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SIDE STORY Loose Ends [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Mighty Roman, Sep 6, 2015.

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  1. This RP is set in The Murder Series Universe, starring @Mighty Roman, @FireDrake150, @The Silver Paladin, and @Thuro The Assassin Potato.

    The Doctor (@Mighty Roman)-A Time Lord from Gallifrey. In his 7th Incarnation, he's not long for this galaxy. Yet he still has loose ends to tie up before his death.
    (For him, this RP takes place after MGVI and 'The Daleks Among Us')
    Hope Estheim (@FireDrake150)-A soldier from Rubrum. Trapped in the Fuse Facility and turned into a L'Cie, The Doctor's former companion, has changed irrevocably.
    (For him, this RP takes place years after MGVI).
    Robin (@The Silver Paladin)-A former member of Team Midas, a group of lost souls who attempted to discover the secrets of the Gilgamesh Facility. Sharp mind, sharper sword.
    (For him, this takes place between MTIII and his alliance with Arc in IG2.5).
    John Crichton (Thuro Pendragon)-Astronaut and space-faring 'hero'. His portals are as unpredictable as he is.
    (For him, this RP takes place whenever John Crichton damn well says it takes place.
    The Doctor paced up and down the TARDIS Console room. He was getting old now, and knew that his time was nearly up. Yet he knew that he had so much to do.
    ‘Um, Doctor….are you feeling okay?’ His companion, Will Arrowsmith, leant towards him, concern lining his young face.
    ‘Perfectly fine, Will.’ Said The Doctor, sighing. ‘I just have a lot to do and not long to do it. Which is why I recruited you-‘
    ‘And Dr Klein.’
    ‘And Dr Klein. And it’s also why I’m in need of more assistance. There are a couple more Loose Ends I need to tie up. Do I have your co-operation?’
    ‘Of course, Doctor.’ Will’s voice was nervous, but his heart was beating at the speed of light. He was unbelievably excited.
    ‘Recording from Will Arrowsmith, PHD. The Day is 12th of October 1991. Well, it was in my time, at least. The Doctor has despatched me to a Medieval-style Kingdom. Rubrum, I believe it’s called. He’s sent me to find a friend of his called Hope Estheim, who apparently assisted him in a ‘Murder Game’. Nasty sounding business, but he’s ensured me that the monster that started it no longer lives. I’m not sure that that comforts me. Akibahara isn’t the only Elder God I’ve encountered, but he’s by far the most volatile.'
    Anyway, I can see one of their bases in the distance. Wish me luck.’
    Will Arrowsmith walked towards the assembled Type-O, pocketing his Dictaphone.
    ‘Hello there, I’m looking for Hope Estheim?’
    Meanwhile, the TARDIS had materialised in front of the young man known as Robin. The white light atop the door shone brightly, beckoning the young warrior in. A voice echoed from inside.
    ‘Robin? I’m here about the Gilgamesh incident. There are some…loose ends concerning your old Employer.’
    Meanwhile, The Doctor himself had found the ship of John Crichton. He knew how volatile the young man could be, so he had to be subtle.
    ‘Hello there! Do you want to see all of time and space and stop some megalomaniacs?’
    (OK, so, let the RP begin. BTW, once you're characters have accepted their invitations, they'll all be on the TARDIS at the same time, so you can all interact.)
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  2. Robin: Lack of Acknowledgment

    Robin had just finished sorting various items for the Shepherds. It had been about six months since Gilgamesh. At the moment, he was sitting in a tree outside of camp reading. He took a bite into an apple, and continued reading. He hummed a small tune that he had learned during his time in Gilgamesh. He still put that behind him, the only thing he kept was the book with all the information on Gilgamesh. He had a meeting with Chrom earlier, and it had seemed life was returning back to normal for Robin Aquilus.

    And then the man with the Blue Box came.

    Robin was startled at first, because industrial sounds made him wary after Gilgamesh. The sound startled him so much that he fell out of the tree he was in. "Ow." He said. He lay on the ground for a moment, and then finally got up. He brushed his robes off, and picked up his Lightning tome, and his book from Gilgamesh. He approached the TARDIS cautiously, and opened the door.

