no matter what.
    • While he is book smart, he is pretty naive in other matters.
    • Tends to get lost in his own world a lot of the time.
    • Small and incredibly frail, the person who typically always gets injured.
    • He can sleep through just about everything.
    • Absolutely hates confrontation, to the point he'll seclude himself.
    • Very sensitive, tends to cry over spilled milk.

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