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  1. Spoilers (open)

    In the timeline where Young Joe kills Old Joe, he grows up to become Old Joe, and the Rainmaker is all pissed off and ruining shit.

    But in the timeline where he DOESN'T kill Old Joe, Old Joe gets loose and kills the Rainmaker's mother and thus pisses him off.


    How could the Rainmaker have been pissed off in the first timeline, if the second timeline hadn't happened yet?

    What I mean to say is... how could the Rainmaker be pissed off BEFORE Old Joe went back in time and killed his mother?

    In the first timeline we see Jonathan Gordon-Lovemunch growing up in a future that has the Rainmaker as a pissed off evil mastermind. And yet he has no memory of pissing off the Rainmaker himself, otherwise why would he be trying to work out who he is and writing phone numbers on his hand? He would REMEMBER who the Rainmaker is.

    The evil Rainmaker can't exist until his mother gets killed by Old Joe, but Old Joe only does this at the end of the film, and therefore the whole Rainmaker plot has no way to exist until the new timeline is created.

  2. You're not the only one to consider that. Me and some friends have already pointed this out.

    My answer was simple: I really want one of those blunderbuss rifles.
  3. A rifle desiged purely for the cinematics of the final scene, where Young Joe was unable to shoot Old Joe.

  4. I'd still like to have one lying around for the hell of it.

    Gats were just some of the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen though.