    "Uh, hello? You said you had some information on a former employer? I've only really had two, and I'm currently working for the second one, so unless you mean Plegia, I don't know what you're talking about." He brushed his robes off again, and tucked the books under his arm. "Oh, wait, are you talking about Midas from Gilgamesh?" The tactician thought all of that was behind him, and that Midas was long gone. He hadn't thought of him since, but no matter, he would help tie up these loose ends.
  3. (assuming the corrections are coming...)
    Hope Estheim hears his name getting called, and turns. "Yes, I'm Hope Esthiem." He smiles softly, his clothing, including his gloves, completely concealing the arm he lost in the conflict with the Fuse. "What bring's you to Palum Polum?"

    Hope smiles, seeming almost like a college student, and definitely more mature than the kid that had been in the murder game, having completely forgotten about the game as well, not thinking back to it even once.

    (assuming left as is.)Class-Zero looks at the newcomer and raises their weapons, before Ace steps forewards. "I'm sorry, but no one here goes by that name, nor anyone I have met in Rubrum."

    (ah, the hell with it. Izana shall be included too.)

    A Certain, Sapphire, fire-breathing reptile lay curled up in a really dilapidated shelter, huddled in next to a fire that is starting to catch the shelter itself on fire, and sleeps weakly, having nightmares, and is terribly cold.
  4. Hope
    'Um....Funny story Actually.' said Will, nervously. 'The Doctor says he need you for something, something very important. He requested you specifically in fact.' The sheer amount of soldiers and weapons there were very intimidating to the young UNIT agent. He put his hands up in a sign of surrender. 'Although he didn't mention whether you'd kill me or not, so hopefully we can get back to the TARDIS without any trouble.....'

    The TARDIS was a gothic cavern of Victorian technology, a place of levers, buttons, and glowing orbs. An older man walks around the console, seemingly unconcerned that the place was bigger on the inside. The Doctor, or at least, a hard-light hologram of him.
    'Yes, that's the fellow! Your old friend Dr Midas has been causing quite the bit of trouble. In another universe, that is. I could use a man of your skills in stopping him. Among other tasks. You'll be rewarded in full, of course, in any currency you'll accept. I assume we have a deal?' The Doctor sounded as tired as he did merry, as his fingers danced over the console, expertly operating the Time Machine.
    @The Silver Paladin
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  5. Hope smiles softluy and nods. "Time to pay my dues, I suppose...I'll go along with. Also, Pay no mind to the PsiCOM troops. if you're not a l'Cie, you have nothing to worry about. and believe me, you'd KNOW IT if you were a l'Cie." Hope starts walking in the direction the UNIT troop came from, though not having any idea where the TARDIS actually is.

    (poor small post is poor)
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  6. Will nodded awkwardly. 'C'Mon, this way. How'd you know The Doctor anyway?' Will had the unnerving feeling that The Doctor wasn't telling him something again. And that almost always resulted in someone dying. He trekked back towards the TARDIS nervously, waiting for the Agito Cadet to follow him.

  7. All of a sudden, a strange light plunged into the Tardis, filling the spacious corner, blinding everyone with close proximity of the flash. It shone like lighting upon a clouded sky, slicing through the grim darkness like a knife through butter. A strong wind seas beginning to spin around the blast zone, flinging loose paper around the room. Slowly, the ground began to indent, forming a shallow creator, ready to house the forming blue bubble.
    Something was forming inside the womb of energy, the from of a man. As the blue bubble of lightning grew clearer, so did the figure. By now, everyone in the Tardis was sure of this man's traits; tall, tattooed, strong, scars enculfing his body, he was clearly a fighter, a lone warrior. Hunched over and quivering from the cold, the man tried struggling to his feet, casting his eyes around the room as the lights fades.

    Gathering his bearings, the man began to survey the area. Glancing towards the men before him, he struck his hands out before him, half ready to fight, half in surrender. If these men were human, he could easily apprehend them, but if they were metal, the odds were grim. He glanced to their wrists. The lack of identity bracelets meant they weren't with the Resistance, and jundging by the clothes they were wearing, they weren't survivors either; the only other possibility was them being infiltration units, machines sent back to insure humanities damnation. Unarmed and out classed, the man raised his fists into a fighting stance; even if he didn't stand a chance, he was going to go down fighting or not go down at all.

