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  1. Not really! Just thought the thread title would stick out a bit!

    You can call me M, LordM, or whatever you want really. I'm a long-time roleplayer who dropped off the face of the role playing scene for quite a while... however recently I've been finding I have more and more freetime on my hands and I would LOVE to get back into roleplaying. So I decided a completely new forum would be really good for me, and from what I can tell this is a pretty good community full of decent people.

    I'm a Game Design student at my current college and I'm off for the summer and will remain active when college starts back up. I really like, and I think I'm pretty good at, playing antagonists and developing interesting stories. I've participated in well over a dozen completed RP's, some I started others I joined. I am a big fan of Fantasy, High Fantasy, Pokemon, Star Wars, Action, and Slice-of-Life RP's. I also have a soft spot for Murder Mystery RP's.

    I'm really friendly and easy to talk to, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to talk with me, your messages don't go on deaf ears!

    Anyway, I guess I'm new here (wow haven't said that in a while). I can't wait to become an active member of this forum! Also if anyone has any suggestions for RP's to join PLEASE feel free to tell me! I don't know what's the "happenings" on this forum in particular so pointing out some good/consistent Role Players or Open RP's would be highly appreciated.
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  2. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku and back to roleplaying :D

    If you need anything let me know Mister M!!
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  3. *Curtsie!* Greetings Lord M! O_O Welcome to the community!
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  4. Welcome!

    Also, I volunteer for RP! >:D
  5. Welcome, welcome. I don't really welcome people allot, but when I saw Murder Mystery RP's you had my attention, Monsieur M.
  6. Thanks a bunch! If I have any problems or questions I'll be sure to ask!

    *steeples fingers together* Greetings, thank you for the kind greeting

    Sweet I'll message you!

    Thanks! I feel honored! But yeah I have a history with Murder Mystery RP's, some of them more Murder than Mystery, others more Mystery than murder. Hell I've even done an Apocolyptic Mystery RP where the whole point was to discover what happened to this city and how it happened.
  7. *rolls out red carpet* Welcome to Iwaku, your grace.
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  8. *looks down at the carpet, wings flutter a bit before I walk on it* Thank you, how quaint to know that people respect otherworldly beings here.
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  9. Talk dirty to me
    *cough cough* Ahum.
    Awesome! Mystery goes along with everything and is great for plot-twists. I like a bit of psychological twists and depth in my mysteries, but anything goes. Apocalyptic mystery doesn't even sound that weird, interesting even. One of my older roleplays with a friend of mine was a mystery about missing corpses.
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  10. *Jumps up and down waving*

    Hi Hi! ^.^

    Welcome to our humble forum, and yes. Your thread stood out big time~

    Like a sore thumb *giggles*

    Anyways... THINK FAST!

    *throws Kitten and Lordie*

  11. Welcome to Iwaku! Where fantastic people roam around every corner, waiting to throw confetti in your face. The sparkly kind too.


    *Throws confetti* ^_^

    Hope you have fun here!
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  12. eep! *catches kitty and stares at it blankly*

    *looks at kitten*

    *dies from adorable overload*

    Confetti!!! *Jumps around in the confetti until its all on the ground

    *breaks out into song* ~I think I'm gonna like it here~
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    Murder mystery? *ears perk up*

    I've been thinking of starting a game of Mafia somewhere on the forum… would you maybe want to help me with that? o.O
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  14. Gee wilikers heck yes i sure would! *Wings flutter about*

    But seriously, yes! That sounds fun :D PM me about it!
  15. *takes a bow* Welcome and may you have a wonderful time here!
  16. Greetings M, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Enjoy yourself :)
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