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  1. You were pioneers.

    You were people chosen to be the ones that would tell humanity if they were ready to break the final frontier.
    You were put on the most cutting edge craft ever designed by Man, and were thrown to outer space.
    There's ONE thing that nobody could ever take in account for...
    and that thing now leaves you attempting to survive until you get back home.

    IF you get back home.

    ((Space survival RP in which the plot will be mostly narrative, with a few bouts of critical action, and a variable "ending" depending on a few key factors... one of them being survival.))
    Name: Legal given and family name.
    Nickname: Optional; did you acquire a nick during training?
    Age: How old are you? Assume modern medicine and lifespan.
    Nationality(ies): What country(ies) are you considered a citizen of?
    Appearance: What do you look like?
    Psychological profile: The space agencies would not send anyone to space, they needed mentally healthy people. What's your personality?
    Role: What do you do aboard the vessel?

    Questions/suggestions/comments are welcome.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.