    He spoke

    "My name is Derek Reese, I fight for the resistance.

    He never should have trusted that metal b*tch. He knew that by going into the past he had changed something, but by no means was his work done. With the the Turk still missing and the three dots mystery unsolved, Judgemnet Day was still possible; it still wasn't over. But he had to know for sure. He had to make sure it wasn't in vain. So he got her to do it. Cameron. The Machine sent back to defend John Connor. The Machine who was convinced she was more "efficient" at he protecting due to her lack of emotion. He respect John, well, future John. Every day John Connor was acting more and more like John Balm and less like the resistance leader he was destined to be.

    That was what worried the Soilder; what is by traveling through time he had made the future worse? Jesse had already told him about his torture; the torture he could never remember; the torture that never happens to him; not the result him; a different him; a him from a different future; was that really the only change he had made come around since leaving? And if you was becoming less like the leader he was destined to be, maybe, when he finally did come into power, he would snap like he was snapping only a few weeks before hand. If he snapped in the future, the consequence would be catastrophic, such as the Resistance sending "reprogrammed" machines back to guard influencial resistance members, just for them to go rouge like they alway do; it's only a matter of time. Derek needed to go to the future and make sure John knew who the enemy was.
    At least that was the plan. Derek had been an idiot; he had put the tiniest bit of faith in a Termiantor. Derek knew that he that neither Skynet nor the Resistance could ready time machines to travel more than a decade into the future, yet he had needed to knew the consequences of his actions more than ever. "Cameron" assured him that he had. At least an 80% chance of survival. It appears she was wrong. He was now face to face with 3 or more machines without even a pistol to hand; all his equipment had been destroyed during the transportation, even his clothes were lost. But none of that mattered now; he was going to leave the world the same way he entered it; kicking, screaming and fighting.

    "You've already lost! John's safe" lied the soldier "I don't matter anymore. You can kill me you metal b*stards, you can kill me. Sarah knows. Very soon Skynet won't have ver existed. It's over"
    He had faith in the Connors. They could shut down Skyent
    They could shut down the machines
    They could manage without him....
    Time would be changing any second now...
    Any second now....
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  8. Robin stared around the room. It was obvious he had never seen anything like it. "Ah- Yes, I'll take it. I thought Midas might have been trouble, but I wasn't quite sure what to think. I take gold. Specifically the Ylissean currency." Robin said. He finished brushing his robes off. "Well, will there be others on this quest?"
  9. Robin & Derek
    'Oh, of course there will be others joining us. Other great heroes of derring-do. Mostly.'
    As Derek teleported into the TARDIS, the Doctor seemed to barely notice his dramatic entrance. He threw the man a coat which hung from the TARDIS coatrack. It was a multicoloured monstrosity, made from patchwork materials and colours.
    'Ah, Mr Reese! You're late. Wear this coat, the wardrobe's first corridor on the left, take what you need.

    And you can check my credentials. I have enough of your gold, Robin to build a small palace from.'

    He smiled warmly, but then again, there was still that aura of mystery about The Doctor, as if he hid all of the worlds' darkest secrets under his hat.
    @Cromartie Sarkissian @The Silver Paladin
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  10. image.jpg
    Derek Reese was a feeling a lot of things back then, hate, fear, anger, dread, but most prominently and dominantly confusion. He glanced down at the multicoloured monstrosity. There was no way such a....unique....item was from his Timezone; nothing is clear in the 2020s; every flower, every pastel, every monument blackened by fallout and soot. Maybe he had changed the future. Maybe, in this version of 2020, everyone wears multicoloured suits. Or maybe it's a trick; maybe the machines are intent on tormenting him priori to his death.... Yes... There must be some sort of drug in the fabric, or perhaps even an electric shock generator in the lining, or maybe a plasma charger in the colour....but why all the colour? The Greys, human traitors to the machines, had taught sky net much about psychology, yet, as much as he hated to admit it, although the men were mad, psychopathic sadists, they were not beings of torment; they taught the Infiltration units how to torture effectively, not flabointly....that left the resistance soldier with two possible answer; either someone else had taught the machines a sense of cruel black humour, a sense of humour so grim it could only by matched by the blackness do their cold metal hearts, or it was a simple gesture of kindness from the humans of the future.

    His suspicions had already been aroused beyond his recognition; he had never been so dumbfounded by something as petty as a coat in all his years. If it was a trap, he would be a dead man wether or not he wore the rag. It had, indeed long since surpassed a Catch 22 situation. He raised the cost over his solders, forcing his arms through the long, rainbow sleeves. He looked foolish. Embarrassment gripped the soldier; the suit was only just ling enough to guard his.... Private Reeses, so to say.

    He wrapped the horrible garment around his body, basking in the rainbow as if it were a cocoon. The words of the man in the hat echoed around the Resistance Fighters head; nobody had ever called him Mr.Reese. He was, of course, a Reese, but my no means was he the best one. He didn't recognise the old man, his face carved into his skull akin to an ingravement on a willow. Maybe he had met Kyle, his younger brother, and his sight had failed him in his age. Perhaps he had met this man while he was in the past; the elderly figure must have been his age back then. Yet, the ma's face had no familiar features.

    Maybe, just maybe, this man knew the version of me from this timeline....

    His suspicious had been laid to rest, at least, in regards to this mans organic status; there was little to no doubt he was human. However, Derek still yearned for answers

    "You've got the wrong guy. I don't think we have met; you may be confusing me with somebody else. Besides, how do you know my name"
    @Mighty Roman
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  11. Robin watched Derek Reese teleport in. "Well, that's one way to make an entrance." He thought. Robin nodded. "I'll take it, then. I just have to be back here in Ylisse soon." Robin put his books on a table. He watched as the Doctor tossed Derek a coat. Robin looked at the Doctor. "Well, shall we be off to gather the others?"
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  12. When the Doctor appeared on board Arc's space station, Crichton didn't jump. Harvey constantly popping in and out of existence had numbed the former astronaut/punching bag of the universe. Hell, Crichton's hand didn't even go towards the Pulse Pistol that was permanently glued to his side. The Doctor was an old friend of the the new Assassin Order, and River specifically. Of course, River liking him didn't really mean a lot. Her mind was up the creek without a paddle.

    But needless to say, when the Doctor offered him the chance to stop some megalomaniacs, his answer was easy.


    How wude.

    "Not 'less you help me finish my homework along the way. Then we have a deal."

    Crichton held up a piece of paper with strange mathematical markings on it, some of which ran up into his arms. Crichton tended to write the equations on himself when he got distracted.

    "Let's go. We can finish it on the way." He said absentmindedly as he wrote Robin and Arc a quick note for whenever they got back.

    As Crichton went to follow the Doctor, he snatched a massive binder overflowing with the calculations and figures off one the cluttered desks.

    "Down went Alice into the rabbit hole." He muttered.
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  13. Hope Estheim)

    Hope sighs a bit. "It's a long story. The enemy we faced referred to it as a murder game, but...It was anything but a game....many good people died, died at the hands of traitors, died at the hands of monsters, died by being left behind and forgotton, which is how I died.....It's a confusing story, but an anamatronic bear revive me somehow, I turned into a monster and attacked everyone, and then they cut off my branded arm, resulting in my returning to my usual self, minus an arm. The Doctor gave me a new arm after everything, well, a version of him, anyway. Not sure I fully understand it myself."
  14. Robin and Derek
    'Let's just say Mr Reese, that you may have met me in another life. One of my other lives, that is. No mix-up, I'm afraid. And talking of such, Robin, we actually entered the Time Vortex as soon as you came on board!'
    Said The Doctor, merrily, his hands pressed against the console. 'Only two more guests, and of course, Mr Arrowsmith, and then we shall be on our way!'
    @The Silver Paladin @Cromartie Sarkissian
    Hope Estheim
    Will gave Hope a brief look of absolute horror. He'd had no idea these things had even existed! He noticed the sunlight reflecting off of Hope's replacement arm, but really hadn't connected the dots to a 'Murder Game' of some kind. This was all very worrying, ad usually the kind of thing that he'd record aloud into his Dictaphone, but he decided to keep this one off the records. Dr Klein would be proud.

    As he thought about this, he reached the point where the TARDIS had landed. It was gone.
    'Ah....Um...This isn't supposed to happen-'
    But as he began to stammer and try to explain, much to his relief, the familiar wooden Police Box materialised into view.

    'Then in that case, you have yourself a deal. Shouldn't be anything too complicated.' That was surprisingly easy. All of the pieces were now in place. He checked his pocketwatch. Only a minute or so before the TARDIS would reach them. He began to stroll up the corridor towards the TARDIS' destination. 'Any questions before we leave?'
    @Thuro The Assassin Potato
  15. Hope nods, Having expected nothing different from the man sent to retrieve him. opening the tardis door quickly and stepping inside, he falters for a moment, looking around* "You.....You're box contains Gran Pulse.....It's.....Smaller on the Outside............" He glances to the others in the room and smiles a little, walking up to the console. "Hello. I'm Hope Estheim. and yes, My name really is Hope."
  16. Robin nodded. "Right, so how long will this take? I need to plan out a battle with Chrom soon. It could make or break his Exaltship." Robin said. He sat down in a chair. "It will be a pleasure to meet these others going with us."
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  17. Hope approaches Robin, seeing as he seems like a fairly decent person, and smiles. "What's this about roasted coconuts?" having quite clearly misheard in his moments of awe. The Academy student glances around still, curiously*
  18. Robin looked at Hope. "Hmm?" He straightened up. "I didn't say anything about Roasted Coconuts. Sorry. I just said that I need to get back to my homeland soon to help my king in a war he's fighting." The tactician opened his notebook from Gilgamesh, and flipped to a map of his continent:


    "I'm a military tactician, you see?" He said. "This is my country here." He said pointing to Ylisse. He then pointed to Plegia. "We're preparing to fight here."
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  19. Will raised an eyebrow. 'War? What war? A-Are you a military man too, Robin? So many soldiers here...'
    Will began to feel very nervous and very defenseless. It was almost as if The Doctor could sense this.
    'There's nothing to be worried about Will! I'd trust these men with my life. In fact, I alrrrready have.' rolling his R's in that strange way he often did, The Doctor nodded at Ace. 'And in another life, I one day will!' He tipped his hat to Robin.
    'But War...what is it good for?'
    'Erm....I know this one...' said Will, nervously. 'The accumulation of land and or territory, and-'
    'Abolutely nothing, Mr Arrowsmith! Absolutely nothing!'
    As Crichton entered the TARDIS, the time capsule jolted, shuddered and span. However, The DOctor seemed completely undisturbed by this turn of events. 'You see, Hope, this is how it works. The TARDIS is dimensionally trancedental, meaning that the interior exists in a pocket dimension, which is seperate from the outside. As such, any amount of space can be fit into said exterior by-'
    A familiar blue vortex appeared on the TARDIS scanner:
    But as it did, a Cloister Bell rang throughout the TARDIS.

    'Well that isn't very good at all....'

    @Thuro The Assassin Potato @The Silver Paladin @FireDrake150 @Cromartie Sarkissian
  20. As Crichton stepped into the shuttle, he caught a horrifying sight beyond the words and scope of human civilization. There was a heavily grizzled man streaking. Crichton put his hand out, blocking his view of a certain appendage, and said "Yin. Put your yang away."

    And then the ship shuttered. Thankfully Crichton's super ninja reflexes from being trained by a Peacekeeper pilot and one Ezio "Fear the Beard" Auditore allowed Crichton to keep his view of that thing blocked. When the man got tossed a robe and put it on, Crichton danced a little dance of joy. No doubt to the puzzlement of his allies.

    "You're talking about a tesseract, aren't you boyo? Big on the outside small on the inside. It's like a wormhole. You're folding space back onto itself and living in the little crack in between, just like most politicians and Nicholas Cage."

    Then the alarm. "Are we being shot down already? That's not supposed to happen till the second act. To the battle stations Captain. Full phasers Mr. Warf."

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